Halloween Scavenger Hunt to win autographed books, art prints, and more! Enter now!

**The scavenger hunt has ended!**

Calling all heroes: you rounded up all ten pumpkins and saved the day! We’re happy to announce the winners who will receive rewards for their participation!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wondering what you missed? Here’s the original post:

Calling all heroes: your aid is required! Reports have surfaced of a roving band of pumpkins taking over pages on Shur’tugal!

How exactly did this happen? Well… it’s rumored that a elven farmer misspoke while singing in the Ancient Language as he planted pumpkin seeds for the fall harvest. As the pumpkins grew, strange noises and lights emerged from their roots. Earlier today, the elf visited his farm only to discover an empty field and the silhouette of pumpkins – stems, roots, and all – running into the forest!

Help us track down and capture all ten pumpkins! In return, we’re offering victorious heroes a chance at winning some great rewards, including:

  • Grand Prize Winner: Autographed 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of Eragon, an autographed Zar’roc art print, autographed Brisingr bookmark, and autographed Inheritance bookplate
  • First Runner Up (1): Autographed Inheritance (paperback), an autographed Zar’roc art print, autographed Brisingr bookmark, and autographed photo of Christopher Paolini
  • Second Runners Up (10): An autographed Zar’roc art print, autographed Brisingr bookmark, and autographed photo of Christopher Paolini

Winners have been announced! Check below to see if you’ve won:

Thank you to everyone who helped round up the pumpkins! Look forward to our next giveaway at the end of December!

  • kayli_the_werecat44

    *purrs* Kvetha fricai Good job!

  • Corrie

    Did you announce the winngers?

    • Winners are displayed in the post. You may have to refresh if you aren’t seeing them.

  • Who won?

    • Dan Czarnecki

      They said they’ll be picking the winners tomorrow and then notifying them sometime after that. So I’d guess that we’ll officially know the winners either as soon as tomorrow or Friday…

  • kayli little

    Kvetha Fricai, I found them last night! I hope I win though, Atra esterni ono thelduin!!!

  • Dan Czarnecki

    Found ’em all! I, like many others, was thrown off by the fact that it was just 1 box for the entry form. So for the 1st one, I just entered my email address, and for the other 2 prizes, I did enter both my email and physical address.

    • No worries, I understand how it was confusing (I’m looking at a better alternative for the next giveaway). I’ll email anyone who gets chosen to get their physical address if they only provided an email.

  • At this point, anyone who reached out to us at [email protected] due to having troubles with some of the pumpkins has been contacted with a link to the giveaway page. I’ll be ending the scavenger hunt tonight, but the deadline to enter your information on the giveaway page has been extended to November 3rd to give everyone who emailed in a chance to enter.


  • Emilia

    Where do you start hunting?

    • Follow the clues provided in the post to navigate your way through the website using the top menu, search, and other means.

      • Emilia

        Thank you 😉

  • Daniel

    I am pretty sure I have found all of the pumpkins, and nothing happened.

  • Morgoth of Thardszvul

    I tried refreshing the page and nothing happens.

  • Becky

    I found all of the pumpkins and refreshed the page after I clicked each one, but nothing happened.

  • Luis

    I found them all but I couldn’t write the physical address in one entry after the email because I thought I could click on enter and the text field would increase the size (email in one line, physical address in other one), but it closed. Is it ok or…?

    • Isabella C. Yeung

      This happened to me too.

      • Dan Czarnecki

        Same here. I just entered my email for the 1st one, and then I did both for the other 2.

    • I’ll email you for your information should you be chosen.

      • Luis

        Thank you!

  • Rena Lanyon

    I found them all but it didn’t give a link to the final page 🙁

  • Pogo

    I found them all and I entered my email for all the three prizes, but due to some mistakes on my part, not all of my mailing address was entered for the first two. Help?

    • As long as your email is in there, I’ll contact you for the address should you be chosen as a winner.

  • Farkas

    It’s not working for me ;-; I found all of them but they didn’t disappear from the page the second time I go to it, and then the pop up didn’t pop up 🙁 And I also tried to refresh the page but the pumpkin was still there 🙁

  • Emily Cooke

    The first 7 pumpkins have been fine however when I found 3 more the pumpkins weren’t on the page. I even tried refreshing multiple times and it’s still not working :c

  • DefenderOfMan

    I can’t find #2….

    • Japanese-style cartoons are called anime. Maybe that will help you. 😉

      • DefenderOfMan

        I just ran a search for anime and found it. Thanks. But now it won’t let me click the pumpkin? I tried refreshing – no luck.

