What we’ve recently learned about Book 5, Eragon/Arya, the new bad guy, and more (hint: it’s a lot!) – Part one!

thornIt’s no secret that Christopher will write another book set in the Inheritance Cycle universe. We’ve talked about it in past interviews, articles, and we even have a page dedicated to it – “Book 5 and Beyond“. He recently answered even more fan questions about the topic, and this article is our first in a two part series where we reveal new Book 5 questions and answers!

Today addresses how Book 5 will work, hints at the plot, the next bad guy, and answers the big relationship questions… Eragon/Arya and Murtagh/Nasuada?!

@Luigi_atlante: Will you ever write a new Eragon book? We miss your characters!
Christopher: Yup! I have Book V all planned and plotted out! Just have to finish my other projects first!

@WildandPredsFan: Is your next Inheritance Cycle book going to also take place in Alagaësia and with Eragon and most of the same characters?
Christopher: Alagaësia, yes. However, there’ll be some new characters … and many old characters.

@TSD_Adler: How long until we get to visit Alagaësia again? Whether that is in a book form, or in a movie.
Christopher: As soon as possible, I hope!

@ProjectONI616: Will Book Five be a continuation of the story or a prequel?
Christopher: Continuation, though I may write a prequel at some point.

In a Twitter interview, Christopher “No Comment” Paolini made some exciting revelations and cryptic hints about the next Alagaësia book! Thanks to his answers, we know some basic plot information:

@Corbyn66: Will the new book feature Eragon?
Christopher: Great question! … No comment.

@SuryHern: Can you tell us a clue from Book 5?
Christopher: Light and shadow shall meet in an epic battle. Bwahahaha! #ineverjokeaboutstories

@Andigarmendia: Can you give us a hint about Book 5?
Christopher: Everyone in Alagaësia has overlooked something really, really important with regard to the new peace they hope to establish.

It also looks like a big Inheritance loose end will be resolved: Eragon and Arya fans will be pleased to know that we’ll finally learn more about their (not-quite-yet) relationship:

@Laurel_Deer: Will the tension concerning the possible romance between Eragon and Arya by the end of Inheritance ever be fully resolved?
Christopher: No comment. 🙂

@Baker2Justin: Did Eragon ever find love?
Christopher: You’ll have to read the next book to find out!

In fact, it almost sounds as though Eragon and Arya fans will be getting exactly what they hoped for:

@LunePotter: Will there be Eragon/Arya moments in Book 5?
Christopher: I can’t spoil it, but I think you’ll enjoy Book V. 😀

Eragon and Arya won’t be the only two we see. When asked about Murtagh and Nasuada’s relationship, Christopher’s answer is clear:

@angry_ra: Will we ever know Murtagh and Nasuada’s future?
Christopher: Yes.

Christopher is hard at work on his current project, a sci-fi novel, but we haven’t heard what his next project will be. Book 5? A dwarven opera? Time will tell!

The second part in our article will look at Christopher’s answers on which main characters we can expect to see in Book 5, new Riders, and some major questions that will finally be answered! Stay tuned – it’ll arrive next week.

Now we ask: Which revelation from above is your favorite? Do you have any theories based off of the information Christopher teased us with? Let us know in the comments!

  • Astoehr56

    Eragon will find love. It was in his fortune. He’s just going to makes us wait because of Arya’s character. They both can live forever and relationships can wait.

  • Cody

    CP is a dick he should have followed up on the inheritance cycle before going into another project. Give us more Eragon dammit!

  • victor

    when will book five come out

  • AubreyTotallyArya

    But can a rider have 2 dragons?

    • AubreyTotallyArya

      Sorry I only read the first part of your comment but can they have 2 dragons or more at the same time?

  • Murtagh

    Guys, a dragon can have only one rider because of the oaths placed upon the egg before it hatches. this magic binds the dragon so strongly that it can only have one rider. but the rider, even though it had a bond, was not bound by magic at birth to serve only one. I think that explains this question.

  • Andrew Edlen

    Seeing as Elva also has a gedway ignasia from saphira, I think it’d be interesting if she became saphira’s rider. Either temporary as a villain through the plot of book 5 (eragon would still be alive), or the end of the book as a hero after eragon’s death

    • Josh

      booooooooooo, that would suck 🙁

    • Marc0polo 65


      • Andrew Edlen

        That doesn’t seem fair, considering riders can have more than one dragon in their life

  • Marc0polo 65

    hey, have any interesting theories on the Area/Eragon relationship?

  • Andrew Terry

    One question to a huge part of the story. When Glabatorix was stealing the eldunari why couldn’t the eldunari kill him with their combined minds? they were hundreds all together.

    • Marc0polo 65

      Because their minds where broken, like Gladear’s one, from the loss of their dragon-rider, and also Galbatorix made them swear by ancient language and their secret names to serve him!

    • Brice Holloway

      He was smarter than to attack all of the eldunari at once, he went for them one at a time, and as he took control over more and more it became easier. If you’ll remember correctly the books said he devoted 40 years to gaining control over the eldunari.

    • EG

      The Eldunari were forced to serve Galbatorix because Galbatorix killed their Riders, breaking their minds. He then broke into their minds, retrieving their true names, and then used their names against them. Afterward, they would not be able to rebel against Galbatorix because he would just be able to use their names against them.

    • Andrew Terry

      Thanks guys! Totally forgot bout that! Any answers to my questions below?

  • Andrew Terry

    You know how those eldunari’ got into a metal dragon/human hybrid to serve as the egg and eldunari’ caretaker. Well I saw a question about it and Christopher Paolini responded that it was crafted using magic. Well could they not give eldunari’ like Glaedr body’s to help with training the new generation of riders?

    • Andrew Terry

      As for what I think will happen, I saw some cool comments, some of my favorite were that perhaps there are grey folk still living and that maybe Angela the herbalist is one. It might also explain how she knew so much and was able to go were ever interesting events are happening…

  • JEFFY117

    I really hope Aragon and Arya’s relationship end’s up as a proper on in the next book.

    put #hopethishappens if you agree.

    • Josh


  • Marc0polo 65


  • Marc0polo 65

    It would be so cool if Eragon and Saphira discovered modern America and met Greek demigods!

  • Marc0polo 65

    Yup, Christopher Paolini TOTALLY copied on rick riordan 4 the “real name” stuff

    • Mimring

      Just gonna say… the whole “true name” theory has been around since Tolkien, and probably before. So I doubt he’s copying Riordan, if anyone.

  • Marc0polo 65

    plz respond

  • Marc

    This series is soooooo cool! I’d love Paolini to make a cross-over with rick riordan! that have like exactly the same style!

  • Crow Revan

    If I had to guess as to what will come next, I’d say that Eragon will get an emergency summons from Nasuada and will be forced to come back. Something so dangerous that it forces Murtagh and Thorn to return as well. There should be, by that time, at least 1 new rider. Angela will have quite a part in this as well.

    The book will probably touch on Eragon and Arya’s relationship a little bit.

    A couple years has to pass between inheritance and the new book because Eragon has to have some time to raise the baby wild dragons.

    So, that is my theory in a nutshell. As Paolini said, wait for the book.

  • Jorne Wittouck

    Finished the series this evening, and it’s like I have the same feeling like Eragon. It’s like I’m losing something and leaving something behind, as for the past 4 months these books were such an enjoyment to read.

  • Virginia

    Just finished the series. I need a release date for book 5

  • Mike Hundemer

    Finished all 4 books in the past two weeks….I need the fifth book NOW!!!! 😐 Any news on a release date???

    • Andrej Kascak (Skakutani)

      I’m scouring the internet for any news about books 5

    • thatdodothow

      it is out

      • Ian

        no it isnt come on man dont do dat

  • Mike Hundemer

    Finished all 4 bools in the past two weeks….nees the fifth book NOW!!!! 😐 Any news on a release date???

  • Ashley welch

    Will murtgah and Nasuda fall in love

    • TotallyNotAlpha

      Judging by the events of Inheritance, coupled with the tweets Paolini has been posting, yes.

  • Justin Feldman

    All the tree wanted was to see if he would uphold his end of the bargain

    • TotallyNotAlpha

      If you recall, Eragon felt “…a twinge…” in his lower abdomen after agreeing to the Menoa tree’s bargain. I’d assume this has something to do with his fertility. Another proposition, completely ignoring the twinge, is that the tree wished for Eragon to leave Alagaësia (she’d repeatedly tell him to “Go.”).

  • Leo stevens

    the books are perfect. but only one thing confuses me the most, what did the menoa tree wanted from eragon?

  • Skye

    I’m dying to read the 5th book!!! Please give us a release date!!!

  • Cole

    I remember Eragon’s guide and there was something about shadow thing. Light and Shadow fight? Eragon’s Guide? Seems like Eragon might be in it.

  • Steven Perkins

    It was a bitter ending for the fourth book, with Eragon leaving his family and especially Arya behind. And he should have at least kissed her instead of let her go. Like come on. When will the fifth book come out?

