What’s your favorite Inheritance Cycle “Rider War” battle?

favorite battles pollThe road to overthrowing Galbatorix and conquering Urû’baen was riddled with bloodshed, death, and ultimately victory. Eragon, Saphira, Arya, Nasuada, Roran, the elves, dwarves, and the Varden fought long and hard, through thick and thin, and lost many of their bravest warriors during the series’ many battles.

Having finally witnessed the end of Galbatorix, we can look back and reflect on the skirmishes that helped further the Varden’s cause. Seven major clashes took place during the series, beginning with the Battle Under Farthen Dûr and ending with the Battle of Urû’baen.

Those interested in reading a comprehensive timeline of battles, skirmishes, and the war as a whole can read our article, “The Inheritance Cycle’s great “Rider War” and a comprehensive timeline of battles and conflicts“.

In the mean time, we’re asking you to make a tough choice: which of the incredible battles fought between the Varden and the Empire stands out as your favorite?


How did you choose your favorite battle? How do you feel that encounter would have impacted the Varden had they lost? Let us know in the comments!

  • Saphira

    but i like d farthen dur out of all the above choices bec eragon was stil a human then but he defeated durza

  • Saphira

    belatona should have also been on the list

  • Saphira

    i think more choices should have been offered
    my favorite is Feinster where they battled the new shade (and also because it was the first battle for Eragons new sword)

  • Dale Gettings

    I enjoyed the battle of Feinster. when Eragon said the name of his sword and smelted the portcullis. then when Ayra and Eragon battled the new shade.

  • zypzaex

    Battle of Aroughs. Roran is a genius and it was quite clever how he used the battering ram/barges. Its a shame that Carn had to die, though…

  • Meher Shrishti

    Ummm…. Can someone write an article about how to say the names of people and places as well as the ancient language? You know it’s strange, I can’t even say aroughs right!!

  • Caleb Bowers

    Urû’baen because it was the last war and there was a duel between the two riders so it was a true rider battle. Plus the way that Eragon won was great thinking on his part.

    • EragonLogan

      That was cool by freeing the last egg and nasuada

  • Thatguybehindyou


  • Meher Shrishti

    Hey I suppose this site needs some new articles!!😄😢 CP!!

    • Meher Shrishti

      I check this site nearly every other day… But no changes….. I still love the inheritance cycle!! This site seriously needs something new. ;-/)

      • chair

        its been 2 months till there has not been a new page about something

  • twister

    the burning plains it rocked! i am soo sad that the series are over for now at least

  • Dragon fan girl

    If it was an option I would pick Draw Leona

  • Peter Holden

    Why is Dras Leona not an option?

    • Dave

      Belatona and Feinster are also missing.

  • Danielle

    I like the Battle of the Burning Plains.idk

  • Kat Flynn

    My favorite is the Battle Under Farthen Dur because it was the beginning, and I always have liked beginnings better than endings. Also, the battle was the first real, in-your-face demonstration of the inevitable war against the Empire.

    • Jesus Perez

      Also Eragon was more…in danger. As in it felt more real. After Eldest, going against a human you know Eragon will tear him to shreds.

      • Kat Flynn

        Yes! Exactly. This was before Eragon had his training and such, so he was vulnerable to everyone, not just elves or magicians.

  • Meher Shrishti

    Battle of aroughs was great as it was the most strategic battle.

    • Meher Shrishti

      Also it showed that roran was born a farmer but his skills lie in planning and fighting.

  • Erik Johann Lündenberg-Fjorden

    I loved the Battle of Farthen Dur. Reading the last few chapters of Eragon gave me nightmares.

    I also liked the Battle of Deldarad, but Roran was overpowered there.

  • Uru’baen for me. That’s also when Murtagh noticed his true name had changed, hence freeing him from Galbatorix’s control.

    • CaptainWonkaHat

      This isn’t a known fact that this was the moment he noticed. It’s entirely possible that he had known for awhile. Bidding his time for the right moment.

      • punkdinosaur

        I’m pretty sure Galbatorix had set spells to alarm him or at the very least notify him when Murtagh’s true name changes, hence why he looked uneasy when Murtagh noticed his change.

      • Managoty

        I literally just re read this part. It says he realized his name had changed at that moment.

  • DuWeldenvarden

    The battle under Farthen Dûr was awesome 😀