Cast your own Eragon movie: Eragon, Arya, Angela, and more! (Part one)

choose your cast 1The Eragon movie made less-than-ideal casting decisions when choosing the actors who would bring many of our beloved characters to life. In some cases, key characters didn’t make it into the film at all.

We don’t know what’s in store for the future of Inheritance Cycle films, but our recent petition which garnered nearly 50,000 signatures and saw over 4 million social views will certainly turn heads at Fox, the studio that owns the rights to Eragon. We’ve discussed when we could see a new film and how they can get it right this time around, and highly recommend reading all of our movie-related articles.

For now, we’re left dreaming about Inheritance Cycle films done right. What if production was in our hands? Aside from a great script, a brilliant cast is the most important thing to consider for a new movie. What better way to cast a movie than to have the Inheritance community do it?

In the first part of two articles, we’re asking you to submit your dream cast for the our first batch of characters! Follow the descriptions below (taken directly from the book), find the actors you think best fit the roles, and leave their names (and the character they’d play) in the comments!

  • Eragon – Average height, poor (start of book), brown hair, brown eyes
  • Arya – Black hair, green eyes, tawny skin, and angular features. She is taller than most men. Strong personality.
  • Saphira (voice) – Strong and wise
  • Angela – “A woman of short stature with thick, curly brown hair, flashing eyes, and a wit that is as sharp as it is odd.”
  • Solembum (human form) – Thin boy with shaggy black hair
  • Twins – Tall, bald, and thin-fingered. Cunning, sadistic, and mean.
  • Nasuada – Dark-skinned, “mossy” hair, brown eyes, and described as beautiful.
  • Jeod – Tall, wispy gray hair, and an aged and mournful face
  • Galbatorix – Tall, broad shoulders, well-built, long facial features, dark hair, and dark eyes

We’ll sort through everyone’s comments and recommendations, narrowing each down to several actors we believe best fit the role. From there, you’ll be asked to vote for your favorite!

(Did your favorite character, such as Brom or Murtagh, not make this list? That’s because they’ll be in part two! Hold onto your recommendations for those characters – we’ll be asking soon!)

Who knows, if our petition catches Fox’s eye and they decide to make a film, maybe they’ll even take your casting advice!

In the comments below, tell us the actors you feel best fit the roles for the characters we listed above!

  • Matt Daly

    can we all just agree that nobody will ever do a better Brom than Jeremy Irons? I liked Rachel Weisz as Sephora Sienna Guillory wasn’t a *Terrible* Arya, just fix her hair. Though I do agree Olivia Wilde would kill it. I honestly think Robby Kay would play a decent Eragon

  • Jordan Weik

    Tom Holland-Eragon
    Liam Hemsworth Roran
    Holland Roden as Katrina
    Jeramy Irons as Brom
    Crystal Reed as Arya
    Mellisa Ponzio as Saphira
    David Thewlis as Garrow
    Becky Lynch as Angela
    Idris Alba as ajahad
    Don’t know who I would cast as nasuada
    Jason Issacs as durza
    Gary Oldman as Galby

  • Samantha Green

    Arya: Jessica Chastain
    Nasuada: Sonequa Martin-Green

    • Lori Johnson

      Good choice for Nasuada.

  • Bradley Akeröyd

    Eragon: Dylan O’Brien
    Arya: Emma Watson
    Saphira: Lupita Nyong’o
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter
    Solembum: I have no clue
    Twins: Til Schweiger
    Nasuada: Nathalie Emmanuel
    Galbatorix: Gerard Butler
    Islanzadi: Kate Beckinsale
    Roran: Clive Standen
    Ajihad: Idris Elba
    Orik: Peter Dinklage

  • Susan

    A little late but…
    Eragon: Dane DeHaan
    Arya: Natalia Dyer
    Saphira: No clue!
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter
    Solembum: Isaac Hempstead-Wright
    Twins: James Mcavoy
    Nasuada: Lupita Nyong’o
    Jeod: Jason Isaacs (with a wig)
    Galbatorix: Johnny Depp

  • Owen

    Angella- Jillian Marie Klaus
    Eragon- John Bell
    Solembum- Neel Sethi
    galbatorix- richard Armitage
    Arya- Evangeline Lilly
    Saphira- Cate Blanchet
    Twins- Graham Tavish
    Jeod- Jed Brophy
    Nasuada- Kerry Duff

  • Lori Johnson
  • Lori Johnson

    I keep seeing Zoe Saldana as Nasuada. Not to take anything away from Ms. Saldana but she is not right for the part. Might I suggest Lupita Nyong’o? Let’s look at the stats: Nasuada is described as “Dark skinned, with mossy textured hair and brown eyes” Nasuada also became the queen of Alagaesia. Miss Nyong’o embodies the image of Nasuada and she is an Academy Award winning actress.