  • Steven Perkins

    When will the fifth book come out? I would very much like to know

  • KMP17

    I have a feeling that even if Book 5 doesn’t completely focus on Eragon and Saphira, we are likely to see some of their POV, if for no other reason than some of the loose ends that require wrapping up (such as the Menoa Tree and Brom’s seven words) were personal to them and couldn’t really be developed and resolved by other characters. Well, perhaps the Menoa Tree, and it is possible to imagine someone else finding the belt of Beloth the Wise, but some things I think would need to come from them, his relationship with Arya being one of them.

    I wonder if we will see an Arya POV… think that would be unlikely, (as with Angela) as giving them too much ‘screen time’ in such an intimate way would probably ruin some of their mystery which is an integral part of their characters… I think we will see a lot of Angela through a proxy character who spends time with her, sort of like Solembum but maybe not him per say.

    I’m guessing book five will be different perspectives from some new characters or perhaps older less focused characters such as Orik and Murtagh with a little of Eragon’s thrown in to give us that happy ending 😀

  • Morgoth of Thardszvul

    read all my commets

  • Aine

    I’m crying I really want to read the 5the book. Eragon is absolutely my favourite book and I have read plenty of books 😍😶

  • brenda l

    Please write Book V featuring Eragon as well, I can’t just throw away him!

    • KMP17

      I know, as much as I love the changes in POV I always preferred getting back to his! I hope he isn’t completely sidelined in Book 5, I know the book will be awesome regardless but… Eragon! Saphira!

  • Bryce Richards

    Checkout paolini and Angela’s twitter. You’re welcome

  • What are the chances that the Elves will become sort of blood thirsty and turn to the dark side. Given that the elves have remained in hiding for over several centuries now, their distance from “mortality” and human behaviour or rather, savage ways of the mortals- in general may have broken their connect with Humanity.

    Then, being a stronger and a wiser race as compared to humans – would they develop a sort of Superiority complex , much ion the lines of “the white mans burden” and take up the dictatory role in the unfolding of the events in Alagaësia after Eragon departs?

    This would somewhat makes a difference in a dark way, because the last time a MAN had taken power, he wanted to Either subjugate or annihilate Anyone and Everyone in his path. So, with Queen Islanzadi dead – Arya may find it difficult to ignore her heart which compels her to venture beyond the forest and not rule from her royal throne room in some distant mystical forest.. This MAY Put Arya and Eragon either on a confrontation path or put them together in the same team against the rest of the world (riders Vs the world).

    • KMP17

      Have to say that’s an interesting theory XD I’ve actually thought Arya will have some political issues with her role as a rider and a nation of elves that may not be happy with Nasuada’s ruling on magic and having their queen assisting with Nasuada’s problems… think it’ll be interesting to see how Arya adapts to being back at court and in such a high position after so long away from her kind.

      Think the elves are too wise to see the value in another war, but can definitely see them making trouble if their pride is offended and with a ruler who cannot be 100% invested in the elves alone… could be a recipe for trouble!

      • It could indeed be a recipe for trouble but also a beautiful plot extension by the author.

        Besides, the elvian mistrust won’t be misplaced ESPECIALLY because of their last experience with “human” rider. If I may dare say, I wont be much surprised if there is an assassination on the cards.. assassination within the elves.. they are cunning lot, and as u rightly mentioned, they can be especially touchy if their pride is at stake..

  • Hayzen

    will the new riders have any relation to Eragon and Arya like with Brom and Eragon

  • coolgirl

    i want another book

  • Ben

    I loved the book series and cried at the end. I really hope Eragon makes an appearance. Same with Saphira and Faenir.

  • Aaron

    When he said that there will be more characters some new and some old. I think when he said old one he meant that there might be more of Grey folk if Angela really is part of the Grey Folk.

    • Andrew Terry

      Wow that is actually a great theory… It will most definitely get me thinking.

  • winona

    do you have the name of the fifth book? im on the third book. it has been amazing so far.

    • its a beautiful read.. the pace doesn’t drop at all.. infact it keeps getting better till the end..

      • O_O

        deffinetly and you notice how his ability as a writer gets better as the books go on, been listening to them as soundbooks for the last weeks (since wow just the first two books probobly takes longer to listen too then the whole harry potter series) and the last book is great. and i had forgotten for how long the book continues after you’d kinda expect it to have a quick end after stuff and things happens >_>

        • thomas

          Just like the return of the king in the lord of the ring

  • Sam

    Just sayin…. King Stronghammer would be awesome

  • Eragon

    When will Inheritance V/5 be realeased

  • Eragon

    I really want to see Eragon and the orgiginal characters train new riders and watch Nasuadas rule

  • Morgoth of Thardszvul

    I will be one of the top 100 to buy the book first!

    • bob

      I don’t have an allowance 🙁

      • other bob

        neither do I!

        • bob

          wow. It’s like we are the same person!

          • other bob


    • Aine


      • Morgoth of Thardszvul


      • crippling


  • dragonborn44

    just sayin that would be epic…

  • dragonborn44

    what if inside the dungens of king galbotorix’s castle they found somthing abit like blodgarm but it’s like an elf and dragon…??

    • Morgoth of Thardszvul

      you mean like a dragon born elf?

      • bob

        no, elfs can change their shape, remember?

  • Izabela Grigorescu

    What if Alegaesia changes its name? Like Uru’baen became Ilirea again. Eragon wouldn’t come back to Uru’baen cause it doesn’t exist anymore. What if it’s the same thing with Alegaesia? This way Angela’s profecy would be right and we’d still be able to have Eragon back (I’ve seen this theory somewhere). But more than anything, I want to know more about Murtagh, he was my favorite character in the whole series

    • christos855

      thats pretty smart.

    • Morgoth of Thardszvul

      Nasuada renamed Uru’baen Ilirea

    • That’s smart alright, but seems a little cheeky!
      Since the name has changed, now Eragon can come back!.. its almost like the story is based on a loophole that was discovered by the author himself :-p

      But i am really looking forward to Angela’s History.. she is one eccentric charterer.. hope there are insights into her life and mysteries .

      • boby ghandhi

        There is a very legit loophole, in that eragon leaves never to return, but he can return and leave again, he can return for 100 times and leave and THEN ever come back because he dies of disease or he just spends eternity on a different continent, That way the prophecy is fully fulfilled and eragon can still do as he pleases.




    • Andrew Terry

      Another theory that has seriously got me thinking.

  • disqus_GB8lUuziuG

    I hope he doesn’t do a prequel… those are soooo boring.

    • Lord Vader

      True didn’t you see star wars prequels lol

      • Morgoth of Thardszvul

        I have seen them all and I like 1 2 3 the best.

    • luv2spooch

      This prequel would be eventful,taking place at the height/fall of the riders. 5 years later and we’re still hoping for this book. I hope he gets around to it :/

    • Morgoth of Thardszvul

      I agree

  • michael

    i love da inheritance cycle

  • Toahero

    Personally, I want Ismira to become a rider.

    • Morgoth of Thardszvul

      she may yet

  • CJoyceHarris1

    While the movie Eragon was the reason I became interested in the books, I was very disappointed in the movie. Instead of following book 1 only. parts of other books was included which destroyed the continuity of the Inheritance story. Would be better if Hollywood would begin the series over and follow the books. We know this can be done. Look at the Harry Potter movies. I look forward to Book 5 and hopefully a series of movies that closely follow the books.

    • Evilgamer1337

      Holy lord, yes! That movie was awful. Absolutely terrible. Made absolutely no sense… It’s like they weren’t even trying to make a series out of it, since the Ra’zac died in the first installment of a possible movie series?? I mean, the Ra’zac didn’t even die until… What was it? Eldest or Brisingr? I think it was Brisingr… Anyway, if Warner Bros. does revive the movie, it would be AMAZING!! All they have to do is just have the movie actually make sense, instead of making Arya instantly fall in love with Eragon. And the gedwey ignasia were absolutely ridiculous! They’re supposed to be bright and silvery, a simple circle on the center of your palm. But they made it some swirly-looking crap instead! Brom doesn’t reveal that he was a Rider until just before he dies. The whole ordeal with Eragon finding out on his own is just ludicrous. We could probably make a list of at least 100 things wrong with the old movie….

      • Morgoth of Thardszvul

        I counted 124 mistakes

        • Movie was a DISASTER !! The Story and the Characters were all didn’t match the description.. The CGI for Saphira was BAD- i almost cried!!

          I mean, the Book characters and the Movie characters of Harry Potter were relatable. The cinematography and story telling of Lord of the rings was EPIC.. ONLY if they could combine the positives from those two film adaptations, would ERAGON be truly justified as a movie.. i mean, look at the CGI in Marvel movies or even GOT.. the Dragons are soo much better.. Saphira was a turn off!! 🙁


    • Morgoth of Thardszvul

      When I was seven I loved the movie now I would like to pile all of the movies up and nuke them.

    • Morgoth of Thardszvul

      In other words the movie sucked.

