What’s your favorite Book 5 theory?

10-16 qa headerWe know that we’ll be seeing a Book 5 – a standalone novel set in Alagaësia taking place after the events of Inheritance – but we don’t know when. While we wait, it’s time to theorize!

We want to hear your favorite Book 5 theories! Whether it’s your prediction for Angela’s backstory, your ideas for who the next “big baddie” is, or what you believe will happen to your favorite characters, share it!

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  • Firedrago201


  • Swapnil Maddula

    I think Eragon will go back in time and come back to Alagaesia along with eleven elves and a ship. Ring a bell?

  • r-m_4_life

    The Inheritance Cycle is a wonderfully immersive series with characters we all love and want to see more of, if that is not the case it defies me why you are even here or reading this at all. So it isn’t hard to imagine why it was so painful to be left dangling with so many unresolved plots at the not so much of a conclusion of Inheritance. We now know these were all of course intentional, so it’s time to begin theorizing. Prepare yourselves, because this is going to be quite extensive and long-winded.

    As we’ve already briefly touched on, the conclusion of the Inheritance Cycle left us with the potential for a multitude of problems arising from developments near the end of Book 4. We are going to address some of the most pressing of them.

    -The Induction of the Dwarves and Urgals: Eragon including the Dwarves and Urgals into the rider pact gives us some interesting things to consider. Concerning the Urgals we cannot ignore their extremely belligerent and warlike behavior. This raises the question of how an Urgal society vs an Urgal Society with the power of Dragons and Riders will behave. Don’t misunderstand, I harbor no hate towards the Urgals, frankly, Eragon’s initial animosity toward them, while understandable, did not sit well with me. But I still believe we should consider how they will be used. Will Urgal Riders and dragons be compelled to use themselves as machines of war for their people now that they can contend with the might of the empire? I understand that dragons aren’t really “used” because they are very independent creatures, but that makes them even more dangerous. They do what they want. We’ve also never gotten a close look into the minds of any other dragons besides Saphira and Glaedr. Also remember that the dragon chooses the rider, so what is the dragon of an intrinsically warlike individual like? Will the Urgals try to seize the nearby Palancar Valley, giving Roran, the new earl of the valley, a war of his own to deal with? I realize that Eragon established the “games” that allow Urgals to prove their mettle and satisfy their thirst for war, and that Garzhvog swore fealty to Nasuada. Still, one person cannot speak for everyone, and old promises do not mean much to newer generations as time passes, of which we don’t know how much will pass between books 4 and 5.
    My concerns with Dwarves aren’t as strong, but still worth mentioning. I often wonder how riders will be integrated into dwarven society. Will Orik or other clan chiefs try to use riders to assists in the construction of their great stone craftings? Will the elves, who revere dragons almost to a point of worship, take this as a slight, being seriously offended by the thought of the mighty and free dragon toiling underground? Of course, if a dragon wants to assist in mining that’s entirely their choice, but will the Elves understand?
    -Galbatorix is now dead, but he sure went out with a bang, literally, he basically went nuclear. That is just like what the rider did on Vroengard to make in inhabitable by Galby and his Forsworn. Christopher said this himself. The damage done to the land can be seen when we see Eragon travel there. Now, that was a supposedly good character that released his energy in a desperate effort that worked, but Galbatorix is nowhere near good, so what will dispersing his truly vast essence and energy do to the surrounding land? I doubt this will be the premise of the next book or this to even be a problem brought up at all, I merely wish to point out that Galbatorix will have to be reckoned with in some ways, even after death.
    -Eragon is well…gone, for now. He was not only the savior of the kingdom, but a symbol both respected and feared that kept people in line and dealt with all the biggest issues, a glue of sorts. Nobody messes with dragons. There are more riders, but Arya and Murtagh aren’t going to play good cop bad cop for the whole kingdom since he’s doing some soul searching and she’s busy running a nation and being an ambassador. So now we have a queen that no longer has her trusty rider to send off to deal with all these problems. There are armies of course, but who wants to mobilize one or even officially declare war, there will be no more quiet missions. What will this all lead to? Maybe an otherwise wise queen who is ridiculously, obsessively, and foolishly trying to micro-manage the greatest power in the kingdom, magic. But we’ll get to all that stuff later.
    -The power of the name of the ancient language is truly frightening. It basically makes anyone aware of it an omnipotent super power, I mean Eragon effortlessly added the Dwarves and Urgals to the rider pact, the equivalent of calling on ancient magics that require who knows how many elves if you can even work out the proper wording. So could this be the main source of conflict in the upcoming book? Just imagine, as of this moment three people know the Name, Eragon, Murtagh, and Arya. All it takes is for someone to be mentally overpowered and that’s that. This may sound unlikely considering how powerful all these character are, but don’t count it out seeing as how we don’t know all the mysterious and secret powers in the lands. The cultural diversity in Alagaesia suggest it to be some kind of point of convergence for the world’s races.

    Future Possibilities for Major Characters:

    -Eragon: The student must now become the teacher. I don’t expect to see this transformation happen, but I am very much looking forward to the results. I often forget that Eragon is only around 18 when he leaves. So young and wise, yet he isn’t even a full rider himself at this stage. I expect Eragon to grow with his students learning much about himself along the way. He will also most certainty still be Glaedr’s student and have him and hundreds of other Eldunari to draw knowledge from. This just poses too many interesting questions.What will the dragon hold, which Eragon told Nasuada was almost completed, look like? How will the teaching process even go. Will they get to learn the more powerful magics like drawing energy from other sources and the Name of Names? Will students be be aware of magic? Will they be taught it in the old way of making students happen upon it from strong emotions and dire situations? Will Eragon have time to do slower and more in depth training than his own was, or will some looming threat force them to develop quickly like he did. Will they be aware of the existence of Eldunari? How many students will Eragon receive? Will it be more than he can handle? What kind of cultural mix of students will he get? This is one of the things I’m most excited for. What happens when you mix several rider students that come from completely different walks of life like an Elf that is considered a child but is near the same age as Eragon and is already somewhat competent in magic. I don’t know why, but I’m seeing some serious potential for some really awkward romantic interaction where the student is interested but Eragon has to say
    “Sorry…I’m taken already” (oh… wait. We’re still waiting for that to happen.)” Then add a human that was brought up with little education and thought magic and dragons where were stuff of myths and legends, very similar to Eragon’s upbringing, and is the obvious underdog of the bunch. Then a dwarf that is extremely scared of flying and has a love-hate relationship with their dragon. Then finally a young Urgal that is super headstrong, obviously, and is always trying to compete or fight the other students, yet when they go do flight training and maneuvering, they are the worst because their dragon can barely lift them of the ground. This all sounds like a lot of fun, but this many characters is a lot to juggle, so I’d be perfectly content with Eragon having one student and them having an interesting student-teacher relationship like he and Ormis or Brom did.
    Now to Eragon’s future in the love department. Eragon hasn’t been very lucky with this, and he’s had a lot on his plate lately, but it is still saddening to see all his romantic endeavors crash and burn as he is continually rejected. He wants to be with an older woman, and there is nothing wrong with that, but he wants to be with a WAY older woman. Luckily, we have more books on the way. When we get down to brass tax, Eragon is just too young at this point. It is mathematically the equivalent of a 3.6 year old person trying to get with a twenty year old person. Kinda gross. And while they may be very mature and wise beyond their years as a 3 and a half year old, they’re still 3 and a half years old. You can’t see them as a romantic interest because until they have had more experience, they’ll never really be able to connect with you on a personal level. Christopher has confirmed that Aryagon shippers (not sure if that’s a real couple name) will be pleased by book V. It will be very interesting to see how their relationship will work out and develop when they’re both so busy and live worlds apart. This also brings into question how much time is enough time, and we’ll get into that later.

    -Nasuada: Well, I suppose I had to get around to this eventually. Nasuada, will she go down in history as a freedom fighter of a tyrant? A tyrant you say? Yes, one of the most exciting things I’m waiting to see is how Nasuada ultimately ended up dealing with magic in her kingdom. Now, Nasuada is a great leader and ruler. She is just, intelligent, level headed, creative, resilient, and usually never lets her personal prejudices get in the way of what needs to be done, but like any great character she isn’t without her flaws. Nasuada doesn’t like magic, and she has her reasons. It is the unpredictable variable that she blames for the entire war, her father’s death, and all world problems in general. Of course, even without magic, power works the same way. Magic just happens to be the biggest gun. The magical reforms and policies Nasuada implements at the start of her rule are quite unnerving. She is trying to control the uncontrollable, and when you mess with an unpredictable variable it can go from you not liking it, to it not liking you back. I see some kind of rebellion from the magic community in the near future, Nasuada breathing life into the very thing she was trying to stop. Nasuada has yet to see that magic as helped her as much as it has hurt her. Even Eragon is concerned by her overly controlling and antagonizing treatment of the magic user community. We know that the four people sent to tell Tenga, Angela’s old instructor, of the new magic reforms were found dead in his hut with crazy, old Tenga nowhere to be found. So we know she is going to get some serious opposition, but just how serious will it get? We’ll see what’s in store. As for her and Murtagh, I’ll admit I’m interested in that too. Nasuada should marry someone that will politically strengthen the kingdom, but we know who she really wants to happen. Nartagh, God that’s an atrocious couple name. They have a really strong “I watched you get tortured and I watched you watch me get tortured” kind of relationship that just exudes romantic potential. It will be difficult for them to be together because no one will trust a former servant of Galbatorix that also killed the king of their strongest allies, the dwarves, to be their king. Also, how will the romance between an essentially immortal character and a human pan out? Also we’ll see how subjects react to a female leader. Anyways, I’m excited for what’s in store.

