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Check out the first part of our article series, “Eragon movie deleted scenes: Meet Katrina, see Eragon and Roran wrestle, and watch Eragon milk a cow”!

twins-article-headerDid you know that there’s a significant amount of content that didn’t make it into the Eragon movie? You may be surprised to learn that the Twins and Elva were both filmed but never included in the final cut. Instead, they were released as deleted scenes.

We’ll never fully understand the decisions that went into creating the first Eragon movie, but it’s still interesting to look at the scenes that were ultimately removed. In the second of our two part deleted scenes series (don’t miss part one!), we show you scenes introducing Eragon and Murtagh’s arrival to the Varden, the Twins and their “test,” and Eragon blessing Elva. You won’t want to miss these!

“We Can Learn a Lot from Each Other”

In this scene, Eragon catches Murtagh sneaking Zar’roc from him as he sleeps and he isn’t too thrilled. In awe, Murtagh comments that he’s “never held the sword of a Rider before” and states, “I could get used to this.” Eragon is surprisingly rude to Murtagh in this scene, dismissing Murtagh’s offer to exchange skills and knowledge.

The Son of a Traitor or The Twins’ Test

The scene opens after Eragon, Saphira, and Murtagh first encounter the Varden. Eragon is shocked to learn that Murtagh is the son of Morzan, reeling as Murtagh tells him, “A son doesn’t choose his father,” before revealing his scar from Morzan and being led away by Varden guards. Out of nowhere, the Twins appear to question Eragon’s loyalty. Ajihad sides with the Twins, forcing Eragon to undergo their “test” in order to gain entry into Farthen Dur. The Twins show their true intentions by threatening to take his memories by force before Eragon calls on Saphira for her help. She intervenes and Ajihad ends the test despite the Twins’ protests.

The Magic of Blessings

A beggar greets Eragon as he walks through the Varden’s home, asking him to bless a baby whose parents were killed by Galbatorix, orphaning her. Unsure on how to proceed, Eragon is eventually convinced to bless the baby. He blesses the child in the Ancient Language, leaving a star-shaped scar/mark on her forehead. (We know that this character would eventually be the cursed child, Elva.)

Now we ask: What do you think of the deleted scenes? While they still differ from the book, do you think the inclusion of Elva and the Twins could have improved the movie?

  • Jacob Selassie

    Not murtagh stealing zaroc but the other ones yes

  • disqus_JsjT4DrTvG

    wouldnt make a difference at all. The movie was complete SHIT

  • A tiny meme

    To be honest, it seems weird that they cut out the scene with the twins because it has Saphira in it. These 3D animations in live action movies can cost quite a lot so you wouldn’t insert them if you’re not sure you want them in a scene. Given that Saphira was animated with such detail this animation did cost quite a lot.

  • Shadez

    I swear, the movie would have been SO much better if it had those scenes.

  • Chevon Dennis

    Why does z’arroc’s hilt have a sapphire instead of a ruby!?? This movie was such a disaster!

    • Tyler Goertzen

      So true! It was supposed to be red! Not blue!

    • Connor Ferrier

      Some rubies like most gemstones can come in a variety of colors. So its possible that it could be a ruby. But still the books clearly describe it being red

  • Meher Shrishti

    They should hv cut the movie! Like Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part one and two!

  • Elfyros

    They didn’t want to do a second movie maybe, so there are a lots of scenes they cut.

  • David Coleman

    If they had kept these scenes, the movie would have been a little closer to the book.

  • Anon

    Obviously Elva would have had a redeeming factor. She’s an integral part of the entire series, for love of everything!

  • “Ambrose”

    I would have been happy if they would have acknowledged the actual scenes from the book by putting in those two clips, cause those sence are important. But wow, it doesn’t even look like they wanted the movie to relate to the book, that’s how bad those clips and the whole movie is.

    • It’s weird that they didn’t have the foresight to make sure these key events happened (and other events, such as Eragon’s back scar). Eldest was available to them at the time. They were planning on making a franchise out of this. What was going through their minds when they made these decisions, knowing that they all but destroy the plot of Eldest. Were they planning on telling their own story?

      Man, I’d love to be able to ask the people behind the movie these questions. ;P

  • Amber

    In the description, they describe the lady taking care of Elva as a beggar. She sure didn’t look like it!

  • Slender61

    As interesting as they were and would have made the movie better in some ways in referring to the book. Just 1 thing though… they still got all of the scenes wrong in a small way or in a large way (Elva). Vote on the petition and make it right

  • Živa Fras

    It would be a bit better definetly! especially the one with Elva and The Twins… But the entire movie is still a flop, just looking at the characers appereances is enough to not being able to like it. Arya with blonde hair? Like…What the actual f***?

  • Noah M

    WHY DID THEY DELETE THESE. They would have made the movie soooooo much better

    • Lian Gie

      I agree.

    • Jawad Malaeb

      a bit better, it still had too many missing plots. it should have been split into two parts.

      • Noah M

        totally should have been two parts

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