Cast your own Eragon movie: Murtagh, Roran, Brom, and more! (Part two)

cast your own movie 2The Eragon movie made less-than-ideal casting decisions when choosing the actors who would bring many of our beloved characters to life. In some cases, key characters didn’t make it into the film at all. One thing is for certain: the Inheritance Cycle community can get it right!

Last week, we asked you guys to help us find the ideal actors to play a multitude of characters, including Eragon, Arya, Saphira, and others. The results were great! If you haven’t already, be sure to vote on the top contenders!

What if production was in our hands? Aside from a great script, a brilliant cast is the most important thing to consider for a new movie. What better way to cast a movie than to have the Inheritance community do it? Today, we’re asking you to help us cast the rest of the film, including Roran, Murtagh, Brom, Durza, and others!

Follow the descriptions below (taken directly from the book), find the actors you think best fit the roles, and leave their names (and the character they’d play) in the comments!

  • Brom – An old man with bent shoulders, whose face is dominated by a long, knotted white beard. His face is described as having a “proud eagle nose, deep-set eyes, and a gnarled brow”
  • Murtagh – Long brown hair, serious face, fierce grey eyes, muscular and fit, tan skin, slightly taller than Eragon, and “extremely handsome”
  • Elva (grown up)
  • Roran – Shaggy brown hair, grey eyes, muscular and sturdy build, two years older than Eragon (who can grow and “rock” a beard in future films!)
  • Katrina – Tall, slender, long copper hair, attractive, and having a certain force of gaze that lead Nasuada to believe Katrina could have rescued Roran the same as he did for her
  • Durza – Tall, thin and compact (runner’s build), with crimson hair and maroon eyes. Described as deathly white with the appearance of a “death mask or a polished skull that had its skin pulled back to give the appearance of life.”
  • Hrothgar – Grim and weathered face, deep set flinty eyes, powerful chest and long white beard
  • Orik – Stocky and muscular, standing only four feet tall, with a long, braided beard
  • Ajihad – Dark skinned, shaved bald head, closely trimmed black beard covering his chin and upper lip. Strong featured face, grave and intelligent eyes, broad shoulders, an air of dignity and command, with a strong and confident voice
  • Sloan – Small man with salt-and-peppered hair

We’ll sort through everyone’s comments and recommendations, narrowing each down to several actors we believe best fit the role. From there, you’ll be asked to vote for your favorites!

Who knows, if our petition catches Fox’s eye and they decide to make a film, maybe they’ll even take your casting advice!

In the comments below, tell us the actors you feel best fit the roles for the characters we listed above!

  • Kevin Rusley

    ERAGON: David Mazouz
    ARYA: Florence Faivre
    SAPHIRA (VOICE): Caitriona Balfe
    RORAN: Alexander Ludwig
    NASUADA: Lupita Nyong’o
    ANGELA: Alex Kingston
    SOLEMBUM: Sunny Pawar
    BROM: Mark Strong
    MURTAGH: Aaron Taylor-Johnson
    ELVA (mo-cap): Raffey Cassidy
    KATRINA: Sophie Lowe
    DURZA: Matt Ryan
    AJIHAD: Idris Elba
    SLOAN: Jim Carter
    ISLANZADI: Priyanka Chopra
    OROMIS: Tom Mison
    GALBATORIX: Donnie Yen

    I’ve found that Roran, Brom, and Durza are the hardest for me to cast. There are too many actors that would fit, it’s difficult to pick the best one.