    -Angela: Nobody knows anything about Angela.

    But seriously, I’m not going to give you some recycled Grey Folk theory with some special new element that I just made up. Angela is a complete mystery. Christopher said we’ll learn more about her in book V, so we’ll just have to wait.

    -Elva: This girl/woman legitimately frightens me. Even though she supported the Varden, I’m not sure where her loyalties lie. She would probably support anyone that fed her well. Could she be part of the new doom and gloom Alagaesia will face. Christopher said that light will have an epic battle with shadow. Shadow. It’s not darkness as is the norm, it’s shadow. A shadow is a product of the light, and who is a product of a good person. Elva. Elva is the shadow of the good that Eragon tried to do by her. So one must consider her as a contender for the bad guy of the upcoming book, or in this case, the bad gal. (Word choice cringe)

    Final Thing/Implications to Consider/Expect

    -Belt of Beloth the Wise: Eragon lost this belt as you probably remember. Christopher has stated that it is due to make a reappearance. I’m not sure if it will be in Book V, but I can easily see it being used as a tool of the Priests of Helgrind if they ever try to exact revenge against the Rider Order, Eragon, Arya, and/or Angela for killing their High Priest and the Ra’zak.

    -The Moena Tree: We still haven’t a clue what the Moena Tree took from Eragon. This could come in and have some kind of crippling/inhibiting effect on Eragon’s ability to assist with any new threat. Did it take his ability to return to Alagaesia? I hope against hope that this isn’t the case, and they’re some reasons it probably isn’t. If Eragon is to have any involvement with characters as he used to, all of which still live in Alagaesia, he’ll need to be able to return, not just scry them. I also feel as what it took will be more surprising and unexpected. How will Eragon return you ask, well I’m about to answer that.

    -Eragon Will Return to Alagaesia: What? How is that possible? Everything about Angela’s prophecy has been correct thus far, why is she wrong now? Well fortunes and prophecies are tricky things. Yes Angela has been 100% correct so far, but something’s meaning can mean something completely different from what you thought it meant, yet still mean the same thing, as we saw with the betrayal by blood prediction. But what gives us real hope for this happening? Angela said that Eragon will never return to Alagaesia, and what is Alagaesia but a name. The first theory is that Nasuada will literally change the name of Alagaesia, allowing Eragon to return. At the end of book 4 Jeod and Nasuada were trying what to decide to call the new kingdom, they never reached a decision. This is just the kingdom yes, but with new powers come new names. The second theory is that like all things, Alagaesia has a True Name, a name in the Ancient Language, that can change over time. The name Alagaesia doesn’t have to change, the way if Eragon’s true name changed, the one you addressed him by, Eragon, wouldn’t. Alagaesia has undergone such dramatic change that its true name changed, so when Eragon returns, he isn’t returning to the Alagaesia that was, he is returning to the Alagaesia that is. But when will he return? We’ll move to that now.

    -Time Elapse: This is the very tricky part. How much time will have passed between the end of book IV and the beginning of book V? It could easily be a 100 year gap and you would still have many important characters. But I discount this as a likelihood because of the other problems that arise like all of the non-immortal characters would be dead, the amount of things that could occur within that time frame are ridiculous, and changes in characters could be so dramatic we would hardly be able to recognize them. So this is all guesswork but it would be reasonable to say the book V occurs around 15-20 years after the events of book four. That gives Eragon to develop mentally but not be a completely different person. Also, I don’t expect Arya to take him seriously as romantic partner until he’s at least in his thirties, and even that’s still pretty young. This also gives time for riders to be born and some cultural integration to occur, which we’ll move onto in a moment. I would like it to be a larger time elapse, but if we go higher than that the non-immortal characters like Roran and Nasuada start to become older, and I expect a war is coming. This also give time to see what changes they’ve made in the world.

    -Cultural Integration: It was once mentioned by Glaedr how society, especially human society, had seriously regressed since the fall of riders and the rule of Galbatorix. During his reign, various races had minimal interaction because they were hiding. But lots of traveling and communication will occur between races now, especially with the carrying of the dragon eggs and all races being potential riders. It wouldn’t be implausible for an elf or dwarf to be seen walking through a human town for whatever the reason may be, or a human traveling into Du Weldenvarden. The Elves have no good reason to hide any longer, and completely barring human entry would be seen as an act of hostility. With this, everything would become more cultured, the overall human intelligence would increase, and magic would gain a common awareness among the people.

    -Riders: Now for one of the biggest questions. Who do the riders even serve? Are riders rulers in the guise of being servants to the people? Do the riders serve their order? Who is the leader of the order? Who does the leader of the order serve? OR do they serve themselves? OR do they serve their own people above all else. These are just some things to think about that I imagine will get very involved and complicated. It would, in the end, all be based on the individual, the working system in place, and what the rider/order wishes to achieve.

    Conclusion: Christopher Paolini has projected 7 more books to take place in Alagaesia, with another series being part of the 7, the Inheritance Cycle is only the beginning. I imagine that we will get book V, a prequel story about Brom and before the fall of the riders, a prequel about Angela or the two women Eragon blessed, and another 4 book series. That is all just speculation though. Our adventures in Alagaesia are far from over. Thank you Christopher Paolini for writing these wondrous, thought provoking books. Most of these ramblings were meant to simply get you thinking and excited. I hope you enjoyed reading this, if you didn’t I have no idea how you made it to the end.

  • Matt McClellan

    I’d like to see a rider that gets upset with the new order and in his attempt to over throw it turns to controlling spirits and by accident changes himself and his dragon into shades

  • Ebrithil

    In the end of Inheritance Nasuada was building a group of magicians to controll other “human” magicians of Alagaesia. What if Black hand slowly take controll of that group? Then they would controll every magician of the empire, becase there isn’t any riders to watch them.

    • JesusChrist

      Heil Hydra!

  • Jack

    I think Ismira will become a dragon rider. Maybe find Sloan, etc.

  • Connor McClain

    So while I’ve seen everyone discuss the new enemy that it maybe in book V, and we know that it is something overlooked in the pact in Inheritance, I propose this idea; what was overlooked was the werecats. Furious over being the only sentient race to be excluded from having a pact with the dragons, they start a war. The setting is 100 years ahead of the last book, and the current ruler in ilera has forgotten their beginnings. It starts by the current ruler removing the cushioned seat next to the throne. Tensions escalate and Eragon, through use of new spells and time, finds a way to scry into the past. He discovers that what caused the races to leave their distant place was actually the werecats. In the distant land, having trained countless new riders, he sets off to find the origin of the humans and elves. After traveling to the old area, he discovers werecats have an enormous kingdom, are much larger, and more powerful. He also discovers that they use magic, however their language is not the Ancient Language, and much more powerful. After deciding he must return to algeasia, he meets with the new king, Nasudas great grandson, and tells of this new found discovery. The group of werecats there have now taken over surda, and are beginning to move to the other half of the country. Determined to not see history repeat itself, Eragon and Arya travel to meet with their Queen, Maud. They break bread and discuss what the group of thousands of werecats want, which is equality more than anything else.

    • Jack

      Aaaaahhhhhh………No. Just no. You’re being WAY too specific. That sounds more like a story you just made up than an actuall theory.

      • Connor McClain

        True. It was just a general idea that I think could come to be.

  • David B

    A century after the events of the Inheritence cycle Nasuda and her son have long since passed away, and immediately prior to the start of the book, Nasuada’s grandson suddenly becomes ill and passes away. Nasuada’s grandson had no direct heir but on his deathbed passes the kingdom to a young maid girl who he loved dearly but had never married due to her unfortunate social status. The maid girl, in her 20s, is suddenly thrust from pauper to Queen, amidst a kingdom that is immediately untrusting of her and threatening civil war. Eragon, strangely, cannot be contacted to advise the new queen, and Arya has left to go look for him. A handful of riders are available, but that only adds to the new Queen’s concerns as she has no experience with the strange, wise, and haughty riders. In addition, in the past 100 years only 1 dwarven rider has been chosen and he only recently, whereas the Urgals have yet to have a dragon egg hatch for their young and produce the first urgal rider. Feeling slighted that Eragon’s magic did not work and enraged that the dwarves would have a rider before them, some Urgal clans rebel and refuse to enter the games, reverting to a more “traditional” rite of passage for their males. And finally, Murtagh and Thorn, have apparently stumbled across a previously unknown source of magic in the barren icelands of the far north. Having been disturbed by Murtagh’s curious prodding, this new power consumes him, his dragon Thorn, and is now rampaging through Du Weldenvarden, systematically seeking out and destroying magicians the world over.
    What can be done to stop this unknown and hostile threat to magic?
    Why are Arya and Eragon no longer responding to summons?
    What can be done with the Urgals who are raiding villages across Alagaesia?
    What about Roran’s descendents, who seem to know more then they should about the menace that is targeting magicians around the world?
    And why has Angela (and Solembum) suddenly come out of hiding with the key to everyone’s salvation?

    • Jack

      I like SOME ideas, but that is also WAY too specific.

  • Islingr

    Orik and Hvedra’s son should be a dragon rider. Nasuada and Murtagh should get together, and Elva would be their adopted daughter. She would also be a dragon rider.

    • Jack

      Elva? A DRAGON RIDER? No.

