What’s your favorite Book 5 theory?

10-16 qa headerWe know that we’ll be seeing a Book 5 – a standalone novel set in Alagaësia taking place after the events of Inheritance – but we don’t know when. While we wait, it’s time to theorize!

We want to hear your favorite Book 5 theories! Whether it’s your prediction for Angela’s backstory, your ideas for who the next “big baddie” is, or what you believe will happen to your favorite characters, share it!

If you want to learn more about Book 5 to help you kick off your theorizing, check out these awesome articles:

Going forward, we’ll be featuring and discussing some of the best theories in articles on the site! We’ll credit you if your theory is used. Plus, sharing your theory in the comments of this post enters you for a chance to win some autographed Inheritance Cycle goodies!

Use our giveaway widget, as well as our comments system, to leave your theory and enter to win the autographed goodies! Beware: we’ll be verifying comment entries. Saying just a few words will not qualify you, so be sure to put a bit of thought into your post!