Is there a place in Hollywood for a rebooted ‘Eragon’ film franchise?


That’s the short answer, of course. This article aims to explore some of most compelling reasons for the need for and potential success of an Eragon film reboot!

It’s no secret that some of Hollywood’s most successful and lucrative franchises are heavily fantasy and science-fiction based. At a time when studios are competing for new properties to make billions of dollars from, why not Eragon?

Harry Paved the Way

Fantasy is in; it has been for years, and it isn’t going away any time soon. With a flick of her wand, J.K. Rowling kicked off a fantasy revolution, both in print and on the big screen. The Harry Potter films appealed to those who may not have dabbled in fantasy before while simultaneously pleasing book fans. Harry Potter opened the door for massive young adult franchises, both in print and on the big screen.

Eragon was one of the earliest to the party, enjoying a wide publication in 2003 and quickly gained traction with millions of readers. Not long after, many book series took off, including Twilight and Hunger Games. Studios took note and quickly gobbled up the film rights, pushing them to the big screen for near-guaranteed success.

What’s the secret behind these films’ success? Why did they do so well when other, similar franchises, such as Percy Jackson, Eragon, The Golden Compass, and Divergent, tanked? It’s simple: the team behind each film paid careful attention to the source material, author, and existing audience when creating the movie. Sure, each of the franchises’ films had to take certain creative liberties when adapting the book, but those careful, well-thought-out changes are to be expected. And that’s where Eragon deviated from the tried-and-true method used by successful book-to-movie franchises: its creative liberties were not careful or well-thought out. It ignored its vast and passionate audience. It didn’t take it seriously.

Proving even decades-old franchises were still as valuable as ever, Rowling and Warner Brothers rolled back into town with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a continuation of the author’s Wizarding World universe. The film went on to gross over $800 million, and the studio behind the smash-hit greenlit an additional four films in the series. This is a sign that despite the Inheritance Cycle being well over a decade old, it isn’t too late to make a home in Hollywood.

The Avengers Enter the Ring

Since the release of Harry Potter, dozens of fantasy-based films have soared at the box office. A majority of these were adaptations, proving that it can be done well and make substantial amounts of money. Marvel burst into the arena, paving the way for a superhero takeover. While not strictly fantasy, these films hit the same audience as the aforementioned series and share many of the same elements and themes. Combined, these book and comic-based film franchises have grossed tens of billions of dollars. They’re unstoppable juggernauts, and it’s time for Eragon to join their ranks.


Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Futures Were All the Rage

After the success of Twilight, everyone jumped on the vampire bandwagon. We saw books, films, television shows, video games, and more shoved down our throats. What happened? Vampires faded and zombies rose. With the exception of The Walking Dead, that fad has all but gone back to grave, likely due to the over-saturation vampires also suffered from.


A new trend arose: dystopia! Like with vampires before it, audiences were quickly tired by dystopian overload thanks to the wave of sub-par movies that followed Hunger Games, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lesson hidden within their success. Like the vampire and zombie trends of the 00’s, dystopian films made billions and brought in millions of viewers across the globe. Each property had one massive thing in common: they were adaptations of popular book series!

Vampires, zombies, and post-apocalyptic dystopias may have succeeded, but we’re still left hoping studios will break the mold and venture into other territory. Perhaps…


Dragons have been a staple of fantasy since its inception. The Inheritance Cycle, Dragon Riders of Pern, Seraphina, Dragons in Our Midst, A Song of Ice and Fire, and many more have held a special place on fantasy readers’ bookshelves. However, dragons never took off as a permanent staple at the box office, and we believe this had a large impact on the fantasy creatures’ longevity in the fantasy world. The market isn’t over-saturated by dragon films, and that’s a very good thing for new franchises.

Looking toward the box office, we immediately notice that there have been just nine movies featuring dragons over the past decade, with only a half of those heavily focusing on dragons: The Hobbit trilogy and the two How to Train Your Dragon films. That’s a market open for the taking! These films have grossed an astounding $6.3 billion alone over the past decade – and that’s not including DVD/BluRay sales, rentals, and streaming! Dragons are cash cows. Or cash dragons.

With The Hobbit and How to Train Your Dragon not due to hit theaters until 2019, we see an opportunity for Fox to jump in and introduce fans to a new fantasy experience. After all, dragons are more powerful than wizards, eat vampires and zombies for breakfast, and cause apocalypses. Those genres stand no chance.