  • alonry

    Angela said that Eragon will leave Alagaesia forever, but she never said when, as much as we know it may truly happen two thousand years after the events of the books. forgive me if i have grammar mistakes, English is not my first language 🙂

    • Farkas

      That actually makes sense. What you’re saying is that Eragon can still return because he can still leave a second time, or multiple other times until he feels that he shouldn’t return any more. That made much more sense in my head, but that’s a cool theory as to how Eragon can return.

  • chad

    my theory is that Angela may have messed up on her fortune telling,and said the wrong thing.instead of being away forever Eragon may have only supposed to be gone for a long time,therefore allowing him to come back to his homeland and continue with his adventures,whatever they may be.

    • Jack

      ANGELA does not MESS THINGS UP! That would be totally out of character.

  • Xavier Dietrich

    I think Angela may be the Soothesayer Galbatorix talked about with Nassuada

    • Jack


  • tyler

    Ok so this isn’t really a theory so much as it is food for thought. Correct me if I’m wrong but the grey folk lived in Alagaesia many years ago until they enacted a spell that bound magic with the ancient language which happened to be their native language. Following this logic it’s safe to assume that some land far from Alagaesia didn’t speak the ancient language. What if the gray folks spell cut some civilizations off from the use of magic due to their lack of knowledge of the ancient language. This might lead to a civilization much like ours in the sense that they would rely on more on science and technology than magic and might cause magic to be the stuff of legends. A civilization where magic and dragons are nothing more than fairytales. However there would still be people born with the ability to use magic but have no knowledge of it. These people might, in rare and life or death situations be able to use magic without the ancient language like the spell Eragon used on Galbatorix. Thus furthering the myths and legends of individuals with great power much like the stories of today’s world.it would be a civilizationn ot unlike our own was in more ancient times. Think of all the stories of Merlin and Camelot and other great magicians. I leave you with this, what if Eragon and the elves find a new land owned by a civilization like I’ve described. A magician and his Dragon in a land where magic does not exist.

    • Jack

      I like that idea.

  • Emily

    When will it come out?! I’m dying of waiting here!

    • Jack

      ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joel Jenkins

    Read Joed’s letter at the end of Inheritance (deluxe edition). It has something to do with Inare and whatever they are. In the letter, Jeod is speculating on what Angela may be and saying they need to keep a close eye on her. He considers Grey Folk, he consider a half-elf/half-human/part dwarf hybird. But he fears mostly that she may be Inare which Eragon said he thinks he saw while traveling East.

    • Jack

      Hm. Maybe.

  • Cumorah Terry

    I just thought of something, what if one of the people who write a theory is Christopher Paolini under a false identity and what he writes is really what is in the book?!

  • Corwin Schuerch

    I know what happened. The Menoa tree is much more powerful than anyone thought. The price the tree is extracting is that dragons will never again return in force to the land, including Eragon as a Rider, with the dragons. As Eragon will never return, this is the only possibility. This does create some confusion on which came first – the tree’s anger, or her curse on Eragon to leave the land, as Angela fortold his leaving long before the Menoa tree was aware of it. Personally, I think that, to ensure the movement of dragons away from her forests, the Menoa tree supported Galbatorix and his reign, simply so that when he fell, the dragons would leave and give her peace. Might be a bit far fetched, but it is a possiblity. After all, after Angela, the Menoa tree is the one person or thing in the lands that is unable to be fathomed.

    • Jack


    • Jack

      Realistic, but the Menoa tree would have told them earlier if that was so.

  • Ryan Fauglid

    What if Angela foresees a fate worse than death for Eragon and it turns out that Arya is actual evil.

  • Jake

    The new enemy could be whatever Eragon saw in Tronjheim when Orik was crowned King, this figment of Gunterâ, or whatever it was. Perhaps it will appear before Nasuada and deem her unworthy of ruler ship. Chris did say everyone overlooked something, and most people in Alagaesia worship some god or another, so it would make sense if they overlooked the so-called gods’ approval of making Nasuada queen, controlling magic users, etc.

    Angela is one of the Grey Folk, in my opinion.

    Also, I’d guess that the next book will be narrated either by Wolf-Eyes or Murtagh and Thorn.

    • Connor Graham

      what about the wild dragons? or that Urgal king the eldunari mentioned?

  • Noah

    I don’t really want to know much about Angela, it would ruin her mysteriousness. But I would like to see where Eragon goes after the last book.

  • Ronald McDonald

    I think its about the wards failing in Alagesia

  • Ronald McDonald


  • Jo

    So excited for book five!!!

  • Nelson Mota

    Chistopher, in your new book you will write about news riders? Urgal and Dwarf. I think it is a good ideia

  • manuel lopez

    I just Finished the series again for the 6th time and I am craving for a book 5 !!!!! I think that it will have something to do with the Grey folk and Angeles past…. something she knows about that not one else does . Is my theory

  • sam

    I kinda think that Nasuada goes power hungry and declares war on the elves because she can’t limit their magical powers like she was trying to do at the end of book 4.

    • Amun_Ra

      I don’t think nasuada’s going to be like galbatorix, like goes power hungry or something. In my opinion.

      • Elf lover

        The new Hunger Games movie came out and I think Nausuada might be like President Coin.

  • Autumn

    Before ever visiting this fan site, and therefore learning about this post, I inadvertently wrote my theory for Book Five. It’s a romance, so it includes a lovely reunion for Eragon and Arya. But it also unexpectedly came to involve a backstory for Angela, a reunion for Murtagh and Nasuada, and ultimately a confrontation with the Urgal King Kulkarvek. My characters visit Tronjheim (briefly), Ilirea, the Urgal village at Lake Flam (where we see a little more of Nar Garzhvog, as well as learn a whole lot about the Urgralgra culture), Carvahall (we get an update on Roran and Katrina), and Ellesmera, where they have a delightful time with Rhunon. Anyway, I hope I’m not breaking any rules by directing people on where to find it if they want to read it. I published it over on fanfiction.net in four parts. If you look under Inheritance Cycle fanfiction for the story The Cycle Continues, you can learn a little about whether or not you might enjoy my story. That posting also contains instructions on how to find the real story. Some of the main loose endings that I don’t touch on in my story are the Games and the society for magical enforcement.

  • The Doctor

    “There are many strange forces at work in Alagaësia, Shadeslayer. I have seen things that defy belief: whirlwinds of light spinning in caverns deep below the ground, men who age backward, stones that speak, and shadows that creep. Rooms bigger on the inside than the outside … Galbatorix is not the only power in the world to be reckoned with, and he may not even be the strongest. Choose carefully, Shadeslayer, and if you choose to go, walk softly.”
    I like this quote, very inspiring 🙂

    • Jack

      I like it too.

  • Annika

    Any ideas on that the land should be called…. ya know where Eragon and Saphira are training riders????

    • Nightm4re

      I think it should be called the Ancient Language equivalent of ‘Haven’. Considering this new land will be a safe place for all new Riders it is a pretty fitting name.
      Another option could also be the AL word for ‘Unity’, as a nod to the idea that his training ground will unite all the races together as Riders. In fact, once the next two inhabitants get there, It will be occupied by a human, a dragon (plus multiple eldunari), a bunch of elves, a dwarf, and an urgal.

  • Pip

    My theory on Angela is that some how she is similarly bonded to solebum (or were cats in general) as a dragon is to a rider.
    As when under dras-leona only Angela could move when under attack from the head preist whilst the others including solebum could not. Also it would explain how she learnt all the interesting information she knows.

  • Arya

    isn’t Ismira sloans DEAD wife

    • Lynn Yankee

      Ismira is Katrina and Roran’s daughter.

  • Anna

    The best 5th book plot ever: saphira lays an egg (because she mated with Fírnen of course) an a few years later her egg hatches for ismira!!!!!!!!

    • Jack

      I was also thinking that the book would feture Ismira. Cool!

  • Anna

    I just finished the last book I’m so sad I want them to continue forever!!!

  • Lynn Yankee

    I just realized something…
    Books 1 and 3 have shades as antagonists. If this was intentional and not a coincidence, then book 5 would continue this pattern. Therefore, Oromis said a shade-rider would be worse than even Galbatorix. I think that a shade-rider could be the new baddie. But the pattern I noticed could just be a coincidence.

    • Nightm4re

      The pattern you noticed is definitely a coincidence. The sample size is too small and Christopher also would not make a Shade an enemy for every odd numbered book just because. You do bring up an interesting idea though. Perhaps an egg hatches for a sorcerer and they become a Shade after Eragon already trained him. It could be a good plot for a future book.

    • alonry

      I don’t think we have enough information to say that, but that will be awsome

  • Ezekiel H. Wettstein. (king ha

    It should be…
    Eragon returns to the mainland and nasuada is not being a good leader. Eregon decides to use one of the magic spell things brom taught him… yes he did look in book 1 right before he died. He was taught some spells that were only to be used when abso,lutly nessesary and they were never used…the spells somehow cause nasuada to become bad, or a bad guy to be formed. Eragon is weakened by the spell and captured and saphira had stayed on the island. So eragon has to use his mind to tell the dragon that took him to eskape and call saphira
    Someone called soothsayer shows up, and we all know who that is.

  • king halfpaw

    I thought she was soothsayer to

  • Michael Ian J Weasley

    Really, I truly believe Angela was the soothsayer we read Galbatorix speak of, and that we will never get her back story for it is too big. Besides that, I want to see who replaces dragon as the head of the riders, and hope one day they will be able to spread the riders, and the Olympics, throuought the land. If we were to get a book on one specific character, I want the first Urgralgra Rider, because I think that would be a fantastic story, think of an urgal developing features of an älfa, its scary, really. None could test them in battle. I just hope and wish there truly is a new book, perhaps a new cycle, that won’t take quite as long. I remember reading Dragon and Eldest over and over waiting for brisingr, only being made to wait another 4 years for Inheritance, that was difficult. A big thank you to Paolini for these perfect stories.