  • X10 GG

    I just thought of a possible murtagh, Keane reaves

  • Trent Green

    Eragon-William Moseley
    Roran-Chris hemsworth
    Saphira-Scarlett johansen
    Arya-Alexandra daddario
    Angela-Helena bonham carter
    Solembum-Asa butterfield
    islanzadi-Angelina Jolie
    Katrina-Emma Watson

  • Trent Green

    Roran-Chris hemsworth
    Saphira-Scarlett johansen
    Arya-Alexandra daddario
    Angela-Helena bonham carter
    Solembum-Asa butterfield
    islanzadi-Angelina Jolie
    Katrina-Emma Watson

  • Trent Green

    Eragon-William Moseley
    Roman-Chris hemsworth
    Saphira-Scarlett johansen
    Arya-Alexandra daddario
    Angela-Helena bonham carter
    Solembum-Asa butterfield
    islanzadi-Angelina Jolie
    Katrina-Emma Watson

  • Aura Maria Castiblanco

    Additional cast:
    Oromis: Paul Bettany
    Glaedr voice: Hugo Weaving
    King Orrin: SAM CLAFFIN
    Islanzadi: Kate Beckinsale
    Selena: Wynona Ryder
    Blödgarm: Benedict Cumberbatch
    Nar Garzhvog: Dwayne Johnson “the Rock”
    Paul Bettany and Sam Claffin seems perfect as Oromis and Orrin

  • Aura Maria Castiblanco

    Saphira: Scarlett Johansson
    Eragon: Alex Roe
    Arya: Daisy Ridley
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter
    Nasuada: Zoë Kravitz
    Solembum: Assa Butterfield
    Jeod: Colin Firth
    Twins: Phelps twins??? ( I just think should be real identical twins)
    Galbatorix: Liam Neeson
    I think the best is Helena Bonham Carter as Angela

  • Aura Maria Castiblanco

    Brom: some say keep Jeremy Irons. I think is good. It might be also Rusell Crowe
    Murtagh: Kit Harington pleaseee
    Elva: ???
    Roran: Liam Hemsworth
    Katrina: Emma Watson
    Durza: Tom Hiddleston
    Ajihad: Idris Elba
    The perfect for me is Kit Harington as Murtagh

  • Chap

    Possibly terry oquinn as galbatorix, may be a little too old, but can bring his sociopathic, manipulative, and dual personalities to life

  • Chap

    Alexander Ludwig as roran best fit, role on Vikings makes this apparent

  • natalie`

    omg no offense but so many of these suggestions are ridiculous.

    Eragon – needs brown hair, brown eyes. looks 15-16 years old, farm boy. kind of like a Ben Barnes or Josh Hutcherson appeal. I have searched high and low and have failed to find someone worthy of playing this role.

    Roran – Also needs to have brown hair and dark eyes. But I also like Kellan Lutz as a possibility. or colton haynes. sam claflin. (maybe too old for the role but god damn is he hot)

    Murtagh- Portrayed perfectly. I love Garret Hedlund.

    Brom – I really like jeremy Irons as brom. He does a really great representation even if his appearance doesn’t match the book 100%.

    Arya – first of all, why the hell did they cast a red head? Arya should be black haired, with a really beautiful face. even if they gave Sienna Guillory black hair, it would’ve been better. maybe a young kate beckinsale, olivia wilde, kristin kreuk, rosie huntington-whitely (with black hair). jessica chastain (with black hair)

    Galbatorix – John Malkovich was a very interesting choice. not how I pictured Galbatorix to be, but john’s acting helped the character alot. I also imagined possibly Mads Mikkelsen.

    Durza – Also perfectly portrayed,. Robert Carlyle was a great choice.

    Ajihad – also well portrayed.

    Islanzadi – I imagined her to look like Rachel weisz,
    even Kate beckinsale, angelina jolie, robin wright, famke janssen, diane kruger,

    Nasuada- i imagined to look younger than Caroline, possibly look more like gabriell union, or zoe saldana, meagan tandy,

    Sloan – I think Steve Speirs was a good choice.

