What we’ve recently learned about Book 5, Murtagh, Roran, Arya, Tenga, and more (hint: it’s a lot!) – Part two!

we are hiring fbIt’s no secret that Christopher will write another book set in the Inheritance Cycle universe. We’ve talked about it in past interviews, articles, and we even have a page dedicated to it – “Book 5 and Beyond“. He recently answered even more fan questions about the topic, and this article is the second in a two part series where we reveal new Book 5 questions and answers!

Our first article discussed how Book 5 will work, hints at the plot and who the next bad guy might be, and answers the big relationship questions… Eragon/Arya and Murtagh/Nasuada?!

Today’s article answers burning questions about the future of Murtagh, Roran, Angela, Tenga, Elva, and more! Plus, Christopher hints at the loose ends and lingering questions from Inheritance that he plans to answer!

Christopher shed some light on Roran and other characters, revealing which old characters we can expect to see join the new players:

@Cjb3839: Do we get more of Roran and Murtagh in Book 5?
Christopher: Heh. I’ll take it under consideration.

@MaryGryff: Will Roran take an important place in the reconstruction of Alagaësia?
Christopher: Of course. As Lord of Palancar Valley.

@NarcysDope: Will we find out more about Angela’s master [Tenga] and the possible idea that there is another race of humanoids out there?
Christopher: Yes.

@RaeBode19: Does Elva have anything to do with Eragon after the happenings in Inheritance?
Christopher: No comment. 😀

And it looks like Book 5 may be the story in which we see more of Wolf-Eyes and Bladesinger:

@ChagartyNZ: Who was the woman blessed at Angela’s request?
Christopher: The subject of another story.

Were the women Eragon encountered and blessed during Brisingr present in the battle of Uru’baen?
Christopher: Yes, the women called Wolf-Eyes and Bladesinger helped Roran in Uru’baen. They will reappear in a future story.

And some Riders might be joining Eragon, Arya, and Murtagh’s ranks… and they won’t be human or elves!

@Studdlylxuis: Any dwarf or Urgal Riders going to be introduced in Book 5?
Christopher: Maaaybe. 😀

He also shared some information on future story content, but never specifically states that we’ll see any of it in Book 5. It’s a safe bet that more than a few of these goodies will be featured in the next book:

@EStewart_23: Will we ever find out what the seven words were that Brom whispered to Eragon before he died?
Christopher: Yes.

@Tflynn: Will we ever find out about the new land Eragon sails off to? What about the Grey Folk?
Christopher: Yes and yes. 🙂

@JudgeThyNot: Will we ever find out what the Menoa Tree took from Eragon?
Christopher: Yes.

@Luisjimeneez: When are we going to know the names of the remaining Foresworn?
Christopher: Somedaaaay!

@Ras2193: Does the land the humans and Ra’zac came from have a name?
Christopher: Of course! (Not that I’m going to say it here. 😀

@CainTrain_19: Can you give us more details about the lands the humans first came from and why they left?
Christopher: It’s something I’m saving for future books. 🙂

It isn’t a plot synopsis or excerpt, but it’s something! Christopher has been relatively silent on his future plans for Alagaësia since releasing Inheritance, but his recent answers may signal a change in his “No Comment” policy (we doubt it).

Christopher is hard at work on his current project, a sci-fi novel, but we haven’t heard what his next project will be. Book 5? A dwarven opera? Time will tell!

If you haven’t already, be sure to read the first part of our series which discussed how Book 5 will work, hints at the plot and who the next bad guy might be, and answers the big relationship questions… Eragon/Arya and Murtagh/Nasuada?!

Now we ask: Which revelation from above is your favorite? Do you have any theories based off of the information Christopher teased us with? Let us know in the comments!

  • Rogue

    is book 5 like book 5 or book 1 for a new inheritance series

  • Joseph Scott


  • Michael

    When will it arrive??? Have you a little idea???

  • bob

    no, that seems unlikely

  • Koda Allen


  • Koda Allen

    Do you think that the eldurnari in bast’s armor was saphira?

  • Koda Allen


  • Classified

    I wonder how long it’ll be until the book 5. It took at least four years in-between books. Add the science fiction as well as writing the book itself. I’m really waiting for the next book.

  • ColossalFangirl02

    I need to know what those words that Brom whispered to Eragon were, Chris. I’m serious. I will die without knowing.