  • UnRandomEst

    Here is my theory:
    A priest of Helgrind finds great power. He sneaks in to the Rider’s stronghold and steals an egg that has not hatched for over a century (so it’s mind has grown twisted) and it hatches for a Ra’zac. This Ra’zac is the new evil character.

    I won’t say anything more, because I don’t think the way CP does.

    • UnRandomEst

      And yes, I know that the previous two theories have had a priest of Helgrind gain great power. I just think it is a logical course of action.

  • Kat Flynn

    For the sake of this, I’m just going to look at Alagaesia like a history textbook and try to anticipate what will follow.

    1. Eragon will return to Alagaesia. Not to live. Just to visit, go about important business, contact Arya or Nasuada, Roran…perhaps Roran and Katrina will journey to find Eragon out in the wilds. The prophecy, if the moral with the prophecy is the omnipotence and permanence of fate, only stated that Eragon will leave Alagaesia and never return. “Never return” is a bit broad. Will he be banished, essentially, by his own free will for eternity, or will he return without the intent to live?

    2. Thorn and Murtagh will become important characters. Since they remained in Alagaesia, I’m guessing they’ll have some role helping Nasuada and the people recover from the war, as well as controlling any magicians who may wish to break away.

    3. A priest of Helgrind found the belt of Beloth the Wise. It was stolen before the duel between Eragon and Murtagh concluded, thus everyone was distracted. The priest is harnessing the power of the Belt for some evil purpose, perhaps the broad anticipation of controlling Alagaesia in the future, but mostly to revenge upon Eragon and the Riders the death of the High Priest.

    4. Angela…I don’t know what she’ll do. She’s a quirky character. I think she’ll reconnect with Tenga, somehow, and either steal/siphon his newfound knowledge away, or find something immensely powerful that he has accidentally discovered.

    5. Snagli will become the fantasy version of escargo. Just kidding. Think about it…ick.

    6. That’s pretty much all I have; I try not to theorize too much about future books of any series because I want every bit of them to be a new surprise or plot twist, a new adventure to get dragged into (yes, Hobbit reference).

    The Logic I have behind this: I think new foes that have either been mentioned by name once or twice, or have been entirely unmet by us readers will appear. Otherwise, depending on the plot of Book 5, Eragon fighting Urgals and fighting Ra’zac and fighting rogue magicians…he’s done all that before. I think there will be a controversy within the Urgal population over accepting this gift from an outsider — an outsider who’s a member of the group that slaughtered countless Urgals in the past, no less– and the Urgal riders will be caught in the middle. Perhaps this outsider is the one who captured Blade Singer and Bright Eyes…maybe they knew him, or they knew the Word and were tortured for it. I’d like to see the Dwarves who placed a blood feud between them and Eragon causing a disturbance..they would certainly be capable of as much.

    • UnRandomEst

      Keep in mind that the next book doesn’t have to be from Eragon’s point of view. Although he would still remain an important character, it could be that there is a new main character, maybe even a dragon.

      • Kat Flynn

        Ooh, good point! I hope there’s more dragons; they were all some of my favorite characters.

  • Prince

    An ancient evil which the ra zac worship and the grey folk sealed away thousands of years ago.In the past he almost destroyed algaisia and would have ruled the world had it not been for the grey folk who used all of their magic and almost got extinct to the cost of sealing him away.Now the seal has been unlocked by the remaining priests of helgrind and dark worshippers(seen on vreongard) and starts his goal of destroying algaisia along with his ra zac and war loving urgal army.The urgals start a fight between themselves with 2 sides,one side wants peace and the other wants war with the urgal rider torn apart between both. Nasuada is struggling hard to control the magicians with the majority finding a way to escape nasuadas rule.She sends 4 magicians after tenga to watch him which after a while do not return and arya leaves to investigate only to find 4 dead bodies and no trace of tenga.The dvarves also start a fight among themselves because oric did ask the council when he decided to accept eragons offer with az sweldn rak anhuin taking advantage of the chaos.Blade singer,her daughter and Angela suddenly feel the ancient evils escape due to them being distantly related to the ancient race of grey folk.Angela sends a letter to nasuada of what happened and leaves to seek guidance from tenga who is the last direct member of the order of grey folk. Tenga revels at last out of persuasion from Angela that the only one to defeat the ancient evil is the light but does not know who or what or where the light can be,only that it can save them. Nasuada,arya,roran ask eragon who by the way has gone to the elves old home before they came to algaisia and decided to raise the dragons there ask him for consult on the matter which after then sends a dragon and an elf back to algaisia to help them.Can they find the light before the ancient evil destroys them and all that they have known at all?

    • Prince

      sorry meant to say did not ask on orics part of the theory.

      • king halfpaw

        Notthis one. Its to forced for it to have begun earlier.

  • Thequickerpickerpickerupper

    1. Eragon will be confronted by the threat of the first Eragon who was transformed into a Shade. In the companion guide Eragon was not around to greet possible new riders because he was confronting some “dark shadow.” I think that this “dark shadow” might be the first Eragon. Shade casts a shadow. I could see Christopher amused by this type of word play.

    2. A priest of Helgrind found the belt of Beloth of Wise. This priest has been gathering allies and has accelerated the Ra’zac’s growth with magic making them full grown in only a short amount of time. This priest has somehow stolen Tenga’s compendiums of the ancient language and so only one thing remains before the priest attacks is the name of the ancient language. I believe that Wolf Eyes and Blade Singer were the keepers of that knowledge and Galbatorix stole the stone containing that knowledge from them. Somehow the priest learns this and captures them both and finally learns the name of the ancient language. The priest seeks out alliances with the dwarves who hate Eragon, and even goes so far as to infiltrate Nasuada’s network of magicians. Those that were protagonists will be so again with the inclusion of Murtagh and Thorn this time. I also expect that Angela has to deal with Tenga somehow because of his emotional instability.

    Let me know what you think. I’m curious to see if anyone else thinks that I may be on to something or if I’m more lost than a Ra’zac at a vegetarian convention.

    • Cole P.

      That’s the one I would have gone with

    • #1 fan

      cool ur theory is actually really good compared to others though i dont think the dark shadow can be the first eragon for 2 reasons
      1, if the first eragon was the dark shadow i think oromis would have dealt with or already saved him back in the first book
      2, christopher paolini says light and dark will battle again meaning they already have donned in the past and really powerful…maybe even more then eragon.

    • UnRandomEst

      Interesting theory! I never thought about Blade Singer and Wolf Eyes guarding the tablet. And the Ra’zac at the vegetarian convention is an amusing analogy.

    • Lynn Yankee

      Theory 1 is a lot like what I thought. And on top of that, I noticed a pattern. Every other book has a shade in it.

    • Connor Graham

      hmm, yes it probably would be a shade. maybe the spirits that inhabited durza want revenge, and spirits can do some pretty amazing things (gold lilys, disconnect people from magic, etc.) perhaps they can revive dead, for example the Black Hand of Morzan, give that black is also somewhat similar to shadow, so a shade selena? we all know she was a ruthless killer, and being controlled by spirits…who knows…

  • kyle karwan

    I think eragon will come back. Because the prophecy didn’t say that once he left he wouldn’t return. It merely said that one day he would leave and never return. Which could take thousands of trips. But in the meantime he needs to find riders and train them.

  • ava

    I think Thorn and Murtagh are going to be pretty important characters, maybe not the main characters, but they might have there own POV chapters like Roran did. I think there’s going to be a group of magicians and sorcerers who break away from nasuada’s rule(the raz’ac eggs eragon couldn’t find might come in) and the other magicians trying to fight them are limited in there ability to repel them because of nadsuada’s rules. I think Murtagh will have some adventures off in the north with that scarry urgal chief the eldunari told him to stay away from but then come back to help her with the problem(romance!). meanwhile eragon is off creating his big dragon rider city, and communicating with roran, nasuada and especially arya via enchanted scrying mirrors. i think eragons lost belt of beloth the wise comes in somehow, and so does who angela is. I’ve seen some ideas that she’s one of the grey folk, and i agree with that idea. i think elva will also start using nasuada a bit for little things, which could create other complications. i think those two women that were randomly mentioned in the last book will come in too, not really sure how though, they might even be the main characters, perhaps the first new human dragon riders. I think oric might either become a dragon rider or go off with a bunch of other dwarves to help eragon build his dragon city. i think eragons going to get restless with the peacfulness and go off exploring(maybe that woman and her daughter mention earlier would come with him), and then i think somethings going to go wrong. maybe eragon will find out why all the races came to alagasia long ago. perhaps they find alot of wild magic and it does weird things, and the nidwhals might come in too. maybe even nidwhall riders. (that would be AWESOME by the way.) in any case i think eragon is going to accidentally sortof set off this huge evil something, and nasuada cant help because she’s tied up with the magicians, and murtaghs cant come cause he’s helping her, so arya goes to help eragon fight off this thing with the help of the new dragon riders (urgal and dwarf riders) and so the romance continues. i think then everythings about to be lost but then nasuada and murtagh finally put down the rebellion by finding out how to make it so that someone cant use magic like was done to oromis. And so murtagh and nasuada come riding in and save the day and all that and everyone goes back home (except maybe not arya) and everything is wrapped up in a nice little bundle of perfectness.
    …except what the menoa tree took from him. that’s gotta come in too i think, perhaps whatever she took is what spurs his exploration? i really have no clue.

