Yawë and Zar’roc keychains, necklaces, and earrings on sale now for just $8!

We’re excited to announce our favorite pieces of merchandise to date: hand-designed wood yawë and Zar’roc pendants, now available as keychains, necklaces, and earrings! We ship internationally, and no shipping is higher than $3!

Orders submitted before December 20th will arrive to U.S. customers before Christmas! We cannot guarantee international delivery before December 25th.

View all of the products, ranging from $6 to $10, on our Etsy store!

First seen in Eragon and encountered throughout Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle, the yawë and Zar’roc symbols are iconic parts of the elven script:

  • The yawë symbolizes a sacred bond of friendship and trust from the elves. Arya has the symbol tattooed on her shoulder, while Eragon inherited Aren, Brom’s ring, which features the mark.
  • Zar’roc symbolizes “misery” – a mark on the sword of the same name, first belonging to Morzan before being taken by Brom, gifted to Eragon, and eventually ending up with Murtagh.

The wood charms were hand-designed by Mike Macauley (owner of Shurtugal.com) based on the symbols created by Christopher Paolini for the Inheritance Cycle. They were laser-cut and etched from quality, 1/8″ thick Baltic Birch wood and sealed using an industrial sealant, ensuring resistance to water.

We’re offering a limited run of combo packs, featuring both the yawë and Zar’roc, which will save you $2! Smaller versions of the yawë are available as earrings (with cellphone charms coming soon!).

Sales from these charms directly support Shur’tugal, helping ensure we keep our doors open and continue providing you with Inheritance Cycle news and content!

View all of the products, ranging from $6 to $10, on our Etsy store!