    Katrina – red head. Rachelle Lefevre, kate mara,

    • natalie`

      Also noted – jaimie alexander is also a great choice for Arya

    • X10 GG

      I’m pretty sure dragon was blonde, been ages since I read the first book tho

  • R Trevitt

    ian mckellen as brom
    orlando bloom as murtag
    kati mcgrath as elava
    bonnie wright as katrina
    jason issacs as durza
    david buck as orik
    jonny depp as roran

  • Ðęrĭŧh

    Roran – Stephen Amell
    Brom – Donald Sutherland
    Murtagh – Paul Rudd
    Katrina – Lily Collins
    Elva – Ariel Gade
    Orik – Jack Black
    Ajihad – Djimon Hounsou
    Hrothgar – Peter Dinklage

    Hope you agree 😉

  • Ryan Fauglid

    Brom: Robert Eastan

    Murtagh – Johnny Depp

    Elva – Katie Mcgrath

    Roran – Chris Hemsworth

    Katrina – Carice Van Houten

    Durza – Seth Green

    Hrothgar – Richard Armitage

  • Dogstar

    Brom – Kevin Costner
    Murtagh – Matt Smith
    Elva (grown up) – Massie Williams
    Roran – Liam Hemsworth
    Katrina – Emma Stone
    Durza – Benedict Cumberbatch
    Hrothgar – John Hurt
    Orik – Richard Armitage
    Ajihad – Morgan Freeman
    Sloan – Ben Stiller
    Also for galbatorix I suggest David Tenant.

  • Maddie

    Murtagh has black hair

  • Noah

    Brom: Jeremy Irons
    Murtagh: Ben Barnes
    Arya: Jaimie Alexander
    Durza: Robert Carlile
    Elva: Isabelle Fuhrman
    Roran: Chris Hemsworth
    Blodhgarm: Alex Pettyfer
    Katrina: (My favorite) Kelly Reilly

  • TheRedRhohedron

    I loved Jeremy Irons as Brom, they should keep him.

  • Marcus

    Roran- Liam Hemsworth
    Brom- Jeremy Irons or Viggo Mortensen
    Katrina- same as in the first movie
    Murtagh- also same as in the first movie
    Orik- Peter Hambleton maybe

  • Lynn Yankee

    Katrina-Bonnie Wright
    Durza- Jason Issacs maybe?

  • Joe S Dello

    Eragon: young American or english actor with brown hair
    Murtagh: Garret Hedlund, or a younger actor that looks like him.
    Brom: Jeremy Irons, with a bigger beard.
    Katrina: Same actress
    Durza: Robert Carlyle
    Saphira: Rachel Weisz
    Oromis: Benedict Cumberpatch
    Or… Cumberpatch for voice of Glaedr
    Ajihad: Djimon Hounsou
    Sloan: Gary Lewis could work well as him, if he reads the books and studies his character well.
    Orik: John Callen or Peter Hambleton
    Roran: Chris Hemsworth,Christopher Egan, or an actor who is a “younger version” of them

  • Tyler Goertzen

    Oromis: Benedict Cumberbatch or Viggo Mortensen.

    Blodhgarm: Alex Pettyfer or Jesse Spencer.

    Islanzadi: Christina Moore.

    King Orrin: Jensen Ackles.

    Jormundur: Peter Facinelli or Gary Lewis.

    Glaedr (voice): Christopher Lee, Ian McKellen, or Patrick Stewart.

  • Tyler Goertzen

    Brom: keep Jeremy Irons. He was meant to play this role!

    Murtagh: Ben Barnes or keep Garrett Hedlund. These two are who I imagined Murtagh would be in the movie when I was reading the book.

    Elva: Maisie Williams or Isabelle Fuhrman.

    Roran: keep Christopher Egan.

    Katrina: Rebecca Hall.

    Durza: keep Robert Carlisle.

    Hrothgar: Ralph Fiennes.

    Orik: John Rhys-Davies or Phil Fondacaro.

    Ajihad: keep Djimon Hounsou.

    Sloan: Paul Kaye or Liam Cunningham.

  • Christina Huang

    I definitely want jaimie alexander as arya!!!!!! She is exactly how I pictured Arya. The defined face structure, black hair, and enchanting look.

  • Mina

    Does anyone else see Angelina Jolie as Queen Islanzadi???
    I was watching Maleficent the other day and for some reason that popped into my head.