  • punkdinosaur

    I hope it’s going to be about Thorn and Murtagh, maybe their adventures in the north (new lands) and encountering species that they never thought still existed or lone elves or other dragons or such. But realistically, I think it’s going to be about Bladesinger and her daughter. Otherwise, Paolini wouldn’t have gone out of his way to include both in the final books. Plus, that way he can also develop stories for Nasuada, Elva, and updates on Eragon’s progress and such, since Bladesinger will remain in Alagaësia unlike Thorn and Murtagh.

  • Indigo Ostrich

    Nasuada and her new law concerning spell-casters goes awry. It’s a few years after Eragon left and chaos has erupted all over Alagaesia. The problem came to the fore, when a Shrrg is found by the dwarves in the Beor Mountains. It’s not just any ordinary Shrrg. Somehow it contains a dragon’s heart in place of its own. On further inspection by the elves, they find that the Shrrg (which is now a pup) is a dragon all except in body. But its ”dragon” heart hasn’t activated yet.The elves couldn’t find any trace of magic that connected the heart and the Shrrg and that means the dragon itself didn’t transform by magic. So, the elves conclude that until it meets its proper rider, the Shrrg-Dragon is just a normal pup and it might a new species. Now there is a rush among all the races to find its rider. Meanwhile, spell-casters everywhere refuse to be governed by Nasuada and are rebelling against her rule. Nasuada cannot cope with all these problems and suffers from a mental and physical breakdown, causing her to become tyrannical. But there’s hope, Murtagh is returning and Arya has gone to Eragon, requesting assistance. Who will the the Shrrg-Dragon Rider and will peace come to Alagaesia again?

  • Meher Shrishti

    The nidhwals and there king(who will be like the merpeople in Harry Potter) will attack algaesia and plunge into the rivers and pollute them.

    • Prince

      I thought arya was an elf queen.would she rly abandon her people to go with eragon?

      • Meher Shrishti

        Dunno not sure she will go maybe some other elf.

        • Ajay

          Don’t think she’d go with some other elf…. highly unlikely from all the clues/hints Paolini’s been giving.

          • Meher Shrishti

            I was saying maybe she won’t go at all some other elf/dwarf /somebody else!

          • Ajay

            Wait, your sentence doesn’t make sense. So you’re saying you think she won’t go with anyone else, right?

          • Meher Shrishti

            Sorry my fault, I was sayin she will go with ERAGON and someone else will rule instead of her.

      • Ajay

        Yes, after a while of ruling (couple of centuries maybe) it’s not unreasonable to think she would abdicate. It’s all hinted at from Paolini’s Q&A’s/interviews, etc.

  • mygame34

    the bad guy is a group of riders that hate eragon and turn on him after they finish their training. they steal some wild dragon eggs and raise an army of dragons. they also manage to steal eldunari. murtagh and arya go to the new place where eragon is to help him.

  • Vivian Yin

    Murtagh:haven’t see the last of him=most likely to come back=Nasuada problem

    Arya:queen+rider=very harsh+Eragon love:)

    Nasuada:depend on how far into the future(most likely still alive because of
    Murtagh’s return)

    Angela:important weirdo+???

    Eragon and Saphira:mentors and helpers/main character(very unlikely)

    Dwarf+Urgal Riders:very harsh and awkward

    Bad guy:??????????????????

    Main character:???????????????


    (plus, if there’s a prequel I’d like to read, it’d be how the elf Eragon decided to keep the egg and establish the Riders)

  • Ricky Santos

    This is all fine and dandy, but he’s writing slower than George RR Martin. It could be 20 years before he’s done with his other projects and even starts writing this book.

    • Meher Shrishti

      You are realistic but I hope it doesn’t come true!

  • The Flygon

    14 years onward. The Ra’zac eggs that eragon didn’t locate have hatched and have start plaguing Carvahall, as they’ve raised an army of rogue Urgals. They follow, one part out of fear of the Ra’zac, and one part out of their desire to cling to the older ways of combat which they praised in their lifestyles.

    Roran and his child, as the rulers of Palencar Valley, lead the defence against them, mirroring the way Roran defended the town all those years ago.
    Murtagh comes down from the North, sees the Lethrblaka, and he engages one of them in air combat.
    It dies as Roran’s child finished one of the Ra’zac, and the remaining couple flee.

    Murtagh and Roran exchange thank yous, Murtagh doesn’t reveal the reasons behind his return, and this doesn’t overly trouble Roran as if he was trecherous then Roran would already be dead.

    I haven’t really guessed what would be happening for Nasuada and Arya, and they’d need to work around the plothole of the Lethlblaka being older than 15 when they mature.

    *Edit*: Christopher Paolini said that there was a peace which everyone had overlooked. At the moment in Alagaesia, dragon eggs can hatch, and also to Urgals, who once again may not appreciate the new life style thrust upon them. A dragon rider leading the urgals against Nasuada would be a dangerous situation, espicially if Murtagh and Roran couldn’t get to it. If Arya was still around she might be the only defence, unless Eragon can return.

    • kyle karwan

      He can return. The prophecy said he would ONE DAY leave and never return but that doesn’t mean the first time he leaves he’s forced to never come back.

  • Lollyna

    I hope that Murtagh will come back to Nausada.I cried a lot when I realized that Murtagh will not return.They were a great couple!

  • Kream

    I think that Arya will quit being Queen of the Elves and fly to Eragon because of love and they will have a baby and Saphira and Fírnen will be parents too.

  • Jason Ikeokwu

    This isnt a really big post but i think the unforeseen problem is that throughout the series we have been told that dragons are bound to Alagaesia and that the prosperity of Alagaesia affects them. So then it would make sense that if they leave Alagaesia it would cause problems.Also, many races have left their land and come to Alagaesia: Greyfolk, Urgals, Razzac, Humans, Elves e.t.c. Why are they all arriving, but they are no reports of anyone leaving, aside from Eragon’s party? Maybe we will find out what drove them away in this book, as all history from over the sea’s has been lost. And i think the moena tree took away Eragon’s fertility as she missed her lover and wanted a “child”. This would be a stump in Arya’s relationship as she wouldn’t want to do anything that might disturb Elven politics and not being able to produce an heir Certainly will. If the books are segmented like they usually are, then Eragon might appear but have little role in Alagaesia because he is too busy looking for a cure to this problem.

    • Jason Ikeokwu

      Btw, can someone get the word out. There should be a alagesia mod for Ck2 and/or Mount and blade Warband

      • Kream

        Or Minecraft

  • Katie

    My theory is that the ‘light and shadow shall meet meet in an epic battle’ hint suggests that Shades may be involved. Nasuada’s policing over magicians may anger some into turning into Shades out of spite or anger. And Shades are very dangerous, especially if there’s more then one. This makes me think that after coming to terms with what he’s done, Murtagh will probably return and either help or inform Eragon and the newly formed Riders of the problem. As for Murtagh and Nasuada’s relationship, I doubt anything would happen, as it would just be cruel on both of them, because Murtagh will outlive Nasuada by so long.

    I also think that a main focus of the book will be Urgals starting to overcome the prejudice they receive, so there will probably be an important character that is an Urgal or Kull Rider. The Urgal Rider will probably be hated and doubted at first, but in the battle will prove to be a hero and redeem the Urgal race from all the havoc they have caused in Alagaesias history.

    I’d also like to see Eragon and Arya together again, so hopefully after a long reign or whatever battle that will occur, Arya will stop as Queen and travel to the Riders sanctuary and be with Eragon. I doubt Eragon will go back to Alagaesia, I think he’ll just be a mentor to other Riders now, looking after the Eldunarí. If Eragon does return, I think he’ll meet with Murtagh and they will travel together and grow close again.

    • Kream

      I agree with your opinion on Angela being Soothsayer

    • kyle karwan

      I think Arya will stop being queen for the same reason eragon refused to be king. She realizes that no monarch should be as powerful as a rider and resigns

  • Matej

    SPOILER ALERT (this is not guessing, it is simple a conclusion of careful reading of every line of The Inheritance cycle): Ordinary humans begin to hate magicians and (probably) some humans come to Alagaesia from another continent (they are very greedy for wealth and power). All of that results a war. There are other dragon riders but they are to young and didn’t complete their training. So Eragon, Saphira, Arya, Firnen, Murtagh and Thorn are only one fighting (Eragon and Saphira never went to Alagaesia because they were fending off attackers who were attacking riders new city). This is the first and second book, third book is also about that war but also about terrible disaster cause by war (the earthquake or something else, caused by uncareful using of magic, destroys Alagaesia and it sinks into the ocean). For a bit happiness in the end Arya is pregnant with Eragon, Murtagh and Thorn stays with them. I also think i know what happens after buth i will kept it for myself.

    • Matej

      (Question for Christopher): Also I would like to know is there a name that represents both dragon and his rider (because of their close connection).

    • Luke Lightfoot

      Nice plz explain how this is a spoiler and how u found this out which would explain how it is a spoiler but if it is true it seems to be pretty good

      • Matej

        I have read the inheritance cycle for so many times, plus i read very carefully looking for every clue so i could understand the books better. I connected the same clues together and i get the story. I am 100 percent sure about destruction of alagaesia. What i wrote doesn’t necessarily happen in this book, but it will definitely happen in one of the following books.

