Now’s your chance to ask Christopher Paolini your burning questions!

We have an exclusive interview with the Inheritance Cycle author headed your way in just a few weeks, but before that happens, we want to give our readers a chance to contribute their questions! If one of your questions is included in the interview, you’ll be in the running to win an autographed Inheritance bookplate!

We’re especially in search of questions regarding the upcoming Official Eragon Coloring Book!

Before leaving a comment with your question(s), please read the following:

  1. Christopher will eventually write “Book 5”. Please do not ask for its release date or when he’ll start writing it.
  2. Christopher is wrapping up work on his scifi novel. Please do not ask when it will be released.
  3. There’s no new information that Christopher can provide related to another Inheritance Cycle movie. Please don’t ask!
  4. If your question is asking for a major future plot point or story to be revealed, please don’t ask it – Christopher won’t be able to respond. (Don’t ask who Angela is, if Eragon and Arya will end up together, etc.)

With that out of the way, we encourage you to leave your best questions for Christopher in the comments! We won’t be accepting comments for long, so don’t wait!

  • Joey Ramone

    1. Any plans of a shade rider and how powerful would it be in comparison to eragon powerful is kulkarvek and where is the barrows of anghlem. If it’s no comment than have we been close?
    3. Where is el harim if it’s no comment than how dangerous is it there

  • Liam

    What would happen if a Rider became a Shade? Would the Dragon become evil? Wouldn’t they be more or less untouchable? And if that happens, who might be the person to defeat a Shade Rider? P.s good luck with all your future books!

  • AubreyTotallyArya

    Will we ever learn about why Brisingr is kind of special?

    • Sheldon Fowler

      What do you mean by “kind of special”?

  • Gavin Porteous

    Will eragon ever find broms sword?

  • Mark

    Mr. Paolini,
    I have a few questions for you:
    Q1. Why did the Twins, both accomplished magicians, not have wards that could block Roran from killing them so easily?

    Q2. Why was Naegling (Sword of Oromis) never recovered? I was amazed by the description of the power it held. That power could have been used for something amazing (similar to how Eragon used the power stored in Aren). Was there an enchantment on Naegling that did not allow it to be found by magical means? And if so, would that enchantment not also be found on Niernen the dauthdaert? Which was found easily enough.

    Q3. How was Galbatorix able to best Durza and turn him into his little errand-boy? Did Galbatorix have a lot of Eldunari in the very beginning of his quest to destroy the riders? If he did not how was he strong enough to beat Durza? Also, Oromis or Glaedr mentioned that Galbatorix learned how to bind Shruikan from dark magic learned from Durza. Could we have some clarifying details as to all that worked? Just how much stronger was Galbatorix than Durza, and maybe Varaug?

    Q4. Unless I missed a paragraph, I do not believe that Joed ever got a ride from Saphira. Was this not promised to him by Eragon (without her permission) when Eragon was handing out gold orbs like candy to his friends/debtors?

    Q5. Last question 🙂 Angela can resist Elva’s ability, but Galbatorix cannot? Really? How is that possible or logical? Perhaps we will find out in book 5 …?

    Thank you for allowing questions. I am a huge fan, I have read the cycle at least 4 times 🙂

    • Sheldon Fowler

      You have some amazing questions. I cannot find a reasonable explanation for the first two questions so here are my thoughts on the other three:

      Q3. Galbatorix has been the master of breaking into minds even before he was king. I think that he overwhelmed Durza and then controlled him by learning his true name.

      Q4. I also think that Joed never got to ride Saphira, though it would have been a nice addition to the book.

      Q5. I think that Mr. Paolini wanted to make Angela as mysterious as possible. He definitely accomplished that; the more you know about her, the more confused you are.

      • Mark

        Hey thanks Sheldon,

        Yeah I guess I just wish for more explanation on how powerful shades are. I was hoping Varaug (the shade for a few paragraphs before Ayra kills him) would be an ally for the Varden. I guess they are too evil to be of any use, to the Varden at least.

        Glad I was not the only one wondering about Joed’s gift/ride.

        Angela is surly a mystery! Looking forward to her return in book 5!

      • Gavin Porteous

        I have the answer for Q4. In an earlier interview, he said that he had to remove the sceen from inheiratence, but it iis in the newer version

  • Gavin Porteous

    I have several questions for mr. Paolini. One, will we learn more about the spirts in brisngr? Will orik ever become a rider? And will the elves ever find the belt of beloth the wise? Will we ever hear again from the ra’zac and the priests of helgrind? Please answer my questions, thank you.

  • Gavin Porteous

    My question for Mr. Paolini is… Will we hear more about the past riders? Also, will we know more about the spirts?(Brisingr) Thank you

  • mic5

    Mr Paolini u and your sister are AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the letter & autographed photo!! I am studying latin and its really not that hard.

  • mic5

    mic5 I got a letter from christopher!!!!!!!!! thank u sooooo mucH!! Because of you and J.R.R Tolkien I love to write.I even sent a short story to a publishing group!! The story is called A Strange Friend.

  • Lowell Thoerner

    My question is, will the next book have Eragon/other characters from the original series in it as well? I was left sort of confused by the bit that Paolini wrote after the end of Inheritance. Did it take into account that he would write a fifth b

  • John

    So don’t ask any of the questions we want answer’s to? Hope it’s because you’re already planning on asking them…

  • Gary

    Thought Tolkien was untouchable in his Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy but Eragon series is so close to it. Love it! Book 5 has to come out asap Christopher please! I’m so hooked.

    • marin

      me too

  • Logan

    I”m curious about who the Lady and the teenage girl who both had shackle scars and saved Roran”s life in Uru’baen right after he lost his hammer. And previously Angela had told the lady “Not to kill the man who left her paw in the trap too quickly”. Is she a werewolf?!?

  • Heidi

    Will the dwarves start to look like Elves

  • Angelia

    Are there pictures of Eragon’s characters as Christopher sees them?

  • 이정재

    Eragon series is a fantastic fiction. I wish Book 5 comes fast to South Korea!

  • Daniel Taylor

    Other than Lord of The Rings this is the best series I have ever read! The last book by far is the best out of the 4. I mean, the discovery of the dragon eggs and hearts underneath Vroengard, the whole battle with Galbatorix, the sheer size of Shruikan, and the best part, by far, is the love story!! I just have one problem, and that is that Eragon and Arya did not kiss. They had the perfect opportunity to kiss when they were on the boat together at the end. It would have made the story just that much better for me.

    Unless the story continues…?

  • Gemma Tuffin

    I am a huge fan who has recently finished reading the inheritance cycle, its AMAZING! (I read the last book in 8 days and the second to last in 7)!I Cried on several occasions. Thorn and Murtagh’s first appearance, the revelation of Brom, Oromisis death, and Eragon and Saphira’s exit from Alegasiea. Anyway I have been attempting to write a dictionary of the ancient language from the mini dictionaries in the back of the books, maybe you could make my life easier if you have any plans to produce one? And what is the name of the ancient language?