    • natalie`

      one of my choices

  • Abdullah Mian

    Im fine with all the actors but SERIOUSLY ARYA needs to be different, perhaps emma watson and gimli as orik ang thorin as hrothgar

    • Rickshit Buragohain

      m with u man……aya srsly needs to b changed….. !!!

    • dj

      Thorin as hrothgar… yessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Durza: Tom Hiddleston
    Ajihad: IDRIS ELBA

    • Aura Maria Castiblanco

      Lol you are the first who I’m agree on everything!!!👍🏽

  • Henry

    I’m probably a bit late to the party on this one but oh well. I found it pretty hard deciding on Elva, Orik and Hrothgar and I’m still not sure I like my suggestions for them.

    Brom: Jeremy Irons

    Murtagh: Ben Barnes

    Elva: hailee steinfeld

    Roran: max irons

    Katrina: Charlotte Riley

    Durza: Marc Warren

    Hrothgar: sean bean

    Orik: Bredan Gleeson

    Ajihad: chiwetel ejiofor

    Sloan: paul kaye

    • Abdullah Mian

      who will eragon be

      • Henry

        This page only asked about some of the cast, I suggested William Moseley for Eragon on the previous cast suggestion page though I’m not so sure that he is the right choice.

    • Abdullah Mian

      MUrtagh is played by the right actor so i dont want him to be changed but jeremy irons as brom!

  • Bailey Barbour

    Brom- I’d be fine if they brought Jeremy Irons back, just with the white beard. I could also see Viggo Mortensen in the role.

    Murtagh- Ben Barnes. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing the original actor for this role, Garret Hedlund, return.

    Elva- This one’s tough. But I’d say Mackenzie Foy.

    Roran- Liam Hemsworth

    Katrina- Another hard one, but I like Eleanor Tomlinson for Katrina.

    Durza- I see Tom Hiddleston is popular, and I agree he could be good for the part. But I also saw Ralph Fiennes mentioned, and he could work also in my opinion.

    Hrothgar- I would agree with the choice of someone like Brendan Gleeson, but I could possibly see Ray Winstone in the role as well.

    Orik- Peter Hambleton, Gerard Butler, or maybe even Ewan McGregor. Just when I read the books, Ewan’s voice always seemed to come to mind when Orik talked. But that’s just a me thing I guess 🙂

    Ajihad- Idris Elba or bring back Djimon Hounsou

    Sloan- Hmm to be truthful I don’t know. But to give some suggestion, I say Liam Cunningham

  • Pedro

    I think the movie had a great cast, but they just didnt deliver an amazing performance like the actors did in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, i missed something more epic and adult, looked like the movie was directed for children, explaining everything and galbatorix acting like a cartoon villain… I think that Fox should make a series like Game of Thrones in stead of just the 4 movies, they could explore so much more in a series then they did with a movie

  • Nikole

    Eragon- Steven R. McQueen
    Arya- Jaimie Alexander/ Evangeline Lilly
    Saphira- Scarlett Johansson/ Emilia Clarke
    Angela- Helena Bonham Carter/ Sarah Jessica Parker
    Nasuada- Rutina Wesley
    Galbatorix- Johnny Depp/ Milo Ventimiglia
    Brom- Jeremy Irons/ Christopher Eccleston/ David Thewlis
    Murtagh- Chace Crawford
    Roran- Tom Felton
    Katrina- Emma Watson
    Garrow- Gary Oldman
    Durza- Tom Hiddleston

  • BF

    So I’m not well versed on celebrities but casting big name actors/actresses would ruin this movie!!!