  • IntrospectiveAuidence

    I really doubt Eragon or Saphira will play any part in the fifth book. Their appearance will only be mentioned or minor.

    We’ll probably find out about Angela’s past though it will also raise more questions as well. Since that’s Paolini’s shtick for the character. This by in large will include Tenga as well somehow. Whether it be a flashback or a part in the current story as a whole.

    The two women Blade Singer and Wolf Eyes will definatly play apart.

    Murtagh could play a pivotal role as well as Arya too as P.O.V.s.

    Perhaps the Nameless Shadow and Nameless One will be the antagonist in book 5.

    • Ricky Santos

      CP has already said in the past that Eragon, Saphira, and Arya will all play pretty big parts in book 5. Arya is still the only girl who fits Angela’s prophecy about Eragon’s epic romance, so your theory that we’ll get Arya POV’s, but Eragon won’t play a part doesn’t add up. There are several things about Eragon that CP has promised us we have yet to see: The epic romance, what Brom’s words were, what the tree took from Eragon, etc. He’s actually said the words “Eragon and Arya’s story is far from over.”

      • IntrospectiveAuidence

        “CP has already said in the past that Eragon, Saphira, and Arya will all play pretty big parts in book 5.”

        Quote to me with a source that he actually said that. Otherwise, you are making it up.

        “There are several things about Eragon that CP has promised us we have
        yet to see: The epic romance, what Brom’s words were, what the tree took
        from Eragon, etc.”

        He never promised they’d be in Book 5.

        “He’s actually said the words “Eragon and Arya’s story is far from over.”

        Again, that doesn’t mean that their story continues/concludes in book 5.

        • Ricky Santos

          Huh? He has said it in older interviews, my friend. His new confirmation imply that too. Why would I make it up? Lower the hostility in your post. Yes, Eragon may not have a huge role in book 5, but my point is that this isn’t the last we’ll see of him and his relationships with Arya and Murtagh and others. Calm down.

          • IntrospectiveAuidence

            Any hostilely you feel in my text is in your imagination.

            Burden of Proof is on your shoulders since you are the one making the claim.The one that Arya, Eragon, and Sapphira. No quote means that your stance is unsupported.

            I never calmed in my original post that Eragon, Arya, nor Sapphira would never appear again. Only that they probably wouldn’t appear in Book Five.

          • Ricky Santos

            As I said, I’m not going to rift through old quotes from CP. There’s no reason for me to lie about something so asinine. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Good day.

  • Jesus Perez

    When Eragon is carrying the Eldurani out of the Vaul of Souls, the dragons teach him a speel which bends space. When asked about it they said they learned it thousands of years ago from a hermit. Tenga? Grey folk, him and Angela?

  • Kenji

    Am I the only one that thinks that Orrin was a spy for Galbatorix? Not all the way through, but he started to become really suspicious as the Varden got closer to Urubaen, and Murtagh told Nasuada that Galbatorix had a lot more spies than she thought. The stress of playing a spy might even be a main factor in the alteration of Orrin’s attitude.

    • Matej

      I think the same, he must be because of his sudden change of character and Murtag said to Eragon that there are more powerful spies than he thinks.

    • ava

      i agree %100!!

  • Wedon

    Paolini said the problem with the new peace is something everyone overlooked.. so it’s probably not the ‘controlling magic users’ problem. My best guess is that the elves will want their old territory and cities back that were theirs before Galbatorix captured them. The elves probably won’t be keen to just let the humans keep control of Uru’baen, for example.. Eragon and Arya will be torn between the elves and the humans in their war (because Nasuada won’t cede all the now human cities back to the elves thereby displacing all her new subjects) and that leaves room for a new evil power to rise up as everyone else battles each other. The human/elf war will probably start out diplomatically and end up turning violent for whatever reason (Possibly related to the new evil person or thing working for it’s own gain). And then Eragon and Arya, assisted by all the new characters, forge a peace between the elves and humans leaving everyone free to face the real new evil problem. It would also be a cool parallel to the first Eragon’s treaty between the elves and dragons.

    I thought way more into the specifics of this scenario, but that’s the main summary of it.

    • The Flygon

      I said this in my comment but regardless.
      What if the peace that everyone overlooked was that the Urgals don’t want to have this new lifestyle of no combat and pillaging, and now that they have dragons they’re even more deadly?

      • Wedon

        I think the ‘Urgal vs. Everyone else’ struggle has been pretty played out in the last two books. It would be hard to add enough new material to fill a book. I think that a conflict between any of the 3 major races (Humans, Dwarves, Elves) is more likely.

  • Jaywar

    My best guess is that there is going to be a new conflict set in nasuada’s kingdom because of her magical policing laws. I think its going to result in a sort of rogue mage attempt to do anything from try to make their voice heard or literally all out war. Maybe there will be a sort of stalemate between the magical police force and this group of resisting mages? more importantly the conflict reaches a head when out of fear of the returning riders crushing any chance they have of regaining their “freedom” the rogue mages attempt to steal dragon eggs to make their own riders. That was they have a chance of not being crushed. Or maybe the new riders will listen to them and help work something out with nasuada.

  • DuWeldenvarden

    I think that book V will take place when Ismira (Eragon’s niece) is about 16, and will be about her wanting to follow her father’s and uncle’s legacies. She sets out to find her uncle in the unknown land past the Az Ragni. On her way there, she encounters this “unseen shadow” and accidentally releases it from its contained prison (much like releasing a genie from its bottle). She inadvertently wreaks havoc on Alagaesia , making her go to Queen Arya for help. Arya summons Eragon, and he returns home to stop the threat. I imagine that Murtagh would have something to do with it, as well (maybe he finds Ismira and brings her to Du Weldenvarden?). I also think that Angela would play a part in fighting the threat with some magic we haven’t seen her use yet 🙂 I’m excited, anyhow

  • JCT

    I think that the next book will be set around 50 years after
    the death of Galbatorix. Eragon will have rebuilt the dragon rider’s island and
    will already have a few new young dragon riders that are dwarf and urgal. I also think that Murtagh and Thorn will
    return to Alagasia and try to become a part of society again. I do think that people will not like Nasuada’s
    rule and there will be mini “terrorist” groups trying to kill her.

  • JCT

    I think that the next book will be set around 50 years after
    the death of Galbatorix. Eragon will have rebuilt the dragon rider’s island and
    will already have a few new young dragon riders that are dwarf and urgal. I also think that Murtagh and Thorn will
    return to Alagasia and try to become a part of society again.

  • Sammy Candice Hill

    King Evanders predecessor takes Aryas place and she leaves to take two new riders to Eragon…and to stay there, but meets Murtagh along the way-who just so happened to find Eragons belt- and sets off with them to help in anyway he can. Elva manipulates Nasuada and becomes the heir to the thrown and starts punishing spellcasters by cruel means because of how she was treated because of Eragons curse and Eragon and the riders return to Alegasia to stop her, and they succed but Alegasia is inflicted by such a strong force of magic (like on Vroengard) and the country splits in half, where part of it drifts far aopart from the other side, destroying Alegasia forever by splitting it in two. Murtagh stays to make sure Nasuada will be alright and after saving everyone from Elva the people don’t hate him anymore and the rest of the riders return to the dragon island where Eragon is hatching dragons.

  • Taylor>Gaga

    Here’s my theory: the group of magicians under the hands of Nasuada become very strong and powerful yet they stay under Nasuada’s rule as they’re treated by the people of Alagasia as heroes and saints and (obviously) that’s part of what makes them strong. New riders are found, from all races and are first trained by Arya then sent to Eragon. When they became fully trained they return to Alagasia and Nasuada is at doubt: should she dismiss all the magicians who had kept evil at bay for years and have these still-untrusted riders, or build a new group of riders, or perhaps have these few riders lead these magicians? She didn’t know which choice would please all sides, but at the end she chose the latter choice: have these few riders lead these magicians. However, the cunning magicians had spies and expected that the moment they saw the new riders depart their camp to come back to their land. And they had a plan. Their unknown spies would start problems between the urgals and humans, and once that’s done start another with the elve. Make the dwarfs on their side. One propaganda after the other and a terrible war threatens Alagasia. (Elva’s truename is extracted by a magician and he controls Nasuada through her.) The new riders arrive seeing war on the edge of exploding and surprised at how the people of Alagasia hate them. They try to find a way to mend the races’ bonds until King Orik is killed (or said to be killed) by an elf. Humans and Dwarves strike first at the Elves. Queen Arya orders her race to only defend itself and the riders are by her side defending the eleven cities. Eragon is called for help ( a bit too late, but the elves thought they could handle it soo..) and along his way he meets Murtagh and Thorn, and is surprised they were actually on their way to warn them and join them. Eragon,Saphira (who lays Firnen’s egg), Roran(who tries to speak to Nasuada and keep his people away from war), Arya, Firnen, Murtagh and Thorn try once again to save Alagasia from an inevitable doom.

    • Bailey Galt

      Like the cult who worship the Riders?

    • Kream

      I like it. I think that one of Saphira’s and Fírnen’s egg (a minty color, the first layed) will be hatched for Arya’s and Eragon’s child ( I think they should have one) and the three of them will be the greatest riders in history and it will pass down through the family (both the dragon side and elf/human-elf side).

