Dragon Egg Hunt: Enter to win a heap of autographed Cycle goodies! [Ended]

Our annual Dragon Egg Hunt made its third return in 2017, dwarfing the success of our previous two events! Many of you scoured the site for the hidden eggs and entered our giveaway! As a show of our thanks for your dedication, we decided to add extra prizes and additional winners to each giveaway!

Our winners, chosen at random, are listed below. If you didn’t win, check the bottom of this blog post for details on more giveaways we’ll be holding in April and May! We recommending following us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, as well as subscribing to our newsletter, to be the first to hear about the giveaways.

Egg #1 Winners
Prizes: First winner – Autographed Eragon Coloring Book; Two runners- up – Autographed Inheritance bookplates

  • Coloring Book winner: Haley A.
  • Runner-up 1: Sam T.
  • Runner-up 2: Leisa K.

Egg #2 Winners
Prizes: Seven winners – a Christopher Paolini autograph pack containing art, photos, and bookplates

  • Victoria R.
  • Sav W.
  • Morgan K.
  • Todd G.
  • Patrick F.
  • Mille
  • Grace J.

Egg #3 Winners
Prizes: First winner – Autographed Inheritance; Two runners- up – Autographed Inheritance bookplates

  • Inheritance winner: Hannah K.
  • Runner-up 1: Katariina M.
  • Runner-up 2: Beatrice M.

All winners have been contacted via email and will have seven days to respond with their mailing address. If we do not hear back after the seven days, we’ll be forced to disqualify the winner and choose a new one.

We’ve embedded the original giveaway widgets at the bottom of this post for transparency.

More giveaways coming soon:

Didn’t win? Don’t despair! We’ve got a ton of giveaways headed your way soon, including:

  • Followers of Shurtugal.com on Instagram will have a shot at winning some cool loot!
  • Creative colorers will have a shot at autographed Eragon Coloring Books multiple times throughout April and May!
  • A new Egg Hunt coming in May!

Recap of the Dragon Egg Hunt:

For those who may have missed the hunt, here are the clues as well as their corresponding answers:

Clue #1: Throw on your space helmet, hop into your rocket ship, and get ready to travel faster than light to a new scifi universe! (Does a scifi novel‘s universes count? Of course it does!)

Clue #2: Some may refer to this egg’s hiding place as our website’s armory or storehouse, where we keep links to a collection of impressive tattoos, memorable weapons, and stunning fan art!

Clue #3: All of us were delighted to discover that another book will follow the Cycle’s first four installments. We don’t have a title, but we do refer to this next adventure by a nickname while theorizing about Angela, discussing Eragon’s future, and more!

Giveaway widgets:

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • jj

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  • Dan Czarnecki

    Congrats to the winners!

  • Samuel Pfenning

    Awesome! Can’t wait until they announce the winner!

  • Michael

    Hey Mike, were you concerned at all about the legal ramifications of taking someone else’s copyrighted image and just putting colour filters over the top?

    • I’m not selling a service with it, or using it in a way that is being sold. In this case, my understanding is that my use of the image is within the rights of fair use.

      However, if this is your image and you would like for me to remove it, please email me at [email protected] and I’d be happy to do so.

      • Michael

        Someone needs to read up on what ‘fair use’ means. Whether or not it’s used for profit is only one of a number of factors. Anyway, why use a scaled Game of Thrones dragon egg, when the eggs in Alagaesia are specifically described as being smooth and stone-like?

        • I have a limited number of hours I can dedicate to any project. Shur’tugal does not generate any income (hopefully some day) beyond paying nearly all of the server costs (the rest of which come out of my pocket) and because of that, I’m “volunteering” my time to create this content and events.

          I went with the Game of Thrones dragon egg because it was recognizable and suited the needs of the project. In the grand scheme of things, the graphics were not top priority, because the system behind the giveaway itself was a massive timesink.

          I would absolutely love to dedicate hours to creating original graphics, and aim to do so in the future, but I have to manage the limited time I’m able to put toward Shur’tugal and maximize that time to greatest extent in order to offer a community filled with content worth enjoying.