  • Katina

    When I first finished Inheritance, I thought that the cliff-hanger with Eragon and Arya was so mean; I was mad that he didn’t have it resolved one way or the other. However, looking back on it, this was a masterful way to create a somewhat “sweet sorrow” ending-which is so much different and unique from most other books out there-that turns out not to be an ending at all! I do agree that a one night stand or whatever would suck, but being left hanging in my opinion only increases the excitement in the book, and can leave you to imagine whatever you want, if you wish. 🙂 Cheers!

    • SmartAlecCastCast

    • Morgoth of Thardszvul

      It sets you up for book 5.

  • AlienNinja

    I wanted Arya and Eragon love to resolve, in whatever way necessary, but not be left hanging. I guess we shall see. I hope it’s not something silly like one night stand or dumped each other for somebody else.

    • TotallyNotAlpha

      I feel that Eragon and Arya’s love story is the main reason book 5 is so hyped.

      Hype well deserved.

  • Amrita Park Suna

    I wanted more Nasuada and Murtagh from the very moment Murtagh started talking about her in Farthen Dur. I am so happy, I practically screaming my joy.

  • Basilis

    When is the realese date of book V???

  • Dzzyryan

    i am completely obsessed when it comes to these books. If anyone has ANY information about book five please let me know! Thank you!

    • Notchmath

      I certainly have theories that this article pretty certainly confirms. Understand, I don’t know if this is true, but I will be shocked if it isn’t. Here’s a hint: If I am correct, then Shadeslayer is not necessarily on the good side.

      • ayee

        explain further?

  • Kerrie

    Is brom’s saphira’ heart of hearts still out there?

  • Kerrie

    I am also curios about murtagh and nasauda Eragon and Arya and saphire+fírnen

  • Kerrie

    Did the thing everyone in Alagaësia overlooked about keeping the piece have anything to do with the gods, how another rider might rise to power like galbatorix, or how there probably is someone stronger than even Eragon out there. Or maybe Alagaësia is like Wisconsin compared to the world. Who knows. I finished inheritence today and when book 5 comes out I don’t want to have to read the series again.

    • Notchmath

      I don’t believe so.

  • Kitten

    I really hope the next book is from Eragons point of view! I’m confused at what will happen with Eragon because he was going to a different land, but will he come back if this book is featured in Alagësia or will Christopher just have him be a background character.

    • Dzzyryan

      I don’t think that Eragon will return because Angela’s prophecy said he wouldn’t return and the rest of her prophecy came true but, we can always hope

      • KMP17

        I think he’ll return, partly because when Christopher first envisioned the ending he wanted Arya and Eragon to sail off into the sunset, and now obviously a lot needs resolving because of the way the characters played out, so I think it will be a ‘look guys, I’m back! Guess the prophecy meant I’d be leaving for good at a later date’sort of thing. Kind of like an Eragon encore if you will 😅

        Plus, if he’s going to be a part of the story / battle to come as the Leader of the Rider’s Order, he’s going to want to be involved in protecting the land as is his duty.

        Also in Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia he pretty much confirms that a) there is a new rider due to arrive at the new stronghold and b) he won’t be there to welcome them because he is going back to help defend Alagaesia against the ‘shadow that stalks the land’.

        So in short, think he’s definitely going back 🙂 at least for a little bit!

  • HEllo

    I ffinished eragon a few weeks ago and I thought it was the end of the series but then I found out that thereis a book 5 I was so EXCCCIIITTTTEDDDD

    • Andrew Terry

      Yeah same! I couldn’t bear that ending and was prepared to be sad for the rest of the day but there is hope!

  • HEllo

    I need to when it is coming outttttttt

  • Jack

    I badly wanna know the release date for book 5 does anyone know. I can’t wait till its out !

  • Jack

    CP should make a loophole so Eragon is able to come back to Alageasia

    • SmartAlecCastCast

      how about a loop hole saying that he would return, just not as the same he left as

      • Vanillabadger

        Maybe they rename it so it isn’t Alagaesia anymore. Maybe….change it back to the Blodring Kingdom how it used to be? Then he’s not coming back to Alagaesia, but the Blodring Kingdom ( ;

    • Andrea Robyn Dodd

      I think the loop hole should be that fate is not set in stone. Simple. Eragon makes his own fate. His future has many twists and turns and in the end he is in charge of them all. Angela’s reading spoke of this. I think his leaving Alageasia was destined but I think the road he chose was self chosen. I think he had the choice all along. He could have stayed. He did the right thing but I believe whole heartedly that he could come back. And that he will. For the good of all Alageasia. And fans!!

      • KMP17

        Agreed, as Oromis said, fate isn’t set in stone. It wasn’t that he ‘couldn’t’ come back or stay there, but because he wouldn’t have felt secure or happy there with the way things panned out. Doesn’t mean to say he couldn’t visit, just that he wouldn’t choose to make his home there in future. I think when Christopher wrote the ‘you will never again set foot in Alagaesia’ bit it was with the original ending he had in mind, where he would have no need to go back. Plus I wouldn’t put it past Angela to say ‘ahh I suppose I can be a tad over dramatic’ 😅

  • Nic Palmer

    imo eragon was a bit OP at the end of inheritance…

  • Riderken

    So there are several threats still lurking in the shadows. These threats include the remaining hidden razac eggs galbatorix speaks of in book 4 in his chamber teng angelas mentor the dragon worshippers on vroengard and the many other evil creatures that have been mentioned in the books as “dark creatures” so with all that said the new villian could be a a mixture of all these or and this is a personal idea for it if there is a new group of riders in the new lands but split into 2 groups one good one evil and the evil go to alagesia to recruit for their forces and that is why Angela says eragon is not to return because he stays to help. But as we all know mr.p is very creative and has a nack for throwing curves into his plots I’M SO EXCITED TO READ BOOK 5

    • Notchmath

      I have a theory I will be shocked if it is not true, and if it is true, the threat is not any of those. In fact, shadows themselves may be the key.

  • ColossalFangirl02

    I am a completely obsessed fiend when it comes to these books, and I was so overjoyed to find that Chris was writing book V, and these answers made me so happy.

    As a fervent Eragon/Arya shipper, his answers in regards to their relationship(?) seem pretty clear. They will happen, or at least they will have a whole slew of new romantically charged moments. I will be eagerly awaiting those 😉

    I don’t know what the whole “Everyone has overlooked something huge” thing is about, but maybe he means that everyone won’t want the plan to keep magic-users under control, and that some magician’s will go rogue? Again, I’ve no clue, but it sounds interesting and I just can’t wait.

    Also, does anyone know the release date for my baby? *Cough cough* Sorry, I mean book V.

  • Evilgamer1337

    I’ve been thinking about creating my own fan-made video game series for the Inheritance Cycle. I even have an idea about how to convey Eragon and Saphira’s mental link. Please let me know your thoughts, and whether or not you like the idea 🙂

    P.S. – It will also switch points of view according to which character has the POV in the corresponding moment in the book. For example, how Eldest shifts the point of view between Roran and Eragon. I’ll even make it so the few parts with Saphira as the main POV, you’ll be able to play as Saphira 😀

    • SmartAlecCastCast

      great idea.

  • Caleb Pritchett

    I’m hoping to see Alagaesia be in the grips of war, but be rescued by an aged (so basically just wiser) Eragon with a host of Riders behind him. That would be pretty awesome. And he’d reunite with those he left behind (maybe not Roran, depending on how much time has past).

    • Evilgamer1337

      Noo, no old Eragon :'(
      Personally, I think keeping Eragon the same age, if not a year or two older would be better. I’m not sure why I feel that way, probably because it’s easier for me to relate to Eragon that way, since I’m 15 myself.

      • pttoau

        Well, as another 15 year old, I would really like to see an older Eragon.

        • Dillon Shropshire

          i only want him to be 1 or 2 years older. Roran was a big chunk of the story and katrina and her son too. Without them the book seems…….empty.

    • Dzzyryan

      That wont be possible if you want him to come to Alageasia because Angela’s prophecy said he would leave and never return. So the reunion would have to take place where ever he has chosen to train the new riders. but other than that I’m with you

      • Caleb Pritchett

        Well, her fortune could mean Alagaesia as we know it. There are ways around that. Knowing Christopher, it will be a complicated story that makes sense.

        • Vanillabadger

          All CP has to do is change Alagaesias name back to the Blodring Kingdom. Than its not Alagaesia anymore. Simple

    • Dzzyryan

      True he could come back to an different Alagaesia but in the fortune Angela specifically says, “Your fate will be to leave this land forever.” So she is not saying he will leave Alagaesia as in the empire but she says he will be leaving the land that they call Alagaesia. This makes is very unlikely. However, you are right about Christopher he will find some loophole to get out of it like how they extended Surda so he will go to what is now Surda but was Alagaesia.