    Brom: Irons was pretty good, Viggo Mortenson is at an age now that this would be a good role, but I’m not sure about this one
    Murtagh: Aidan Turner/ Ben Barnes (although Hedlund was pretty good)
    Elva: (this would be difficult, and probably left up to the director as for how they wanted to portray her, wasn’t she like a baby or something?)
    Roran: Tim Pocock/ Luke Norris
    Katrina: Peggy Nesbitt/Eleanor Tomlinson
    Durza: Karl Urban/Jack Farthing

    Hrothgar: the original was pretty good, again, another small role.
    Orik: While i would be tempted to say one of the dwarves from the Hobbit movies, it would be a repetitive. not sure.
    Ajihad: the original was pretty good, but this would be a pretty small part. Not sure)

  • Arkaidon

    Might be a long shot here but I was watching Ella Enchanted recently and I thought to myself “Cary Elwes for Galbatorix.” He plays the antagonist in that movie and does a great job being diabolical, insane and charming as well. His voice is also quite good for how they describe Galbatorix. He even looked like what Galbatorix should in that movie. Maybe he might be too old now but 10 years ago, he would have been perfect.

  • Kitsune Ookami-Ryu Oni

    I would say first off, have peter jackson direct
    Second I can’t remember everyone’s real name so bear with me
    Brom – Christopher lee or Hugo weaving
    Murtagh – Aaron Johnson
    Elva – Chloe grace moretz (hit girl)
    Roran – Chris Pratt
    Katrina – Zoe Saldana
    Durza – Andy serkis could totally pull this off with the right equipment
    Hrothgar – I see gimli taking this spot
    Orik – or this spot
    Ajihad – I kinda see Alexander judge or idris elba for this
    Sloan – dwalin
    Eragon – Matt smith could work he’s young enough, might need to change his hair color is all or Asa butterfield
    Arya – perhaps Jennifer Lawrence or milla jovovich cause arya was supposed to be hot but a total bitch and a bad ass
    Saphiras voice – I would use Laura Bailey
    Uncle garrow – Ian holm
    Oromis – Sylvester McCoy
    I see the urgals as uruks, and the kill as Uruk hai with horns
    Book never described saphira with feathers so don’t put feathers on her

  • Ryan Pearson

    I seriously feel like a lot of the people posting on here need to read the first book over… Almost EVERY single person I have read as recommendations are too old. Same as the characters in the first movie. Same problem we run into with the movie “The seventh son” In an attempt to globalize the demographic of “young adults” they age the characters so they ca make it sexier. Yes a lot of the actors/actresses work well for book 4 but not one fit book one. Not as drastic as Harry potter young but think on the same premise These people need to be younger, YEARS are passing not just a day and a half like in the first movie -_- really upsetting by the way.

    • Omi

      I do happen to agree with you, although on the side of everyone else we are also bound by the fact that we have to use real life people in place of made up characters so we can only do the best with what we have. It’s also very interesting to see that one person has an actor as a certain character and some one else has the same actor as a completely different character. I respect peoples choices but there are some here that have honestly made me baffled and cringe a little. I’m not saying that my choices from my comment are the best, I struggled quite a bit trying to name actors to fit some roles and others just fit right into place.

      I’d love for you, if you don’t mind, to find my comment and see what you think of my choices =)

    • yeah people have discussed the issue alot in the part one forum but nobody seems to listen 🙁

  • Delena

    Brom: Jeremy Irons was brilliant but i think Viggo Mortensen would make a hell of a Brom

    Murtagh: Garreth Hedlund all the way, if not Ian Somerholder

    Elva: Chloe Csengery

    Roran: Paul Wesley

    Katrina: Phoebe Tokin

    Durza: James Marsters

    Orik: Martin Freeman

    Hrothgar: John Callen or David Boreanaz

    Ajihad: Charles Michael

    Sloan: Sebastian Roché

    Eragon: Sam Claffin or if they want someone younger maybe Steven R. McQueen

  • Rich Abey

    Murtagh – basically Liam Hemsworth with a permanent scowl & untidy black hair (Liam’s a blonde).
    Brom – Jeremy Iron was quite a good match but I’d doubt he would do the movie reboot. How about Hugh Laurie?