  • CartoArt

    Galbatorix said he found out the Word for the Ancient Language on something written by neither human, elf, or dwarf. What was this creature?

  • Matt Schuyler

    Will eragon finally get some????? 😂

    • Joey Ramone

      😂 wow

  • Cole Haight

    Will Saphira have a egg/child in the fifth book? Or at all?

  • Rey Bontje

    Now that the Dwarves and Urgals are bonded to the dragons, will the elves and humans get weaker? It was said many times that when dragons began going extinct the elves got weaker, so that means that the elves’ strength is connected to the dragons’. Also, if distance affects the strength of magic, like in the Battle of the Burning Plains, when the elves passed out because the distance at a simple ‘be healed’ spell, then won’t the elves be weak anyway because Eragon took the Eldunari and eggs so far away?

  • X10 GG

    How long would it take to walk from carvahall to farthen dur on foot as a normal person? I forgot my original thought train, but it intrigued me, love your books by the way!

  • Mike Jen

    why is the map of Alagaësia not detailed with roads, ocean currents, etc…

  • Emma Stell

    What is the word for home in the Ancient Language?

  • Cillian Boulian Flood

    Why did you start the series with all of the Forsworn dead? Seems like it would have been a good opportunity to have some interesting characters to challenge Eragon and show his growth.

  • Sheldon Fowler

    1.What happens if somebody discovers the true name of their sword. How would Eragon’s story have changed if he discovered the true name of his sword?
    2. What happens if somebody discovers the true name of any ordinary object such as a necklace, chair or piece of armor?

    • creepercreep

      he did find the true name of his sword in the 4th book to draw the essence of it

      • Sheldon Fowler

        Oromis told Eragon that Brisingr was not the full true name of his sword but it was a part of it. I want to know what happens if somebody discovers the full true name of an object such as a sword.

        • X10 GG

          He did eventually find it I believe

  • dj

    Did the Menoa tree take Saphira’s ability to have children? Many people say that it took Eragon’s ability to have kids, but my idea makes more sense to me because:
    1. Why would it not want Eragon to have kids
    2. it doesn’t like dragons, and by making sure the last (known at the time) female can’t have kids would make it so they aren’t around
    3. The twinge Eragon felt could be Saphira’s, and he just feels it (like all riders and dragons feel when their partner is hurt)

    • Raze

      I hadn’t thought of the twinge stemming from Saphira. Interesting thought.

    • Brian Pate

      Love this question. Just read Brisingr again. Each time I find myself wondering this same question, what did the Menoa tree take from Eragon?

    • Daniel Taylor

      Yeah I also wondered what she took. Maybe she decided against it eventually?

  • creepercreep

    Note: mine might break the rules
    1 what race is the next Rider from (elf, human, urgal, dwarf)
    2 does eragon ever miss his home
    3 does eragon find training riders hard or easy

    I love the series and can’t wait until the 5th one comes out

  • dj

    Glaedr tells Eragon and Saphira that Belgabad was the biggest of that time, but not the biggest ever. Who is the biggest ever, and how big was he/she?

  • dj

    If raising the dead is so dangerous that it is impossible to survive, why did Angela say that what shades did is the second most dark type of magic, behind necromancy? This implies that raising the dead might not kill you, even though it is said multiple times it will. Does Angela know something we don’t about this?

    • Raze

      You are aware that raising the dead is necromancy?

      • dj

        Yeah. Perhaps clarification is in order. My question, restated, is that why did Angela allude to it being possible to survive raising the dead (necromancy).

        • Emma Stell

          Necromancy was the reanimation of the dead, not the raising of the dead

    • TheAncientOnion

      Well as he have said in another question she is a complete mystery and probably some kind of ancient race/or god/demigod

    • Joey Ramone

      Where does it say this

  • Cole P.

    I’m probably to late, but I have two questions. (I might be breaking the rules on one of them, but I’m not shure)

    Q1: Have we already meet/seen the main bad guy that will be in book 5?

    Q2: Could a good/benevolent spirit be summoned and posses a willing person for good (possibly to fight another shade?)

    Also I just realized that some of our questions will break the rules as we ask a question that will end up being in the book.

  • Emily Llewellyn

    Who is Nadara, Nasuada’s mom? What are the 12 orbs that flew out of Galbatorix when Murtagh erased his wards? Will Angela and Solembum return?

  • Dillan Raehl

    I hope I am not too late…. Anyway, I have so many questions and I don’t know where to begin or whether you will be willing to answer.

    First: We can’t ask the release date, or any major part of the plot, but can I ask about how many pages it will be?
    Second: Will book five be the last book?
    Third: Who will be the primary focus of the book? If that can’t be answered, If old characters will return how will they be included (mentioned or actually have a chapter in the book)?
    Fourth: A Shade is made of malevolent spirits inhabiting a body, is it possible for benevolent spirits to inhabit an artificial body or that of an animals willingly?

    I’ve read your series since middle school, and now I’m graduated and eagerly waiting for the next book. I don’t really care how long it takes as long as it will be released, I can guess at the work it takes to make sure a book is interesting and will turn out well.

  • Gabriel

    Could we get some details about spirits? I know they’ve been mentioned here and there, but what are they, exactly? How powerful are they? What can they do? Did Galbatorix trap some? In the battle with him, after Murtagh removes the king’s wards, Eragon sees some creatures he thinks might be spirits fly out. Were they spirits?

  • Emily Quick

    *continued* my questions were about the 5th book…

  • Emily Quick

    Will we read about Eragon in the land where he resides after him leaving Alagaësia? Also will any of the dragon eggs hatch?

  • Benjamin Richter

    Will the seven words Brom spoke to Eragon before he died have some use?

  • davide ruggeri

    At the beginning of the saga re orrin looks like a good and virtuous man, but in the fourth book he seems like a drunk he thinks only to himself. because?

    • Tebe Nigrelli

      Fear and stress caused by war

  • davide ruggeri

    Fifth Book???? Have you already started it? If so, title? Eragon and murtagh will come back?

    • X10 GG

      You didn’t read the rules did you

  • Chris Fleming

    Why didn’t the Riders’ of Old ask for assistance when Galbatorix assumed the throne? Did they not have enough time, or did they think they could handle it? Lastly, does a Dragon’s scale color reflect something in their personality? Like, Saphira’s scales mean she is calm like water, but if pushed, will become as deadly as white water rapids?

  • Jeffrey

    In book 4 there was a scene where Roran was knocked out in the battle at ilirea and when he woke up he was surrounded but soldiers and 2 random girls saved him are they the 2 girls who Angela gave a fortune to earlier in the book and will we see them again?