  • AnjChant

    Eragon-Ansel Elgort
    Saphira- Kaya Scodelario
    Roran-Tyler Blackburn
    Arya-Saoirse Ronan(Black hair)
    Katrina-Sophie Turner
    Nasuada-Zoe Saldana
    Brom-Colin Farrell
    Murtagh-Evan Peters(Shoulder lenghth black hair)
    Thorn-Liev Schrieber
    Ajihad-Idris Elba
    Galbatorix-Benicio Del Toro
    Angela-Elizabeth Olsen
    Garrow-Daniel Day Lewis
    Sloan-John Cleese
    Hrothgar-Alec Baldwin
    Horst-Sean Penn
    Elain-Annette Bening
    Orik-Simon Pegg
    Oromis-Bradley Cooper
    Glaedr-Christopher Lee
    Islanzadi-Charlize Theron
    Birgit-Emily Watson
    Jormundur-Kenneth Branagh
    Orrin-Zachari Levi
    Jeod- Kenneth Branagh
    Elva- Helena Bonham Carter(CGI+Motion Capture)

  • azelio

    Eragon – logan lerman
    Arya – Jamie Alexander
    Saphira – Rachel weisz
    Angela – Helena Bonham Carter
    Solembum – asa butterfield
    Twins – ?
    Nasuada – Zoe Saldana
    Jeod – Adrien Brody
    Galbatorix – Gerard butler

    • Glenn Wychryst

      I think the one from “New Girl”, Zoe would make a good Angela. You need someone who can bring off flighty, kooky, but intelligent.

    • Glenn Wychryst

      Zoe Deschanel as Angela. How I see her as I read the parts she is in.

  • Matyo

    Eragon: Daniel Radcliffe
    Arya: Keira Knightley
    Brom: Gary Oldman
    Galbatorix: Viggo Mortensen
    Murtagh: Ed Speleers
    Roran: Finn Wittrock
    Katrina: Dominika Zeleníková (awesome Slovakian actress)
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter

    • Matyo

      Islandzí: Anna Friel

  • Arya: Deepika Padukone (she’s tall and tanned, with an angular face)
    Vanir: Douglas booth
    Blödhgarm: Chace Crawford
    Oromis : Lee Pace
    Islanzadi : Angelina Jolie or Aishwarya Rai
    Brom: maybe Gary Oldman?
    Angela: Amy Adams
    Murtagh: Ben Barnes
    Nasuada: Sydney Park
    Orrin: Chris Evans
    Orik: Peter Dinklage
    Triana: Alexandra Daddario
    Katrina: Emma Watson
    Roran: Henry Cavill

    As for Eragon… No idea.

  • Aura Maria Castiblanco

    Saphira: Scarlett Johansson
    Eragon: Alex Roe
    Arya: Daisy Ridley
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter
    Nasuada: Zoë Kravitz
    Solembum: Assa Butterfield
    Jeod: Colin Firth
    Twins: Phelps twins???
    I think the best is Helena Bonham Carter as Angela

  • Aura Maria Castiblanco
  • Strawhatheath

    Here are some ideas of a Reboot Cast. I thought Long and hard and i tried very hard not to make a list that just focuses on star power but talent as well. I hope you enjoy this list and if there is anything y’all would like to add just go ahead and leave a comment.
    Eragon- Andrew Garfield
    Arya- Poppy Drayton or Kaya Scodelario
    Murtagh- Liam Hemsworth
    Brom- Keep Jeremy Irons
    Durza- Doug Jones
    Voice of Saphira- Cate Blanchett
    Voice of Thorn- Manu Bennett
    Oromis- Paul Bettany
    Roran- Colton Haynes (Roy from Arrow)
    Voice of Glaedr- Ving Rhames
    Voice of Firen- Dennis Haybert
    King Orrin- Jesse Spencer
    Nasuada- Lupita Nyongo
    Ajihad- Keep Djimon Hounsou
    Angela- Allisn Brie
    Solembum- Asa Butterfield

  • Mica

    Guys, Poppy Drayton as Arya. Just. Look at her.

    • Melissa Angel Hoops

      her face is a bit too round for elven features, but she is very pretty

  • Angela

    Benedict Cumberbatch as Galbatorix.

    • Melissa Angel Hoops

      i would love to see that

  • Benjamin Tracey

    Some ideas I have recently: –

    Eragon – Ty Simpkins – He will soon be fifteen, and has quite some potential as an actor if one were to ask me.
    Brom – Either SIr Ian McKellen or Jeremy Irons.
    Arya – ?
    Durza – Brad Dourif
    Murtagh – Asa Butterfield
    Roran – Either Nick Robinson or Hayden Christensen
    Saphira in motion capture and voice – Katie McGrath – a potential reunion for her and Ty Simpkins and plus she has potential as a actor playing characters that kick other characters’ butts.
    Nasuada – ?
    Ajihad – ?
    Oromis and Glaedr with the latter in motion capture and/or voice – Hugo Weaving
    Shruikan in motion capture and vocal effects – Gisli Orn Gardarsson
    King Galbatorix – Sir Ben Kingsley – if he can play Gandhi, and good guys and bad guys with the latter including characters like the villain The Mandarin in Ironman 3 and the villain Prince Nizam in “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” which was based on a video game of the same name then he can play a nasty and evil villain like King Galbatorix

    • Glenn Wychryst

      Zoe Deschanel as Angela. I would have to run through available actors, actresses to get the full scope of the cast.

  • insideoutspoon

    Eragon- Max Schneider (if you can pull him away from his music career, he was an actor first)


    Saphira- Ming-Na Wen

    Angela- Helena Bonham Carter

    Solembum- Dylan O’Brien

    Twins- Vin Diesel

    Nasuada- Zoe Saldana (yeah a lot of people have suggested her, but she would be perfect)

    Jeod- Robert Downy Jr.