  • Nina

    Eragon: Ed Speleers/ Josh Hutcherson

    Brom: George Clooney/ Jeremy Irons/ Sam Bean

    Murtagh: Liam Hemsworth/ Thomas Dekker

    Elva: Anna Popplewell

    Roran: William Moseley

    Katrina: Amber Skye Noyes

    Durza: Tom Hiddleston

    Hrothgar: Donald Sutherland

    Orik: Gerard Butler (with prosthetics)

    Ajihad: Djimon Hounsou

    sloan: Steve Speirs

    saphira: Rachel Weisz

    Oromis – Benedict Cumberbatch

    Uncle Garrow: Paul Blackthorne

    Angela: Natalie Dormer/ Jessica Parker Kennedy

    Arya : Indiana Evans/ Phoebe Tonkin/ Kat Graham

  • Renata

    Okay check this out:

    Brom: Jeremy Irons (I can’t picture anyone else but him)
    Murtagh: Aaron Johnson or Garret Hedlund
    Elva: Mackenzie Foy
    Roran: Richard Madden or one of the Hemsworth brothers
    Katrina: Rachel Hurd-Wood (with red hair)
    Durza: Robert Carlyle
    Hrothgar: James Cosmo
    Orik: Aidan Turner
    Ajihad: Djimon Hounsou or Nonso Anozie
    Morzan: Richard Armitage

  • Dan Roderig IV

    The original actors for Brom and Murtaugh were perfectly casted, if you ask me.
    For Elva? Perhaps Amanda Seyfried?
    For Roran… I can’t quite say
    I’m kinda thinking of Jenn Lawrence for Katrina, but I’m not too sure.
    Durza, I think Tom Hiddleston would be perfect.
    I also believe that Evangeline Lily would be a perfect Arya considering her performance in the Hobbit
    Angela I very much agree with other comments of Helena Bonham Carter
    Gary Old man as Oromis

    • Ryan Pearson

      WHAT?! Brom and Murtaugh were perfect.. but not single of the following recommendations make ANY sense… why would you cast 30 and 50 year olds to play 16-35 year olds… ?!?!?!

      • natalie`

        haha brom was not 35 years old (or even look like that age)

  • Katie

    For Murtagh, I’d say Luke Pasqualino, with long hair, like he had for The Musketeers

  • ChrisP

    Sloan: Michael Rooker
    Ajihad: Idris Elba
    Brom: Ian McKellen/Sean Penn
    Hrothgar: Brendan Gleeson
    Orik: Gerard Butler (with prosthetics)
    Durza: Cillian Murphy
    Murtagh: Adrien Brody
    Roran: Liam Hemsworth
    Katrina: Kirsten Dunst

  • Big D

    To be honest, Jeremy Irons did well as Brom in the movie, but if I could change him with someone it would be Hugh Laurie or maybe Ron Perlman

  • lucaa

    Murtagh: kit harington
    Brom: jeremy irons
    Arya: Emilia clarke or evangeline lilly
    Eragon: Josh hutcherson
    roran: ore of The hemswort
    Katrina: rose leslie
    Durza: tom hiddleston or The originale accordi

    • lucaa

      For arya also jaimie alexander

      • lucaa

        For eragon also jeremy Irvine

  • Leky

    Okay here are some of my suggestions – These are just my opinions and others don’t have to agree with this if they don’t want to 🙂

    Eragon – Alex Pettyfer

    Brom – Liam Neeson

    Ajihad – Idris Elba

    Nasuada – Thandie Newton

    Arya – Gemma Arterton/Tamsin Egerton (someone tall, lean and athletic type is how I see Arya)

    Murtagh – Ian Somerhalder

    Durza – Tom Hiddleston

    Roran – Sam Clafin / Jake Gyllenhall

    Oromis – Benedict Cumberbatch

    Angela – Halle Berry/Helena Bonham Carter

    Queen Islanzadí – Cate Blanchett/ Rosamund Pike

  • Omi

    Some of these I’m 100% with and some I just filled in as best I could, this is just my humble opinion =) <3
    Would love to hear what people think of my list =3

