Meet Daras Guildward, son of the Lord of Fellworth Manor, in this deleted scene from ‘Inheritance’


Fans are always clamoring for new Inheritance Cycle content, and Christopher often delivers in the form of Q&As and even deleted scenes from the books. Today we’re taking a look at a deleted scene from Inheritance, which introduces a new character never encountered in the books.

The scene, dubbed “The Swordsman” by Christopher, takes place during the Battle of Belatona, just after Eragon finds Roran alive after the main keep’s collapse. Eragon, Roran, Arya, and Blödhgarm set out to capture Lord Bradburn, and Daras is one of the foes they encounter along the way.

Why was the scene cut? Christopher explains:

“[M]y editor thought it slowed the pacing and broke the tension of the race to the keep, so she cut it. I put it back in. She cut it again. We had several, ah—spirited—debates. In hindsight I think she was right, but I’m happy you can read this now. So . . . en garde!”

Daras is the second son of Thelmund Guildsward, Lord of Fellworth Manor. Flamboyantly dressed and annoyingly arrogant, the group come across Daras in the stairwell during their pursuit of Bradburn. The man was deliberately waiting for the group, hoping to come across Eragon. Daras was knowledgeable about the Rider and his deeds, seemingly bored as he recounts Eragon’s accomplishments in battle before guaranteeing his impending demise.

At just 28 years old, Daras believes himself to be Alagaësia’s greatest swordsman, boasting:

For the past eight–and–twenty years, ever since the tender age of five, I have devoted myself to mastering the fine art of swordsmanship. I have memorized every known manual of arms and even improved them on occasion, if I may say so. I have spent my weight in gold acquiring the finest blades by the finest smiths. And I have studied with the greatest fencing instructors in the whole of the Empire. The Cartusían Gambit and the Helmont Two-handed Reply are both as child’s play to me. Of the ten most skilled swordsmen in Surda and the Empire, I have dueled and defeated seven, and I would have defeated the full set, except that the final three have shown themselves to be cowards of the basest sort, for they insist upon avoiding me every time I attempt to confront them.

Shortly after listing his supposed accomplishments, their duel begins – and you’ll have to read the entire scene on to find out how it ends!

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This new piece of content was the first new addition to the Inheritance universe since the release of “Jeod’s Letter” in the final book’s Deluxe Edition.

Now we ask: Do you think this scene should have been included in Inheritance? How do you feel about the new character, Daras Guildward?