    Galbatorix- Tom Hiddleston

  • A Z

    Dear guys, i will not comment the male suggestions but the Aria ones are terrible, not beacuse the actresses are bad, but because they lack strength and age. an elf of over 100 years should have the confidence of a woman in the late 20s or early 30s. try olivia wilde. eyes and other features match and with 1,70 m is the highest one.
    However zoe saldana for nasuada is great 😉

    • Aura Maria Castiblanco

      How old is Zoe Saldana?

  • Dogstar

    Eragon – Miles Teller
    Arya – Scarlet Johansen (yeah yeah I know, but I couldn’t think of anyone else)
    Saphira (voice) – Cates Blanchett (I would also cast her as Islanzadi)
    Angela – Alex Kingston
    Solembum (human form) – Isacc Wright
    Twins – Orlando Bloom
    Nasuada – Willow Smith
    Jeod – Ian McClellan
    Galbatorix – Daniel Radcliffe

  • Noah

    William Moseley as Eragon

    • Melissa Angel Hoops

      if his hair was brown he’d be perfect

  • Dana Meza

    Sanaa Lathan for Nasuada. I say it.

  • ugne

    Eragon-Aidan Turner i thubk he is perfect:D

  • Mariana Lisboa

    I can’t think immediately in everybody but I always thought that Kaya Scodelario playing Arya would be perfect! A little bit of tan, contact lens and we have Arya, and also I think that she is a great actress that could do a perfect job there.

  • Chris Courtney Martin

    Nasuada = Teyonah Parris

    Eragon = Nico Mirallegro

    Arya = Kristin Kreuk (she isn’t tall but if we can hide Tom Cruise’s height all these years….)

    Angela = Angel Coulby

    Solembum = Asa Butterfield

    Galbatorix = Jeffrey Dean Morgan

  • Spencer Toncray

    Emma Watson as Arya.

    • Wweeeeeeeeeeee

      You DO realize that Eragon is a teenager/young man, right? There is no way Martin Freeman could play him.

    • Aura Maria Castiblanco

      Have you noticed how old is Martin Freeman?? But Helena Bonham Carter for Angela is perfect!!!

  • Thor Spender

    Fuck Saphira being a girl, use Morgan Freeman xD

    • ugne


  • Katanarae

    Nasuada- Zoe Saldana
    Arya- Nina Dobrev
    Saphira- stay the same Rachael Weisz
    Eragon- also stay same Ed Speleers
    Angela- Helena Bonham Carter
    Solembum- Isaac Hempstead Wright
    Galbatorix- Russell Crowe
    Twins- not sure
    Jeod- Johnny Depp

    • Spencer Toncray

      How about Emma Watson as Arya?

      • Dogstar

        god no, emma Watson with dyed black hir and contacts, she would be unrecognizable, and with out that stuff she doesn’t look like and elf.

    • Aura Maria Castiblanco

      Do you know how old is Nasuada and how old is Zoe Saldana?? But Helena Bonham Carter is perfect for Angela!!!👍🏽

  • Katelyn Price

    I don’t know who else would agree, but I think Tom Hiddleston would be good as Galbatorix. I loved him in The Avengers.

    • Karen

      Tom Hiddleston as Durza

      • Wweeeeeeeeeeee

        Tom Hiddleston as everyone.

  • Ivan

    Angela: Alex Kingston (her role in doctor Who was what it got me to picture her as Angela, while reading the book)

  • Hayden Hart

    Eragon – William Moseley
    Arya – Alexandra Daddario or Katie McGrath
    Galbatorix – Russell Crowe
    Brom – Ewan McGregor
    Angela – Helena Bonham Carter
    Nasuada – Zoe Saldana
    Murtagh – Tom Felton
    Saphira – Oprah Winfrey

    • Katanarae

      Zoe Saldana would make a perfect Nasuada.

  • Cindy Yu

    Bitsie Tulloch should be Arya
    she’s got the feels for it ~

  • Tyler Goertzen

    Eragon: keep Ed Speleers. Even though he didn’t have brown hair, I don’t think that he did that bad. However, if I was to recast though, I’d pick Max Irons.

    Arya: Janet Montgomery.

    Saphira (voice): keep Rachel Weisz. She made Saphira come alive!

    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter.

    Solembum (human form): Isaac Hempstead-Wright.

    The Twins: Ben Kingsley.

    Nasuada: either keep Caroline Chikezie or cast Lupita Nyong’o.

    Jeod: Miltos Yerolemou.

    Galbatorix: If he had to be younger, I’d cast Milo Ventimiglia. If he had to be older, I’d cast Christopher Lee.

    • Karen

      I think Ben Kingsley would be awesome for the twins.
      Unfortunately Christopher Lee passed away so someone else for Galbatorix

  • Martika K.

    Eragon – my choice is Max Irons, son of Jeremy Irons who played Brom and was the only good thing about the movie

    Arya – Janet Montgomery, mostly known from playing in Salem

    Saphira (voice) – Rose Leslie

    Angela – Keri Russel
    Solembum (human form) – I agree Isaac Hempstead-Wright would be great

    Nasuada – Dark-skinned, “mossy” hair, brown eyes, and described as beautiful.
    Jeod – Miltos Yerolemou

    Galbatorix – Charles Dance
    Brom – Jeremy Irons is absolutely perfect
    Roran – Jason Momoa

  • Barbara Sipos

    Lupita Nyong’o for Nasuada pls!!!

    • Tyler Goertzen

      YES! She’d be perfect!

