Learn the history, see the swords, and vote for your favorite Riders’ blade! (Poll)

poll favorite rider swordThe blades of Alagaësia’s many Dragon Riders helped accomplish some of the greatest – and most wicked – deeds, from the salvation of many to the death of Riders’ at the Foresworn’s hands. Zar’roc and Brisingr both played crucial roles throughout the series, and Galbatorix was all the more formidable with Vrangr, the white sword formerly belonging to Vrael, at his side.

We put together brief descriptions for each of the blades that made an appearance in the Cycle. Below you’ll find a poll where we ask you to vote for your favorite Rider sword. You’re free to make your decision based on a variety of factors, such as appearance, bad-assness, and its great or evil deeds.

  • Brisingr: Throughout the first three books, Eragon lacked a true Rider’s sword, before seeking out the material needed to forge the sword with the help of Rhunön. Brisingr, which bursts into flame any time Eragon speaks its name, is known as the best sword ever forged. The blade is described as a blue rendition of Zar’roc, with a thinner grip and shorter blade.
  • Zar’roc: The crimson blade, originally of Morzan before being taken by Brom, given to Eragon, and eventually wielded by Murtagh, was responsible for taking the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, in battle.
  • Naegling: Oromis’ golden sword served the ancient Rider through the Fall of the Riders and his final battle against Murtagh, where the sword was knocked from his hands, leading to his downfall.
  • Islingr/Vrangr: This white sword was perhaps the most important and infamous Rider’s sword to have been forged. Originally belonging to Vrael, leader of the Riders, the sword was taken by Galbatorix and renamed Vrangr (or “awry”) after Vrael’s defeat.
  • Undbitr: Brom’s aquamarine blue sword, matching the color of his dragon Saphira, was lost during the Riders’ Fall. Speculation placed the sword in Galbatorix’s possession, and many believe the sword may have been recovered during the battle of Urû’baen.
  • Támerlein: The beautiful green sword had a storied history, first belonging to the elf Arva, killed defending Ilirea. Prior to his demise, the elf gave his sword to his sister Naudra to help her defend herself as she escaped to Ellesméra. Lord Fiolr, Naudra’s mate, kept the treasured sword for decades, and it was later reworked by Rhünon and given to Arya after Fírnen hatched.
  • Arvindr: Little is known about this Rider sword, although fans speculate that it may have belonged to the elf Thuviel. It now resides in the elven city, Nädindel.

One talented fan created 3D renderings of many of Alagaësia’s Riders’ swords:

You’ve read the backstories, you’ve seen the swords, and now it’s time to vote:

Be sure to vote and spread the word! We’ll post a summary of the results once we close the poll! Let us know in the comments why you voted for the sword of your choice!

  • sarah

    I vote for brisinger because it is my favorite characters sowrd. I heart eragon

  • Saolando

    Bro so sword is cool but brisingr

  • Saolando

    Brooms sword is but brinsigr is the man

  • Zak Gwynne

    Based on these designs, I like Vrangr more. But based on the descriptions in the books, I liked Brisingr the most.

    • du kuldr hafr

      me to

  • Eragon_Felicity

    I think that I love Za’roc best (forgive my spelling) by the way I used to be Trail of the long nives but I changed my name

  • zenethis23

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Brisingr is longer that Zar’roc, which is heavier and thicker. Its a hand and a half sword.

    • #smileandbehappy

      I think you are right

  • Daniel

    Brisingr is where it’s at. I mean, who doesn’t want a sword that turns into fire!? Eragon seems to be my kind of guy. He kind of stays behind and backs people up in battles.

    • Zak Gwynne

      It doesn’t turn into flame….

      • Daniel

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      • Daniel

        Yes it does, when Eragon says Brisingr it turns into a flaming sword.

      • sarah

        yes it does.

  • Ben Kimmel

    I chose Zar’roc. It may have been used to kill countless riders, humans, Elves, and Urgals but it’s the first thing Eragon gets that has some connection to the Riders of old. It’s also the sword that kills Durza and helps to destroy Galbatorix

    • Eragon_Felicity

      I agree

  • Tracy Berge

    i would love to see a purchasable replica of Brisingr

  • Danielle

    Brisinger all the way!! 🙂

  • Shrrg

    Brisingr is kickass cuz it killed Gabatorix

    • Zak Gwynne

      But it didn’t. Galbatorix committed suicide.

      • Daniel

        No he didn’t. Galbatorix’s wards protected him from said spells, because he thought no one would think a spell. Eragon thought a spell to make him understand. And while Galbatorix was in shock, Eragon killed him.

        • sarah

          I didn’t finish the book yrt

      • #smileandbehappy

        ya no he didn’t

  • xTurbox

    I like Naegling the best because 1) it’s GOLD 2) it belonged to the last Rider of Eld and 3) it’s pretty underrated because most people seem to have chosen Brisingr because it’s Eragon’s sword.

    • #smileandbehappy

      I vote brisinger. is the best because 1 it killed galbatorix and 2 because it canlight on fire.

  • Aliiese Rider Of Mirassine

    I like Undbitr. The name is awesome. The color is cool. It belonged to Brom. MINE NOW HAHAHAHA!!!! No seriously. I was the one who recovered it. Now I live in the Hadarac Desert with my dragon Mirassine. We’re trying to get rid of all the bandits. I’m the rogue rider who is going to make an appearance in book 5 🙂

  • Amelia Shadeslayer

    Brisingr was forged by Eragon. Brisingr is magical and bursts into flames when it’s name is spoken. Brisingr is the colour of Saphira. Brisingr is an excellent sword and helped to defeat Galbatorix. Brisingr is my favourite 🙂

  • Zach Cozad

    Either Zar’roc or Arvindr.