    • Raze

      Yes, and probably yes.

  • Michael

    I don’t know if it’s too late to submit questions, but I would really like to ask this. Christopher has said in previous Q&As that the new sci fi book will contain new invented languages. Can we have any details about them? Sample words or sentences?

    alternatively: What do you think you have learned most, or changed most, about how to invent a language, between the Ancient Language and your sci fi book language(s)?

  • Joseph Brightwell

    Is the fate of the original dragon and bid’daum going to be revealed?

  • Gatito

    Oh and Also What was the point of that one hermit that studied the land?Was he there just so we could see that he knew Durza ?

  • Gatito

    Did you Think The Movie on Your Book Eragon was good And do you know where I can find A sword replica Of Brisingr?

  • Bibliophilic

    In book 5, will human characters like Roran and Nasuada be alive, or will it be after their lifetime?
    In the Inheritance Cycle, we see a lot of examples of Rider’s children becoming Riders (Brom and Eragon, Morzan and Murtagh). Is there anything that makes a Rider’s child more likely to become a Rider? (After all, of all the humans and elves, it seems more likely that anyone else should’ve become a rider).
    Paolini reportedly said that half-human, half-elf people may not be able to have children. Does this apply to Eragon? What about the children of a half-elf (who could have children) and an elf?
    How are half-elves treated by the elves? Are they welcome in their society?
    Is it possible for a dragon to have translucent or reflective scales?
    We mostly see dragons who are one color; is it possible for their to be dragons with multiple colors? Or one that kind of blends from black to gray to white as you look along the body?
    Obviously Alagaësia has things like horses and deer, but how many animals can be compared to our world? For example, could you find lions, giraffes, kangaroos, dolphins, etc.?
    Couldn’t Galbatorix have used the name of the ancient language to instantly discover the true names of Eragon, Arya, Saphira, etc. and just control them?
    How old does an elf have to be before they are taught magic? Who teaches elven children–do their parents do it, or is there some old elf who enjoys teaching all the children?
    If magic users can drain life energy, can they also give it away? For example, could they save someone who was dying by giving them life energy?
    Can two people have the same true name? Maybe when they’re children/have simple lives? If they did, and someone discovered one’s true name, would they only control the one they intended to? Or could they accidentally control both, if both of them were nearby or something?
    Can animals, like horses, have true names? Could you make an army of animals by communicating with them? Or by using their true names?
    So Shades are essentially people possessed by spirits. Is it possible for one spirit to take dominance, and have control of the body? For example, could someone like Galbatorix come back and possess some unprepared magician, and essentially come back to life? Can the spirits come back with knowledge of their life? Could Galbatorix come knowing the name of the ancient language?

    • Raze

      I believe Jeod’s relation with the Arcaena, and also the mysterious woman and girl are meant to be explored in the next cycle, meaning that aging of human characters will probably be minimal. Also, in a letter to potential new riders by Eragon, the new evil is mentioned, meaning that no new riders have arrived at Vroengard yet, so I doubt it hasn’t been more than a few years.

    • Deyja

      I have answers to a lot of your questions. First is that only humans and elves can become riders because they were part of the spell the elves wove. Second elves already know magic even as children because the Ancient language is their native language they just have to put magic into the words. Last is that Arya says that spirits are not people back from the dead they are just a whole other race like humans and elves and dwarves and urgals but when one becomes a shade like what happened in Brisingr with the 3 magicians the spirits are just angry they have been trapped in a body.

      Eka elrun ono ( I thank you in the ancient language )

  • Jessica

    If oaths sworn in the ancient language are only binding according to who you were at the time you made the promise, how is Rhunon still unable to forge weapons? Has she not changed in so many centuries?

    Also, does every oath sworn break once a true name changes, or just the ones sworn by a true name? For example, is Murtagh completely free of his oaths because he changed, or only the ones Galbatorix compelled him to swear by using his name?

    Would be curious, in terms of future problems in the story that may arise from that.

    • Raze

      I think, and I’m only theorizing here, for an oath to be broken in the ancient language due to a change in name, the name has to be used in the oath, or used to make them swear the oath.

      • Jessica

        Makes you wonder, if Murtagh swore any oaths to protect Thorn, and not because of his true name – They may still pose a problem for him in the future 🤔

  • Adam Białecki

    Just before Brom died was he more powerful than an average elf?

  • Sheldon Fowler

    You have mentioned before that Angela was inspired by your sister. Are there any other characters whose likes, dislikes and personalities were shaped by people you have met. If so who and what qualities did the contribute. If not what inspired you to create the characters the way you did.

  • Jacob Jones

    Was Garrow aware of Selena’s past activities? Did he know that Brom was Eragon’s father? Also, will the coloring book be available in California?

    • Raze

      Will the coloring book of a bestselling series written by an author born in California be released in California, the most populated state in the country? I would think so.

  • Gabriel Makhoul

    When will 5 come out?

  • Richard Garnett

    is angela a timelord?

  • MariO Power

    What inspired you to write eragon?

  • jjangu

    Will book 5 be the last book in the inheritance cycle series?

  • BigLamp813

    Why was it Eragon and the elves never found the belt of beloth the wise

  • Tyler Bishop

    In the book Inheritance Angela said she was looking for Solumbums Mother. Who was she and why was she needed

  • Liliana Yorgason

    What was the complete note Brom left for Roran back in the beginning of Eragon? All we ever find out about it is that it was an infuriating collection of vague, uninformative hints, and I’ve always thought it would be fun to read and laugh at.

  • Samantha Green

    You’ve talked before about what your favorite scene to write is, but what was your least favorite scene to write? Was there a scene you didn’t want to write because you felt really bad for the character(s)?

  • FanFicWriter

    Are you thinking of creating a play about Eragon? Is there going to be another movie?

  • Luke

    Why was Murtagh not given a rider sword (from Galbatorix’s hoard) prior to him taking it off Eragon?

    Oromis and Glaedr were both many centuries old. How difficult did you find it to do justice to them in terms of their actions and dialogue? I imagine it cant be easy what with them being so ancient and wise.

    • Dave

      Murtagh already had Zar’roc, so he wouldn’t need another rider’s sword.

      • Samantha Green

        I think he was talking about the time between the beginning and end of Eldest when Murtagh was in Uru’baen and was already a Rider, but hadn’t defeated Eragon yet. Granted, this probably would have been a very short period of time.

        • Dave

          I guess I missed that part of the question earlier.

          As for Murtagh not having a rider’s blade before the Burning Plains, it’s possible that there wasn’t a suitable blade for him to use among Galbatorix’s collection or Galbatorix just didn’t feel the need to give Murtagh a new weapon.