  • RLewis

    Eragon- BRENTON THWAITES. Can’t explain it, he just has that Eragon look. Intense, good guy brown eyes and the vibe. Plus he’s handsome.
    Arya- Katie Mcgrath/Jaimie Alexander
    Saphira- tbh rachel weisz did a good job in the movie but I would like cate blanchett
    Angela- Helena Bonham Carter
    Nasuada- Zoe Saldana/Kat Graham/Halle Berry
    Galbatorix- Jason Momoa would be an awesome Galbatorix!
    Murtagh- Garrett Hedlund was pretty good… or Kit Harington
    Roran- Chris Hemsworth?

    • Aura Maria Castiblanco

      Kit Harington as Murtagh is perfect!!!! And Helena Bonham Carter as Angela is almost everyone agreed

  • Taylor

    Arden Cho as Arya!!

  • thesilversister

    Eragon: Somebody proposed Ansel Elgort
    – I agree with that, he kinda looks like I pictured Eragon while reading the first book.

    Arya: Nora von Waldstätten
    – I know she’s not really tall enough, but for me she looks exactly like I imagined Arya, with these elf-like facial features and she has green eyes and dark hair!
    I saw some proposed Jaimie Alexander. I guess she’d be okay too, she’s definitely tall enough.

    Saphira: I’m okay with Rachel Weisz.

    Angela: Definitely needs to be Helena Bonham-Carter

    Solembum: Isaac Hempstead-Wright (?)

    Twins: Ben Kingsley
    – it’s impossible to find actual twins who fit into that role.

    Nasuada: Angel Coulby
    – she is beautiful and she can look both, queenly, graceful and determined, strong.

    Jeod: John Hurt

    Galbatorix: Russell Crowe

  • K Murphy

    I say that whoever suggested Emma Watson has the right idea. As for Galbatorix, I think whoever played Snape in the Harry Potter movies would fit perfectly, maybe the actor for Dumbledore (I hope I spelled it right) would work for Brom.

    • Joey

      sadly alan rickman passed away this year

  • Jonathan Handel

    Arya – Natalie Portman
    Saphira – Scarlett Johansson
    Angela – Alex Kingston (River Song)
    Solembum – Daniel Huttlestone
    Nasuada – Zoe Saldana

  • Amelia

    Eragon- Steven R. McQueen
    Arya- Jaimie Alexander/ Evangeline Lilly
    Saphira- Scarlett Johansson/ Emilia Clarke
    Angela- Helena Bonham Carter/ Sarah Jessica Parker
    Nasuada- Rutina Wesley
    Galbatorix- Johnny Depp/ Milo Ventimiglia
    Brom- Jeremy Irons/ Christopher Eccleston/ David Thewlis
    Murtagh- Chace Crawford
    Roran- Tom Felton
    Katrina- Emma Watson
    Garrow- Gary Oldman
    Durza- Tom Hiddleston

  • Linh Nguyễn

    eragon: garrett hedlund
    arya: alexandra daddario
    murtagh: colton haynes
    galbatorix: viggo mortensen
    ajihad: idris elba
    brom: jeremy irons
    jeod: anthony hopkins
    angela: helena bonham carter
    nasuada: nathalie emmanuel
    roran: liam hemsworth

  • Selah Ex Animo

    Lupita Nyong’o as Nasuada. Age doesn’t matter so much as ability (and actors aren’t always the same age as their characters), so I think the issue is irrelevant. Nasuada has a regal bearing (see: Murtagh fangirling over her in “Eragon”) that probably makes her seem older than she is, but there is also a vulnerability to her that is both romantic (Nasuada listening to the lute player in “Inheritance”) and girlish (one of the council members comments in “Eldest” that Nasuada is a “trifle light-headed” — a ploy Nasuada probably used more while Ajihad was alive and she was helping him behind the scenes). Nyong’o could capture all these aspects of her character — the elegance, regality, and necessary ruthlessness balanced by glimpses of her softer side: the romantic Nasuada who listens to lute players sing mournful love songs, the Nasuada who uses her youth and inexperience to keep people off balance.

  • Eliza Semple

    I don’t know if she looks totally like Angela from the book but if she can act why not get Angela Paolini to act as Angela the herbalist?

  • viktória kohutiarová

    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter

    Selena : Jenna Dewman

    Orrin: David Tennant

    Jeod: Ben Kingsley

    Gero: Viggo Mortenson

    Arya: Karen David/ Ann Hathaway/ Angelina Jolie

    Ajihad: Jason George

    Twins: Brian and Denny Kirkwood

    Eragon: Eddie Rednayne

    Murtagh: Garrett Hedlund

    Katrina: Jenna Coleman

    Brom: Jeremy Irons/ Christopher Lee

    Horst:James Corden

    Solembum: Daniel Huttlestone

    Roran: Dean O’Gorman

    Oromis: Orlando Bloom
    Islandazi: Cher
    Galbatorix: Russel Crowe

  • Madison Makarof

    Eragon: Alex Pettyfer
    Arya: Kristen Kreuk
    Angela: everyone think of Helena Broham Carter, it’s so oblivious, someone new pleaaaase

  • Shie

    Eragon: Jack Reynor/Shawn Pyfrom
    Arya: Nicola Peltz
    Saphira: Merly Streep
    Angela: Nathalie Emmanuel
    Solembum: Thomas Stanger
    Galbatorix: Eddie Redmayne

  • Maxwell Edick

    Eragon: Skandor Keynes
    Arya: Angelina Jolie
    Saphira: Judi Dench
    Angela: Jennifer Morrison
    Solembum: Thomas Stanger
    Twins: Matt Lucas
    Jeod: Micheal Cain
    Galbotorix: Ben Kinglsley

  • Renata

    I think these actors would make a good movie.