The Game of Thrones Revolution

Dragons aren’t exactly untested right now. Game of Thrones is one of the largest fantasy hits and television phenomenon we’ve ever seen, rivaling the fanfare behind the Harry Potter films. Dragons are a central part of that show, especially in the later seasons, and have found their way into mainstream pop culture. Like Harry Potter did for non-readers, Game of Thrones paved the way for a broader audience to enjoy fantasy and dragons. Millions of viewers who were never interested in fantasy flock to Westeros in droves, making it one of cable’s most successful shows ever.

Playing on gritty, gory, and adult themes not previously seen in fantasy television and films, the show and its universe has managed to be taken seriously while avoiding the cheesiness that often plagues the genre. While Eragon would avoid the hyper-sexual themes seen in Game of Thrones, its would benefit largely from following the show’s model, utilizing its brilliant delivery of epic politics, battles, dragons, locations, and character development to build a rich, mature, and gritty Alagaësia on the big screen.

Cornering the untapped Game of Thrones-like box office area would be a great move for Fox.

Wrapping Up

There’s a huge market yearning for a new fantasy universe to enjoy. The YA fantasy book world has showed no signs of slowing, book consumption is at an all-time high, and moviegoers are showing an endless hunger for films Eragon closely aligns to. We can’t help but wonder why Fox isn’t mulling the idea – it almost seems like a no-brainer.

Taking on a dark, mature, and gritty feel similar to Game of Thrones, incorporating the successful acting, special effects, and audience elements used to make hits out of Harry Potter and Hunger Games, and forging a unique path of success for itself, we know there’s a place in Hollywood for Eragon.

And that place is starving for dragons.

  • Kermit Bias Jr (Tunes)

    I don’t pay to go to movies very often, but for a reboot… Oh Yeah!! As someone else said, these are the books that made me love to read. I couldn’t wait to find out what happens next. I re-bought the first book just so I could have them all in hard back. I LOVED the series and would love a reboot for the entire series. I’d settle for a GOOD T.V. series. 🙂

  • Pat Mulligan

    Harry Potter was one of my favorite stories before I found Eragon. I don’t know if there is anyone else like me, but when the details aren’t right, to at least some degree, I get heated. Getting money for a movie that forgets to include an entire dream Harry has after the break-in to Gringotts (see Deathly Hallows) is a little disappointing, to say the least.

    The Eragon movie was a complete fail, if you take into account the completely different scenes, and their lack of detail . They didn’t even get Arya’s hair right, dangit! It was in the book!

    Nonetheless, I don’t care who gets the publishing rights. All I care is that Peter Jackson gets to direct it. He did a splendid job with Lord of the Rings, and apparently, he cares about the details! He was seen with a copy of The Lord of the Rings on set, quoting and reading it to get the details right. That is the person you want making your movie. Add in his upcoming movie, Mortal Engines (Woot!), and I think he’s hired.

  • Leo Plummer

    I’m surprised more people aren’t suggesting a TV show! Production quality has been so good in TV recently, and they wouldn’t have to edit out any of the story or more detailed elements of magic and history. Not to mention all of the networks want a GoT competitor!

  • Rafael Vucovic
    it’s going to Disney’s hands!!!!!!!

  • Rafael Vucovic
    it’s going to Disney’s hands!!!!!!!

  • Dean Clark

    Give it to Universal Studios!! They will make the entire series as glorious as they are meant to be! The did a great job with the Harry Potter series and I think they could work wonders on the best novel series I have ever read.

    • Pat Mulligan


  • Crystal

    I’m addicted…I have read the series countless times and have almost memorized it. A movie, done properly, would be almost as exciting as a new book for the series! I hated the original movie for so many reasons. Hope they make each book a movie…and give Arya black hair this time!

  • Brandon Lemmon

    Brom and Durza aside, the old actors would need to go and get a new director if not a whole different company. As one who has read Eragon over 20 times (Eldest 15, Brisinger 4, and Inheritance 3), I have to say Eragon the movie was one of the biggest disappointments in my LIFE. If a remake is done, and I hope and pray that it’s done right, I will be one of the first in line!

    • Jeff graham

      I totally agree with you Sir. The movie was a washed version of the first book. To good of a story to ruin it.

  • Maxime Bocquier

    Here’s what I wrote to [email protected]. Warning it’s a long text and my english isn’t perfect:


    My name is Maxime and I found this address on
    I have got many things to say about this all so wanted reboot from the fans of the Eragon franchise! I finished re-reading all the books yesterday only, so it’s still pretty fresh.
    I will try to stay concise, as I understand this is probably not the first nor the last message you will receive about this. I have also gathered the opinions of other friends and fans of the series, just to be assured that we all feel the same way.

