Eragon meets the Harry Potter trio to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary!

Happy 20th anniversary, Harry! The first book in J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone, hit store shelves two decades ago, quickly evolving into a worldwide phenomenon!

The series is largely credited with introducing multiple generations to reading, sparking a passion for fantasy and science fiction young adult literature in a way that authors and publishers had never seen!

For many of us, Harry Potter is the reason we discovered Eragon. Christopher Paolini’s first book was released by Random House in 2003, not long after Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, a period in which Rowling’s books were undergoing a massive popularity boom. Its successful film adaptations and increased awareness of the joy of reading spilled over, funneling hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of readers toward new adventures in stories like Eragon!

I personally have J.K. Rowling and her universe to thank for my love for reading and the career I’ve built as a result of being a fan of Harry and Eragon. I’ll forever be grateful!

Did the Harry Potter books help you discover Eragon? When did you start reading?

  • 이정재

    I think Eragon is way fantastic than Harry Potter. In a way, I love the friendship between the dragon and Eragon. BY the way, when does Eragon book 5 come to South Korea?

  • Sefa Enes Çetinkaya

    harry potter and eragon are the series of my life i cant choose one of them. i fell in blank.a big hole in my hearth because of i know i cant see them again. especially eragon. it wasnt a happy ending right?

    • 이정재

      It wasn’t a happy ending alright 🙁

      • Ebrithil

        Because it wasn`t the end

  • FanFicWriter

    I read Harry Potter in Grade 2, and discovered Eragon from my cousins in about Grade 4, and, although I’m obsessed with both, they aren’t really related in my mind.

  • Engla

    It probably did, since HP and Narnia worked together to make me fall in love with fantasy books! It was my dad who introduced me to all three series, but I definitely found the community of the fandom myself. And I’m loving all of it!

  • james drake

    Personaly I came acrooss Eragon in a book store and having seen the movie I desided to buy it. But the first big book to ever read was the first Harry Potter. I wish Christopher’s fifth book will be as good as Harry Potter’s one.

  • Lobeon

    I discovered Eragon thanks to it’s movie, it’s not as bad as many claim it to be.

    • I personally loath the movie but I appreciate the fact that it helped introduce thousands of readers to the series.

      • Lobeon

        A suggestion and a request, because i love dragons (good ones, not those jerks that need to be slainned) and while we are waiting for book 5, can someone give some advice on other books with dragons to read?
        In the Christmas article of shurtugal, where some good ones, but when i was searching for them in my country, i find that there was a lot of books from the same author in some cases, in others, some are unavailable, and i don’t know the collections.
        The advice (or shurtugal could make an article about it) about these books, it could be in the following format per collection, to help me search:
        -Author: Cristopher Paolini.
        -Collection: Inheritance Cycle.
        -Books (4): Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance (In the right order.)
        -Description: …

        Still waiting for shurtugal discord channel!
        We have hope!

        • Eli

          A series for kids but you still may like it: Wings of Fire.