    Eragon: Dylan O’Brien
    Arya: Emma Watson or Ashley Greene
    Brom: Jeremy Irons
    Nasuada: Zoë Kravitz
    Galbatorix: Alan van sprang
    Ángela: Helena boham Carter
    Saphira: Scarlett Johansson

  • Scorpio

    Eragon- Douglas Booth
    Roran- Chad Michael Murray
    Katrina- Emma Roberts
    Arya- Jaimie Alexander or Katie Mcgrath
    Brom- Jeremy Irons
    Garrow- Gary Oldman
    Saphira- Emilia Clarke

  • ben

    solembum: john galecki
    roran: Ryan reynolds
    orik: Zach Galifianakis
    eragon: ansel elgort (just need to work out a bit)
    arya: Katie mcgrath
    firnen: morgan freeman
    saphira: Melissa hutchison
    nasuada: venitte robinson
    murtagh: tom hiddleston
    angela: Melissa mcarthy (that would be perfect with all the riddles and watching her jump around like a ninja would be funny)
    joed: orlando bloom for sure
    galbatorix: keeps swinging to bruce willis no matter what I think of
    twins: micheal chiklis
    durza: I so think heath ledger would have been perfect but it was not to be 🙁

  • Amelia

    Eragon: Dylan O’Brien
    Arya: Jaimie Alexander
    Roran: Logan Lerman

    • Leo

      Good choice for Arya. Sif is definitely her equivalent.

  • Araya

    I just think that Peter Jackson should drecite it and that FOX shouldn’t do it

  • Firnen

    Arya: Evangeline Lily, Cate Blanchett or Liv Tyler
    Eragon: Viggo Mortenson
    Firnen: Orlando Bloom

    • Renata

      They are kind of too old, aren’t they? Specially Viggo Mortensen who is nearly 60 years old.

      • Alli The Elf

        I didn’t realize he was that old!

  • lucaa

    Arya: evangeline lilly or Emilia clarke
    murtagh:kit harington
    jeod:liam cunningham
    angela: Helena boham Carter
    Eragon: Josh Hutchison or colton haynes
    Galbatorix:Matt nable

    • lucaa

      For arya allo jaimie alexander

  • 24,598,149,578% done with this forum

  • Katheryn T

    does anyone recogniz ho is this? I saw a pic of her when i was looking at people chrstopher paolini follow on, he follow, and is she came up but idk who she is or her name.

  • Sebastian R

    Saphira: Cate Banchette
    Eragon: Dylan O’Brian
    Arya: Evangeline Lily
    Brom: Jeremy Irons
    Roran: One of the Hemsworth children
    Gleadr: Benedict Cumberbatch
    Oromis: Liam Neeson (tell me thats not awesome)
    Murtagh: Thomas Brody-Sangster
    Galbatorix: Alan Rickman
    Angela: Helena Bohnam Carter
    Orik: Graham McTavish

    Tell me what you guys think!

  • Pietra M

    Look up Gal Gadot- She’s tall enough, she’s muscular, she has elvish features, and she has the right attitude. She’d be a perfect Arya.

  • Sanne

    Galbatorix: Alan Rickman (!)
    Durza: Robert Carlyle was quite good
    Murtag: Tom Felton, Logan Lerman or Luke Evans
    Arya: Either Emma Watson or Evangiline Lily
    Roran: Liam or Chris Hemsworth (or alike), Stephen Amell
    Katrina: Rebecca Hall
    Brom: Sir Ian McKellen or Jeremy Irons again
    Saphira: Angelina Jolie or at least someone with a warm voice
    Eragon: Hayden Christensen (It’s much harder than one thinks to find someone to fit Eragon????)
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter

  • Lucii Artigas Viramontt

    This might sound weird at first but I think Chris Pratt could do a good Job as Roran

  • Anakin

    Arya – Olivia Wilde or Summer Glau

    Not only are both of these women beautiful with appropriately angular, elvish looking features but, as some others have said, I feel that their acting (what I’ve seen from each of them anyway) could lend the necessary elegance and strong-willed demeanor required for Arya’s character. While some people have suggested that being in their 30’s is too old for this role I feel that it’s highly appropriate given the fact that Arya is around 100 years old (103 by the end of Inheritance). Casting someone who is obviously younger could easily prove detrimental to the feeling of authenticity of such a character.

    As for the others, well I haven’t really given it enough thought to give any valuable input.

    • en oh


  • Julia Marks

    Benedict Cumberbatch as Oromis. That is all.

    • Renata

      I like that 🙂

  • Taylor Powell

    Eragon: Ty Simpkins/ Roran: Aidan Turner/ Arya: Alexandra Daddario/ Saphira: Hilary Swank/ Angela: Helen McCrory/ Solembum: Johnny Depp/ Nasuada: Vinette Robinson/ Galbatorix: Lee Pace/ The Twins: Oliver and James Phelps/ Jeod: Anthony Hopkins.