    Here is how we envision it:
    Of course, a total reboot of the movies would be fantastic. But this time, so many things have to be fixed:
    – No need for a voice over that breaks the immersion.
    – Things need to be taken slowly. We are talking about complex characters who evolved with time and that aren’t perfect from the beginning. Let the characters grow, develop. Let them appear in the story-line as they did in the books. Arya isn’t a damsel in distress. We never see Galbatorix until the end of the 4th book. Nasuada isn’t about only her beauty, but her strength of will. etc. etc.
    – About characters, so many have been either forgotten, changed or simply not deepened enough. Whole races have been forgotten, with all their subtleties and culture.
    – The art direction NEEDS to be on point. With today’s possibilities with Concept Art, VFX, etc. so many great things could be done. As a Concept Artist myself, I think this job needs to be done by creative, competent people who will stay true to Paolini’s vision. We need a rich, complex world that feels real.
    – The actors would need to be good (but not too famous :P). We need actors that perfectly represent what the characters should be physically and emotionally. Again, as a Concept Artist myself, I’ve already done some research on models that I consider as resemblant as possible to what the characters should be.
    – One important aspect of the books is how Dragons are way more complex than simple animals. They are intelligent beings, who evolved to be these powerful creatures. They are this perfect mix of bestiality, instinct, intelligence, and sometimes wisdom. They were here before many other creatures. In addition to that, the way they communicate with others is very specific. Eragon and Saphira communicate mentally, they can express their feeling and words much faster and precisely only by thought. They send themselves images, they can use each other’s eyes, they can lend themselves some energy if needed, … All of these things are important to the lore and need to be done right, without feeling like too much or “over-done”. It has to be natural.
    – This leads me to magic and the Ancient Language. It plays such an important role in this tale, so much so that once again, it has to feel natural, subtle and not like these overdone magic sparkles we can see in some movies.
    – We want beautiful, deep movies. Beautiful sceneries, great music composition (that isn’t omnipresent either), mature themes… I think we’re all grown up fans. We want movies and character that are deep, relatable. We want the action to feel real, the dialogues too. Eragon isn’t about a rainbow world where everything is magical and fabulous. Things are expected to be quite harsh at some times. Especially with series like Game of Thrones these days, that clearly isn’t for kids. Eragon has the potential to be a rich series, full of different subjects (family, politics, growth, adventure, adulthood, responsibilities, love, hate, culture multiplicity, racism, belief and religion, philosophy, life, death, … and so on).

    In the end… There are so many things to say.
    Eragon could be adapted to either a series of 4 or 8 movies, or a long lasting series of multiple seasons with 8 episodes per season.
    But in the end the most important is to stay true to all that was mentioned above. We are so many to have been disappointed by the first adaptation of the books. And even someone who hasn’t read the books could consider this a bad movie anyway. So many things were wrong.

    So IF this re-adaptation happens again… we all know what needs to be done! 🙂

    Best regards,


  • Armin Makovec

    Agreed. A reboot would have been epic!

  • Michelle Adams

    I’d love a film company to pick up the dragonriders books but I think Anne McCaffrey has said no to it as no film company could do the books justice. Shame really, I’d love to see Ramoth, Canth and Mnementh flying across the big screen!

  • Michael Castline

    Ive read the books multiple times since i discovered eragon in walmart at 14-15yrs old when the movie came out i was super excited…but as i walked out my mom liked it but i hated it telling her everything wrong with it…but if i look at it from a generic fantasy movie its ok. Tho for a reboot i would want a new studio like lionsgate, or summit, possibly has shat on dragonball with the garbage dragonball evolution, and mostly with anything thats not xmen, (even they fuck that up every third movie) i would only ask for jermy irons to repraise his role as brom he was perfect…and maybe john malcovich as galbatorix.

  • Danielle Gammon

    I saw the first Eragon movie as a kid, all but forgot about it because I didn`t think it was very good. Years later I got very into the books and was excited when I found out there was a movie, so I watched it again and was even more disappointed that they had practically no similarities story-wise. If they do reboot it I hope and pray they start from scratch with a new Eragon

  • Yessika Naftali Budiono

    I almost cry knowing Eragon will be rebooted by Hollywood (hopefully).
    I was once not an addict reader, starting when I watched Eragon movie, I came to like the movie because of the idea of Dragon riders. Then I waited for the second movie that never been made. I eager to know what happen then to Eragon, then I start to read the novel (the 2nd book).
    You guess… I got confused!! Why it’s very different with the movie. Lol..
    And then I read the first book… Oh gosh, the movie was suck.. 😱
    Right after that I devoured all 4 books, got fall in love and keep waiting till now when will the movie rebooted. 😅
    Because of that, I became addicted reading fantasy novels.. 😆

  • Αρης Κλαρας

    I have read all the trilogies (the famous ones)plus cycles, harry potter etc and eragon is the best far from 2nd. Better even than lotr(about writing of course because lotr’s story is huge and no point to compare). For me, give the keys to Peter Jackson and let him make it series. We’ll have the best series ever.

