“Fork/Witch/Worm” predictions: cast your votes on what you think will happen!

The upcoming Cycle book, The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm – Tales from Alagaësia, is just days away from release! The community has been sharing some wild theories and discussing what’s already been revealed, and we thought it’d be a blast to pull those theories together into polls!

UPDATE: The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm has officially released and the polls are now closed! You can still view the results below. We’ll be comparing the polls to the book’s plot in a future post – stay tuned!

Want to get your hands on more content from the new book while we wait out the last few days?

You can read two excerpts from the book – Rhymes and Riddles (featuring Eragon and Angela), and The Worm of Kulkaras (the beginning of the Urgal legend)! We’ve also released speculation articles about each of the short stories: The Fork, The Witch, and The Worm. You can also learn about what Eragon has been up to since the end of Inheritance (including the series epilogue) here.

Prediction Polls

The Fork: Murtagh’s short story – Is it a metaphorical fork in the road or a magical fork?

The Witch: Christopher has teased that the book’s timeline is “complicated.” Could he be referring to Angela’s memoir?

The Worm: Vêrmund the Grim is the massive and ancient dragon at the center of the book’s final short story, an Urgal legend… Has he survived outside of Alagaësia for all these years, or did he die long ago?

Unexpected visitors: The book synopsis teased unexpected visitors. We’ve since learned that Angela, Elva, and Solembum have visited the dragonhold. Who do you think the unexpected visitors are?

Angela: with her knack for showing up wherever there’s important events unfolding… What could her arrival at the dragonhold mean?

Vision from the Eldunari: The book’s synopsis teases a vision from the Eldunari. What will this vision be?

Saphira’s egg problem: The first excerpt from the book reveals that Saphira’s has yet to produce any eggs. Why is that?

New dragons? Christopher hasn’t so much as hinted at the possibility that dragon eggs could have possibly hatched between the end of Inheritance and the start of FWW. Do you think any have hatched?

The Hall of Colors: This mysterious place is teased on the back of the book. What do you think this location could be?

Once the book has released, we’ll compare poll results to what we read! Cast your votes before January 1st, as we’ll be closing the polls once the book releases!

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