  • Trail of the long nives

    oh my people are still on here OMG i cant believe that BOOK V is cominf out Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • RobRules 9


  • chris

    Yo Christopher(we kinda share the same name) i probably have some theories about book v(probably not even close to what what will actually happen,but nevertheless i have my hopes) So yes we may know that eragon can now be a mentor,but what we dont know is that he probably wont be the only mentor,i mean just like eragon had two teachers,first brom and then oromis,like that the new riders will be trained,fisrt by arya and when they finish their training with arya they wiil go and seek eragon on a journey,so he can teach them the last things oromis tought him and when they are ready he probably will even teach them the name of the ancient language,now about alagaesia what would you think about having some giants over there?they could probably invade alagaesia from the north.Seriously now though the key character will be Antzela(one of my fav. char.) this is what people always ingored,the things angela is capable of.. You have to excuse my bad English(not my first language,i only studie English for the last 5 years,not ever sure if thats way to much time or way to less) Now my opinion about the inheritacne becoming a movie are:if the are to be any movies,they MUST follow the books(eragon movie didint) and then they will be a huge succes,but i think that making eragon a series could be good too(even anime would be good i suppose) Sorry for my freaking long post,i am not sure why i write this last sentences,no one will probably reach here,whatever,continue with your lives do what you love and read eragon and tolkien novels,thats my motto

    • Malik

      hmmmm good ideas

      • yea and perhaps not even close to what will really happen

        • Malik

          yea it will probably make it so he finds a way to screw fate and comes back to algesia when he is probs about 50 years old and talk about how he still looks young and how he found a place for the riders and how he was training them and how saphira is looking after her dragonet ( remember that she mated with greenie) and stuff related to that

          • yea i believe that too…if we want to see any eragon and arya together..eragon must grow a little more

          • Malik

            yes i didnt like the way the 4th book ended… it was incunclusive

          • Malik

            they should reboot the eragon movie and make more of them

          • Dillon Shropshire

            i want roran to become a rider so that i can be happy with eragon aging more than 1 or 2 years. Also i feel like eragon and arya’s dragons should definitley be a thing cause like said in book 2 the riders and dragons crushes are reflected in the pair. so if both dragons and riders get together the relationship will be super strong

          • but eragon left,and and angela said he will never be back,their relationship is difficult to be a thing

          • Kevin Titus

            That just means that he is destined to leave Alegasia at some *point* in time; Angela has *NEVER* predicted *WHEN* that happens. Until then he can come and go at will.

            Besides, Eragon and Saphira most likely never left Alegasia. Remember, those maps of Alegasia have only ever showed the Western half of the continent. Christopher Paolini has said numerous times before that Alegasia is slightly longer than the continental United States; and I believe, that there is an Eastern Mountain range, similar to the Spine in back in the West.

            In fact, I bet Eastern Alegasia is where the providence of Inzilbêth, where Galbotorix was from, is located, along with, most likely, where that place where Riders never dared tread is. That’s where old Galbybutt met Durza. Of course I’m merely speculating here, HEHE. But if I do just so happen to be right, I bet Inzilbêth isn’t even there anymore, and if it is, there probably wouldn’t be that many people there. Between you and me, I bet that’s where the slavers came from. In which case, I hope Eragon and company compeltey runs em out!!! 🙂

            But regardless, there is plenty of room for dragons and a fledgling Dragon Rider Order. Plenty of spacious room, particularly in the mountains, if there is a range there. And if he does go past the Eastern half of Alegasia, which would make absolutely no sense when you consider that Dragon Riders would not want to have their headquarters too far from the civilizations that they need to protect, then, IMO, he and the elves would most likely choose an island similar to Vroengard, except on the Eastern portion of the land, rather than the West. 🙂

            And oh yeah, Inzilbêth could also be an island, IDK. And that dangerous unknown territory would most likely be deep in the North, possibly north of Du Weldenvarden, or perhaps even in the Northeast. Anyway, sorry for the long reply!! Haha 😅😊😂😇

    • Jawad Malaeb

      just wish they would remake the movie. imagine if they make a series of it. it would be better than supernatural. and does anyone know the release date of book 5?

      • Scorpio

        Release Date: N/A. Expect another 2-3 years at the very least. He hasn’t released his new book yet, and in response to one of the questions about Book 5 being released he says projects instead of project, implying he expects to either a) turn this new book into a series or b) plans to write a bunch of one shots to see what other genres appeal to him.

    • RobRules 9

      Anime dragon seems pretty awesome.

      • indeed

        • Trail of the long nives

          i would rather have a live action movie

          • we all do

          • Dillon Shropshire

            there already is a movie for the first book

          • it doesnt follow the book,thats why there is only one movie

          • SmartAlecCastCast

            true… the movie left out
            4)Star Saphire
            and the death of the razac came to abruptly

            I probably missed a few things but you get the idea

  • Ben Fields

    Chris (can i call you that)☺ i love your Alagaësia books (eragon series) and i would 1:like to know when you will have book 5 out, so i have a day to look forward to, and 2: did you make Eragon’s so similar to the word ‘dragon’ on purpose?

  • Frey

    Christopher, what about Angela?If you right a prequel will Angela’s back story be included?

    • Malik

      like for real whatis up with when she was about to kill that preist and she told him her true, (non magical) name….Like whats up with that!?!

      • SmartAlecCastCast

        i don’t think that he will make a prequel because at the end of the fourth book, he said that if he revealed everything about angela, she wouldn’t be half as interesting

  • trail of the long nives

    if anyone is still on lets all have a disscusion about book five say saturday

    I am SYKED for book 5 i bet that they will discover more in the north were murtagh is

    • Ben Fields

      I am too, i just CANT WAIT

  • Mylan Young

    As long as I get my Eragon and Arya moments, I’m happy 🙂

    • trail of the long nives

      there will hopefully be lots

  • Trail of the long nives

    I CANT WAIT FOR BOOK FIVE!:):):):):):):):):):):):)
    who do think the next ride will be?

    • trail of the long nives

      sorry i meant rider
      we need a better movie-sign the petiton

      • Mr.Chris

        eragon is not blonde,i hate this movie

        • natalie`

          I know. It’s so ridiculous. and arya having red hair? come on. these guys have no clue. the only thing i liked in the movie is jeremy irons playing brom. and chris egan playing roran? no. so wrong. this movie made me so upset haha.

          • Demosthenes

            Murtagh’s scar was on his stomach, not his back. Arya hair was reddish blonde, not jet black. Eragon isnt freaking blonde he has brown hair. Nasuada just looked wierd. WHAT IS UP WITH SAPHIRA POPPING OUT HER EGG LIKE “I AM SAPHIRA” FULLY GROWN!?!?!? WHY IS DURZA RIDING A DRAGON???? eragon is portrayed badly; he is too weak. orik isnt even in the movie, and there are so many other imperfections. The only person that was good was Brom, he actually looked like brom. one of the Razac was killed, and thats not supposed to happen until the third book. This movie made me cringe!!

          • Kevin Titus

            Lol yeah. Don’t forget the Dwarves somehow bring over 6 feet tall LMAO.

          • Kevin Titus

            Honestly, that’s not even the worst of it. Her falling head over heels for Eragon as soon as she looks at him was much, much, worse. But honestly, the most egregious of the Eragon movie errors, was the ignorant and dreadful portrayal of the dwarves and Farther Dur!! 😵

            And then there was the casting of Joss Stone as Angela the Herbelist!!!! And those insect abominations they stupidly called the Ra’zac!!!!!! OMFG SMH 😱😟😰😲😮😢 😔


        • Dillon Shropshire

          oh good hes not i thought have i been imagining him wrong and murtaghs scar was on his back

          • yup yup,brom’s death in the movie is a complete fail,not even close to the book,as well as the last fight of eragon vs derza

          • Kevin Titus

            Exactly!! However, that being said, Jeremy Irons was a great acting choice for the role!! Such a shame his awesomeness was wasted in such a spectacular failure of a movie. 😔 😡


  • Jesse

    I honestly believe that the mysterious Tenga will be more prominent in this book, and additionally does no one remember the people from vroneogard, the supposed dragon worshippers will they be more promit with the return of the dragons this is also a question and let me say this going back Tenga one of his apprentices we know is Angela who was said to have lived long enough to match The King’s years, being she was Tenga’s apprentice it is almost undoubtedly assumed that he is older than she and by that standard, the king, we also know that he spends his entire life striving to answer his “Questions” what if he has found The Word and by all accounts with his vast knowledge of the ancient language, he could bode a troubling problem, let us not forget Elva, but I will leave many of you to just let your thoughts wonder on this.

    • trail of the long nives

      I agree entierly about tenga i think angela is a grey folk

    • Ben Fields

      Thats must be like world record for runnon sentences, but yeah, i agree

    • Notchmath

      I think that it is not any of those things as the threat

  • Dominik Marshall

    Like he said in the acknowledgements, ‘I don’t know when I will return to Alagaësia.’ Well, we know that he has been writing Book V for a bit. I wonder when Book V will come out. Hopefully soon, I’ve been waiting forever!

