Eragon prologue, ‘Shade of Fear,’ now a ten page graphic novel/comic!

Inheritance Cycle readers have been clamoring for years for a graphic novel adaptation of the series, and thanks to one talented fan, we’re able to read the entire prologue in comic/graphic novel form!

As the opening to the series, “Shade of Fear” has stuck with many of us as one of the best scenes in the entire Cycle. The pivotal moment sets the events of Eragon’s rise and Galbatorix’s demise in motion, encouraging a dormant Saphira to finally hatch and a worthy savior to arise from an unlikely village.

The ten page black-and-white comic demonstrates the Inheritance Cycle’s promising potential in graphic novel form. With the recently-released Official Eragon Coloring Book so well received, we’re already excited with what can be done when a talented artist faithfully adapts Christopher Paolini’s rich and diverse world.

Wind howled through the night, carrying a scent that would change the world.

Without further ado, Eragon’s “Shade of Fear” by artist Maru Exposito:

The comic was illustrated by Maru Exposito, an artist who has her own ongoing comic, Windy Lightning, the first chapter in the Believe in Fake Magic saga. You can read the first chapter of her comic and see more of her artwork on her website,!

What Inheritance Cycle chapter would you like to see illustrated? Would you like to see the entire Inheritance Cycle as a graphic novel? Let us know in the comments!

  • Mar Expósito

    WOW!! I just noticed about this article. Thank you very much Mike. For the feature itself and for being so respectful with my comics (both Eragon’s prologue and my current story Windy Lightning). Indeed a graphic novel or comic of Eragon would be awesome so I made a piece of it myself. In my opinion, a well done Inheritance movie saga could also be incredible 😉

  • creepercreep

    as a graphic novel how long would it be, i mean we’re getting into thousands of

    • FanFicWriter

      It would probably be multiple books, and it would most likely not be play-by-play, and just skip the unimportant parts.

  • Melodi Harris

    I would love to see the entire Cycle as a graphic novel. That would be amazing!

  • Ethan Long

    The whole series should be made as it because then we could have the visuals sort of like a movie and not a major fail like the “eragon” movie because my god that was bad, then we could also have the great , no amazing story line of entire series.

    • Sepron Indlvarn

      It was the screenplay that burns in the fires of Hell. The casting, I feel, was fantastic. Brom was rough, but, again, screenplay’s fault, not Jeromy Irons’. Galbatorix and Ajihad were amazing.

  • Jakub Svoboda

    Very nice comics, i love this book and all around this book. Comocs is beutiful but Arya look as Scarecrow, but its very, very nice.

  • Tara Soares

    Well done!!!! And in answer to your question I would like to see my personal favorite chapter And All The World A Dream.

  • Dex

    Well done! It would be very interesting to see a graphic novel. As long as it could be shown in it’s full glory and not censored. Some pretty gruesome (and necessary) scenes throughout the books.

  • The13Inquisitor

    Honestly? All of it.

  • Aleksi T.

    I would love a visual of Doru Araeba, so maybe when Eragon meets the snail and discovers his true name.

  • Kent Benedict Pastolero Cabuco

    Well I’m not really fan of Comic book, but I like to see the inheritance series in full illustration.

    • creepercreep

      like the harry potter books?

  • Alexandra Jane Lindsey

    Make the whole series into a comic! I would love to see how someone else envisioned it as they read the books!

    • creepercreep

      that gets annoying

  • Ian Franz Dresarie

    mhm, I can look at the first and third picture, all the others are just links to this site instead of the actual picture. The source code seems fine, so I guess there are missing resources? Issue exists both in Chrome and Edge

    • That’s really strange. I just make a tweak to it that hopefully fixes the issue. It removes the arrows, so you have to close out and select the next photo manually, but it’s better (for now) than not being able to see them at all. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Andrew Mitchell

    “Would you like to see the entire Inheritance Cycle as a graphic novel?” What kind of question is that? Yes! Yes! Yes!

    • Gwen

      I agree!!

      • Ethan Long

        Yes yes yes YES