  • Jennifer Lewis

    YES. YES! Eragon was the book that made me love reading. This was my “childhood” book while most of my generation was harry potter. But not me. Dragons over wizards any day! Make this movie happen please!

  • Samuel Pfenning

    And it should be noted that Hollywood loves trilogies or at least multiple movies on one story. Eragon would be perfect for a 4 movie series, one movie per book.

    • Yessika Naftali Budiono

      5 movie series at least. Make tThe Inheritance into 2 parts (4a and 4b).😍😍😍

      • Samuel Pfenning

        Yeah I get you… I think the books would work if they were turned into a Game of Throne style TV show. Think about it, Game of thrones has really long episodes that put together form about 10 hours of screen time. Imagine a 4 season Eragon TV show. 10 hours of screen time versus a couple hour movie. This would allow the show to stick closer to the book.

        • Yessika Naftali Budiono

          Yeah… TV series also brilliant idea.

  • Armonia Stergaki

    I would love to see this happen.. I’ve read the books and they are awesome..

  • Jennie Marek

    I’m hoping they get Peter Jackson in on the directing of this film. I love what he did with Lord of the rings. And it has been long enough to do a reboot. Ive read almost all the books I’m almost finished with them though.

    • Jessics

      Agreed 100%! I devoured these books, they are fantastic! I was so geeked when Eragon was released in the theaters, and then I went to see it… complete disappointment! 5 minutes in and I was ready to leave, they changed way too much of the story. It was especially sad for me because I really wanted to see the 2nd book made into a movie. I’m praying these books get a 2nd chance at movies, done people who are willing to adhere to the story.

    • Morgoth of Thardszvul

      I agree 100 percent

    • Yessika Naftali Budiono

      100% agree!

  • Rosie Southworth

    Would love to see the books brought to life on screen!!!!! but PLEASE stay true to the books, We, The Fans of these books, want to see every character, brought to life, and no part left out–I believe if you stay true, to the books, this could reach the level of popularity, as the Lord of the rings—

  • Julie Crane Hiatt

    I sure hope there is a reboot. I love the story and the movie was so bad. It needs to be an epic movie series with a good director and producer. I would see a new version in a heartbeat!

  • Jeff Sternberg

    They really need to kill it this time. I was so disappointed with the first one. They went to fast and changed to much. It’s hard because the story becomes about two people. I absolutely love the books. Please do it right this time. And finish with multiple movies. LOTR style.

  • Jamie King

    They should have waited until all books were completely written and then made the movies. Which studio made the first Dragon movie? Get a contract with a different studio that could do it more justice!

  • Jordan Vaugn

    Personally I feel they did horribly with the fantasy parts, the urgles just look like big men, the dwarves looked like they were replaced by humans, and saphira is supposed to have ivory spikes that nearly impale Eragon once or twice, and then Roran joining Galbatorix army? Really? The entire town hates Galbatorix, the only character they got right was brom. The first book would take two if not three movies to get right, and that doesn’t even cover the other three books

    • Jbinks06

      no honey they didn’t get brom right at all

      • Jordan Vaugn

        I mean that I liked the actor, they didn’t get the part right

        • Jbinks06

          ooohhh! yes I’m totally with you on that. lol

    • Jessics

      I agree, they chose the right actor to play Brom, but everything else was wrong. They completely left out Roran’s gal, which is a pretty key character as far as what drives Roran down the path he heads in the series.

    • Trisha Dailey

      COMPLETELY AGREE! The movie was HORRIBLE. Not only did they do all the things you mentioned, there are a few things that are just out of order. Also, Arya, the female elf character was ALL wrong. She had long black hair and (of course) elf ears in the book. In the movie, she was a red-headed human! I was so mad! I’m thinking “are you guys so cheap that you can’t get a pair of glue on ears for this actor? Come one! Elves have pointed ears!” It was such a small thing they could have done and they didn’t.

    • Yessika Naftali Budiono

      And how saphira suddenly fully grown up after took a single flight on clouds in the movie… Lol…

  • Tim O’hare

    Before Eragon gets rebooted, I hope someone does a prolonged tv series of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.