  • PotatoTheThird

    I think that once Eragon leaves and finds a new place, it could easily have an entirely new world, with new races like the race Angela is in, and be populated by that type of people, and maybe there will be some dragons that were wild and left Alegaisia to find a better life and is already populated, and the different races could easily be riders of some of the wild dragon’s eggs, and would help Eragon raise the new riders, but back in Alegaisia Murtagh could come back, and still be kind of crazy, and use Nasuada to control it, and the new riders along with Eragon would have to fight back, but while Eragon was training people, Arya might have to go to the new world and be trained of what a rider was and stuff by Gleadr, where Eragon and Arya could be with each other again, and the Raa’zac would have to do with something like maybe steal a Eldunari and become powerfull or something bad like that.

    • Bailey Galt

      Angela is human.

      • PotatoTheThird

        then how is she so old? and why would the elves respect her so much?

        • Bailey Galt

          My theory is that she is the Soothsayer, and the gasses made her slightly nonhuman, and immortal.

          • PotatoTheThird

            but what about the respect of the Elves? I guess maybe she did something very respectful, but her teacher had all those super rare things and made a fire come alive in his head, and didn’t even say it even with the risk

          • Bailey Galt

            I think Arya calls her Wise One, probably because of her knowledge of the future.

          • PotatoTheThird

            but what of her teacher?

          • Bailey Galt

            Grey Folk?

          • PotatoTheThird

            why would a Grey Folk teach a Soothsayer?

          • Bailey Galt

            Because he might be superpowerful, but Angela knows the future.

          • PotatoTheThird

            ok, youre right, but I bet that Angela was taught by him bcs he saw what she could do, and then taught her, and then she did something for the elves and now they all respect her, but I don’t think it was bcs of her ability to see into the future,

          • Bailey Galt

            I don’t know, but it says it in Inheritance.

          • Jesus Perez

            That was Cleary Angela dodging Nasuada’s (or was it Eragon) question

          • Bailey Galt


          • Jesus Perez

            The whole I look so young from eating my own herbs when times are hard was her dodging questions about her origin

          • PotatoTheThird

            even if she looked younger how did she survive so long?

          • PotatoTheThird

            theres no way looker younger lets you live younger

          • PotatoTheThird


          • Kream

            Dont forget that one time Angela said to Nasuada that if she told her her identity that she and Orrin will want too kill her.

          • Bailey Galt

            I said not all of it. Sorry to the people who want to read some other theories.

          • Jesus Perez

            Exactly. Which is why say her powers coming from gases or herbs is a farce to conceal her true identity

          • Bailey Galt

            She never says her powers come from gasses. I said that.

          • Bailey Galt

            I think that was part of it, but not all of it.

          • Jesus Perez

            Also she’s definitely ancient as the mere mention of her name caused the High Priest of Helgrind to howl in fear

          • Bailey Galt

            Not nessecarily ancient, just scary.

          • Jesus Perez

            She can stop time! Elves, dragons, nor riders can do that.

          • Bailey Galt

            Tenga taught her that. And according to my theory he was a Grey Folk.

          • PotatoTheThird

            what Perez?

          • PotatoTheThird

            yeah, but I wonder if he gave her immortality or something, bcs I don’t think the gasses would have done it

          • Jesus Perez

            So upon re reading I think it’s plausible. She could be the Soothsayer. However when Galbatorix speaks of her, he says she’s not elf, nor dwarf, nor human but something else entirely.

      • Islingr

        I think that she’s hybrid with Grey Folk.

  • Sheequa

    I think that the book will be set around 10 years after Eragon left Alagaeisia, because i think that for the final battle in Book V this time Eragon and Saphira won’t be the only riders (apart from Arya and Firnen and possibly Murtagh and Thorn) fighting. There’s definitely going to be some uproar in Alagaeisia from the magic laws, so i think there will be plenty of Nasuada scenes and Roran could be called back to battle too.

    Paolini mentioned in an interview that the storyline he cancelled for the two elven children would be used elsewhere, so I’m thinking something akin to the nameless Twins could happen, but not with Elva. However i do think that Elva will live or pass through the new riders home alongside Angela and Solembum. I think we’ll learn more of Angelas back story and about her travels.

    As for Eragon and Arya, the will surely be progress, if at least bit. If you think about it, say many people read the books in their early teens for the adventure story, now they’ve grown a couple years and will probably be interested in reading a bit of love, but still plenty of adventure.

    And as for the new evil, i think it’s going to be some humanoid creature or *gasp* the Grey Folk themselves, come once again from their homeland. But that’s probably unlikely, because the Grey Folk are even more powerful than the elves. Still, i don’t think it will be another dragon or urgal war. Also i think that the battle will take place in the place called El-Harim and the evil lurking there will be troublesome to the riders. And i think that Hawkeye and Blade-singer could be wanderers from the humans homeland and they were guarding themselves well because they had some important secrets. They will definitely be involved in Book V

    So that’s my prediction as to what could happen in Book V

  • Alex Civiletti

    Best question is: will there be more riders or dragons

  • Kacper Wlodarczyk

    I think that book five would be a continuation of the story so far. Eragon would find a suitable place to train the dragons and riders, there will be a dwarf and urgal rider, it would be more or less peaceful for some time. However, like mentioned, there will be a new foe for Eragon and the other races to overcome as well as perhaps some uprisings due to the new laws on magic.
    I would also quiet like book five to be a prequel to Eragon, starting with Brom getting chosen as rider and ending with Arya sending the egg to Eragon. I would like to learn more about Brom’s and Angela’s story more, I think it would be a pretty good idea.

  • newsball

    i think finding about the new rider, what brom said to eragon as he died, building more on the arya and eragon realtionship, what new evil lies ahead, what did eragon lose i believe at the giving tree

    • Jesus Perez

      That too! I mean he fought Galbatorix but never did Eragon consider the risks were high enough to validate whatever words Brom taught him

  • Noah M

    I think book five will have a story arch similar to Marvel Comic’s “Civil War” story. This issue with magic will evolve much like the “Superhuman Registration Act”. Nasuada will take things out of hand and require magic to be abolished but the land will end up being divided with the riders and the elves and urgals (Because of their loyalty to Eragon) on one side and the dwarfs, Alagaesia and Surda on the other. Crap will go down, and during the fighting a new evil will emerge and as the sides come together they will realize that magic, in all the danger it presents, is sometimes the only thing that can defend the land from complete destruction. A necessary evil, as they say.

  • Jennifer Wang

    The “nameless shadow” sounds an awful lot like a Shade, but there must be some twist or otherwise he/she wouldn’t pose a big enough threat to draw Eragon out of his self-imposed exile (i.e. Arya should be able to deal with it herself, now that she has Firnen and some Eldunari). Someone on CP’s twitter asked whether “good” spirits could inhabit sorcerers and what the result would be. CP loved the question and declined to comment further, not even speculating off the top of his head. Perhaps this is a direction that he explores in Book V, though I’m sure there are aspects to the magic that we can’t possibly come up with now–again, there must be some special reason why it’s so new and dangerous.

    But that said, Eragon comes back to Alagaesia to help, teams up with Arya as expected (leaving the new Rider behind with Glaedr, according to the Guide, which suggests that not much time has passed since the end of Inheritance), meets important new characters, and together they resolve the issue once and for all. And if CP has a heart Eragon and Arya will find some way to make things work between them, because their final goodbye in the Cycle was just the most brutal thing ever.

  • Casey B.

    I am thinking that the new baddie is going to come from the land either the elves or the humans came from. Or Eragon is going to stumble upon some civilization to the east as he tries to find a place to raise the new riders. As for Eragon/Arya, I think it is still a possibility, but they won’t see each other very often, so I’m not sure.

  • Ilsa

    Okay, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times. Eragon can come and go as he pleases, it just says he’ll eventually leave to never return. This may mean Eragon’s return or a continuing correspondence. That being said, I don’t think he’s going to end up with Arya. Timeline… 20-ish years later, focusing on newer Dragon Riding students? Or perhaps the main character won’t be a dragon slayer, but may even be a Dwarf, or an Urgal, trying to adapt. I definitely think it would be cool to have the ‘Ronald Weasley’ of the group be an Urgal. More variety to the set of MAIN main characters would be great. I don’t think it’s going to be written with the perspective of an Elf. It’d be far too exhausting for Paolini to write so high and mighty and condescending for a book (or more). I think we’ll see Eragon, Arya, Roran, and the rest, just in the shadows of the background. New cast for a new start.

    Who do I think is going to be the enemy? Whelp, there’s always Eragon’s half-bro, Murtagh. Okay, come on, just because he’s sorry doesn’t mean he’s untainted. Cute bad boy gets released from evil demon controller? He could totally go berserk and mad with Thorn. That being said, I hope he doesn’t, and I hope Nasuada gives up her throne to one of her kids or something and has a dead husband (sorry, pal) so she can eventually go travelling, join the quest group, urge them to trust Murtagh’s judgement, and then help them along (and snog Murtagh).

    Still having trouble thinking up who or what exactly is going to be the enemy. Perhaps it’s not a single person, but an entity of people. People despise magic and find it (Demonic/unfair/too powerful) to let it exist? Recklessness is rampant, such as with Elva’s accidental transformation. Maybe, while trying to help people, Elva is killed/executed by a mob for being what she is, blessed/cursed by Eragon? That would be an interesting plot advancement.

    Come on, they’re still clearing up after the largest tyrannical dictatorship ever. There’s bound to be these political tensions; it could naturally happen to be a ‘Mob Rule’ sort of Democracy. Then again, the shifting political tensions could create various political groups that clash it out, all manipulated by a former nonthreatening but currently bat-dung crazy evil dude/lady who saw the people as unorganized and manipulated them towards her will. That’d be cool, too.

