Contribute a pumpkin carving stencil for some autographed Inheritance Cycle goodies!

Last year we shared a collection of Inheritance-inspired pumpkin carving stencils to bring the world of Alagaësia to your home during the Halloween season! This year, we’re looking to add even more pumpkin carving stencils to our line-up and are asking our readers for submissions!

If you create and submit an Inheritance Cycle Halloween pumpkin carving stencil design that we use, we’ll send you some autographed Inheritance Cycle goodies in the mail!

Here’s a look at last year’s stencils:

We’re also looking for someone to improve our Glaedr and Saphira’s eye stencils so that they’re more user-friendly. We’re offering an extra reward to the reader willing to help us accomplish that! (Please be sure to contact us via email before you start to ensure that another user hasn’t already helped!)

Here are the guidelines for submissions:

  • All entries are due by October 15th
  • Entries must be large enough to print in high quality for use as a stencil (we prefer vector images in PSD format, but we’re happy to take JPG or PNG files as well)
  • You must email your file to us at – please do not compress your stencil into a ZIP or RAR file, as we will not be able to open them. If your stencil exceeds your email provider’s attachment size limit, contact us for additional help
  • If you are looking to help us improve our Glaedr or Saphira’s eye stencil, you must get in touch with us first!

If you want help with your ideas, want to run an idea by the staff before getting to work, or need to ask a question, please leave a comment – we’ll get back to you quickly!

All entries are due by 11:59pm PDT on October 15th!