Relationships in the Inheritance Cycle – Which worked and what will unfold in future stories?

The Inheritance Cycle is a coming-of-age story filled with fleeting love, will they/won’t they moments, and broken hearts, leaving fans simultaneously swooning and crying. Since the series’ conclusion in 2011, Christopher has revealed a wealth of new information (highlighted in red) about the motives behind many of our favorite couples, their lives after the defeat

Fan fiction writer, fan artist, or roleplayer? We want to hear from you for articles!

We’re in search of fan fiction authors, fan artists, and roleplayers to contribute their stories/journeys to be used in articles on the Paolini family’s official website,! These articles will explore the vibrant Inheritance Cycle creator communities, highlighting works as well as sharing fan stories and perspectives. We’ll be soliciting contributions from members of the

Another new interview with Christopher Paolini and Rachel Hartman

Christopher Paolini, through his official website, recently released a new interview with Seraphina and Tess of the Road author Rachel Hartman. describes the interview as a conversation between the two writers who “discuss the challenges of telling and editing this particular story, the coolness of dragons, and the familial complexities explored in the pages of Rachel’s newest novel.”