          • Samantha Green

            That’s definitely true. 🙂

          • Luke

            Amongst his hoard of 100’s there wasn’t a single sword that suited him? Bizarre!

          • Donald Mumma

            The only reason I can see for Murtahg not having a rider’s sword from Galbatorix’s hord of weapons, is that Galbatorix was a selfish and self-centered character. That he would never had given anything away.

  • Curious reader

    Why couldn’t eragon and arya end up together in the last book? Why did they have to separate?

    • Dave

      If I remember correctly from previous interviews, they were originally supposed to end up together, but, by the end of the series, Paolini felt that it would break their characters to force them together at the end of Inheritance.

      However, he has not ruled out the possibility of developing their relationship in future books.

  • Brady Campbell

    Who was your biggest influence while writing the inheritance cycle? And how did they influence your decisions to keep writing?

  • Mythicmaster101

    What is the first word of your new book?

  • Mythicmaster101

    Are you going to make any new series? If so, will it include some of the same characters?

  • Kale Fuller

    What is your favorite piece of artwork in the coloring book

  • Kale Fuller

    If you could rewrite the Inheritance Cycle what would you change

  • Sophia L.

    As someone with a relatively short attention span, I often have ideas for books or stories or art but get too caught up in the details, then lose the drive to finish the project. Did you ever have moments when writing The Inheritance Cycle (a seriously long story) where you felt like you might not finish? If so, do you have any advice about how to cope with the feeling?

  • Samanda Faria Borges

    Is there an idea of a picture or a picture that you wanted to include in the Eragon coloring book but were not able to? If yes, would you give us hints or details about that?

  • Zach Burkhead

    In major battles, Eragon is able to suck the remaining life force from dying enemies to finish them off/refuel himself. Why is this not a standard tactic on healthy soldiers who are not under magical protection. Considering there is talk of what the simplest means there are to kill someone, it seems sucking out their life force would not only be the easiest but also beneficial to the caster.

    • Raze

      Given that Eragon accidentally drains energy from Oromis in Eldest, we know it’s possible to do so. However, draining energy from the environment is not a tactic most human spellcasters seem to be aware of, and elves typically would find it immoral if they have other viable options.

      • Zach Burkhead

        It has been a while since I read these books, so I do not remember most the names or exact sequence of events. However, I know Eragon is fully aware of this ability as he uses it frequently in one major battle in particular to drain the remaining life force from both horses and enemy soldiers to finish them off and refuel himself. It may be the elves would find it immoral. However, all is fair in love and war, and this is most certainly a war.

    • Anthony Amato

      When Eragon is being taught that particular tactic by Oromis, he becomes disgusted and tells oromis to never make him do that again. He hates the feeling of being in someones mind when they die, which is why he waits for the dying animals to refuel himself in “Brisingr” and why you mainly see him using plants, although even that still disgusts him because the plants then whither and die.

    • Ari

      I would also love an answer to this question.

  • Oromis

    Who is the artist who draw the cover of your Scifi novel ??

  • Ufthak, of wide eyes

    Have you ever thought about writing a story of Alagaësia in the form of a play?

  • Smerald

    If you could rewrite the books from beginning, what would you change and why?
    I’m trying to write my own book, I’m just starting but what do you think should the descriptions be like, only general to let the reader immagine or more detailed to present the world more similiar to my vision?
    How soon will the world of Alagaësia discover fire weapons and more advanced technology, the use of magic certainly makes it easier.
    The big is the part of Alagaësia we’ve seen until now in comparsion to the whole continent?
    What is brightsteel similiar to in our world? How much does Brisingr weight?
    Did dinosaurs exist in Alagaëdia?
    Are child between races possible? (Humans-dwarfs/ dwarfs-elves)
    Do dragons stop growing?

  • Heber Medina

    Was Shruikan bigger than Belgabad was?
    What happen with Glaedr’s body after the battle? Is it lying outside the city of Gil’ead?

    • Raze

      Given that there was no mention of the elves losing the battle, I think it’s likely Murtagh was called back to Uru’baen after killing Oromis, and that the elves took custody of the body.

  • Mangafreak

    1.) In the fourth book, Inheritance, Chapter ‘ The Way of Knowing ‘ .
    What did Eragon meant when he said to Arya, ‘I see you’ ?
    2.) What happened to Belgabad’s Eldunari? Did Galbatorix took it after killing him? I m guessing, it’ll be the strongest existing eldunari, if it exists that is.

    • Raze

      1) I think it was Eragon’s way of conveying he understood Arya beyond his initial opinion of her, which was less dangerous than the actual Arya.

      2) You forget that a dragon’s eldunari only holds power if the dragon chooses to enter it. Belgabad most likely died a true death when his body died.

      3) The Grey Folk, as we assume now, bound wild magic to a structure which is now the Ancient Language. Given that if you were to invent something new that it would also have a name, the language was not actually written. It writes itself.

      4) Excellent question, I hope to learn about them as well.

      5) Elves and Dragons probably share a stronger bond as both have an affinity for nature and that their connection is the bedrock of the bond itself.

      6) Urgal and Dwarven Riders will probably receive the same effects as humans.

  • Kelly Palmer

    Random question about the languages of Alagaesia: many other languages have strange terms of endearment (little cabbage in French, my dove in Russian, etc) are there any random/strange terms of endearment in the languages of Alagaesia?

  • Anthony Amato

    On the coloring book:
    Are all the illustrations in the coloring book exactly how you pictured them to be in your mind? If some are different, are you more pleased with how they look now?

  • Coloring book questions:
    1. Are there any funny scenes in it? (e.g. drunk Saphira, “You nearly roasted my side!”, Saphira gets stuck in the staircase, etc.)
    2. Will there be a coloring book for every book in the series (Eldest coloring book, etc.)?
    3. Would you illustrate your own Eragon coloring book page-by-page? (It’s okay if no. That could potentially steal a ton of time from your writing and drive you nuts to get it just right.)
    4. How many pages will it have?

    Random questions, for the fun of it:
    1. What would happen if Saphira ate large amounts of super spicy peppers?
    2. Do dragons taste different flavors better than others (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami, fatty, etc.)
    3. If somebody were to eat dragon meat (terrible, I know), how would it taste and what would the textures be?
    4. Could a dragon do a fly-by on somebody? (poop in mid-air)

  • Madison Farmer

    It says in Eragon that few sets of Dragon armor were ever completed, does that mean that there are no complete sets, or that there were different kinds of sets, like saddles.
    Why did Eragon and the Eldunari choose to only leave two eggs behind, one for the Dwarves and one for the Urgals, when there are many elves and humans as possible candidates as well.
    What are dragon instincts as far as raising their young? It mentions that they are capable of killing as soon as they are born, but obviously they wouldn’t have been left alone by their parents right away…right?

