Shur’tugal is looking for a book reviewer! (Free books and other perks!)

shurtugal-book-reviewerAt this point in time, our team is no longer searching for book blogger applicants. We hope to open the position again in the future and thank everyone for their interest!

We’re no longer accepting applicants. Please check back in the future for new opportunities!

Original post: Enjoy reading? Enjoy discovering new books? Enjoy receiving free books? Enjoy reading books weeks or months before they hit stores? Enjoy sharing your thoughts, opinions, and recommendations with others?

If you answered yes to those questions, we want to hear from you!

We’re looking for a passionate reader with a unique voice and strong grasp of the English language to join our team as a book review blogger.

Here’s what we’re seeking:

  • A United States resident over the age of 18
    • Foreign shipping costs currently prevent us from sending books overseas – sorry!
  • Time and ability to read and review/recommend at least two books per month (many of these books will be provided to you)
  • A passionate fantasy/science fiction reader
  • Skilled writer with a unique voice (you’ll be asked to review many of the books you read – these reviews will be published on Shur’tugal and our sister site, Lytherus)
  • Optional bonus: Past blogging and/or reviewing experience
  • Optional bonus: Good grasp of the book community, including anticipated releases, popular books, and recommendation ideas

This job is not a paying position. However, we are able to supply a steady stream of free books weeks or months before they hit stores, as well as additional perks (interviews and other materials). Once you’ve read the books, they’re yours to keep!

We’re no longer accepting applicants. Please check back in the future for new opportunities!

  • Morgoth of Thardszvul

    And I was going to sign up.

  • Seth Gleason

    Have you guys chosen yet or are you still in the reviewing applicants process?

  • Juju

    I agree but it is a nice art stile

  • michael

    Harry Potter & Winnie should never be in a picture together.

  • Sedjwick

    Would you be interested in hiring someone for only part of the year? As fun as this could be, for about 8 months out of the year I have very little time to read due to college work and the like. I might be able to get one book per month during that time, and during January and late May to August I can certainly get at least two books per month done. If that can work for you, I’ll apply. Otherwise, good luck to whoever else applies.

    • At this point it’s something we wouldn’t be able to consider due to time commitments on our end. Should things ever change, we’d love to hear from you!

  • Diana Prince

    How exciting! 😍

  • Raphael Ferreira

    Aaaaw c’mon. It realy HAS to be from de United States? I’m a huge fan of fantasy and i have the time to read every single book u send me. But i’m brazilian. Can’t u guys make one exception? I’d love to help. Pleeeeease!

    • Unfortunately, at this time, we’re unable to sustain shipping costs outside of the United States. This is something I hope to change in the future!

  • FayeAnna Jones

    emailed! 😀

  • Connor Spens

    US only? Damn you all!!

    • Sorry! 🙁 Hopefully I’ll be able to open it up to international folks in the future. Keep an eye out!

  • Very excited for a chance to work with a new team member! I’ve got a stack of books that I can’t wait to share. 🙂