  • Travis Wiseman

    This is going to be fun!
    Eragon: Liam Hemsworth
    Roran: Orlando Bloom
    Arya: Angelina Jolie
    Saphira: Oprah Winfrey
    Angela: HAS to be Helena Bonham Carter
    Solembum: Jaden Smith
    Jeod: Russell Crowe
    Murtagh: Chris Evans
    Nasuada:Jennifer Hudson
    Galbatorix: Brad Pitt
    Twins: Jude Law

  • U

    Olivia Wilde as Arya

  • Klara Nekulova

    Eragon: Ed Speleers
    Arya: Sienna Guillory
    Saphira (voice): Rachel Weisz
    Galbatorix: John Malkovich
    Angela: Joss Stone
    Jeod: Viggo Mortensen/ Ian McKellan
    Nasuada: Caroline Chikezie
    Solembum: Gary Oldman
    Twins: Paul Bettany
    Murtagh: Garrett Hedlund
    Roran: Christopher Egan

    • Rebecca

      Isn’t Gary Oldman kinda old to play as a boy?

      • Klara Nekulova

        He played an animagus in Harry Potter: Sirius Black

  • Garrett

    Eragon: Xavier Samuel
    Arya: Katie Mcgrath
    Saphira: I had absolutely no problem with Rachel Weisz!
    Angela: Natalie Dormer
    Solembum: David Mazouz
    Twins: Ben Kingsley
    Nasuada: Lupita Nyong’o
    Jeod: Ian Mckellen
    Galbatorix: Christian Bale

  • Karthik Suryanarayanan

    Arya: Aishwarya Rai
    Eragon: Josh Hutcherson
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter
    Nasuada: Priyanka Chopra
    Galbatorix: Hugh Jackman

  • Maia

    Murtagh: Ben Barnes

    Nasuada: Lupita Nyong’o

    Galbatorix: Tom Hiddleston OR Jason Momoa

    Angela: Alex Kingston

    Saphira (voice): Angelina Jolie OR Scarlett Johansson

    Jeod: Viggo Mortensen/ Ian McKellan

    Arya: evangeline lilly OR Lucy Liu

    Roran: Liam Hemsworth

    Eragon: Sam Claflin

    Solembum: Asa Butterfield

    • Laura

      UH or Katie McGrath as Arya!!!

      • Lucii Artigas Viramontt

        Yes!!! Katie McGrath!!

  • Hybrid

    Angela: Emma Thompson (I pictured as sybill trelawney from HP)
    Murtagh: Sebastian Stan (Picutred sorta like the winter solider)
    Joed: Mikael Persbrandt (I pictured as Beorn from the Hobbit)
    Nasuada: Seychelle Gabriel (I pictured sorta like Yue from the Last Airbender)
    Arya: Ellen Page (or anyone who is not Nina Dobrev)
    Eragon: VERY tough one. Maybe Sam Claflin? Eragon could look a bit like Finnick

    Galbatorix: I thought of the best person for this role… ROBERT DOWNEY JR

  • Ale Valdez V

    I only want Liam Hemsworth like Roran <3

  • Siobhan Rae McIlhoney

    Okay, y’all, I’m super crappy with putting faces to characters, so I just scrolled through the comments and made a list based on that, but i have to say there are some spot on actors in here!

    Eragon: Ansel Elgort (I mean, I wouldn’t mind Ed Speelers again because that boy looked fiiiiiiiine in those leather pants…)
    Arya: Nina Dobrev (She’s got the long hair and cold attitude going on)
    Solembum in human form: Asa Butterfield BUT voiced by Johnny Depp the whole time (werecat and human) HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE!!)
    Nasuada: Zendaya (look her up, she’s beautiful AF)
    Jeod: Ian Mckellen. Nuff said.
    Galbatorix: Jason Momoa (god bless whoever said this because I flipped out and can totally see this)
    Brom: Jeremy Irons (I think he did a pretty decent job with the shitty script)
    Islanzadi: Jennifer Connely (Again, bless the person because thats spot on casting)
    Murtagh: Kit Harrington (Because if he says “you know nothing, eragon” at some point I will die of happiness)

    • Lucii Artigas Viramontt

      I like your Ideas, specially the one with Jeremy Irons .. But Although Nina Dobrev has the attitude, Katie McGrath has everything to be the Elf princess, it’s just natural for her to have that royals and Mystic style

  • Renee Diprose

    Arya – Katie McGrath
    Eragon – Douglas Booth
    Solembum – Asa Butterfield
    Galbatorix – Luke Evans

    • Lucii Artigas Viramontt

      She has that strong personality, those penetrating eyes and her hair is black as the night !!
      She was born to embrace Arya

      • Lucii Artigas Viramontt

        for Eragon .. Well This is tricky for I always imagine Austin Butler while I was reading ..

        But I think Brenton Thwaites Fits in with the characteristic, brown hair brown eyes and he is young, very important to personify the young farmer boy

      • Renee Diprose

        My friend and I have had that dream for years ahaha 😀

  • Kate/Kili

    Lenora Crichlow for Nasuada, Luke Evans for Galbatorix, maybe Laura Donnelly as Arya (she’s only 5’4″ and has brown eyes, though…) – or perhaps Sarah Greene (she has bright blue eyes, and is quite short as well, though; I don’t believe she’s 5’5″, I’d estimate more like 5′ to 5’3″)?

