Brisingr brought to life: fan forges Eragon’s incredible sword!

One dedicated fan managed to bring Alagaësia to the real world by forging his very own replica of Eragon’s sword, Brisingr!

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Over the course of two months, Inheritance Cycle mega-fan Dawson Berdan commissioned RyanSword, a Chinese sword replica company, to forge a real-life Brisingr! The process was relatively straightforward: Dawson utilized artwork from Christopher Paolini, descriptions from the books, a fan’s 3D rendering, and his own sketches to complete a blueprint of sorts for the company.

Minor alterations were made to modify technically impossible areas and to help better differentiate the sword from Zar’roc (Dawson’s personal preference). The sword’s blade was based off of Gandalf’s sword, Glamdering, from Lord of the Rings, because Dawnson felt that it had an “elegant vibe” (as he pictures elven swords) and features a good “cut and thrust design with a spear tip.”

From there, the sword began to take shape. RyanSword kept Dawson informed throughout the process by sending in-progress photos of the sword’s transformation from metal to stunning fantasy blade!

Nothing could have prepared Dawson for the awe-inspiring results! The gallery below features professional studio photos of the sword as well as photos Brisingr’s new owner took once the sword was in his possession:

The incredible project, which cost Dawson $500, took five months to complete. A bit slower than Eragon and Rhunön, but that’s to be expected!

The only downside? The sword doesn’t catch fire when you say “brisingr”!

Would you like your own Brisingr replica? Which other sword or weapon in the Inheritance Cycle would you like to see replicated?

  • Jakub Svoboda

    It’s very nice work. I think so, this sword must been very useful. It’s very, vrey nice work.

  • Odin

    i would forge Tamerlein, Arya’s sword. but I love that someone actually made a sword from the book

  • Melinda

    They should make Oromis’s blade, Naegling.

  • Renegade

    I wish I had the skill to forge a sword like this, i’m still trying to find a Zar’roc replica from the movie.

    • TheLegend27

      Just commission the same company

  • Konnor McKinstry

    I know Dawson. I think what he did was awesome. I would make Undbitr

  • Haven Rybin

    there’s bound to be way to coat the blade in some liquid that burns off blue, yeah?

    • Caleb

      Methyl spirits burn blue 🙂 but I can’t say how burning alcohol on a blade would damage the blade or the bluing they applied to it already o.O

  • Devils Envy


  • Matt Finkle

    I want to see a Vrangr replica

  • Samanda Faria Borges

    I would love to have Brisingr replica! I think that the bow Eragon received from islanzadí would make an awesome replica too!