          I always aim to credit the artists whose work I use here on the website. Every fan artist I feature is credited in name and with a link to their portfolio whenever available, and I’ve even reached out to a number to run profiles/interviews with them. I understand the value of an artist’s work and proper credit. In this case, the Game of Thrones dragon eggs have no known single creator and speak for themselves in terms of their origin.

          While we may disagree here, I do value your feedback and input. I appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns and will do my best to keep them in mind while working on future content.

          • Michael

            ” In this case, the Game of Thrones dragon eggs have no known single creator and speak for themselves in terms of their origin.”

            Actually, that’s wrong. The Game of Thrones dragon egg prop was designed and produced under contract for HBO, all promotional photographs of them were produced for and under contract to HBO, so the copyright for them and all official photographs of them rest with HBO. As for them “speaking for themselves”, the point of attribution is that they _shouldn’t_ “speak for themselves”, but be clearly and unambiguously marked.

            as for the Darksiders 2 concept art, copyright exists in that as well no matter how widely distributed it is, and attribution is still a legal requirement regardless of fair use clauses.

            I can understand some small personal blogger playing fast and loose with the law, but you are running a large active site that is officially endorsed by Christopher Paolini, that can easily be mistaken for an official marketing platform for the book series, and which is run specifically with the intention of promoting the Inheritance Cycle and related merchandise. You can’t really afford to be so laissez-faire about things like copyright law, especially with the scale and traffic of the site. I mean, what if someone from HBO or THQ sees this and decides to pursue infringement charges? Especially since the Inheritance Cycle is exists in competition to fantasy media like Game of Thrones. They could very easily argue that you are using their copyrighted work to promote sales of a work in competition to theirs, which puts you in a very shaky legal position.

            For the sake of the fans who visit and rely on this site, you need to be more careful with what you do. It takes an equal amount of time to get a royalty-free ostrich egg picture from pixabay.com as it does to use a recognisable copyrighted image from a well-known series.

            Here’s one that even has all the correct colours for you, free for commercial use with no copyright, that took me all of 5 seconds of searching to find: https://pixabay.com/en/easter-easter-eggs-colorful-1232906/ (the yellow one is Glaedr, obviously). Simple.

  • Cody Hakala

    Im sorry this was a ton of fun to the people that thought it was easy. It was fun. the whole time im rushing to get everything done. i hope i win and i can not wait until book 5. i hope its soon.

    • Dan Czarnecki

      Same! It’s been quite a few years now since book 4/Inheritance! Heck, I’m re-reading all of the Inheritance Cycle again right now in hopes that we’ll one day see book 5.

  • FanFicWriter

    Saw this today, thought I was super late, and did it in 60 seconds flat :/

    • On the one hand, I’m glad you didn’t miss out. On the other hand, I’m sorry that you seem disappointed in how easy it was. I explained my reasoning for that in a below comment. Hopefully you still somewhat enjoyed it!

  • Megan Culleton

    I’m so glad someone shared this, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it.

  • Nico Damia

    Found them! Hope i win something. Continue like this Mike. Greetings from Spain!!!

  • Mikaela Thornton

    Ah so keen ^_^ These books were my childhood and the egg hunt was fun 🙂

  • Chris Proffitt

    All done lol easy but I love a good egg hunt.

  • Logan Fele-Slaferek

    Thank you for even the slightest chance to win memorabilia for one of my favourite Fantasy series, shoutout to you Shurtugal.com, you’re awesome 🙂

    • You’re awesome too!

      Don’t be discouraged if you don’t win this giveaway. Many more coming in the weeks and months ahead!

      • Logan Fele-Slaferek

        Oh for sure- I intend to be here for as many of them as possible; like I say any piece of memorabilia I could possibly win would absolutely make my day (and then some!)

  • EG

    I would love to win this 😀 I’m gonna give a tip to everyone just because I’m in a good mood 😉 The only thing I’m gonna say is just don’t overthink it. It’s QUITE easy to find the eggs. Like, super easy. So easy that you would have to be too smart to be able to not find them xD
    Looking forward to future giveaways, and to Book V ! ^_^

    • Logan Fele-Slaferek

      Thanks for your comment! I was one of the poor blokes who overthought it from the get-go and was about to leave it be. That’s when I saw your comment and, needless to say, found all 3 clues in about 5 minutes! Best of luck to you 🙂

      • EG

        That’s awesome! I’m glad you found them 🙂 Good luck to you as well! <3

        • Logan Fele-Slaferek

          Thank you! You’re too kind! 😀

      • I’m sorry you spent a while overthinking it but glad that you came to the comments and EG was able to help you! Good luck!