  • Samuel Gross

    Eragon- jean luc bilodeau

    Galbatorix- Jason Momoa

    Roran- Jeremy Sumpter

    Arya- Rose Leslie

    Angela- Rachel Weisz

    Nasuada- Desiree Ross

  • Carolyn Hayes

    Eragon…Ansel Elgort
    Arya…Teresa Palmer or Evangaline Lilly
    Saphira…Cate Blanchet
    Angela…Rachael Weiz
    Solembum…Kodi Smit-McPhee
    Twins…Yan & Rafael Feldman or James & Oliver Phelps
    Nasuada…Desiree Ross
    Galbatorix…Steven Strait or Jason Momoa
    Ajihad…Idris Elba
    Jeod…iain Glen
    Brom…Jeremy Irons
    Durza…Robert Carlyle with reworked makeup and costume.

  • Mia Zacharias

    Andrew Garfield as Eragon

  • Luisa

    I’m not sure about the other actors but Galbatorix should be Craig Parker, he played a similar villain in “legend of the seeker”, and somehow that’s what i vision when i think Galbatorix

  • Kayannush Pillai

    Sir Ian McKellen for Jeod!

  • Blagoja Belchevski

    Rosario Dawson would make a perfect Nasuada!

  • Tia Dannemand Andersen

    Eragon-Ansel Elgort

    • Lucii Artigas Viramontt

      Yes I can see that happening ! ????

  • Rey Cheong

    Alex Kingston would be an absolutely amazing Angela!!!

  • Mike Beauregard

    jena malone would make a good angela

    • Mike Beauregard

      Or Rosie Leslie from GOT

  • Howtobook101

    Eragon: Jeremy Irvine
    Uhhh can’t think of anything else

  • Pietra M

    Nasuada: Zoe Saldana
    Eragon: Jean Luc Bilodeau or Ansel Elgort
    Saphira: Cate Blanchett
    Arya: Gal Gadot
    Angela: Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey, Emma Watson

    Galbatorix: Lee Pace

  • rebekahshurman

    Dylan O’Brien as Eragon 100%

  • Laura

    Roran: Jeremy Sumpter.

  • Andrea Pads

    I dont know a lot about actors, but consider that eragon is 15 when the book starts. I think that you have to choose an actor under 19. For example Logan Lerman when he was younger in percy Jackson. Or Skyler gisondo.

  • Andrea Pads

    Logan lerman with cotact lenses XD pleaaaase. Eragon shouldnt be very grown up. He is 15 when the saga beegins

  • michael

    I would have Jena Malone play Trianna!

  • BF

    okay, so initially commented a while ago, but changed my mind on some things. First off, i had better faith in the Inheritance community. Some of these choices make me want to cry! (Kim K? Seriously?) First off, i hope that if this happens, they don’t choose huge stars or well known folks. I’m okay with the actors being slightly older or at least looking so too. Despite being a terrible actor, the guy who originally was Eragon was an unknown, and he looked okay to me. Hedlund was a good Murtagh, and Irons was a good Brom, as was Galbatorix. But the movie still sucked, and hopefully it will be remade properly.
    (not saying I’m the ultimate authority, though!)
    Eragon-Tim Pocock, or even Max Irons –(would be awesome if Jeremy Irons was Brom again, although that probs won’t happen)
    Arya-(so the heights being the issue, but c’mon. I’m a girl and I’m 6 foot. I’ll do it. Most women aren’t going to be tall. And you probably don’t want the girl being taller than the guy, it’s just awkward) Hair can ALWAYS be dyed or wigs worn, too. Perhaps Indiana Evans (hair dyed), Keira Knightly, or Odette Yustman, depending on how the director wanted to portray her and play up the realtionship.
    Saphira-wouldn’t be opposed to seeing a big-name actress here like they did in the Hobbit (although I disagree with that, that’s another argument) perhaps Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johanson or Cate Blanchett, again depending on what they were going for.
    Angela-a pretty hard decision. People are saying HBC, but that’s like asking Evangeline Lilly to play Arya (as awesome as that would be, it’s too repetitive). Pretty any good actress could do it (except if they tried to make her sexy like Joss Stone!) Maybe even Nicole Kidman to get a big name in there
    Solumbum-another hard choice. My vote is John Bell because he’s like the only child actor i know, and give him a wig and he’d be perfect
    Twins-i have no idea
    Nasuada-another difficult choice because of her skin. Plus she’d have to have chemistry with Murtagh. Lenora Chrichlow, maybe? She might be too old.
    Jeod-again, it could be really any older actor. Sean Bean is a little too young in my humble opinion, though. I’ve seen Viggo Mortenson, that would be cool.
    Galbatroix-i think they could ace this or really mess it up. I hope they don’t cast a big name actor as the villain like in the hobbit, because to me, it kind of ruins it. I think Lee Pace could do an excellent job. The role would be different enough from Thraunduil to not be so repetitive, and he’s a really good actor. In the original movie, they had Brom telling the story, but it would cool to see sort of a flashback of the history of Galbatorix along with a story, and Lee could pull that off in my opinion…
    Anyway, just my thoughts! Excited for part 2!


    • Ireheart

      You would have an actor that’s 30 years old before the actual start of shooting play a 15 year old guy? That’s just messed up, I haven’t read the books in ages now ( I really should get to it again) so I don’t remember exactly, but I think the time span of all the books are like 4 years tops. And if the movie gets popular (which is the goal, no? ) and they make the rest of the books, it wouldn’t be before 7-8 years from now till we’ll see the last movie (that’s counting 1 movie/book) The actor would be 38, supposed to play <20 ? It's mentioned throughout the books how Eragon matures and changes. I really think they should cast either some kid star or an unknown actor of 17 tops, so it would be believable, not a guy twice the age of the character he is portraying. Not everyone is DiCaprio :D. Just my two cents..