    Also, what did the Menoa Tree take from him? I’ve heard some really out there theories, and I’m not really sure what to think. The twinge in his lower side makes me think appendix, but why would she/it want that? *Sigh*

    I think I may actually be Bladesinger. I’m not joking, she looks like me, acts like me, and has a badass name. It’s all there. *Chuckle* Please tell me that she becomes a Dragon Rider with a really cool black dragon with red eyes. That would just be too cool.

    Anyway, just write super fast so that my baby can come out faster. Oh, sorry. “Book V”. *Shrug*

  • Another Person

    What if the humans, razac, elves, and urgals still have part of their species in the old land the came from and Eragon finds them. Would they be similarly affected by the Riders like the ones in Alagaesia were? For instance the extended age and magical capabilities of the elves even without the ancient language.

  • A Person

    And where’s Brom’s Saphira’s Eldunari? It wasn’t in the collection that Eragon found, which means either Brom had it, or Saphira never gave it up, which means that it would have been in Galbatorix’s treasury of Eldunari. So it must be there, right? Unless someone destroyed it…

    no one would do that…


    (seriously, I hope not)

    • Brian

      If Brom’s Saphira never disgourged her eldunari, then it would have dissolved in her chest after she died. With that, Galbatorix would not have had it.

  • A Person

    I want more Angela in Book V. She was my favorite character (and still is).

    Christopher, I WANT MORE ANGELA.


    • DisqusWeasel

      I would like to see what happens if Angela fought Galbatorix.

      • 336thPhoenix

        i think it might be eragon and the varden army clumped into one and given steroids.

  • Dillon Shropshire

    Did any fans want Eragon and Arya to kiss at the end then Eragon has to go away. I think that would be ironic because her dragon loves Saphira and Eragon loves Arya so if they all together it be very ironic. What do you think

  • Andrew Demetriou

    My advice would be STOP ASKING HIM QUESTIONS. You’re putting the next book on too high a pedestal. Also, if Chris may have overlooked something you’re just giving him all the knowledge with your questions. He now knows which loose ends to tie. He would obviously have missed some given that “inheritance” was actually supposed to be his last book and he left loose ends there. Leave the author alone lol. Though it seems he likes the attention, anything we can do to get the books aster I suppose… but we dont want him to rush perfection!! i’ve confused myself now…

  • Nathen Mergen

    As I was rereading Eldest for the umpteenth time, I remembered that Brom’s Saphira was killed in the battle of Doru Araeba… where the Rock of Kuthian is as well as many of the Dragon Eldunari. Is it possible that, during his journey to another land, Eragon will find the original Saphira’s Eldunari and be able to talk to her? Or would Saphira have been too young at the time? In that case… could her Eldunari have been taken by force from Galbatorix or one of the Forsworn? (in which case, Eragon would now hold those Elduaries as well) I think it would be awesome if, in the next book, Paolini keeps Brom’s memory alive through his Saphira

    • Ebrithil

      That would be… confusing

      • Annoymus

        But cool

  • Henry

    Did he say books

    • Kdoggy113

      yes, yes he did. there are high chances that he will make a prequel about Brom’s life.

  • Chris Coates

    What i think may happen – is that Eragon will venture out far enough to a land that seems void of any threats, and setup a suitable place to raise many of the dragons both set to be wild and dragon riders (that get sent to him). After some time, as they expand in size and the new riders become more powerful/confident. They begin to reach further out into the new lands, and meet perhaps a race similar to the grey folk (or one of supreme power with the hunger of war akin to the urgals) that then decide to wipe out the dragons and steal their eldunaries. Eragon’s only option is to retreat with the new riders and dragons to alagaesia to seek the help of the elves, humans, dwarfs and urgals to defend the newly rekindled race of dragons from a second near-extinction. The one catch, is how would this new enemy come to find alagaesia? my only thought would be that one of the more inexperienced riders would be captured and have their mind broken into, and that information stolen.
    – i think the story would start with the new main character (a rider – probably human) becoming the new rider, meet arya and have their basic training before being sent to eragon.
    -Murtaugh becomes involved after realizing the danger and comes to save the new main character from otherwise certain death –(somewhat similar to him saving eragon).
    -Angela and jeod (if alive still) will be most important on having ways to defeat the new enemy as they are most likely to either have encountered the race in person (angela) or through their histories (jeod).

    –After reading this back i can’t believe how much i have put… and I’m sure im no where near correct. Also i think its pretty obvious that i have just finished re-reading the series and still in post-awesome-fantasy-series-feelingness.

