What’s your favorite Eragon/Arya moment?

eragon aryaMany of us were devastated that Eragon and Arya split at the end of Inheritance. However, Christopher’s recent comments indicate that their final scene together in the last book may not be the end of their potential relationship:

@LunePotter: Will there be Eragon/Arya moments in Book 5?
Christopher: I can’t spoil it, but I think you’ll enjoy Book V. 😀

(You can read all of his answers on the subject, including additional Book 5 information, in our recent Twitter interview recap!)

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite moments between the pair and want you to help us choose a favorite! Vote in the poll below to choose your favorite moment:


Did we miss a moment or scene between the would-be couple that you think stands out? Do you think there’s romance in the future for the two? Let us know in the comments!

  • Andrea Burns Comer

    I think the telling of their relationship is beautiful. Arya always wants to protect Eragon and chooses to go with him as often as she can during his dangerous journeys. Yes she is protecting the lands greatest hope for victory, but it goes so much deeper than that. The responsibilities that they both have come first, but I believe she will be much more open to him now. Their dragons instant attraction for each other flow from their riders. Their deep and heated passion is an extension of what I think may be in store the these two riders in years to come.

  • Tyler Nelson

    Totally muddied the pot with the best scene in the series.

  • VarunNovel-ty

    That whole scene in which Eragon realises that Arya is a dragon rider and their dragons just take to each other through to the time when Eragon made that fairth and Arya happened to see it & then the moment they shared their true names. That whole part is so lovely; but then the sad revelation:( Hope they get back together later.

    • Hyrum Blau

      ME TOO I love this series and defend it at all costs, but the love relationship was leaving something to be desired.

  • Elfchild

    Eragon and Arya are a match made in… whatever heaven elves believe in. I think even Paolini would be disappointed if the weren’t together in the end. I write stories for fun, and I especially like making ones about them. Besides, wouldn’t it be awkward if their dragons were married and they weren’t?

  • Donald He

    They must be together!!!

  • Mathew

    Also I really want to know if Arya finds Eragon good looking…cause all we’ve heard is about how Arya is beautiful and so out of his league…and for those interested should check out CP’s first interview Untitled, http://paolinichat.tumblr.com/post/14715114398/christopher-paolini-post-inheritance-question-and-answer interview from random buzzers.

  • Mathew

    You know I read this interview in which this person asks CP something about elves and their relationship and CP answers saying that elves are polyamorous in nature… My question is that if they are like that then the whole story of Linnea would not have come to pass in the first place. Linnea would have been ok with the fact that this guy had met somebody else!! I really don’t understand that concept.

    • Mylan Young

      Oh, you’re right! We should ask Christopher…

    • katerine

      I think they are polyamorous due to their immortal nature while Linnea existed before the connection of elves and dragons.

  • Julia

    Please just let this happen CP….. I swear if Eragon goes away with someone else I’ll kill him!!!

  • Benjamin Tracey

    If one were to ask me, the part where they share each other’s “true names” is truly a romantic moment in its own many ways.

  • EverettDM

    @ChristopherPaolini – This has to happen. Period.

  • Ihor Groww

    Hello everyone! I am from Ukraine! I’m a fan of this book! Christopher Paolini I wish all the best! Christopher, if you read this, I want to ask you write the fourth part of this book extremely interesting! Hello to you from Ukraine!

  • xhexania

    Inheritance was greatly disappointing as I was hoping for happy endings especially in Eragon and Arya’s relationship. Hopefully there is more to them and more importantly the romance between them is more profound than just here and there moments between them and as a reader obsessed with these two characters the most I wanted more. As a reader I would love to read a stand alone novel with just the two of them as the absolutely main characters, hopefully one day…(sigh).

    • Crowell

      I feel that one of the parts of Inheritance that made it an amazing finisher was that instead of the stereotypical happy ending where you have a funeral or two and be done with it, it was realistic. He did what was right, because his journey wasn’t over. And while I keep talking, I actually have no clue what I’m saying, but I agree with you, and hopefully you know what I was trying to get at.