    • Ben Fields

      As have i, i wish he would tell us he would have it by “so and so” a time, so i can look forward to it

    • Kevin Titus

      Unfortunately, Paolini is currently writing a sci-fi book set in our universe, about the mysterious Centauri B solar system, where a planet suddenly vanished supposedly. I really hope he completes that book soon and moves back into the Alegasian universe. 🙂

      I need something really good to read. First I had Harry Potter, then I had Lord of the Rings, then the Inheritance Cycle, followed by Hunger Games. I need something more. Something exciting. It’s up to Christopher since J.K. won’t release anymore HP books anymore. Come on Christopher, you can do it!!!!!! 😊😅😂😇😎

      • bob

        Read septimus heap. Really good

      • EL

        Check these out. There are 14 of them! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wheel_of_Time

      • KMP17

        I know 🙁 I’m dying of anticipation here! A friend recommended the Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb and I’m enjoying that so far. Fills up the time! Game of Thrones is another to read for a good rich series.

  • Michael Whiteley

    It would be cool if the Ra’zac could be modified
    to not eat or affect humans and dwarves with their breath and added to the pact with the dragons and other races. Then riders could ride them when they turned into letherblaka.

    • Ben Fields

      That would be cool, but i dont think it would happen

  • Jack Osborne

    I just hope that we will still see Eragon.

    • scru tods


      • Ben Fields


    • Shadow Wolf

      well, Christopher did seem to heavily imply that the Eragon/Arya relationship will be expanded upon, so we will most likely see them again, and we know we will see Murtagh and Nasuada again. i just wonder if we will see Roran, Katrina, and Ismira again.

      • Notchmath

        I dunno how prominent the relationship will be, though. He said there will be moments, nothing more than that.

  • Tim Finnegan

    I think that the bad guys will most likely be Shades, because if any magicians experiment with sorcery, they stand the risk that a Shade will be created, and there are no contigencies in place for Shades. I doubt even Arya or Murtagh would be able to stand against one on their own with no Eldunari available to them.

    • Notchmath

      I think that the shades will not be the villains, but shadows might just be.

  • Alice James

    There is the foreshadowing of a child in a round building that has never been dealt with, then there is Tengar and his question he is trying to answer. I hope it takes the same epic turn as Anne McGaffery’s Dragon Riders of Pern. A new civilization in a completely different place. I am glad that Nasuada’s and Murtagh’s romance is not over with. I think the red rider is basically a good guy or Thorn would not have hatched for him. Mr P is a brilliant writer, and I was very impressed with his resolution of how to finally conquer Galbatorix. Giving the black rider a conscience was the perfect answer. I am excited to see the inter-workings of the races learning to get along with each other as Urgals and Dwarves finally befriend each other. Yes the Razac is not altogether finished as a race. Chris says that in the last book. Nobody knows where the eggs are stashed, but they are there. I am betting that there is some kind of an unknown creature heretofore unmentioned on the Island of Vroengard. Something large and beasty like the Razac on steroids.

    • Ben Fields

      I agree completely and totally, i just wish that we could figure out what happens with erago/arya and murtagh/nasuada

  • welsh

    wish book five would come out now!!!!big fan

    • trail of the long nives

      Agree but CP is such a great auther i don’t want to rush him
      but iiii cccaaannnttt wwwaaaiiitttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Flygon

    While Eragon’s establishing the riders away from Alagaesia, what will happen to the eggs that hatch back at home? Will their riders go rogue?
    How will Urgal and Dwarvern society be affected by having riders thrust upon them? Many of the dwarvern clans won’t be happy.
    And what about the Ra’zac eggs? and when dragon riders are leaderless while eragon is away, what will Arya do, conflicted between the responsbility of queen and rider?

    I hope there’s a scene where Carvahall is attacked again, and Roran defends from his castle.

  • JustinConstantino

    oh wow! lol i thought it was just over. the end of book 4 felt a little too much like the somewhat depressing end of The Lord of The Rings.

    • Malik

      lol true

    • Fatima Shahzad

      SO true. It also reminded me of the end of gregor and code of claw!
      Anyone know what i’m talking about? If so, please reply

  • Christian Tveito

    I really hope this is true because i love the books. Great writing and great story. Eragon/Arya is really good and that you made it so complicated amused me and made me sad for Eragon at the same time. In the end i hope he gets her though! Hope this book releases this year or next year. Make it great mate!

  • Nathen Mergen

    I posted this same comment on Page 2 “What We’ve Recently Learned…”, but this page seems more frequently commented on…

    As I was rereading Eldest for the umpteenth time, I remembered that Brom’s Saphira was killed in the battle of Doru Araeba… where the Rock of Kuthian is as well as many of the Dragon Eldunari. Is it possible that, during his journey to another land, Eragon will find the original Saphira’s Eldunari and be able to talk to her? Or would Saphira have been too young at the time? In that case… could her Eldunari have been taken by force from Galbatorix or one of the Forsworn? (in which case, Eragon would now hold those Elduaries as well) I think it would be awesome if, in the next book, Paolini keeps Brom’s memory alive through his Saphira!

    • Hannah Prakash

      Wow that is actually a good point. Though I hope she wasn’t imprisoned by Galbatorix (that is if your theory is true)

    • Ben Fields

      That would be awesome, i hadnt thought about that before! =)

    • KMP17

      As great as that would be, I think Saphira Mark 1 is well and truly gone… Brom would have known if she was still alive within her Eldunari, and according to Oromis he nearly went mad with grief so I don’t think she could still be around… also I think suddenly finding her now would be a bit tacked on and confusing with our current Saphira’s character. Also she was very young and the Eldunari were a closely guarded secret among the riders so it’s possible Brom and Saphira wouldn’t have known it to be possible unless she panicked and fled to her Eldunari by accident. Would be cool to have more Brom stuff though! Wonder what else he told Saphira that she hasn’t been able to reveal yet…

  • Jihad Scott

    Does anyone know the release date for the book?

  • Gilberto

    I think it is a possibility that he will expand on the swords…women? that Eragon blessed. The ones Angela called Bladesinger and that saved Roran’s life

  • dragonflame

    also remember in book 4 that angela wisperd something in the priest ear that freaked him out alout

    • 999

      probably her real name

  • dragonflame

    I think the big thing that they overlooked is the belt of beloth the wise and the razac eggs

  • Fraser Payn

    Also remember that there can be dwarf and urgal riders now. But what i don’t understand is how are dragons going to carry massive urgals. Any ideas????

    • Kam Roach

      The dragons probably grow in proportion with their riders. We haven’t seen or know this yet because elves and humans are basically the same size

      • Fraser Payn

        Thanks for the idea

        • Gilligan

          Actually if book 4 it says thay there were eggs bigger then the others because of a certain dragon laying them those are the ones that the urgals will ride most likely

  • Fraser Payn

    I think that the big thing everybody overlooked is the name of all names. The true of the ancient language and the bag guy will use it to create havoc.

    • Andrew Terry

      Yeah but only Murtague and Eragon know it and anyone who hears it will forget it right away after. And neither are stupid enough to share it.

      However they never found out were the stone with the true name of the ancient language imprinted on it is and maybe someone has it and will wreak havoc e.e

  • Jack

    When is it the book released?

  • Link The Anime Thief

    i love the books but the movie sucks im actually hoping for a anime version maybe?

  • Natasha Barekman

    I bet Tenga comes back. He was only in a small portion of the book, his story is incomplete. I also want to hear more about Angela’s awesomeness.

    • Natasha Barekman

      As Mr. Paolini said, there are threads in the older books that hinted about happenings in the new book!

      • Jack

        Yeah! Maybe Angela and Tenga will have tension. She dislikes him, right?

  • Pablo Chavez

    I hope that the new person that becomes a rider is just like eragon an orphan and I hope that he is a jokester to keep the humor going in the book can’t wait to see if he or she has a golden dragon I smell a resurrected Glader anyone agree?

    • Gilligan

      Well the Inheretence seiries is meant to be a more serious series yes if a character was like that it would be nice but I highly doubt that would be the main character

  • Kent

    Finally there is a now book coming up! I thought inheritence is the last one for over a year now, and I would love to read the next book before I got into high school, which is just one and a half year away. I will be waiting for it!

  • Danielle

    I really love eragon and arya together and i really hope theres more of them i dont want them to end.😊😘

  • Fatima Shahzad

    You know how Angela cast eragons future? Well she says he will leave alagaesia forever and never return maybe it’s that he dies and gets buried on the new dragon riders island. leave forever – Death / Burial
    It goes to say forever and not returning

    • No such things as frogs

      ya maybe it was not eragons time to leave and he will come back because i do not want him to die in the near future. he also said in the book before he fought galabotorix that he wanted his bones buried in carvahall so thats unlikly but theres a chance he will be buried on the new island

      • Fatima Shahzad

        Oh yeah i forgot about that oops

        • Vanillabadger

          I figuered if they just change Alagaesias name back to its old name: The Blodring Kingdom, its not “Alagaesia” anymore. So he can return because its not Alagaesia he’d coming back to

  • hhahdahldadasdaas


    • Natasha Barekman

      Keep the language clean! Mr. Paolini is a beautiful, wonderful author with beautiful, wonderful, take-your-breath-away awesomeness books!