    • Anton

      theres another catch, is there something more powerfull the THE word?
      otherwise eragon could just wipe them out

    • Eragon

      Did u get this from Christopher or did u think of it cause it’s and amazing plot

  • Meher Shrishti

    You can upvote your own comment… How dumb…

  • Meher Shrishti

    Well this site needs some news… I love Eragon. Do somethin anythin plssssss ……. *bursts into tears* noooo*sniffs *

    • Meher Shrishti

      Eragon as in the book.

  • rachael

    What happens to Sloan..?

    • Mer Watts

      At the end of inheritance eragon restored slogans eyesight and allowed him to see(from a distance) his daughter and granddaughter, but not speak to them. He still resides in the ellesmira, I doubt he has any more storyline.

  • Chris pao fan

    When will this new book come out

  • chair

    do you know aproximetly when you are going to write it
    and publish it

  • Nathan

    What will the land Eragon sails to look like

    • Mer Watts

      My guess is think northern china

  • Nathan

    Will Saphira lay any eggs in book 5?

    • Mer Watts

      I’d be shocked if she hadn’t before she left with eragon, the way she and firnen kept at it

  • Nathan

    When do you think book 5 will come out

    • Mer Watts

      My bet is on fall of 2017, most publishers don’t allow authors to make comments unless within roughly 2-3 years of project completion

      • Meher Shrishti

        George Lucas who’s that?

        • Lego Gillen

          Star Wars

  • GoldenMagicalSheep16

    Christopher Paolini- The most evil, beautiful, genius man.

  • Meher Shrishti

    I don’t think it will be out for a while…. But I can wait forever!!

    • Mer Watts

      Forever you say? ….WHERE DID YOU FIND A DRAGON EGG!?!?!?

      • Meher Shrishti

        Hehe surely found many in my dreams! I would have named mine ‘Vulcan’. No, I don’t like Star Wars. It’s before my time!! #Teamleo. We r allowed to talk ’bout other fandoms, right?

        • Jason Stephens

          Ouch… That just hurts my soul… Vulcans are from Star Trek not Star Wars…

          • Meher Shrishti

            Sorry I was born in 2002… My mom said she watched Star Trek as a child… 😅😏

          • Meher Shrishti

            Yes Rick Riordan did make a mistake. Refer Percy Jackson and the Greek gods, page no.305. First line.

        • Lego Gillen

          Go Leo! But I like Percy better

        • eshaan

          team leo me too whao percy jackson eagon and percy jackson are the best series ever

        • Mer Watts

          Given that Star Wars and The story of Eragon are practically parallels, you might want to rethink that

  • Starkiller

    will we find out more about the werecats?

    • Mer Watts

      He’ll probably throw a bit in there, they might be pissed about not being included in the new binding spell

      • chickfilaman

        No they wont, the werecats already have a bond with the dragons, and are solo people.

        • Mer Watts

          Correction, the dragons are fond of them, it is an amiable friendship, nothing like the bonding magic,

  • Katanarae

    Can’t wait for book V just finished rereading series and have to say I wanted to cry just as much as when I first finished. I need more answers. What happens with Eragon and Arya and Nasuada and murtagh? Who are the people on Vroengard island? Who does Roran and Katrinas daughter grow up to be (a dragonrider?)? And what about all the secrets of Brom and Angela the herbalist? I need answers!!!!!!!

    • Mer Watts

      Just going off how secretive Christopher paolini is, and his references to his sister(whom Angela is named after and based on) being even more secretive than him, I doubt Angela’s secrets will ever be fully divulged. And same with Brom, who I believe Chris based off of himself, will only very reluctantly offer his mysterious past for scrutiny.

  • mangareader

    Will any of the future books be about Brom’s life and the fall of the Rider’s?

    • Tom

      Chris has stated in one of his answers that he has considered a book detailing events up to the fall of the riders… We can hope!

  • Flammatrix

    This Made My Day. That’s a lot of things to glean, I’m too excited and I can’t wait to know always more informations abot the Book V. The fact that Christopher won’t stop writing about the Inheritance Cycle’s universe makes me so happy and I should calm down right know or you’ll may hear me screaming from Italy

  • Dragon fan girl

    Christopher, please confirm murtagh/nasuada is true!

    • bobby

      only way it can happen is a secret love, it can’t be an official one. people won’t accept it and i won’t accept it i mean he killed hrotgar.

      • Dillon Shropshire

        Which made it possible for Orik to become king which was important for the story.

        • bobby indahouse

          thats right but there were tons of other ways possible for killing hrothgar. why he had to kill it. murtagh murdered him with a whim. it wasn’t necessary

  • Dragon fan girl

    Man I hope Dragon and Araya kiss???? or the possible murtagh/nasuada are confirmed ????????????????I want the book comes out

    • bobby

      dragon and araya?