    I absolutely love the relationship or the pairing of eragon and arya. CP has done a great job of making arya not only mysterious and intriguing to eragon but to the readers as well and also giving us a totally different relationship, one which is not common. Id love to see a totally jealous arya though, as it is only fair to eragon as he to became jealous (hehe). Also it would be awesome to read from arya’s point of view.
    ps @Christopher paolini: have you ever considered writing a modern romance novel of eragon and arya?

    • Elfchild

      I believe that she hides her feelings because she isn’t sure herself.

  • rhea mathews

    Arya does a very good job of hiding her feelings from Eragon (now is it because she doesn’t want him to lose interest in her or she is testing him..?idk?) hopefully they do have a happy ending and Eragon deserves it. What im really hoping for is more of their relationship than anything else as im sure most of us really are. I also want to know more about Arya’s character than her just being beauty with brains, getting to know if she is the possessive kind..


    I just love the part where Eragon held Arya in his arms when she heard that Oromis and Glaedr died in Gil’ead(not that it was fun that Oroms died):(

  • Shadeslayer

    it saddens me that in most of these comments, it seem like no one supports Arya and Eragon…..hopefully in book 5 it’ll change your minds.

    • Ricky Santos

      Not at all. Just 1 or 2 vocal minority members. Most people like the pairing.

  • UnRandomEst

    That is not the most flattering fan art.

  • Managoty

    I’m going to anger so many people. I honestly don’t want Arya and Eragon to get together. If you ask me they’re a horrible couple.

    • Ajay

      For the love of…. if you’re going to make a statement such as this, no-one’s going to get angry if you at least justify it. So many people make baseless, irrational statements with no justification. Give a reason for WHY you don’t like them, WHY they are a horrible couple so to speak. Otherwise you just make yourself sound like an ignorant hater. At least people can then discuss your reasons, etc.

      • Managoty

        Okay I don’t think they should get together because they just don’t belong with one another.
        1. The age difference:Not that horrible of a thing but the things it causes matter more
        2.The knowledge/wisdom difference is just horrible because it makes Eragon look like an idiot compared to Arya, for Eragon is a bull headed boy who doesn’t know what to do and does stuff out of pure common knowledge while Arya bases everything off of many past things and knowledge from actually doing things.
        3. Priorities: They both have their own jobs that wouldn’t allow them to spend much time together and it would ruin any relationship that tried to grow.
        4. Personality: … do I even have to say anything?
        And there’s much much more to this list.

        • Ajay

          You do realise all these problems are solved by what Paolini’s about to do concerning the upcoming book, whenever it’s released in a few years time… time skip. Solves the age difference, solves the knowledge/wisdom difference, solves the priorities as, by this time, they’ll know how much time is taken up by their duties and how to work around them.
          What’s wrong with their personalities?

          You seem to be forgetting a fundamental concept here: they’ve shared experiences, memories, companionship, etc over a trying time period i.e. a war. That forms solid bonds and feelings you can’t brush off…

          All you’re listing here is the usual reasons and not thinking about how they can be resolved. What’s a romance without some dynamics that have to be resolved e.g. tension, issues, etc?

          Granted, Paolini mucked up the character development and relationship development of Arya and Eragon as well as their individual characters; there’s no denying that. He needs to work on that aspect of his writing…

          All you’re ‘much more reasons’ are likely more things that can be resolved by time which, I might like to remind you, they have an infinite amount of! All these reasons you listed work if they’re mortal or if one them is mortal. …But they’re not, they’re both immortal. Thus time solves it all.

          It also sounds to me as if you’re letting your opinions of their individual characters bias your view on their relationship. You’re too myopic: you’re not taking a long-term view on their characters and relationship (since, as I’ve said before, time is not an issue and you’re trying to make it an issue).

        • Jesus Perez

          What’s a hundred years compared to immortality? Also did you read Inheritance? All those eldurani shared their knowledge and wisdom with Eragon. It’s as if he’d lived for eons with the experience he obtained. If anything, compared to that, Arya would be the inexperienced one.

        • Ricky Santos

          1- Less of an age difference than the one between Aragorn and Arwen, as well as Beren and Luthien. In case you don’t know who they are, they’re iconic romantic pairings from Tolkien’s Middle-Earth books.