    • Fatima Shahzad

      I mean kids can love the books and not all people like it when there is cursing. Duh

  • Firnen

    Only 15? I’ve read it about 20 times! And you call yourself a fan Janelle…

    • Aaron D

      I have read the entire series up to 26 times. That was a long time ago. I just hope i still remember all the small details.

      • Firnen

        I have a website on the Inheritance Cycle, so don’t even start on how much you know! I have to do a bunch of research to get all the info I need!

        • Aaron D

          Having a website does not make you more knowledgeable than anyone else, nor does anyone question your dedication or love for the Eragon franchise. So please do not belittle anyone else to boost your own ego, it is unbecoming.

    • Link The Anime Thief

      20 thats it?????!!!! on the last 5 years( i belive) ive read it at least 50 times although the rereading stats arent that hight its a good read

  • janelle


    • Danielle

      Well im reading them agian and this time would be the 4th time…😄

    • Fraser Payn

      This is my 3rd time

    • Jack

      Inheritance 11 times, all the others slightly less.

    • I love ERAGON books

      62 times and i am 11 years old

    • scru tods


  • noah ortega

    The new “bad guy” isn’t a guy, it’s the Razac. There are more eggs. Remember or read Inheritance again

    • Fraser Payn

      Yes but Eragon and Solembum destroyed them

      • Jack

        Nah. There are more.

        • Fraser Payn

          But if there are more than all of the riders would destroy them cause eragon and saphira

          • Jack

            Ra’zac are very hard to kill. Galbatorix used them to kill Shur’tugal.

          • Fraser Payn

            Then how come eragon and saphira killed one???

          • Jack

            Because they CAN be killed, it’s just very hard to kill them. This is because they cannot be sensed or mind-read, and therefore they can sneak up on Shur’Tugal

          • Fraser Payn

            Yes but galbatorix is dead so they will just be bad and maybe not kill shur’tugal because galbatorix is not forcing them!!!!!

          • Jack

            Well, Christopher Paloni likes definite good-and-evil stereotypes. The Ra’zac are certainly evil.

  • Daytona Stufflebean

    Is there to be another movie? I wasn’t very happy withe the first one it didn’t follow the story well to me at least but i would like to see the rest of the books on screen

    • Fraser Payn

      I agree. Where is Orik??????

  • Natasha Barekman



    your greatest fans,

    Julia and Natasha

    • Firnen

      What?!!!!!???? You’re his greatest fans? I’ve got my own website on the Inheritance Cycle Julia and Natasha… 🙁

      • Natasha Barekman

        And I got a book. So what? Inheritance is a book, not a website! And I looooooove it!

  • reyna rodriguez

    new bad guys…could it be the priests of helgrind were chosen to protect the razac eggs, but went into hiding. possibly taking beloth the wise with them, if not who did?..perhaps a new enemy. forgotten unbroken oaths from galbatorix. or the name of names. or new enemy comes from the East, but thats somewhat far fetched.

    • Firnen

      I think the belt of beloth the wise disappeared and will reappear for the new Rider to find. Magic works in strange ways… It’s just a theory though.

    • Pablo Chavez

      Didn’t the priests die???

  • Eragon2.0

    I think that:
    1:There may be e a split in the new dragon riders into two factions
    2:The grey people will rise from the dead.
    3:The Raz`ac/Lethrblaka will be back
    4:Tenga may rise
    5:The Urgal king may rise from his state

  • Harpess

    If it’s a continuation and Mr. Paolini said he didn’t want to write about Eragon and Saphira again, who’s going to fill in their shoes?That honestly should be the biggest question.

    • Aaron D

      I still feel very attached to Eragon and would be greatly disappointed if he did not play a major role in the new book. Despite that i am fascinated by the idea of new characters who can carry on the riders legacy, and hopeful a new series.

      • Harpess

        Yes, it would, but he could still be important to the plot, sort of driving it along as the only senior rider(at the moment). And how many, is it a dragon and their rider, like Eragon and Saphira, or a group(big or small) or even one simple character who has to carry the weight of Alagaiesa? And is there a possilbity that these new character(s) related or are the infamous Grey Folk?

      • Fraser Payn

        I also want eragon to stay.

      • Harpess

        Me as well. I hope he tries something different with the character (s) to help keep our interests as fans, like maybe the new character is a dragon since we saw the life of a rider pairing through the riders eye.

    • Fraser Payn

      What about Arya cause she is a rider now.

      • Jack

        I think Ismira.

      • Harpess

        Yes, and as I said she would be the only senior rider in Alageiasa. I feel like she would, like her mother, be a plot driver than an important character

      • Jack

        Nah. She’s too old, and too elfish. I feel like Christopher Paloni would like to write about another young human, though possibly you’re right about the female thing.

      • vrutha231

        Nah itll probally be about the urgal or dwarf rider.

  • I love ERAGON books

    is there only 5 books or is there MORE!

  • Midora

    couldnt eragon with the true name remove the oath rhunon placed on herself to make weapons?

    • A tiny meme

      Well, technically he could do everything with that but let’s think about the consequences here: it would be disrespectful to the elves to temper with their lives – not only that, it would be an unnecessary display of power. Another thing is: would that even be in character? Hmm.

    • Jack

      I think he COULD but, according to his character, he would of course need her permission first.

  • Ruby Xana Takahashi

    There was alot overlooked I have some idea’s but I think I will keep them to myself. I have read the series many many times and I think I know what they overlooked. Well I just hope i am wrong but it would be interesting if I was right. Well all I can do is impatiently wait for Book V. I’m SO EXCITED

    • Michael Soliz

      What is your idea of the overlooked detail?

  • Miguel the rider

    I think the ra zak are going to come back becuz cristopher said they overlooked somthing realy big and galbatorix said there was many more. And in the last book the didnt mention trying to find them. And at the age of the dragons the lethr blaka were the dragons enemies thats what the priests said in dres leona. So this might mean what christopher said about light and shadow goingvinto an epic battle. So if im right than the new riders are going to go to war with lethr blaka and riders ra zak. If im right this is going to be one heck of a battle.

    • dj

      I think it’s that elves and dwarves get no benifits gov. wise, only that GAlby’s gone

      • Vanillabadger

        People really need to stop assuming its the Ra’zac. The Ra’zac may return yes but their far from being “the big detail” that we’re all missing. Its more than likely something bigger than just an actual physical bad guy that he’s eluding to

    • no need to know

      You’re probably right

    • Danielle


  • Jack

    Or the grey folk. There are so many different options. I think Angela is a grey folk.

    • Anton

      she could also be half elf half human

    • Rebecca L.

      I suspect that Angela is the soothsayer that Galbatorix told Nasuada about.

      • Jack

        You know, that’s not a half bad idea. She’s mysterious, has unusual tendencies and powers, and we don’t know her age.

  • Jack

    Or maybe it’ll be about werecats or the Menoa tree. I don’t know, but I’m hoping to get more about Ismira.

    • Fraser Payn

      Yeah maybe ismira could become a rider cause her fathers cousin is one????

      • Jack

        Nah. Everyone can be a Shur’tugal. It doesn’t run in the blood.

  • Jack

    Or maybe the ‘big problem’ is that spirits, which are a race, are not in the dwarf-elf-urgal-human-dragon alliance.

  • Jack

    I think the next book will feature Ismira.

    • Fatima Shahzad

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    What if the Grey Folk make a comeback and try to reclaim Alagaesia? If Angela is one of them, she would be an extremely dangerous enemy. Just a thought. 🙂

  • T man Pokerd

    I hope Eragon rasies the riders again and I also hope for a new seires for a movie

    • Tgun65

      I hoped I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like a feathered saphira

      • Natasha Barekman

        Yeah, it was a bit strange. Not quite fitting for a magestic, bold, brave, beautiful creature such as a dragon.

      • natalie`

        the movie was stupid. dragons dont have feathers.

  • Razor

    I really hope arya and eragon get together im not usually a romantic but it reminds me of my first love

  • Leo

    Didn’t the edurnai of Umaroth warn Murtagh of an Urgal King? Could the Urgal king be the new baddie

  • Zzen

    Angela foretold that Eragon would leave and never come back. That doesn’t mean he can’t come back now. He could come back and then leave again, and this time never come back. He could theoretically live most of his life in Alagaesia and then leave and be eaten by the niederwal.

  • Zzen

    I’m up for whatever as long as Eragon is still the protagonist.

  • Dragoon

    This might have to do with the magician group nasuada wants to form

  • Koumamo Piebo

    The Big oversight could simply be that Nasuada’s get to really implement her plans , she does really like the magicians. Or it could be the Urgals.

  • Also Paolini said that Elva was one of his choices for the green dragon’s rider but he went with Arya instead so maybe she could still be one in book 5?