    • Raze

      I’m pretty sure Eragon’s intentions with the eggs were to leave no room for imbalance or inequality while they were jump-starting the Riders. This also helps convey a message to the Urgals that if they commit to peaceful relations, they will be treated as true equals.

  • iii

    Is the Spine the tail of Bid’Daum?

    • Tebe Nigrelli

      What spine?

      • iii

        The Spine. The mountain range that runs along the length of the continent of Alagaesia.

  • Marie

    How do you decide what side stories/characters get put into the main story and what/who gets cut? Is there some sort of litmus test of how relevant they are to the story?

  • Makade

    Where did you get your inspiration for Eragon?

    If you could change anything about the fortune Angela tells Eragon what would you change?

    What was the hardest chapter to write?

  • Samuel Pfenning

    1) If Eragon and Murtagh fought with their bare hands and magic who would win?
    2) Why did your parents choose to homeschool you?

  • Thomas Campbell

    Will there be any illustrations of elven cities in the colouring book ?

  • Erik

    my question is about the gems

    What limits the amount of energy a gem can hold?
    the 12 diamonds in the belt are probably larger then the gem in aren. Yet it seems aren can take in far more energy then the 12 together.
    the same goes for the gem in Oromis’s sword compared tot the gems in Zaroc or Brisingr.

    • Raze

      Another good question

  • Jett Rademaker

    Could you tell the story of the dragon who became separated from his/her eldunari while it resided within him/her?

    • Raze

      Good question

  • Andrew Mitchell

    This first one has probably been asked multiple times but here we go.
    1. Is there a reason that there were no chapters told from Arya’s perspective?
    2. What is explosion in the ancient language?
    3. Will the sci-fi book take place in the same universe as the Inheritance, but on a different world?
    4. If they do exist in the same universe will the characters from both ever meet?
    5. Did Carsaib ever hold Durza back?
    6. Will we ever meet a different kind of order similar to the Dragon Riders? For example the Wyvern Riders, Leviathan Riders, or etc?
    7. Is there a chance that Galbatorix is still alive? If he is, does he have Shruikan’s eldunar?
    8. Will Eragon ever be faced with a choice of reviving a fallen friend, or family member with an enchanted object or other?
    9. Are there creatures like Vampires or Werewolves in the far north or to the east?
    10. Will Brom’s sword ever be recovered? If so, will Eragon dual wield it with Brisingr?

    • Andrew Mitchell

      I have as many questions as Eragon, if not more…

      • Nick Quattrocchi

        Andrew Mitchell? I have a friend by that name…

        • Andrew Mitchell

          Huh. That’s interesting.

    • Raze

      1. He probably didn’t want to clue readers in as to how Arya felt about Eragon before he was ready. He probably was also already content with having four points of views (Eragon, Saphira, Roran, Nasuada).

      4. I sure hope not.

      5. Probably not given that one spirit is difficult enough for a mage to resist, much less a multitude of angry ones.

      6. If there are Leviathan or Wyvern Riders, then it would be a little too odd, given that the Dragon Riders had an elaborate backstory as to how they came to be. Fanghur and Nidwhals are as close to a new type of dragon you’ll probably see.

      7. Galbatorix is very unlikely to have survived, as yelling “Be not!” in the ancient language, wishing for something to cease existing, is far more deadly than any attempt to raise the dead, which in previous books was deemed to be the most fatal error a spellcaster could commit. And even if he had survived, he would unlikely be a major threat, as he would have no reserve of eldunari, wards, or clarity of mind. Shruikan’s eldunari most likely incinerated.

      9. I think Paolini drew the line at using creatures of popular culture at Elves, Dwarves, and Dragons. The Ra’Zac, Urgals, Werecats, and Grey Folk are his creation, and I’m sure he’s content with them (And I bet the Grey Folk will be of importance in the next cycle).

      10. Unless Undbitr was lost at Vroengard or collected by Galbatorix, I doubt he’ll find it. Even if he did, fighting with two swords would be foreign to Eragon, and we already learn his fighting preferences in Book III.

      11. Oromis probably got when Eragon implied a genocidal concept because they were trying to defeat an egotistical genocidal King who values control above other’s lives. Also because the Ra’zac prefer human flesh above most foods, and unlike the Urgals, never made attempts at treaties.

      • Andrew Mitchell

        1. That’s what I figured but I want to here it from Paolini himself just to be sure.
        4. Tbh I kinda feel the same. Although I think it be interesting if they exist in the same universe. Even if they don’t meet.
        5. I think it’s a possibility considering that he seemed a little weaker when compared to Varaug and other Shades.
        6. I think its possible for them to exist in some other parts of their world. Tbh they along with the Greg folk and the gods themselves are the only ones I can thing to challenge Eragon, Arya, and Murtagh.
        7. I kinda hope he is. Maybe later have a new villian vs old villian situation. Like new villian confronts Eragon and Galbatorix steps if to fight instead. And him have Shruikan’s eldunari so that he isn’t slammed.
        9. I thought the same. But it doesn’t hurt to ask.
        10. I’m well aware of Eragon’s fighting style. His style could easily change though.
        11. Still though, the Ra’zac can’t help who they are.

  • Casper

    Are mind wards also something, that can be casted? Like when Ayra and Eragon have been trapped under Dras-Leona? Why have nobody other used this type of magic? Mind wards could protect even the minds of those, who are not capable of magic or not soo good in mind defence (maybe Orrin).

    • Raze

      The secret to how the Priests of Helgrind and Galbatorix sheltered and restricted minds is best presumed to have died with them.

      Nobody else had utilized that form of magic because they had no idea how.

      The last question was already answered in Inheritance, Galbatorix hid Barst’s mind from his enemies, and there was no indication of any kind that Barst had any magical ability.

  • Casper

    Are the gems, in which the energy is stored, protected by spells that only their owner can reach for energy in them? Or can anybody sense amount of energy and use it?

  • Jett Rademaker

    Since the Grey Folk tied the Ancient Language to magic (an act that Cost their existence except for a certain fortune teller or her old master maybe?), is the Ancient Language tied to the magic of those outside of Alagaësia and if not what is theirs like?

  • Apollo

    I have a few. My first one has probably been asked on multiple occasions but oh well.
    1. Is there any particular reason that there were no chapters told from Arya’s perspective?
    2. What’s explosion in the ancient language?
    3. Will the sci-fi novel exist in the same universe as the Inheritance, but on a different planet?
    4. If they do exist in the same universe then will characters from both ever meet?

  • Afonso Correia

    How do Dragons have reproduce? Why dont they have sexual organs? Where the eggs come out?

  • Victoria Pennington

    What if the reason people get songs stuck in their head that lasts for several days is because they are unconsciously defending their minds against someone else trying to overpower them? Much like Eragon was taught to repeat a poem over and over again

  • Conlin Novak

    Was there anything about the story that you wished you had done differently as you progressed through the storyline?

