Author: Robert Cox

Vroengard Academy Magic Trial

Click here to view the fairth for this week’s trial! Not enrolled in Vroengard Academy? It’s never too late to join! Be a part of the Dragon Riders Academy to compete head to head with some of the best Rider students, as well as the chance to win exclusive prizes!

Merry Christmas

From everyone here at Shur’, we’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas! We hope you have a great time today (hope you got everything you wanted). Don’t stuff up too much on that Christmas ham, turkey, or whatever you’re eating tonight!

Eragon Movie Release Dates

Shur’ has just aquired a long list of Eragon movie release dates from 20th Century Fox. The list includes countries from around the world including the United States and the United Kingdom, both of which release on December 15, 2006. We’ll be updating this page with more countries as their set dates become available.

MWH / ShurtyCast Episode 9

Procrastacast Episode 9 is packed with Eragon video game discussion as we try to figure out what “degradeable blocks” are. Also, we discuss Mike’s plans for E3. There are no winners, yet, for our name contest. We should have the winners for episode 10. Sorry for the delay from the last episode, as we had audio …

Ed Speleers Cast As Dorothy In Upcoming "Oz"

Sources close to Ed Speleers confirmed today that Ed, along with his best friend and long-time companion, his dog, have been cast as Dorothy (Ed) and Toto (Dog) in the upcoming remake of the classic, “The Wizard of Oz”. Thanks to fan Oellejay, we have our first look at a promotional image for the movie. Oellejay …

Mike Macauley Flees Country After Birthday

Mike Macauley’s parents have written in to inform us that Mike went missing today around 10 AM EST. His parents suspect that Mike has fled the country out of embarrassment after staffers including myself posted pictures of him while working on the website. We haven’t heard anything official from Mike and don’t expect to for the …

Happy Birthday Mike!

In honor of Mike’s birthday, we’ve decided to post this great image of Mike working faithfully on! For another picture of Mike working hard on Shurty, click here, here, or here. Happy 17th birthday Mike! Hehehe. Thanks to Matt for the pictures, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun without them! Everyone, head over to …

Eragon Movie release date change

We have just been informed that the release date for Eragon is definitely going to be December 15, 2006 or “Holiday 2006” instead of Summer 2006. This gives Fox enough time to make a great lead-in campaign for the movie and tease us a lot with great glimpses at the movie.

Christopher to Attend Conference

We’ve got this in from Kenneth: Christopher will be a presenter at the 2005 National Renaissance Conference in San Antonio, Texas. To see more on the conference, click here. To see what Kenneth has posted, including a schedule of times, click here. We urge anyone in the area to try to attend and meet Christopher at …

Eldest is Finished!

Yesterday at, Kenneth Paolini broke the great news to us – Eldest is finished! This is what Kenneth had to say: 9:30 a.m. today, Christopher completed and sent off Eldest to his editior at Knopf. Now the fun begins–the editing process. The book is 222,474 words, before editing. Eragon is 159,000 and change. — Kenneth …