    Eragon – Sam Claflin
    Brom – Ian McKellen/Jeremy Irons
    Ajihad – Idris Elba
    Nasuada – Monique Coleman/Yara Shahidi
    Arya – Emilia Clarke/Anna Popplewell
    Murtagh – Ben Barnes
    Hrothgar/Orik – Martin Klebba/Peter Dinklage (either of these two for either character)
    Durza – Tom Hiddleston
    Sloan – Steve Speirs
    Katrina – Bonnie Wright/Georgie Henley
    Roran – One of the Hemsworth brothers
    Horst – Gerard Butler
    Galbatorix – Michael Chiklis
    Oromis – Michael Caine
    Elva – Maisie Williams/Ariel Gade
    Jeod Longshanks – John C. Reilly
    Angela – Helena Bonham Carter/I'd love to have a go at Angela myself though <3 XD
    Queen Islanzadí – Jaimie Alexander
    The Twins – Stanley Tucci (as both Twins)

  • Ilsa

    Open auditions.

  • Johnathan

    The Cast was fine, the Script and directing is what was bad. Get James Cameron to Direct… Then it will be killer… And follow more of the book and stick to the story line

  • Evan Nolte

    Eragon – Sam Claflin (that one’s iffy)
    Saphira (voice) – That’s a tough one
    Nasuada – Nathalie Emmanuel
    Brom – Viggo Mortensen (with beard) or original Brom (Jeremy Irons)
    Murtagh – Kit Harrington, Ian Somerhalder, or the original Garrett Hedlund
    Elva – Chloe Moretz or Anna Popplewell
    Roran – one of the Hemsworth brothers or Alex Pettyfer
    Katrina – Isla Fisher
    Durza – Diego Luna, or the original Durza (Robert Carlyle)
    Hrothgar – James Cosmo
    Orik – Mark Addy (with CGI of course)
    Ajihad – Nonso Anozie
    Sloan – Gerard Butler

  • Becky

    Murtagh-Ben Barnes
    Roran-Chris or Liam Hemsworth
    Ajihad-Samuel L. Jackson

  • Evan

    Kit Harrington for Murtagh

  • Jessica Lynn Brady

    Natalie Dormer for Ayra!

    • Christina Huang

  • Jason Eddy

    Brom: Charles Dance
    Murtagh: Hate to ride the bandwagon, but Ian Somerholder really fits well
    Roran: Stephen Amell
    Katrina: Jennifer Lawrence
    Durza: This role is made for Tom Hiddleston
    Ajihad: Idris Elba

  • Maxwell Edick

    Brom: Sebastian Koch
    Murtagh: Jake Gyllenhaal
    Elva: Natalie Dormer
    Roran: Aaron Taylor-Johnson
    Katrina: Evanna Lynch
    Durza: Ralph Fiennes
    Hrothgar: Dustin Hoffman
    Orik: John Rhys-Davies
    Ajihad: Sydney Poitier
    Sloan: Gene Hackman

  • Alex Nixon-Malaure

    Me for murtagh? Worth a shot right, gotta break into the scene somehow….

  • David

    Samuel Jackson for ajihad

  • Cody Beer

    I would be the perfect Roran and jeremoy irons would be great for brom again as long as he grew out the beard. and murtagh could totally be played by taylor Kitsch.

  • Jeanne Manseau-Noël

    Peter Jackson like director of the movie!

    Benedict Cumberbatch as Oromis

  • Cath

    Peter Jackson should be making the movie!!!!