  • afb

    add avatar the last airbender to the list of fantasy/scifi film adaptation that killed the future

    • Trisha Dailey

      God that movie was horrible. We demanded a refund at the theater.The graphics were great but the acting was horrible and 1/2 the characters names were pronounced wrong.

    • Callum Begley

      Such a shame

  • Angela Walters

    The first movie was a major disappointment, (the books are my favorite series!) I would love for them to try again, with a proper director (please make the elves and dwarves LOOK like elves and dwarves! 🙄) The movie could be amazing, like Lord of the Rings. I still can’t believe how horribley they messed up the first Eragon, so let’s pretend it never happened and start fresh! (And please, don’t have the Dragon grow/mature in the blink of an eye🤦🏼‍♀️)

  • Bob Bullock

    Netflix needs to do it, or HBO as a series. too much content for a 2 hour movie. Look at what they did to Angela in the movie. LOL one line.

    • Julie Gear

      -forever sobbing over Angela-

    • Morgoth of Thardszvul

      how about 12 3-hour movies three for each book?

    • Callum Begley

      What if you squeezed it into six movies? How would you guys split it up, event-wise?
      I was thinking:
      1: beginning until Brom’s Death (lots of explaining and foreshadowing to do, also lots of precursors to Oromis’ training)
      2: Savinng Arya / Flight to the Varden / Farthen Dur / Journey to Ellesmera intercut with Roran in Carvahall, ending with the Villager’s flight.
      3: Agaeti Blodren , Burning Plains, Helgrind until Roran & Katrina’s Wedding
      4: Clanmeet, Eldunari big reveal, Feinster and Belatona.
      5: Aroughs, Belatona and Dras Leona ending with Nasuada’s Abduction
      6: Vroengard, Uru baen and Aftermath

  • Shane Lemmo

    How did they screw up Arya’s hair color. They need a director to do it that actually knows the content he is making a movie about. Also the Eragon they used was way off of discription.

    • Trisha Dailey

      Omg Arya pissed me off. The turned her from a black headed, pointed ear elf into a red-headed human. Were they so cheap they couldn’t buy some glue on ears??

    • Callum Begley

      Yeah. I thought you could have the Byers brothers from Stranger Things as Eragon and Murtagh. (Noah Schnapp and Charlie Heaton) that way if it becomes a saga Eragon will change physically as the movies go on.

  • Christopher Weir

    For the most part I thought the film was ok. I actually really like Jeremy Irons as Brom he was the best one. It was massively let down by doing it on the cheap. The final battle it was so enclosed it had clearly been done on a set, compared the grand open places of the Lord of the Rings that Peter Jackson did. This film was sadly rushed out on the cheap expecting to make a huge profit on the back other films success. In fact I had never even heard of the film until I saw it a shop for a £5 and and decided to give it a watch since I liked Dragons. So the film did do one thing right, introduced me to an amazing series of books.

    • Morgoth of Thardszvul

      Jeff Bridges as Brom please!

  • Carolyn Hayes

    I understand what your saying, but…the reason why the movie failed is simple, they stuffed it up from the start. It’s not that the world wasn’t ready for dragons. They rushed production, scooped out what they thought was important ignoring the books and the story and lore that lay within the pages, the cast was a disaster, and didnt listen to author. There has always been a place in this world for fantasy books and films, if its done right. I didn’t realise I was still so passionate about it.

    • Michael Castline

      It wasnt that they didnt listen to the author as they never contacted him to get his opinion or ideas. What the reboot needs to do to succeed is consult the author as in have him be a part of the production, either checking the script/screenplay, or co producer or just an advisor.

      • Carolyn Hayes

        i was so upset after seeing the movie i wrote to Chris Paolini. I got a reply, It was his first big movie deal so he signed, not really understanding the conditions. They then went ahead and made the movie and there was nothing he could do about it, Im pretty sure he is aware how the fans of the book feel about the movie.

  • Andy Wallin

    I have long said the only way to make this movie the best one ever is to have Peter Jackson do it. If he can make the LORD of the rings and Hobbit move as great as he did he can do the same to Eragon.

  • I hope the new Eragon movie is NOT like the old one. The reboot should even borrow a leaf from some movies like Narnia. Eragon should be the gawky awkward, though skilled hunter boy, humble and etc, not as arrogant as in the Eragon I watched. And Saphira should be a bit more believable; I also believe Eragon should be a series, not a movie; too much detail to fix into a few hours movie….

    • jskbest

      These detail to these books are no different than the HP books. So, movies are achievable, and in my opinion, more logical.

  • Andrew Martin

    Has any one heard from fox on this?