          2- See point 1. Arwen had over a 1,000 years of experience over Aragorn. Same with the Beren and Luthien.

          But of course you’re entitled to your opinion. I want Eragon to be happy, and being with Arya would make him happy.

    • Helene

      Me too, i find them a really annoying couple. Arya in particular.

  • anmol13111993

    Please release the damn book instead of making vague and completely pointless references

  • Marek

    I kinda enjoyed this “situation” between those two especially in the fourth book. So I hope that the fifth book will offer some more Eragon/Arya moments, or even more than “moments”. I like the couple 🙂

  • Andrea

    Believe me or not, I always find annoying the “romance” between the two, until the last book. During the duel pre-flight for the island, they had something really special, beyond the end of telling each other their real name, beyond the facts he is the “chosen one” or “the only one” who can actually defeat the evilness.

    They fight because they want to, because it was challenging, and of course because they never had time to properly speak, well, they had, in book 3, but since Arya wasn’t in the mood for anything, nothing happen.

    If there will be something again between the two, I hope it’s something mature, nothing like the end of book 4, were both dragons doing stuff, and they ain’t know how to act. That part was so strange actually, that I skip half of the chapter, it was something I didn’t expected and clearly I didn’t want to read.

    And it as to be simple, like normal things actually happen, were nothing is awkward to read and feel about, it has to be real (fictional speaking).

    Sorry for the long comment but it was something I had inside by really long time.

  • Does shurtugal has an instagram page?

  • Helene

    I hope there isn’t any romance between the two, Arya is one of the most annoying characters I have ever read in a book.

    • anmol13111993

      Annoying as fuck

    • Ajay

      Try and justify your opinion rather than making it seem like an irrational, baseless statement. ‘Why’ is she annoying? You just sound like a hater without any justification… Plus it’s pretty obvious there will be from the mountain of hints and answers from Q&A’s/interviews…

      • Helene

        Its just the way that he is so obsessive over her all the time. and she is quite finicky all the time, she encourages him and then explodes in anger when he confesses himself. In Eldest (or brisingr i cant quite remember) she spends a lot of time with him, and then goes to visit him while he is with Oromis and Eragon tried to make a fairth of her and she smashes it. and they still wont leave each other alone.

        she likes him, she doesnt like him, she likes him as a friend, not romantically, she likes him romantically, she doesnt like him at all, blah blah blah blah blah. doesnt anyone else find this extremly annoying?

        • Ajay

          Um, you can’t seriously be telling me in fantasy fiction you expect romance to be simple? That’s the most boring kind ever. What you’ve described is a tumultuous, dynamic type of relationship. Yes, Paolini wasn’t the smoothest by far in showing these dynamics and it did get a bit frustrating… but at least he tried to make it unexpected or have some sort of rollercoaster feel to it.

          • Ash

            It just felt all a bit too wooden to me, totally predictable, and in all honesty, it did get a bit boring for me. But this is just my opinion, im not seriously expecting universal agreement on this.

          • Helene

            It all just felt a bit too wooden and totally predictable for me, it got a bit dragged out and boring after a while. i just didnt feel like there was any kind of spark between them. But this is just my opinion, im not expecting universal agreement on this.

          • Ajay

            I have to agree on predictability I guess, especially that God-awful scene ‘Starry Glade’ in Eldest. I quite literally face-palmed at Eragon’s idiotic confession and knew then that Paolini wasn’t the greatest at writing relationships…

    • AmDrag

      Stop reading the series then, it’s clearly not for you…

      • Helelne

        I feel you misunderstood me, i like the series, i just dont like the one particular character or pairing. that isnt a basis for me hating the whole book series.

    • Ricky Santos

      If you’ve read the first 4 books, you know it’s obvious they’re meant to be together. She’s the only person who fulfills Angela’s prophecy about Eragon’s epic romance.

      • Helene

        I have read all the books, i just dont feel like arya is a particularly strong character, they might well be destined for each other, that doesnt mean i have to like or agree with it.

  • christos855