      • Mer Watts

        I think they had an autocorrect moment

        • Meher Shrishti

          ERAGON u mean??

        • Dillon Shropshire

          I hate that on lg phone most of the words autocorrect. Its so hard to join ineritance cycle discussions because every time I write Eragon it tries to autocorrect to dragon

  • Vladimir Grcic

    It is rly grate thet u all got ure teories but did u ever think thet coz of u some books we w8 so long? U are giving writers problems coz if he use some of ure teories u may say i told u so. So go ahed make more teoris so we never get new book.

    • Mer Watts

      Writers don’t generally call their ideas off because a fan got lucky with a guess, paolini has already submitted a draft or at least a general outline so the basic story is somewhat set already. The details are what most authors get hung up on, especially when they like inserting obscure hints the way paolini does

    • chickfilaman

      next time you try to get mad at people learn to speak right.

  • Jamie

    I want a confirmation that Angela is the Soothsayer. I also have a suspicion that the Menoa Tree took away Eragons ability to have children. He said he felt a twinge around his navel.

    • Annika

      I agree ;P

    • Mer Watts

      Maybe the menoa tree took a few “seeds” to “fertilize”

  • rrrrrrrrrr

    ppl need to chill with the whole Eragon and Arya romance. Trust that Paolini will deliver, he’s never steered us wrong.

  • azaila

    I’m hoping Eragon and Saphira will return, I’m not yet ready to let go (as if I can let go) btw I’m also rooting for Nasuada and Murtagh. :DD

  • Lollyna

    I really hope that I am not the only one who loves Murtagh and Nasuada as a couple 🙁

    • Dragon fan girl

      Your not they make a good couple hhhhhh the drama so cool????

    • Flammatrix

      You’re not alone dear 😉 I totally LOVE them as a couple.

    • Meher Shrishti


  • Kevin bloodstoneasiimwe

    What will be the name of the book and will we see an end to one of the characters

  • Senji

    Will Eragon return

  • Jonathan Handel

    The name of the ancient language?

    • Dragon fan girl

      Dunno hope it’s revealed though????

  • Meher Shrishti

    When will it be out!! I can’t wait for it!!! Come on! A Sci fi novel? When will this be out??

  • Randall Buckheit


    • Meher Shrishti

      Really what a great thought!

  • Randall Buckheit

    Definantly tje grey folk and the new land. I think we will get to learn more of the Ra’zac history from this. Learning what Brom said is interesting as well as WolfEyes and Bladesinger. They are quite intriguing.

  • Firnen

    I can’t wait to hear more about the Dragon Riders and what happens next with the elves!!!!!!

  • Danielle

    I cant wait for this!!!:) I hope Eragon and Murtagh can mend their bond though and like each other again.

  • Rodger Dean Moore

    I have one big question… WHAT HAPPENED TO TORNAC?! Seriously, Murtagh’s horse just vanished after the Battle of Farthen Dur.

    • Jesus Perez

      Currently re-reading the series and you’re right. Lol. Kinda random but yeah

    • Metto Ara

      He probably got eaten by one of the wanna-be dragons that are native to the mountain. I don’t remember their name, but they were essentially mini-dragons without the intelligence or eldunari.

      • Rodger Dean Moore

        The Fanghur? I suppose that’s possible, but I have my doubts.

        • Metto Ara

          It would be funny if some dwarf kept him so he could sell him later. There’s probably people even in Alagaesia that’ll buy something at triple value just because it was once owned by someone famous. XD

          • Rodger Dean Moore

            There’s people that do that in real life. It wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Jesus Perez

    God, yes! Paolini scrap that sci fi book and return to Eragon please lol.

  • ben

    making me happy, now all I need is a release date and a calendar or two

  • Meher Shrishti

    Omg. Book 5? I thought…..”And that’s it. I have no more words to add to this series. I have said what needed to be said. The rest is silence.” ???

    • Meher Shrishti

      But that’s the best news I have heard in months.

    • Meher Shrishti

      Hey I think Viria should draw some of Eragon too. (Viria is a digital artist. See Deviantart Viria) Most of u ppl reading this must have read / heard of / in love with Percy Jackson (the book). She has drawn amazing pics on that and Harry Potter too.

    • Eswar Vinnakota

      He spend years building an entire universe, something that isn’t easy. He probably isn’t going to have the new book center on Eragon and the others but rather have them as an overarching theme through the book. He said that he wanted to come back to Alagaesia in that same section that you’re quoting

      • Meher Shrishti