    • dj

      she’d be overpowered, literally indestructabal

  • I think the dwarves might be mad about how they were included in the enchantment to be riders since they generally don’t like dragons and that it will cause problems in book 5

    • Fatima Shahzad

      The dwarves and the urgals were in the enchantment go read the books again, don’t talk about stuff you don’t know about pftttt

    • Fatima Shahzad

      The thing is that when Orik became King he gave this speech how the dwarves could have been dragon riders but they weren’t able to set aside their pride to become part of the enchantment so I think some dwarves might wanna be a dragon riders

  • David B

    Has anyone ever think to remember the hermit that lived in the old elven tower he might be a big part in the next book.

    • Aaron D

      My thoughts exactly. He could be a “Gray folk”.

  • Andrew

    Guys, what if CP makes eragon find a way to bring back all the dead, that could be light and shadow, galbatorix, brom, etc…

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    Light and shadow. Sounds like shades are going to be involved. I hope we get to see murtagh. Also the story of Angela.

    I think the overlooked thing is that with Eragon gone, there is no one to control the magicians in the land, perhaps.

    • Tayven F

      Ra’zac eggs perhaps..

  • Nat

    Will Eragon and Arya marry?

    • Amun_Ra

      No, elves don’t marry, and arts is an elf and Eragon’s like an elf

      • Amun_Ra

        I mean Arya

        • Razor

          Amun ra is right arya explains that elves take partners for how ever long it pleases them wether it be a day or forever and that marriage was a human concept

  • Alfredo Valenzuela

    Damn it I know he’s going to make a prequel about the first Eragon and the fall of the rides isn’t he.

    • T man Pokerd

      No its gonna be about brom and his dragon

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  • Amun_Ra

    When Baker2Justin asked CP “Did Eragon ever find love?”, CP answered “You’ll have to read the next book to find out!”.
    This means that ERAGON IS IN THE NEXT BOOK!
    I wonder what “something really really important that people of Algaësia have overlooked” is?
    It may be the Grey Folks?

  • Amun_Ra

    “Light and shadow shall meet in an epic battle” I think the story is something to do with the Grey Folks?

  • Sean Clark

    Yeah I agree. There needs to be another white

  • GoldenMagicalSheep16

    I wonder what dragon will be on the cover of Book IV?
    Christopher; Hey, WE NEED A WHITE DRAGON!
    Thx ^^

    • Nathan

      That’s a great idea! Though I wonder what his/her’s name will be

  • Taite Lewis

    I think Angela sword is made out of the the dragon scales that became clear when the dragon flew near the sun because she said it wasn’t made of stone nor metal

    • Taite Lewis

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    What will the title be?

  • David Bates


  • David Bates

    Well dragon knows the name of all names so he can always overight the “fate” that’s upon him so he can leave where ever he’s at and go into book five and explore or help alagaisia again

    • Amun_Ra


    • Anton

      not quite sure, remember what angela saw was his “fate”, not any normal kind of magic, i think the dragon bones know everything, and if they did know his future then they knew he would find the word, therefore their telling still stands

  • David Bates

    I think that Ismira rorans daughter will be a rider

    • Fatima Shahzad

      Same here

  • Did Galbatorix have any children?

    • Fatima Shahzad

      I always wonder that

  • Jeypi Lp

    Hey Christopher,I really enjoyed your Eragon Books. I really hope we will not have to wait very long. I hope you dont will forget to mention the Fairith from Selena what Eragon got from Oromis. I know its a little thing,but many little things are one big,right? 🙂

  • StephaniePaige

    So I know it was prophesized that Eragon would never return to Alegasia, but it’s really not gonna be the same Alegasia without Galbatorix’s tyranny, so does it still even count?

  • nat

    Does Arya marry Eragon?

    • Amun_Ra

      Elves don’t marry – says it in eldest and/or brisingr

    • Anton

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    I get the sneaky feeling that Angela is one of the few remaining “grey folk.” If you recall in the end of Eragon, he was flying with Saphira and they saw a grey spot and flew closer to find Angela. I would quote the exact wording but the book is presently not in front of me.

  • Jeseia

    want to finally know what the Menoa tree took from Eragon. How old Angela
    really is and where she comes from. Does any Urgal or dwarf become a rider.
    There is also the story of the other woman Angela cast bones for.

  • Annika

    Make up a name for the place Eragon and Saphira are raising the riders…

  • 120130+5

    I think that the exact same thing will happen again: some insane person mimicks galbatorix and overthrows the Riders… again.

    • MKelber

      The thing is Eragon has all the Eldunari with him and he also know the name of the Ancient Language he could kill any rider that wants to overthrow him and/or the riders, but I also agree with you. Someone will try to overthrow the riders I bet Urgals, then Eragon, Arya, Murtagh, Roran, Nasuada, and others will end the uprising.

  • Grace Ribolzi

    i ship murtagh and nasuada

  • Ali Abbass Shirazi

    What about the future of the new dragons?????????????

    • Zonic

      what about it? its obviously gonna be in the book, as eragon is leaving with the dragon eggs. if we are lucky, maybe we will encounter a new rider as well

  • Zonic

    in my opinion he will. the 4 other books are based on this, and the ending of book 5 as well. id also love to his and Arya´s story after the end. but maybe there will be more side characters, maybe a look in the past etc.

  • xhexania

    Im pretty sure that Eragon is not going to be the main character in book 5 which is sad as I was looking forward to his and Arya’s story….

  • Zonic

    id really like to know abit of Angela´s past in book V, why she is how she is, etc. also more about Eragon and Arya´s relationship. cant wait for this. also even though Angela forsaw his future and faith, the faith can be changed, if the right choices are made. and maybe, if we are lucky, the new book might be book V? or something related to it, in my opinion, i don´t see any reason to why he should write a new book series, insted of continuing on the intheritance cycle when it was so successful.

    • Brandon Calhoun

      Angela is the oracle from the hall of the soothsayer

      • Fatima Shahzad

        We can only assume

  • Gaurav Rao

    Could angela be the enemy? Please ship Arya and Eragon in book V.

  • Richard Rochemont

    Book V could include a horde of Razac, since Galbatorix said he had a few other eggs stored in secret.

    • Amun_Ra

      Ohhh possible

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    What about the strange warrior woman in the capitol, or the weird wizard man (Angela’s teacher?), the one true urgal king… He left so many possibilities!!!

  • Dylan

    Stick with me here but I have a feeling the dark evil thing overlooked may be what I think I remember to be the hooded figure or figures on vroengaurd probably spelled that wrong it’s been 14 months since 8 read the last book

    • Snowbn

      Ah, good call! I forgot about those, and i hope they’ll feature in the book

    • Amun_Ra

      Also a mystery- the hooded figures

  • Meher Shrishti

    But angelas prophecy ends at never come back. So she didn’t forecast his WHOLE future.

    • Dylan

      I mean he left in the end hut think about the prophecy is a prediction he could eventually come back

    • Fatima Shahzad

      maybe it’s that he dies and gets buried on the new dragon riders island. leave forever – Death / Burial
      It goes to say forever not returning

  • Doc

    I still wonder if Book V isn’t the sci-fi novel he’s working on. There are too many science fiction themes in inheritance for it to not at least be related to the series.

    • William Shields

      Dude, Mr Paolini said in one of his Q ‘n’ As that there were gonna be dragons in space in his sci-fi novel

  • naads

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    CP can you please give a more clear answer on when it’s gonna come out?

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    I wonder if I will ever see Blödhgarm again?

    • Dylan

      Most likely he did go with eragon to help raise the new generation of riders

      • Tamika Cobb

        I just hope Polini keeps him alive

      • natalie`

        Im pretty sure Blodhgarm did go with eragon. I believe there were several elves that left with eragon to find a place to raise the dragons/riders. Surely if eragon is featured in the next book, all the other characters that went with him would be included.

  • ben

    just as they met the nidwhal when flying to vroengard glaedr states that there are other evils like the nidwhal stalking the land and I think somewhere in the book (I don’t remember where but I think it was when murtagh left and the eldunari were talking) they are told no to go to far north as it would be dangerous could it be that all the evil in the land unites under a singular banner (I don’t know who) and somehow bypasses the name and then goes on to leave rampage and terror in there place.
    p.s. I can see a few of the young dragons getting eaten when they stop on the way to wherever it is that eragon decides to put his stronghold.
    p.s.s another thing is the heavy role of gods throughout the play could there somehow be an rogue/upset god that unites all the evil or something. (jees god version of galbatorix, run)

    • Dylan

      Well it was never specified Wethersfield there where gods so that might be likely

    • natalie`

      he wouldnt have to release her from the vow. when arya became a rider, rhunon reshaped a riders sword for her. there are hundreds of riders swords recovered from galbatorix, so she can reshape all of them for the new riders.

  • Sona

    Am I the only one who would LOVE for Book 5/ect to take place in the new Riders’ land, or searching for it? Or even the land beyound Alagaesia following Murtagh?