    I guess there’s no saying exactly what’s gonna happen, but I bet it’ll rock, either way.

    • Noah M

      I like the murtagh theory, it reminds me of jacen in the star wars extended universe. How he was “Sorry” for the acts he commited for the “Greater good” but remained on his path towards darkness

      • Ilsa

        Jaden, right? Or am I thinking of a different Jedi… Jedi Academy game, right? Where you choose light or dark side. It was a brilliant one!

        • Noah M

          I’m talking about Jacen, Han solo’s son

          • Ilsa

            Oh! I hope his story makes it to the new movie!

  • Mach

    MY theory is: That there has been something over looked in the peace (comfirmed by paolini.) So Tenga who is still alive and was in league with Galbatorix exposes it setting the 6 races ageinst one another. Eragon returns with new riders and tryes to stop the war, but the other riders take sides. So Eragon, Murtahg, and Arya have to stop a war.

  • Ze End

    My theory is that Nasuada instills her suspicions of magic into her child, which takes it to an extreme when they take the throne. There will be a war of magic vs non-magic. Almost like LOTR, magic is slowly dying in the world and it is a fight to preserve it or squelsh it.

  • Damian Pook

    Roran and Katrina’s daughter becomes a Rider, dwarves are included in the Rider’s contract with the dragons, the origin of the Elves is explored, and the link between them and the dragons explained. Maybe a world war between other lands with Alagaesia over the dragons eggs as a quest for power. The discovery of what exists beyond death and the ability to cross that void, with something other than the ancient language, kinda like a polar opposite. Don’t want to know the story behind Angela because if too much is explained it will ruin the mystery behind her and ruin the character.

  • Bradley Roehrl

    my personal opinion is this. At least ten years have passed since the events of Inheritance. Roran, Nasuada, Orrin and Arya have fully embraced and become accustomed to their new lives as royalty (Roran not as much, but still rules Carvahal). Nasuada has started going a bit overboard with trying to round up the mages and a small band of them rebel, led by a young rider who disagrees with Arya’s teaching. Naturally this becomes a major issue due to the fact that the last rouge rider was Galbatorix, and they send for Eragon. Eragon arrives in Alagaisia, but only after King Orrin is slain and Surda is taken over. During this time, Eragon discovers that Murtaugh has secretly returned, hiding in the castle in Illria with Nasuada. The books will basically wrap up loose ends with the relationships between Eragon and Arya and also Murtaugh and Nasuada, as well as the struggle of confronting a new, extremely dangerous foe. Feel free to flame me to death, but this is just an opinion of course.

    • Bailey Galt

      Flame? That is just about the most sensible theory I have read so far.

  • Aron Graham

    I wondered if one of the characters that we have come to know would maybe go bad? With Nasuada saying that she wanted control over the magic uses, and the massive power that Angela has, it would make an interesting story of one of the characters we like so much would turn evil and have to be defeated.

  • Jeremy Gentry

    As a fan of The inheritance series…. Here is what I believe might happen. In the poem that foreshadowed Eragon never returning, it should continue. I’m not saying Eragon should die, yet. I believe the series should finally end when he dies, “Fly, fly away, never again to return to me.” After Murtagh Finally finishes his quest to find himself, He locates Eragon and Saphira Who have kept minimal contact with Arya (because how exactly is one to know about the whereabouts of the new BoO for the Riders?) To find out things have gone awry in Algaesia since his absence. Orrin died in a bandit raid whilst he was on his way back to Uru’baen, which is still the capital of the humans outside of Surda, Nasuada has had one mage go rogue, and is desperately trying to find him before he gets too far into trouble. This mage however has been abusing the name of magic and wants to kill Eragon, and begins scrying him. Eragon’s necklace begins to burn again whilst he is building and it shocks him greatly for he does not know who the presence is and refuses to allow it to see him. After some council with the Eldunari, who were once again placed in the space binding spell and came with Eragon, the Eldunari decide to gaze into Algaesia for him so that he remains unseen. Arya has fallen ill and refuses anyone to see it, for elvish pride is a stubborn thing. Not even she know the causes, but has some thoughts that when she was held prisoner with Eragon at the time of them being fed to the Ra’zac, the missing ligament in her hand may have something to deal with it….. Murtagh talks with Eragon and they deem it necessary to go back to Algaesia, but come into a great deal of trouble on the way back, (severe storm neither Saphira or Thorn can fly in or countless orcs and goblinscatch saphira and thorn, murtagh and eragon are fighting and are miserable failing. Eragon only sees one way to deal with them all, takes his last breath, pushes murtagh to the ground, “BRISINGRRRRR!!!”, swings his sword twice, causing an astronomically larger blast than the one he had in the first book, wiping out all of the goblins and orcs in the vicinity, sacrificing all his energy and strength to save them.) Eragon then dies, (no one likes this idea at alll, not even me, but i find it necessary if the series wishes to end) Saphira, Thorn, and Murtagh then race back to algaesia to find Arya On her death bed, Nasuada has been slain as well as all the mages who knew the true name of magic, Saphira lands in Du Weldenvarden, and Murtagh goes to find Roran (who has actually returned to Carvahall after the fourth book to live his simple life he wanted). Arya learns of Eragon’s death, Saphira cannot accept his death, but couldn’t accept Arya’s on top of Eragon’s So through uber dragon magic, the disease that nearly killed Arya is cured, but at the price of nearly killing Saphira, so in an attempt to keep her alive, Arya and all of Du Weldenvarden do the impossible, each and every elf put forth all the magic they can give without dying themselves, and with the help of the Eldunari, (who were left with the elves because saphira bore them with her as well), sing night and day for a week, and revive Eragon, but something is wrong…. Eragon has no recollection of anything that has ever happened. Nothing. He now has amnesia. Saphira, seeing her Rider alive again begins to get well, though she knows he is no longer the Eragon everyone knew. in an attempt to help him she begins to tutor him along with the help of Arya and Firnen, who has been secretly helping Saphira in other ways, but Eragon never fully returns to them as he once was. The dwarves are in an uproar because they have been having ANOTHER civil war and cannot help the now again warring humans over the loss of their leaders. Angela is nowhere to be found and the very fate of Algaesia seems very dim…. so as an attempt to bring everyone together, Eragon, leaving without telling anyone, heads to Uru’baen and takes position as king. He learns he is very respected and doesnt understand how to handle it, and when faced with an assassin after a few days, Murtagh comes to the rescue and takes Eragon back to Du Weldenvarden, Then once again Murtagh goes back to Uru’baen with Thorn and quells the warring people, placing himself as king, those who cannot abide to the law, will be removed from his kingdom and exiled to the desert. Eragon never fully recovers, and the age of the dragons is nigh because…Saphira has laid an egg…. The End.

    • Jeremy Gentry

      And i apologize for basically making a huge story on here, but i’ve had quite a lot of time to think about this.

    • Bailey Galt

      Write your own book! Seriously, I think it would be good.

  • Jesus Perez

    I firmly believe we’ll see more behind Angela. Maybe she’s one of the Grey folk. Or a hybrid, half Grey half human. Or something else entirely, she’s too……eccentric to be just human.

    • Jesus Perez

      Especially when they kill the High Priest of Helgrind and she (Angela) tells him “You ought to know my name, tongueless one. If you had, you never would have dared oppose us” the she tells him and supposedly the priest was extremely shocked and a wordless howl escaped his mouth.

    • Bailey Galt

      Humans aren’t eccentric?

  • Noah Fitchett

    He said that something was overlooked during the whole keeping a cap on the magic deal. Maybe they all (the group of magicians) go rouge, and being lead by the jealous king Orrin, bring destruction to Alagaesia. They ‘loophole’ the fealty to nasuada, and kill and destroy to give her more power, but they are just destroying everything. I made this theory a while ago, and I won’t go into too much detail. Pretty much Orrin creates a potion that people drink, and if turned into shades, have control over the spirits BUT harness their power. He commands an army of shades against the elves, and elves almost all die out. There are few left when eragon and the new riders come to battle. In the end, the elves are so few they do not need a queen, so Ayra goes with Eragon (and now murtagh) to the new rider’s home (or they move the riders home to the nearly abandoned du weldenvarden). The end 😀

    • Bailey Galt

      I think that if that happened, they would move closer to Alagaesia.

  • Sara

    omg I am so excited for the fifth book!! I kinda think that something will happen and eragon will have to come back to alagaesia with new riders to like prepare for an epic battle or something and that’s when we’ll see the arya and eragon moments, which would be amazing. I am also hoping to see some sort of connection between the past we so anxiously wish to know about and the future the fifth book has in store for us! 🙂

  • Blaine Greenwell

    I know it wont include eragon due to the fact with him training the new dragons. I think it will be how the races finnaly have their own riders now. I think it will be about the dwarves and elves.

  • Nano Díaz Rojas

    OR BROM’S History

  • maddieC

    I really want more of Murtagh rebuilding himself and finding a life somewhere.

  • Vasilis A.

    I really want to see a prequel with the first war between dragon riders, or even better a prequel on how elves and dragons started to “interact” with each other.

    Aside from that, it would be nice if Christopher wrote something on Alagaisia after Eragon saved it but if I see another rejection from Arya I’ii be furious

  • T2464

    Dragons return, and Eragon rebuilds the Dragon riders, like Luke rebuilds the Jedi order in Star Wars EU

  • that Elva becomes a rider and a threat to Eragon and the new riders. or any other new threat comes to Alagaësia. And Eragon and Arya must come together!