Visit Vroengard and brave the Draconic Park with our new merchandise!

We’ve released two all-new pieces of Inheritance Cycle merchandise to the official merchandise store (the only place to score some Inheritance Cycle clothing!):



Whether you’re a tourist visiting Vroengard or one of the brave survivors of Draconic World (a homage to one of our favorite movies series), these shirts and hoodies make the perfect souvenir!

Visit the Shur’tugal merchandise store!

For a limited time only, the three new designs are discounted by $1 (shirts only)! Plus, take an extra 20% off your order if you spend $30 or more!

  • MCAlagaesia

    These look absolutely amazing! I might pick up a “Draconic Park” shirt some time in the near future.

  • Lobeon

    A good name for a Inheritance Cycle MMO or book, could be “Draconic World”.