        • Logan Fele-Slaferek

          No need to apologize I do the overthinking thing a lot 😛
          And also, I agree Mike, can’t wait for more to come 😀

    • Very kind and helpful tip, EG! Sometimes the clues are more obvious than they seem?!

  • Hoping this is the time I actually win something here! XD Still gunna cherish my boxed set of the Cycle

    • If you don’t win this one, stay tuned: there’s MANY more coming in the weeks and months ahead. 😉

  • Francisca Lara Perez

    Los encontré yay <3 thanks for the opportunity jij

  • Tína Ševčíková

    Found them! 😀 I love Inheritance Cycle <3

    • We all do! So glad you were able to finish the hunt!

  • Stephen Harris

    All finished! I did enjoy the complexity of last year’s a little more

    • I’ll agree with you on that. However, having put both together, I can share two things:

      1. I spent close to 12 extra hours on last year’s egg hunt and it required a very specific plugin that didn’t work for roughly 25% of participants, leading to further hours of headaches for me (and users).

      2. Building it by hand means it’s more challenging to have a complex system like last year. To help save time (to spend elsewhere, on things I know you’ll like just as much, if not more), I made the hunt less complex than last year.

      Anyway, hopefully that gives you some behind-the-scenes insight. I’m glad you enjoyed both years’ hunts and am very grateful that you keep coming back to Shur’tugal!

      • Holy Oak (as on twitter, lol)

        Hey, Mike.
        Had great fun, finding all three eggs, but seeing, that many found it a bit easy,how about doing it like this (just a suggestion):
        Egg 1: Easy to find 7 winners and ‘average’ prize
        Egg 2: A bit harder to find, 5 winners and better prizes
        Egg 3: Hard to find (but not impossible), three winners, and awesome prizes (maybe 1st one Eragon collector’s edition)
        But other than that, keep up the good work! 😀
        This site is awesome!!! 😀

        • Thanks for the ideas and feedback! I’ll definitely take these into consideration when planning the next hunt!

  • Billy Cruz

    Los encontré, estoy ansioso por el sorteo 😀

  • Ingra Protázio

    Found them all!!!! 🙂
    Awesome!! <3

  • Maya Mallia

    Found them!! 😀 That was fun!

  • Saintcopy

    😀 Awesome found all of them hope I get something awesome!

  • Νούλα Γ’

    Done!! i am sooo excited!! 😀

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    I’m so excited!!! I already found the 3 eggs!!!

  • Sara Tavárez

    Yayy!! Found them all! Im so excited with this! ❤❤❤

  • Thomas Maher

    Is the full event free? as in free to find eggs not needing to buy or purchase stuff?

  • Fabian Reynoso

    How do we submit our answers??

    • The clues in the post above will lead you to a page where you’ll see a very large image telling you that you’ve found the egg. Clicking that image brings you to a page with a very easy entry/submission form. Once you’ve followed that process and completed the form, you’re automatically entered!

      Please let me know if you need any additional help!

  • How’s everyone doing so far? Anyone stuck?

    • Em Charlotte

      Can you enter the competition if you’re not in America?

      • Yup! All international fans are able to enter. 🙂

  • Dan Czarnecki

    Found them all and got all my entries in!

    • Happy to hear that! Be sure to check your email this coming week to see if you’ve won. Did you have fun?

      • Dan Czarnecki

        I did! I love these giveaways!

        • So happy to hear that!

          • Dan Czarnecki

            You know it!

          • Dan Czarnecki

            Would be awesome if I were lucky enough to win anything! We’ll just have to wait and see. Any of these things would make for a sweet addition to my Inhertiance Cycle collection!

          • If you don’t win this one, come back throughout the next month! Many more giveaways in the works.

        • HolyOak

          Who doesn’t 😉😉