    Eragon: Jeremy Irvine / Jake T. Austin / Ansel Elgort / Dylan O’Brien / Josh Hutcherson
    Arya: Chloe Grace Moretz / Scarlett Johansson / Emilia Clarke
    Queen Islanzádi: Anne Hathaway / Jaimie Alexander
    Brom: Nicolas Cage / Sean Bean
    Galbatorix: John Malkovich
    Murtagh: Iam Somerhalder / François Arnaud / Douglas Booth / Tom Hiddleston
    Elva: Ariel Gade
    Roran: Liam Hemsworth (or his brother) / Alex Pettyfer / Ed Speleers / Ansel Elgort
    Uncle Garrow: Julian Stone / Russell Crowe / Gary Oldman
    Katrina: Emma Stone / Emma Roberts
    Durza: Robert Carlyle / Jared Leto /
    Tom Hiddleston
    Saphira (voice): Rachel Weisz
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter (<—– first choice!!!! :D) / Alex Kingston
    Solembum: Logan Lerman
    Twins: Robert Carlyle / Julian Sands
    Jeod: Sean Connery
    Sloan: Steve Speirs / Michael Chiklis
    Nasuada: Vinette Robinson /
    Ajihad: Djimon Hounsou / Idris Elba
    Orik: Zach Galifianakis / Danny Woodburn /
    Hrothgar: Peter Dinklage
    Horst: Richard Armitage
    Oromis: Jeremy Irons

  • Maya Bewsher

    Jack Gleeson as Durza
    Elle Fanning as Elva
    Ben Barnes as Murtagh
    Kit Harrington as Roran
    Russell Crowe as Orik
    Denzel Washington as Ajihad

  • Michael Starr

    Brom Luke Evans Oromis lee pace Orik Richard Armitage

  • Matt Kinder

    I know he’s not on here yet but Liam Neeson for Oromis

  • Jack Hawn

    As long as Jeremy irons is Brom.
    Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje would make a great Ajihad. François Arnaud could make a good Murtagh. Richard Marden as Roran. Just grab a dwarf from the LOTR cast for Orik and I’ll be happy.

  • Heather Baker

    Keep Irons as brom- he was great!
    Chris Hemsworth for Roran- he suits it to a T!
    Possibly brittany snow as katrina but i’m not sure her personality matches…

  • mgrahm

    Brom: Ian McKellen

  • Simão Pereira

    Brom – Peter Capaldi
    Murtagh – Jonathan Rhys Meyers
    Elva – Chloe Grace Moretz
    Roran – Alex Pettyfer
    Katrina – Emma Stone
    Durza – Jared Leto
    Hrothgar – Sean Connery
    Orik – Russel Crowe
    Ajihad – Idris Elba
    Sloan – Steve Buscemi

  • As long as Alex Kingston (River Song to Dr Who peeps) plays Angela, I trust other people’s judgement.

  • Sgc4ever13

    Eragon: Jeremy Irvine
    Arya: Tilda Swinton
    Brom: Jeremy Irons
    Murtagh: Ian Somerhalder
    Elva: Ariel Gade

    Roran: Chris Hemsworth <3
    Katrina: Bonnie Wright
    Durza: Julian Sands
    Hrothgar: ?
    Orik: Richard Armitage
    Ajihad: Idris Elba
    Sloan: Ian McKellen
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter

    • Heather Baker

      love pretty much all of these apart from Arya- feel like liv tyler would be perfect but she’s already done the whole elf thing 🙂

  • Eragon: Ansel Elgort or Jeremy Irvine
    Arya: Katie Mcgrath
    Roran: Liam Hemsworth
    Katrina: Emma Roberts
    Brom: still Jeremy Irons
    Angela: Helena Bonham carte would be pefect
    Murtagh: perhaps Tom Felton
    Nasuada: Venite Robinson
    Durza: Robert Carlyle
    Galbatorix: Alan Rickman (?)

    • Dave Krawn

      Okay, most of these are HORRIBLE.
      The only one that’s good is Eragon as Jeremy Irvine.
      Katrina as Emma Roberts?
      You clearly need to reread.

      • Dalton Loring

        I agree with quite a few of his picks. instead of bashing what someone else would like to see, maybe you should post your own ideas and be constructive and not degrading.

        • en oh spells no

          it’s not harry potter m8

          • Dalton Loring

            I know its not Harry Potter bud. The face is a few of those actors may, or may not fit into these rolls. I wouldn’t choose Tom Felton for Murtagh but I do agree with Jer Irons for Brom.