Read an excerpt from Paolini’s new book, ‘To Sleep in a Sea of Stars’

Can’t wait to get your hands on Christopher Paolini’s upcoming science fiction novelTo Sleep in a Sea of Stars? You’re in luck! The author released a ten-page excerpt from the book and it’s every bit as exciting as we hoped!

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The excerpt, revealed on, introduces us to Kira, the book’s main character, as she makes the find of a lifetime: the second-ever discovery of proof of the existence of sentient alien life. However, the chamber she finds herself in happens to be far more dangerous than she realized. And true to form, Christopher leaves us wanting more with a heart-pounding cliffhanger!

The excerpt also offers a glimpse of the technology humanity is using in the book’s future timeline and mentions other characters on her mission team.

We don’t have to wait too much longer to get our hands on the rest of the story, as To Sleep in a Sea of Stars will be released on September 15th in North America! You can pre-order the book today!

The excerpt:

Kira lay where she was, stunned.

The impact had knocked the breath out of her. She tried to fill her lungs, but her muscles wouldn’t respond. Not at first. For a moment she felt as if she were choking, and then her diaphragm relaxed and air rushed in.

She gasped, desperate for oxygen.

After the first few breaths, she forced herself to stop panting. No point in hyperventilating. It would only make it harder to function.

In front of her, all she saw was rock and shadow.

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