celebrates its 13th anniversary!

This week marks the thirteenth anniversary of, which officially launched on March 5th, 2004!

It’s been an incredible ride since we released what was then a side project of a fifteen-year-old passionate about a book he couldn’t put down. Now, more than a decade later, the Cycle is over, but there’s much more ahead: we have Christopher’s upcoming sci-fi book to look forward to! Plus, there’s Christopher’s constant teasing of an eventual fifth book set within the world of Alagaësia…

As for Shur’tugal, we have many articles ahead, including new Book 5 information, theories galore, Eragon movie analysis, and much more!

As a way to thank you for supporting us through the years, we gave away a set of autographed Inheritance Cycle goodies, including art prints, bookplates, and more! The lucky winner:

A community is nothing without its visitors, and we are eternally grateful for your patronage. Here’s to an exciting future and lots of new books!

  • Anthony Amato

    You guys are awesome! Keep up the great work.

  • Glenn Wychryst

    What if The Inheritance series was animated, instead of live action? Could be made to follow the book. No sets to build or location scoutings. Voice-overs, dialogue scripts.

  • Glenn Wychryst

    Happy anniversary! And many more.

  • Gurpreet Cheema

    Happy anniversary

  • Ezra Yeung

    Happy 13th aniversity!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Evan Borodin

    I’m just wondering, but is Shurtugal officially in touch with Christopher Paolini to get these books?

  • Mike Wrench

    Really lovely giveaway, and lovely to see how the site has developed 🙂

  • Katie Hughes

    I miss the Eragon based writing RPG game! Made some awesome friends there back in the day, I am sure I found it from shurtugal

    • realsmart987

      There was an RPG centered around writing your own Eragon stories?

      • Katie Hughes

        Yes but it closed a long time ago. I don’t recallthe name. It was awesome though

  • Samuel Pfenning

    Awesome! this would be cool to win!

  • Joshua Williams

    I can’t believe this is shurtugal’s 13th aniversary, I check this website almost daily and I love every second that I’m on here!!!!

  • realsmart987

    I visit the website for the first time in half a decade and I’m met with this news. I am very pleased by this news.

    • Glad to see you again! Keep visiting, fun stuff ahead. 🙂