  • Jonathan Handel

    The first pumpkin doesn’t respond to clicking for me

    • Try refreshing the page once you’ve found them. If you still can’t click them, email me at [email protected] and I’ll get you sorted.

  • Sophia

    I found all the pumpkins, but when I clicked OK nothing happened, so now I don’t know how to get to the popup. Please help!

    • Please email me at [email protected] and I’ll provide you with the link to the giveaway page. Sorry about that!

    • Elisha Ann Mepham

      The same happened to me

  • Dayanalis

    When I tried entering the first box of the giveaway it closed just when I was about to enter my address!!! Now I can’t enter it! Help please?

    • If it isn’t letting you enter again, it likely did collect your information.

      • Dayanalis

        The problem is it closed before I entered my address I could only enter my email…

        • If you’re chosen and I see that there’s only an email, I’ll reach out to you at that email address to collect your physical address.

          • Dayanalis

            Thank you so much!!

  • Stephy

    Should I receive a confirmation that my info was sent or something? Because yesterday I found all the pumpkins and send my mail and adress but today I can see (and click) again the pumpkins and I’m in the same computer.

    • No need for confirmation – if you reset cookies on your computer, all of the pumpkins will respawn.

      • Stephy

        I didn’t, that’s why I’m asking but maybe It’s because I’m in the network and computer from the office. Anyway, thank you so much! (:

  • Ednblck

    I did the game yesterday and when I put my physical address, I forgot to put my country… Is it ok or no?

  • kaustubh1459

    How do I start this contest?

    • Stephy

      You have to browse around the site and whenever you see a pumpkin you should click on it. I(f you don’t know where all the 10 pumpkins are you can check the clues in this post!)

  • Morgoth of Thardszvul

    I found all the pumpkins but as I click on them they won’t disappear how do I sign up.

    • Please try refreshing the page you find the pumpkins on. Should allow you to collect them. It’s an unfortunate bug I haven’t been able to fix yet. If that doesn’t work, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll get you taken care of.

  • Colby Rottinghaus

    I just found all of the pumpkins as well and I clicked on the ok after I got the 10th one but nothing popped up and it didn’t ask me for any information!

  • RocketheReptile

    i found all the pumpkins but i accidentally closed out of the window and its gone now i cant find it anywhere…

  • Tora

    Found all pumpkins, and was going to enter the contest, but by logging into the widget to enter the contest it automatically enters without the address! and it doesn’t seem to be possible to edit! 🙁

    • Did it let you include your email address? If it did, and you happen to be chosen, I’ll email you for your info.

      • RocketheReptile

        The same thing happened to me

      • Tora

        I think so… Thanks~ I even deleted all cookies and history, found all the pumpkins again and couldn’t input all info this time either.. guess the widget just wasn’t compatible with my laptop~ -.-‘

        • If it won’t let you input your information again, it did collect your information the first time. No need to worry. 🙂

          • Tora

            Okay~ Thank you~ ^_^

  • Tora

    Found all pumpkins and entered my e-mail for the first box but then my laptop crashed before I could enter the rest…. and I can’t get back to that page again 🙁

  • jack barras

    i clicked on all of the pumpkins but nothing happened. did I miss something?

    • Each time you click a pumpkin, a little pop-up box should appear confirming you collected the pumpkin and letting you know how many you’ve collected so far. Once you collect all 10, it’ll say congrats and tell you to hit “Ok” to get to the giveaway page. Did you see any of that?

  • Sedjwick

    I found all the pumpkins and clicked on them, but nothing happened when I clicked on them.

    • Each time you click a pumpkin, a little pop-up box should appear confirming you collected the pumpkin and letting you know how many you’ve collected so far. Do you see that pop-up?

      • Sedjwick

        Nope. Nothing happens, and the pumpkins are still there when I go back to the page to check that I got them.

  • Cody Graves

    I found all pumpkins and entered my information but I messed up the physical address. I entered another email with the right physical information still under my name. Please tell that is ok??

  • Lyn

    I can’t click on some of the pumpkins. I see it, click on it, and nothing happens.

    • If you have that problem, try refreshing the page. It should let you click them then. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

      • Lyn

        I tried refreshing the page and it didn’t help. I tried on a different computer and could click on 5 out 10.

        • Lyn

          It took about 20+ refreshes, but I was able to click on every pumpkin.

  • Wolfy

    Stumped on number 8. Looked at all the pages concerning Brewfest, but found nothing. Also can’t click on the pumpkin for the first clue for some reason.

    • If you haven’t had any luck yet, I’ve added a link to the page to the top menu. Thanks for pointing this out!

  • Eline Fransen

    Only for number 8 i needed the search engine, the rest i could find in the menus.