Cast your own Eragon movie: Murtagh, Roran, Brom, and more! (Part two)

cast your own movie 2The Eragon movie made less-than-ideal casting decisions when choosing the actors who would bring many of our beloved characters to life. In some cases, key characters didn’t make it into the film at all. One thing is for certain: the Inheritance Cycle community can get it right!

Last week, we asked you guys to help us find the ideal actors to play a multitude of characters, including Eragon, Arya, Saphira, and others. The results were great! If you haven’t already, be sure to vote on the top contenders!

What if production was in our hands? Aside from a great script, a brilliant cast is the most important thing to consider for a new movie. What better way to cast a movie than to have the Inheritance community do it? Today, we’re asking you to help us cast the rest of the film, including Roran, Murtagh, Brom, Durza, and others!

Follow the descriptions below (taken directly from the book), find the actors you think best fit the roles, and leave their names (and the character they’d play) in the comments!

  • Brom – An old man with bent shoulders, whose face is dominated by a long, knotted white beard. His face is described as having a “proud eagle nose, deep-set eyes, and a gnarled brow”
  • Murtagh – Long brown hair, serious face, fierce grey eyes, muscular and fit, tan skin, slightly taller than Eragon, and “extremely handsome”
  • Elva (grown up)
  • Roran – Shaggy brown hair, grey eyes, muscular and sturdy build, two years older than Eragon (who can grow and “rock” a beard in future films!)
  • Katrina – Tall, slender, long copper hair, attractive, and having a certain force of gaze that lead Nasuada to believe Katrina could have rescued Roran the same as he did for her
  • Durza – Tall, thin and compact (runner’s build), with crimson hair and maroon eyes. Described as deathly white with the appearance of a “death mask or a polished skull that had its skin pulled back to give the appearance of life.”
  • Hrothgar – Grim and weathered face, deep set flinty eyes, powerful chest and long white beard
  • Orik – Stocky and muscular, standing only four feet tall, with a long, braided beard
  • Ajihad – Dark skinned, shaved bald head, closely trimmed black beard covering his chin and upper lip. Strong featured face, grave and intelligent eyes, broad shoulders, an air of dignity and command, with a strong and confident voice
  • Sloan – Small man with salt-and-peppered hair

We’ll sort through everyone’s comments and recommendations, narrowing each down to several actors we believe best fit the role. From there, you’ll be asked to vote for your favorites!

Who knows, if our petition catches Fox’s eye and they decide to make a film, maybe they’ll even take your casting advice!

In the comments below, tell us the actors you feel best fit the roles for the characters we listed above!