Fan fiction writer, fan artist, or roleplayer? We want to hear from you for articles!

We’re in search of fan fiction authors, fan artists, and roleplayers to contribute their stories/journeys to be used in articles on the Paolini family’s official website,!

These articles will explore the vibrant Inheritance Cycle creator communities, highlighting works as well as sharing fan stories and perspectives. We’ll be soliciting contributions from members of the community over the next month.

Participation is simple: if you’re a fan fiction author, fan artist, or roleplayer and you’re interested in sharing your story and answering some questions about your experiences, please send an email to letting us know which category you fall into. We’ll then get in touch with you to hear your story!

Please note: we can’t guarantee the inclusion of anyone’s contributions, nor can we guarantee that the posts will make the final cut and be published on Also, while we’re soliciting tales of the creative process behind bringing fan fiction to life, members of the Paolini family, including Christopher, do not read Inheritance Cycle fan fiction stories.