Join Christopher Paolini on his monthly Barnes & Noble book tour!

More tour dates have been announced! Today, Christopher Paolini revealed that he’ll be participating in a ten month author residency at Barnes & Noble stores across the United States. Christopher will visit a new B&N location each month, where he’ll host an event a presentation, booksigning, exclusive trivia and giveaways, as well social media photo opportunities!

(Don’t forget that Christopher has five more U.S. book tour stops at the end of this month and is set to embark on an international tour this spring. See more on our Book Tours page.)

Christopher is promoting the new Barnes & Noble exclusive edition of Eragon, which features 50 pages of new content including a deleted scene from Murtagh’s point of view, a stunning full-color map of Alagaësia, and much more! Find out more here.

Christopher’s B&N tour stops include:

March 4th
Bozeman, MT – 5 PM

April 13th
Boise, ID – 6 PM

May 10th
Albuquerque, NM – 7 PM

June 9th
Edina, MN – 1 PM

June 14th
Briargate – Colorado Springs, CO – 2 PM

July 13th
Exton, PA – 1 PM

August 9th
Akron, OH – 7 PM

September 14th
Springfield, MO – 3 PM

October 11th
Grand Rapids, MI – 6:30 PM

November 9th
Orem, UT – 2 PM

December 8th
Stonebriar Mall, Frisco, TX – 2 PM

Don’t forget to visit our Book Tours page for details on other stops Christopher is making later this month. The Book Tours page will also be updated with international dates as soon as they’re announced.

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