    Colouring book:
    Which imagery that was created for the book are you most pleased with/aligns most with how you first imagined it?

  • Neferian

    Who’s Angela?

  • T McTavish Shoemake

    I was wondering what would Roran and Garrow do if they did found out about saphira? Would they kill it? Or, would they let Eragon keep it?

  • Anette Magnussen

    In the inheritance books you sometimes refer to lands accross the sea. And Eragon once asks if there’s other ridders living there. He even says he will explore this at the end of book 3. What I’m wondering is if we’ll ever get to hear or expirence more of these other lands, and if so in a smaler og larger scale?

    For the colouring book;
    Why did you choose to make one when there’s allready so many other out there. And how much did you take part in the final result of the characters look (their face mainly?

  • Maddie Westenberg

    What’s your weirdest/most interesting memory of writing the Inheritance Cycle?

  • Meleah Clark

    This may have already been answered, or may be answered in the future, but I’m going to ask anyway. Because of the urgency of Eragon’s mission, his training was sped up and he learned many things early on that would have been saved for much older, wiser Riders at the height of their power. As Eragon trains new Riders, will he attempt to follow the old ways and teach as slowly as the old teachers did, or will he incorporate the way he was taught? I know he won’t tell everything he knows, but I would love to know how he will approach the life of a teacher.

  • André Marques

    How far did you went for research purposes? What I mean is, what was the strangest/ most out of the box thing you did to write your book? A friend of mine, who is also writing a book, did a little cut in his hand so he could better describe the flavor of blood. Did you ever did something like that? And when do you think is too much?

  • Adam Białecki

    Mike Macauley talks like disguised Christopher 😉

  • Evanescent-Killjoy

    Do children have True names? Would they always be changing because children learn and grow faster than adults?

    • Raze

      First one is yes for sure. Second one is probably yes.

  • Raze

    Could you cram a sizable amount of energy in a gem and detonate it with a spell?

    Was Angela alluding to splitting an atom when she said she could wipe out all but Galbatorix in Inheritance?

    Did the High Priest of Helgrind know Angela’s origins or what she might be?

    Any chance of seeing enchanted arrows?

    Did the brief pain in Eragon’s stomach have anything to do with what the Menoa Tree wanted from Eragon or was it a natural pain?

    What color was Galbatorix’s first dragon?

    Was Galbatorix truly oblivious to the location of Ellesmera?

    Would capturing Rhunon be one of Galbatorix’s top priorities had he succeeded?

    How were Galbatorix’s spies communicating with him? Scrying or something more clever?

    Will we see any captured eldunari reach some form of sanity?

    How exactly did Brom slay Morzan without a Rider’s blade?

    Will Nar Garzvhog clash with the mentioned Urgal King if it means establishing peace between the races?

    If a spellcaster were to fumble with words and accidentally say the true name of something yet to be invented, could that provide the inspiration to invent that object?

    Could the cloaked residents of Vroengard prove a threat to Eragon and his group?

    If Galbatorix had searched Vroengard so thoroughly, did he encounter those same people?

    What happens when two oaths in the language conflict? Such as “I will not talk to this person” and “I will do as this person says” and that person commands they speak to that person? Error 404?

    Can spells be phrased as to not initiate if it would damage the caster?
    Ex: “Lift this boulder, unless doing so shall harm me in any way I find to be dangerous.”

    Will we learn more about Silvarí the Enchantress who fabricated a new body for Cuaroc?
    Does she have any connection with Angela or the Grey Folk?

    Will Jeod and his monastery (if they’re still alive) play a part in identifying the new threat in the stories to come?

    Could manipulation of memories change one’s true name?

    Could somebody enhance their ability to focus with the ancient language and therefore their prowess in mental combat?

    If a Shade makes a promise in the ancient language are all the spirits bound to that promise? Just the host? Some combination thereof?

    Will we see more Shades?

    Was Tenga trying to find the Name of all Names?

  • Arooba

    I really love this series and never get tired of rereading it!! I hope maybe ol paolini will make some short stories about angelas past or the werecats life or nasuadas mother!! ?? Much to wonder!!

  • Langley Mattson

    I enjoy the amount of worldbuilding and detail given to each character in the Inheritance Cycle. I rather like the character Durza, as he is one of the only controlled shades and was created under an interesting combination of circumstances. If you have the answer, what exactly did his father do to exile his family and earn him the name “Oathbreaker”? Was Durza the shade that taught Galbatorix his dark magic powers?

  • dragonlord454545

    What would happen if Eragon froze water since that would actually lower the energy in the water, so would he gain energy or is their something blocking this?

    • Aryan Singh

      No M8. Just no.

      • Sedjwick

        That’s actually not a bad question. And it theoretically could be possible if we’re dealing just with the physics of our world. One could, in theory, absorb the heat energy of the water and the surroundings to 0 degrees C and cause the water to freeze, but I think the actual formation of the water molecules into ice crystals still requires some input of energy, but not as much as would be gained by absorbing the heat energy of the water and surroundings. Interesting…

        • Aryan Singh

          Magic is the manipulation of energy. So if he chilled the water he would have to know what kind of energy the water released (or more specifically the electrons) and he would have to make sure he didn’t cool anything too close to himself, or he’ll die.

          • Sedjwick

            But it would still be theoretically possible. I didn’t say he would necessarily know how to do it, just that it could potentially be done. And he has done other similar things without understanding exactly how the chemistry/physics/etc. work. Just absorbing the heat energy really shouldn’t be too different from getting energy from any other source.

          • Aryan Singh

            Actually, you have to know what kind of energy the water released. And if not that, the wording of your spell would have to be tailored to different objects. But yes; in theory, it should be possible.

  • Nick Quattrocchi

    Is there land south of Surda/North of Ellesmira? If so, can’t there be tribes of creatures or races not known to man? Would you be open to making that a part of Book V?

  • Luke

    Murtagh is warned to avoid going near the king of the urgals: Kulkarvek. Any urgal that can attain the status of “king” over the battle hungry urgals sounds quite a character. Is there a chance he will appear in the future?

    Also! In the final battle with Gbtx, Murtagh relinquishes Galbatorix of his wards for a short time, but he quickly recovered and stopped everyone moving. I believe it says: “twelve orbs of light appeared above Galbatorix’s head and fled outwards from him” what were the orbs of light?

    • Aryan Singh

      Yeah and who is Tenga? How did Galba get the name of the ancient language? Are both of these something to do with the Grey Folk. Because Tenga was Angela’s teacher and she knows a way to kill many people with one spell and it was probably Tenga who taught this. He must be a true master of magic or a Grey folk. And also Galba got the name of all names from a tablet written by a race other than elf, human, dwarf or urgal.

