Eragon and Arya were originally going to leave together – and their relationship could still happen!

To celebrate the most love-filled holiday of the year, we’re looking back to a relationship many of wish had happened… but ultimately didn’t: Eragon and Arya!

It was the big question throughout the series, and a large focus for fans in the lead-up to Inheritance. Would our fan-favorite couple and two of the series’ lead characters end up (finally) getting together?

Well, no. Not at the end of Inheritance, anyway. However, Christopher wasn’t always planning to end it that way. In fact, the pair were originally going to leave Alagaësia together, giving them more time to explore a potential relationship!

“Originally, Eragon and Arya were going to leave together, so figuring out how to still have them on the ship, as in Eragon’s dream, took a bit of fancy footwork. It all worked out in the end, though. Literally.”

It’s far from the end for the two would-be lovebirds, though. Christopher has teased time and time again that their story isn’t over. It’s likely we’ll see some significant development on that front in Book 5 and beyond!

“The thing to keep in mind is that though the series is over, Eragon and Arya’s story will continue. They’re going to live for a very long time, and their relationship is far from over. … I have a number of other stories set within Alagaësia that I hope to write. Some of them feature main characters from the Inheritance cycle, others do not. However, I don’t think it’s giving away too much to say that we will see Eragon and Arya again at some point.” [source]

Now we ask: Were you hoping to see Eragon and Arya together?

  • Shur’tugal of Middle Earth

    It would be so awful if Paolini made Arya fall in love with someone else or something…….. Or maybe Eragon will. I think they should have either ended their relationship before Eragon left or they could have went somewhere together. It would be really hard to maintain a long distance relationship.

  • Pamela Murillo- Roseboom

    Kinda wanted to see Eragon and Arya eventually meet up again, fall in love, have little twin elvlings who raise dragons…

  • Katie Bales

    Who is the woman with the scarred wrists on her own pilgrimage? Blessed by Eragon and saves Roran. Keep meaning to ask, but haven’t gotten around to it

  • André Marques

    I actually think it ended up perfectly, not too cold, not too over-the-top. If they ended up together, there it would have been pretty stupid and would have felt too forced. I’m not saying that it should never happen, I’m just saying that as the things were, it wouldn’t do justice to the characters. Who knows, if Christopher develops them a bit more…

  • Amy Pattie

    Not really, no. I didn’t really see what they had in common other than being attractive Dragon Riders. I felt like Eragon’s affections was a childish, emotionally driven crush, but perhaps I’d like to see him in one hundred years greet Arya as an old friend, and start all over again as more equals.

    • Ethan Pitts

      He may never return again but what if he uses The “Word” to break the curse. like he figured away to brak curses, ouths, and all that stuff using the word and a little magic. it may look hard but i think Cristopher can do it!

  • towhaul1369

    Yes very much so, my only concern is that Eragon is suppose to never return to Alagaësia again. I’m wonder how the author is going to pull THAT off. I’m not a fan of prequels but would love a series about the Dragon Riders and how Galbatorix came to power. I’d love to see Brom in his prime. There is so much lore to Eragon. I want to know more about Angela too. Also moives, movies, movies. The epic battles between good and evil on Dragon back. The fall of the riders on the big screen. With a good director Eragon could be even bigger than Lord of the Rings!!!

    • EldianEren

      No shit… these movies would hit like a damn meteor! I really am looking forward and hoping, that they’ll do the remake. And ofc the movies for book 2 and further on. But atm I’m just happy to get my hands on book in foreseeable futur! ^^

    • Dylan Hamlin

      What if surda and the empire combine and it’s no longer alegesia, the can rewrite it or rename it for a new age (think LOTR) middle earth remained the same but it went through ages. Safe to say that it isn’t a literal reading and maybe he’ll never return to the alegesia as he knew it

    • Haricleia Tsarouhidou

      And why would Eragon even return? Think about it. You are a Dragon Rider, wouldn’t you like to see what Eragon built in those ages, to the place they would finally guard the eggs and how the new generations would be trained? Maybe Arya will pay a visit to that place after many years 😉

    • John

      It’s been a while since I read the books (too long!) But perhaps he could return, provided he then leaves again (the books don’t say he can’t come and go until the final time when he won’t return)