  • John Rhodes

    My favorite is Islingr because it is the sword of a leader it seems to be my kind of sword if I was a Rider

  • The Rider

    naegling is my favorite. I think that most people voted for brisinger bec. its eragon’s, not bec. they actualy like it best

  • Matthew Ryan Rees

    I don’t mean to be argumentative but brisingr was longer then zaroc but zaroc was heavier. I literally just finished reading the final fight again and that is explicitly mentioned.

  • Christopher

    It was a tough choice between which Rider sword is my favorite, between Brisingr and Tamerlein! but in the end it is Tamerlein!

    • Eragon_Felicity

      I’m pretty sure you arent cp

  • Noah

    My favorite swords are Vrangr and Zar’roc just because of the way they look and because I think Zar’roc is my kind of sword.

  • Katanarae

    Brisingr is my first favorite followed by undbitr then zar’roc then naegling and then Tamerlein. Brisingr more so because of all the riders Eragon contributed more in the process of making the sword and because it seems like a truly exceptional blade

  • Affan Khadir

    Brisingr cause its too damn cool nd i love the whole fire thing

  • affan

    Well i like the description of brisingr well and i think it will be really good for my hand .(i love the whole fire part i liked the way cp descriped things in the book)

  • Jesus Perez

    My username for everything is “Undbiter65.” started reading the Inheritance cycle in the 6th grade. Made an email and couldn’t think of a username. I misspelled Undbitr, and didn’t realize it until a random person on the interwebz pointed out! Lol. The username stuck as I thought it was comical and have used it ever since.

    Anyways, Undbitr ftw!

  • UnRandomEst

    Arvindr. Aside from the name and color being cool, I think it was carried by Cuaroc. And even if I’m wrong about that, DRAGONS!!!!!

  • Jakub-finiarel

    My favourite is Brisingr but I like Vrangr too, I think that most People Will vote for Brisingr becouse Eragon and sword “brisingr” fire effect but I think that if I Will be dragon rider, I Will have Vrangr type of sword but in blue, silver Colour, (my favourite Colour).

  • Randall Buckheit

    Brisingr won due to the inherently awesome nature of the sword. Used to reach the most evil man seen yet, weilded by the Shadeslayer and victor over Galbatorix, will witness (hopefully) the rise of a new order of riders. Not only will it forever have history, but it CATCHES FIRE when Eragon speaks its name. Only blade to do so.

    • Randall Buckheit

      Zar’roc was a close second, seen throughout the story changing fate for both good and evil, ultimately remaining unknown at the end. Will we see it again? Hopefully.

  • Tracy Berge

    is there any replicas of Brisingr that can be purchases like Zar’Roc

    • UnRandomEst

      Here, let me Google that for you.

      • Jesus Perez

        Best response EVER! Lmao

  • Angela Bartholomay

    Brisingr for the effect, but I love purple so with more storyline for it Arvindr.

  • billymeyer

    Gotta go with vrangr, imagining that white blade arcing through battle with blood trailing from it

  • SweetPea492

    Brisingr is awesome because it sets itself on fire, but Arvindr is absolutely beautiful!

  • Danielle

    I love Eragon’s sword Brisinger… its sooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ireheart

    Brising just cuz its kickass that it lights on fire, but I think Undbitr looks absolutely amazing. Islingr would be after them, design-wise.

  • Metto Ara

    Did they ever say what color Jornunvosk (Galby’s original dragon) was? I like to imagine that she was also white, making Galby’s theft and use of Vrangr slightly more sentimental and less of a mere battle trophy. I mean, he’s killed plenty of Riders; he definately had his choice of color.

    I also wonder what happened to his original sword. Did he lose it in the Spine? Did he discard it in an attempt to forget/get over his loss? Or did he never get to the point of receiving a Rider blade? I remember something about Riders not getting their blades until their training was complete. Galby was a young Rider when all that went down, so I’m assuming he wasn’t finished with his training just yet.

    • Kaustubh

      galbatorix had ofcourse finished his training…….but Vrangr was the sword of the leader of the riders…… he took many things from other leaders, like his crown………

      • Metto Ara

        Hey, you NEED a crown if you want to rule! Those are expensive to make, and I bet it was shiny! XD

        • UnRandomEst

          Ooo, shiny! I think he took those to show his dominance over EVeRYTHiNG.

          • Metto Ara

            Like an overgrown playground bully.

            …Now I want to draw child Galby stealing other kids’ toys and candy, and possibly their dog. 😛

          • Zach Cozad

            What about the cape made from Belgabad’s wings

          • Metto Ara

            Well, see, Belgabad disintegrated his blankie so…

            Why yes, I AM aware that that sounds ridiculous. And that isn’t the sort of crazy that Galby was. But it’s still funny to imagine, in an Itchy and Scratchy sort of way.

    • Chance Woodruff

      I think Galbatorix lost his sword when his dragon was killed and he ran away

  • Noah M

    Pretty sure we all know which will win

  • MasterBrom

    Brisingr, because I like the idea of it bursting into flames when it’s name is said. Would definitely like a replica of it, I have a replica of Zar’roc!!

    • Jesus Perez

      How??? I’m extremely jealous

      • MasterBrom

        When the movie came out, Master Cutlery made a limited edition of Zar’roc of 1000 swords with scabbards. I pre-ordered one and happened to get Number 60!!!

        • Jesus Perez

          That’s just too awesome!