  • Jimmy

    With Nasuada’s new laws involving magic/magic users could we perhaps see a large influx of them perhaps joining Eragon in the future. Feel as though she is targeting a whole group because of the actions of a minority and there is bound to be repercussions, you can’t expect to control a whole group of people and then use them and their power when she feels like it. I’m sure Eragon and the Elves with him could find a place for them.

  • Luke

    Galbatorix was essentially in his castle for 100 years, but when Eragon and co get in the only defences amount to spikes in the walls. Couldnt he be more imaginative?

    • My guess is that in his arrogance, the thought never occurred to him that a worthy challenger would arise, let alone actually be able to get to and lay siege on Uru’baen.

    • Aryan Singh

      To be fair he did have traps that almost got them killed. And in the end he probably wanted them to come so he could trap them, while at the same time making them think he wanted to kill them so they didn’t get suspicious. And anyway he has the name of the ancient language and a lot of wards, so he was probably confident enough to think to kill anyone.

  • stantehee

    Is there any possibilities of a Roran story, even short stories?

  • Ruben Amador

    Only humans live in Hadarac Desert?
    Or there are elves who lives in the desert because they like the sand?
    Or maybe a Dwarf clan lives in the Desert?
    Or an Urgal tribe?

    • Cool question!

    • dj

      Anikan Skywalker loves sand, he prob lives there 🙂

  • Konna

    When he Eventually decides to write the 5 book we will be over the whole inheritance cycle thing cause we will be over 30 years old.And I don’t mean we’ll be over fantasy. Just inheritance cycle . So my question is if paolini cares about the older reader’s who loved the series.

    • I can answer this for him: he absolutely cares about older readers. I’d say the core of people who visit Shur’tugal and keep up with us all on social media are fans who have been around since at least 2006.

      I don’t think it’s accurate to say that fans will be “over it”. Looking at the numbers of fans who return here on a daily basis, I’d say that’s far from the case.

  • Madison Farmer

    How are dragon colors determined? Is it from both the parents or a random coincidence?

  • Bogdan Osypenko

    Mr. Paolini will you come to Ukraine (or other european country) on book exhibition?

  • ForestDew

    Can we suggess spells for the next book? I have thought of this “inspire the way/path” which while isn’t fool proof, would give an hunch over what to do/where to go for accomplish the desired task.

  • Dakota K.

    With Alagaeisa being the size of the western U. S. is there a chance that we could see the rest of the planet e.g. the continents, oceans, seas, islands. Not with countries, cities or anything artificial.

    What is the planetary system like? How many planets? Is the Alagaeisain planet the only habitable planet?

    How closely related are elves, humans, dwarves, Urgals, werecats on a biological and evolutionary level?

    Finally, how many references to other sci-fi franchises are there in the sci-fi book? Is there any oddball ones?

  • Brian Federkins

    If Angela is a potential timelord, is there a possibility we’ve seen her in the series under other regenerations?

    • Cool question, but for legal reasons I don’t think Angela could ever be an actual Time Lord. I think it’s a fun theory for us to fool around with but I’m sure Christopher has much more (and completely different things) planned for her!

  • Dean Raedle

    When Nasuada was captive, Murtagh said that after altering her senses, he would try to enter her mind. Why didnt that happen?

    Also,when nasuada asks murtagh why he didnt have her killed, he just said “you know why”… Do I?

    • Because Murtagh totally has the hots for Nasuada. They’ve had mutual crushes since the end of Eragon. (My theory, anyway.) There’s a beautiful illustration in the upcoming Eragon Coloring Book that nearly confirms this theory. I actually have an article coming out on this exact topic next month.

    • Aryan Singh

      If you mean that he said Galba would enter his mind, its because Uru’baen was gonna get sieged and he wanted all of them to swear fealty at the same time.

  • HolyOak

    What does Oromis wonder about, when Eragon tells him Rhunön’s theories, why Brisingr bursts into flames, when its Name is spoken out?

    “When he had finished, Oromis murmured, “I wonder…,” and his gaze drifted past Eragon toward the horizon. (Page 693, line 17 f.)

    Since he then does not explain directly afterwards, but talks about him and Glaedr not being honest about their chance of survival, I thought there must be a deeper meaning behind that. It could of course still mean nothing, but I don’t think so… 😉

    • Sedjwick

      If it does mean something (and perhaps even if it doesn’t) this sounds like another “no comment” question. But it’s a cool question nonetheless.

  • Adam Białecki

    Can you tell us something about Maud, the female werecat? I have never saw this question asked but i love werecats and this one makes me really confused. Was she the werecat that attacked lord Barst from the back while he was fighting Roran? Is she somehow conected to Angela? Any information about Maud, I beg you!

  • J-in-PA

    How many times has Eragon’s true name changed since he left Carvahall? Did Brom know his own true name? How did Thorn feel about being forced to kill Glaedr’s body? Do Shades, spirits, and/or Ra’Zac have true names? Will the upcoming scientific-magical technological revolution involve vacuums and/or guns? What percentage of elves are unable to use magic? Do the colors of two mated dragons have any bearing on their potential offspring’s color? Is it possible for an egg pledged to the Riders to hatch without a chosen Rider? If spirits overwhelmed a Rider, what would happen to the new Shade’s dragon? How old is Solembum compared to other werecats? Does Elva feel the pain of animals?
    I have a journal where I keep these questions and at least half a dozen more. I feel these are the most likely to be answerable.

  • I might have to shamelessly stick my own question into this interview:

    Was Brom the only dragonless Rider left in Alagaësia during the Cycle (and after his death)?

    • Gunther Oberholster

      Such a good question! Didnt think of that!!!!!

    • Luke

      Cue a “No comment” from CP

      • Probably.

      • Sedjwick

        Yeah, CP is pretty famous for “no comment”ing questions like that. But then, it sort of promises that he has something good planned for it, so there’s that to look forward to.

  • Steven Hummer

    Before Brom died he whispered 7 words in the ancient language to Eragon and told him to, ” use them only in great need.” What were the 7 words, what did they mean and how would they help Eragon? Thanks

    • Christopher has answered this one – they’re the subject of a future story. I can’t wait to find out what they were and their significance, especially if they warrant their own story!

  • Keenan Reed

    What is your response to the opinions of people who think that Roran is the real hero if the inheritance cycle, considering that he went from a farm boy (almost same as eragon) and without barely any physical/magical enhancement (except for the wards and his personal strength) defeating a empire general that had killed am eleven queen not long before facing him?

  • Manolis Simos

    Hello from Greece! Ok, so by the time Galbatorix had collected a number of Eldunari and prepared for the battle against the Dragonriders in Vroendgard, the Dragonriders had collected the remaining Eldunari in the island! Why the Dragonriders didn’t use this large amount of Eldunari and theιr uncompetitive power to defeat Galbatorix and his army(traitors)?