    • shurtugal


    • Ali Abbass Shirazi

      Exactly what I want

  • christos855

    i bet ra zac will return! kill them all

    • Metto Ara

      Nah, let’em live. I’d love to tame a lethrblaka. I mean, they could be trained to eat other things. Let’em eat those big goats in the Beor. 😛

      • christos855


        • #BookWorm


      • Fatima Shahzad

        I was thinking that if they were taught like that ever since they were Bon are zac could be the beginning of the lethrblaka riders or at least they could be part of the good side

  • Kyle Decker

    … If Angela’s prophecy remains true, Eragon won’t play a big role if at all in book V… Dunno why that’s a question… Maybe story will take place where Eragon settled?

    • Dylan

      That’s the thing it’s a prophecy it is really a prediction if eragon so decides to never return he won’t bit if he wants to then he will maybe to see arya lol *wink wink*

    • Mer Watts

      Unless he hasn’t truly left Alagaesia yet

    • Fatima Shahzad

      Well she says he will leave alagaesia forever and never return maybe it’s that he dies and gets buried on the new dragon riders island.
      leave forever – Death / Burial
      It goes to say forever and not returning

  • Danielle

    I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    • trail of the long nives


  • Ayame Fujibayashi

    I am seeing Dragon age happening in book five, Nasuasa sounds too much like she wants to make a templar order to police anyone with magic by the end (pretty telling that Angela flat out stated “out before the queen goes full tyrant on anyone who isn’t normal by her view.”

    It won’t end well if that is the case, it will cause people who are otherwise just trying to live their lives to fear the general population and vice versa, it is pretty much Galbatorix in reverse..

    • Ze End

      exactly my point in my post bellow. IF not Nasuada, then she will install those ideals in her child, then there will be the Tyrant. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!

    • #BookWorm

      ya I agree with that, I hope it turns out well though!

  • Byron Frank

    Nasuada is basically already a tyrant. Before the end of book four she was basically already plotting out how to completely control all the people with magical ability which ahem is EXACTLY the same thing that the previous evil king wanted. I need to reread the books but does anyone happen to remember if the elves had to make the same vows as the normal magicians? If so that would be huge fuel on that fire.

    • Metto Ara

      It didn’t say specifically anything about elves. I’m thinking Nasuada only has domain over the human cities/territories, so I assume Du Weldenvarden and the Beor Mountains are beyond her jurisdiction. That may also include urgalan settlements; they just don’t have a set piece of Alagaesia that belong to them like the elves and dwarves do.

      • Byron Frank

        Well I still feel that this could be a possibility, if say Murtagh were to take her side…things could get serious. The whole, magic is the root of all evil thing also never sat well with me and I’ve actually read fantasy stories where that was their goal.

        • Metto Ara

          Huh. Being as magical as dragons are, I wonder if Thorn would willingly go along with that plan? Then again, he’s also been a victim of magic since he hatched. He might be all for it.

          • Byron Frank

            While dragons are magical beings, they aren’t like Elves or humans, etc. They have magic but can’t really use it, barring exceptional cases. Furthermore do dragons even have ancient language names?

          • Metto Ara

            Yup. Glaedr and Saphira had to say their specific true names in order to enter the Vault of Souls.

            I almost want to assume that all intelligent creatures have true names specific to them outside of the one for their species. But you never know: Maybe one person’s dog has a different specific name from their neighbor’s dog. 😛

            And then I wonder about hiveminds: Would all of them share a true name? Or would they all just be incredibly similar, with their only difference being something noting their role/job?

            It would be nice if we had an EXAMPLE of an individual’s true name. *pout*

          • Byron Frank

            I’m sorta glad we don’t though, I feel like any name the author chose would somehow screw it up. Even for lesser characters he would have to come up with something immensely clever.

            I also had the interesting though, can a dragon and rider end up on the opposite sides of a conflict? Or would one ultimately fold to the others will.

          • Metto Ara

            Yeah, it’s an interesting thought. They would have to choose between their ideals and loved one. I’d like to say they’d come up with a compromise, but what if there isn’t one?

          • #BookWorm

            That makes me wonder, what happens if a dragon and rider start to argue????? Ya, CP would really have to come up with something cleaver!! For true names

          • Dylan

            I WOULD LOVE to no one’s true name it would clear up a lot of things and what goes into finding ones true name

          • #BookWorm

            Ya! I would love to know SOME true names, Sloans, Gladers, Eragons, Arya, Saphria ECT.

  • Metto Ara

    Calling it: Werecat rebellion. Didn’t Nasuada say something about controlling/monitoring magic, including telepathy? Werecats are magical by default; what did she plan on doing about them? No one seems to pay them much mind or suspect them at all; perfect spy/assassin material. I’d bet they could pull the rug out from Alagaesia in an instant.

    Or the spirits become active, because no one pays them any mind, either. It’s as though the spirits don’t exist outside of making shades and turning flowers to gold. Hmph!

    And “epic battle between light and shadow”? That’s not saying anything at all, really, considering that this is a fantasy story. Unless ‘shadow’ is referring to shades. Which I really hope it is. The spirit fan wants more spirit screen time, dang nabbit.

    • #BookWorm

      SOOO True, we need more spirit screen time!! Werecat rebellion, interesting thought, but remember, they also sworn that they would follow Nasuada…

  • OMG I can´t wait to rea that book! I hope it will come out soon…

  • Randall Buckheit

    Well the peace one is a huge mystery, but theory: the riders fail to return and the land is thrown into chaos all over again.
    Theory two: the additions to the pact fail and another dragon/other race war occurs.

    • Alex

      I wonder what would cause the new Riders to fail to return though? Love your ideas! They are definitey realistic problems

  • Rodolfo

    Is he going to wait for the new Star Wars movies to come out and rip them off again?

    • Rodolfo

      Don’t get me wrong, I loved the previous books, but it’s undeniable that Star Wars was more than just “inspiration” for these novels.
      And all this stuff about having trouble to establish peace after the rebellion seems quite familiar to me, if you know what I mean… *cough* force awakens plot *coughcough*

      • Randall Buckheit

        Because Star Wars totally had dragons and magic.

        • Jules

          Because Star Wars created the totally original story arch of farm boy turned hero or evil empire as plot antagonist.

          • default78

            With the number of books published since we started writing them it’s without doubt going to be some that are similar, for example star wars is more or less a copy of flash gordon. But if you think this is so annoying then don’t read the books, no one is forcing you 🙂

          • shurtugal


          • Randall Buckheit

            I see the relation you are trying to point out, but the storylines re just too different for comparison to me.

    • shurtugal

      shut up

  • Gabe Hidalgo

    who knows, he might go on to right more stories separate from inheritance, but have them somehow tie together like The Dark Tower. That would be cool.

  • Ze End

    ” Everyone in Alagaësia has overlooked something really, really important with regard to the new peace they hope to establish”….. YA… they still have a monarch. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! ( https://youtu.be/JvKIWjnEPNY?t=1m57s )

    • Kaustubh

      I think one of the Priests who worshipped Helgrind, must have stolen the belt of beloth and ran into hiding where Galbatorix hid the Razac’s eggs.

  • Alex Devon

    Man this kills me.. all i want is book 5… like meow.. this was my favorite series .. and to hear there will DEFF be a book 5 and its a continuation just makes me soo happy~ 🙂 Give us more!!!!

  • Madison Makarof

    I’m really curious, but with all the answers he gave, I don’t need more. If we know too much it will ruin the story, i’m already pretty happy with the clue Christopher gave (specialy the E/A ones). Now we’ll have to wait (not too much I hope).
    Bonsoir de France

  • Kit Fraser Davis

    Very cool, looking forward to it… will give me an excuse to reread the first 4 books when this one comes out:)

  • Justyna Arya Mirocha

    I can’t wait book V !

    • Jesus Perez

      Same here. Unfortunately book writing takes so long. Waiting impatiently for Book V and GoT Winds of Winter 😀

  • naads

    C.P please please give us a little more clues about book v

    • I’d say he’s given us quite a few clues over the past few months.

  • Lobeon

    Could C.P. unite his sci-fi novel to the Inheritance Cycle universe?

    I would love to see spaceships in Alagaësia, dragons in space, riders with high-tech armors and weapons using magic, and dragons with like mech armors.
    That could be so cool!

    • He’s answered the question – they’ll exist separately for now.

    • Karina Renee

      Why not read Anne Macaffrey’s ‘Dragonflight’? It doesn’t have magic in it, and it’s not SUPER space themed, but the people in the book DID fly from Earth to the land they live in, and over the years they made connections with the dragons there. It’s a great read, especially if you like the Inheritance series and you’re in need of some dragon books! I do warn you though, a lot of people have complained about the gender politics in the book. My advice? Take it for what it is: a book. A source of entertainment to pass the time.

    • Ethan

      oh God no. That would be horrible. Would completely ruin the Alagaesia universe which is so fantastic and mysterious the way it is.

      • #BookWorm

        Ya tottaly! No dragons in space! Or spaceships in Alagaesia!