Christopher Paolini discusses all things “Fork/Witch/Worm” in a new podcast!

Christopher recently joined the Ink Feather Podcast (hosted by Lauren Zurchin) to dive deep into The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm, as well as his upcoming projects and the future of books set in Alagaësia!

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Join the pair as they discuss:

  • How it felt to revisit Eragon and Saphira for the first time since 2011
  • The surprising and hilarious origin of “The Fork”
  • Working with his sister, Angela Paolini, to write pieces of Angela the herbalist’s memoir
  • The trickiness of balancing new additions to the world while honoring fan nostalgia from the Cycle
  • A little tease as to what we can expect next and how long we’ll have to wait

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The Ink Feather podcast came about from a book nerd’s love of reading fantasy and science fiction. Founder Lauren Zurchin wanted to dig into the creation of these beloved stories, and she thought other fans would enjoy this info as well. So, she took her passion to the next level and used her years of publishing connections to launch a podcast!

Each episode Lauren delves deep with fantasy and sci-fi authors into their newest books, learning how the stories came to be, what the writing process was like, how they create characters that captivate, and so much more! She also chats with them about recent recommended reads, because who better to recommend a good fantasy book than a writer of fantasy!

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