  • Erzuel

    How Murtagh could know the name of ancient language, why would Galbatorix have told him ? And was Murtagh not able to use the Name because of his vows toward Galbatorix, like not be allowed to hurt him ?

    Was Murtagh’s horse named after the death of Tornac or when he was alive ?

    Was Shruikan still able to think and speak despite the fact he was alienated by Galbatorix?

    Did Murtagh have friends in Urû baen? What happened to them ?

    If Galbatorix did not interfere during the battle Oromis vs Murtagh, would have Oromis and Glaedr been merciful?

  • Ivan Alexander Eissler

    When you write, do you pull inspiration from other authors books at all? Or do you try to come up with everything from scratch on your own?

  • Andrea Burns Comer

    What do you think Eragon and Saphira’s greatest regret would be from their time in Alagaësia?

  • Justin Riley

    Several of the beloved characters in the Inheritance cycle end up dying. Where do they go when they die? what’s the afterlife like?

  • SimG

    Your chapter about Brisingr was most influential to me becoming a matrial scientist and working with NASA. Thank you. My question is, do Elves have an understanding of material science? Many of the trees that support the wooden homes would need some type of hybrid for the plumbing system or etc, so I assume they did. Did they create the homes by trial and error? Also, did the Elves create devices to better understand space?

  • Joshua Gavin

    Christopher, you have had the opportunity to write about two very different mediums, both a medieval sort of theme in the Inheritance series, and your new sci-fi novel. Which have you found easier, or more enjoyable, to write thus far?

  • Shane O’Neill

    Which character from the Inheritance cycle did you identify with the most?

  • Estela Gil Pérez

    Christopher, you do draw very well, and it seems that not only is your imagination fresh in your mind but you are also able to translate what you have devised into a piece of paper and create a drawing that moves us to what you can think of when you write a novel. So, my question is, have you ever thought on prepare a drawing show? What’s more, have you considered dedicating yourself to professional painting? Because you show it to us in real life but in fiction you are also as detailed and with that special feeling to describe a work of art in the Inheritance Cycle.

  • Jennifer Hodges

    How much do dragons know about the past, present, and future that they don’t share with their Riders? It’s obvious that Saphira knew about history and how it affected the dragons. Would dragons ever share their entire knowledge of the world? Or would it be too much for a human to bear? Or in a worst case scenario, could someone like Galbatorix have extracted the information and used it to his advantage?

  • Jamie

    In the colouring book, is there a picture of the tree houses in Ellesméra?

    Also is there a picture of tronjheim?

    • Both of these are illustrated and available in Eragon’s Guide to Alagaësia! If you can’t get your hands on it, take a look at the background of Shur’tugal’s web design – that’s the direct piece of art from Eragon’s Guide that shows Ellesmera and its tree houses! 🙂

  • Rachel Rozow

    Have you thought a lot about the aquatic life in and around Alagaësia beyond the nïdhwalar?

  • Caleb Pritchett

    Was is difficult to do the universe building for the sci-fi novel? There are so many sci-fi novels out there, that I feel like a lot of trial and error would have to be done to make your universe stand out, but still feel familiar in some respects.

  • Philippine Séga

    Hello from France !! Can dragons be sick like humans ? Like, can they get a cold or the flue ?

  • Blake Gullett

    Was all of the riders sword traditional long sword or bastard sword fashion or did they have swords like a scimitar or a rapier?

    • creepercreep

      the swords were made to fit the rider, so if the rider already had some experience with those then yes.

  • Samantha Green

    Between the end of Brisingr and the beginning of Inheritance, there is a considerable bit of time not described in the books. During this time, Roran and Eragon promise to catch up with each other. This would mean that, unless Roran hid it from him, Eragon found out about Roran’s flogging between the two books. In my opinion, some of the brotherly scenes between Roran and Eragon are some of the most entertaining, well-written, and most filled with emotion. So I was wondering: how did Eragon react when he heard about Roran’s flogging and the events surrounding it?

  • Sam Haese

    Is it possible for a rider to be chosen by another dragon if there dragon has died? Such as Galbatorix for example with his first dragon being killed and then him obtaining Shruikan. If so do they end up getting a second gedwëy ignasia? Also is it possible for a rider to be chosen by more than one dragon at the same time and if so what happens?

    • azork

      he stole shuriken

    • creepercreep

      yeh he wasn’t chosen again and i think that the bond between rider and dragon is so strong you can’t have another like it

  • LJ McCoy

    do you have any idea what will be in store after the release of the scifi novel and the stand alone

  • Sedjwick

    After plotting out the books and beginning the process of writing, what changes to your original plans were most surprising to you? Also, what did you think when the story ended up going in a different direction than you had originally intended?

  • R.C.

    Have you ever played a pen-and-paper role playing game, like D&D? If so, have you made your character based on someone from the Inheritance Cycle?

  • R.C.

    Have you ever played a pen-and-paper role playing game, like D&D? If so, have you made your character based on someone from the Inheretince Cycle?

  • Riley Whidden

    The world of the Inheritance Cycle is a vast, complex, and undoubtedly beautiful one that I enjoyed venturing through very, very much. The descriptions are rich and vibrant, the cultures are diverse and dynamic, the adventure is colossal and unforgiving in its depictions. It’s essentially the reason why I see my own grand tales in my head now.

    One thing has stumped me; the lore concerning Riders’ Blades. Are Riders restricted to solely giving swords such a title? Can there be a Rider’s greatsword, battle axe, dagger? Or even a Rider’s bow, or Huthvir, even?

    … A RIder’s Huthvir would be kinda cool.

    • I’m pretty sure this has been answered before but I can’t seem to dig up the answer. Either way, I love it so it’ll probably get asked again. ;P

      • Joey Ramone

        Thoughts on my question its the newest 🙂

  • Riley “LovableFucking” Whidden

    Firstly, I love your books. You’re pretty much the reason I see fantastical images in my head (that I can’t get myself to write because GOD I am lazy).

    One of the biggest things is the lore; your universe is so well thought out and intricate and it’s incredible. But, one thing has confounded me: Weapons. Rider’s Swords, specifically. Are Riders restricted to swords? Is there such thing as a Rider’s Huthvir? Or a Rider’s Axe?

    … A Rider’s Huthvir would be pretty cool, though.

  • Dave

    Throughout the Inheritance Cycle, the mental abilities of magic users is a prominent component of the series, ranging from the contact and feeling of other organisms’ minds to the various offensive/defensive capabilities displayed in the books. After going back to the series recently, these abilities raised some questions for me:

    1) what would the mind of someone with a disease such as Alzheimer’s feel like, and

    2) what would happen if a powerful magic user developed a similar disease that impaired the user’s mind?