      • BF

        okay, that’s valid, but the thing is…the actor isn’t Eragon. He (and all of them) will be playing the characters. I haven’t read them for a few years either, but seeing people’s comment retelling that eragon was 15, i was a little shocked. I think the original was was 17 or something, and to me, he still seemed a little young. To be honest, i don’t want an Eragon who is 15. I’d prefer him to look more older. And honestly, Max Irons and Pocock fit the bill to ME, but that’s just my opinion. Plus, if the directors choose (if this even gets made, which is pretty unlikely) to play up his realtionship with Arya, who is supposed to be much older than him, would you really want some kid opposite her? Look at it this way. The kid in the Hobbit, Bard’s son Bain. I’d guess he was supposed to be about 12 or so. The actor is 17. Ultimately, they should choose someone relatively unknown maybe a bit younger, like early twenties. I think some teen star from young adult tv or books (especially book movies) would ruin it. At least for me.

        • Ireheart

          True the fact that with Arya it might look a bit weird on the screen as the actor probably wouldnt be able to age that well as he is supposed according to the books, (though there are some like that, that would be quite a risk) Still don’t think it should be anyone older than 20-21 though. He is gonna be 20-25 by the time something more happens with Arya anyways.
          And I think there is not that bad of a chance of this happening, The fact that they would read this discussion for cast ideas, that’s highly unlikely obviously :D, but I think it is quite possible to give it another shot. If from nothing else, then just because the books saw such a success.

          • BF

            yeah hopefully they just cast a bunch of perfect unknown actors that perfectly fit the roles!

  • Michele Messina

    Eragon: Dylan O’Brien or Freddie Highmore
    Arya: Keira Knightley or natalie portman
    Saphira (voice): Scarlett Johannson
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter
    Solembum: Asa Butterfield
    Nasuada: Kat Graham or Kim Kardashian
    Brom: Woody Harrelson or Russell Crowe
    Galbatorix: Jason Isaacs or Liam Hemsworth
    Islanzadi: Jennifer Connelly

    • Jae Johnston

      You didn’t like Jeremy Irons?! He was perfect for Brom!

  • Apollonia

    Eragon: Dylan O’Brien or Freddie Highmore
    Arya: Keira Knightley (give her some green lenses lol) or Evangeline Lilly
    Saphira (voice): Scarlett Johannson
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter
    Solembum: Asa Butterfield
    Nasuada: Nathalie Emmanuel or Kat Graham
    Brom: Woody Harrelson (with hair please ahah)
    Galbatorix: Tom Hiddleston (give him some dark lenses) ’cause he’s perfect for this character
    Islanzadi: Jennifer Connelly
    Elva: Mackenzie Foy

  • Mortane

    Saphira – Cate Blanchett (Galadriel in Lord of the Rings)

  • FlamingHawk

    Eragon – Jeremy Sumpter
    Arya – Jennifer Lawrence/Emma Watson
    Saphira – Diane Kruger
    Angela – Ashley Judd
    Solembum (cat voice) – Johnny Depp
    Twins – Mark Strong
    Nasuada – Halle Berry
    Jeod – Marton Csokas
    Galbatorix – Jason Isaacs

    • Yini

      YES Depp as Sol’s voice !! Perfect !

  • 95% of the people here as seriously taking the easy way out with angela and arya, picking helena bonham carter really just because that’s her typecast and they’re to lazy to dig deeper than the obvious choice (not that i don’t think she could do it, but it’s better to have a more original choice so as not to take away from the character.), and why the futons is everyone choosing people like olivia wilde, nina dobrev, evangeline lilly, and mila kunis, for arya! this whole “female elf” typecast is horrendous! and please don’t tell me you’re choosing these actresses for their SKILL, out of the above listed; evangline lilly is probably the only actress who could pull off arya, BUT she’s also one of the worst choices because her previous work in the LOTR would take so much away from the character of arya, NOT TO MENTION NONE OF THEM ARE TALLER THAN 5’7!!! arya is tall and strong not small and skinny
    and i know this is just supposed to be your choice so theres no right or wrong but please some of these choices are as bad as the first movie!

    • i mean, i literally just read a post for tom hiddleston as eragon !?!?!

    • Interesting constructive criticism, but I think it may have been a bit more helpful had you provided ideas that you feel are good alternatives to the ones you’re criticizing.

      • i did it’s just earlier so alot further down the thread…

    • Kayla Instasi

      Well i chose Olivia Wilde as a possible because of her “cold” demeanor, while able to show true passion and that i could see her being the strong, powerful, and compassionate nature that Arya possesses. she may be shorter then needed but in my opinion her height is minimal set back. there are no half-lings or dwarfs but LOTR figured that out. Not to mention she is a far better cast the Kristen Stewart.
      i do how ever agree that there have been very interesting cast suggestions.

      • Well it’s nice to know at least somebody is looking past the physical aspects (green eyes, dark hair, “elf looking”,)
        But idk who said kristen stewart; SMH

        • Kayla Instasi

          The main one that I’m am thinking of is her character in House the TV series. I was trying to think of someone that would be able to play Arya. I agree that having someone fresh would help probably a lot bUT i couldnt find anone and dnot know actors very well. In my opinion I do believe that Arya is the hardest one to cast. There is so much depth in her that it’s hard to find someone who can cover all that she embodies and do it convincingly. 🙂

        • Kayla Instasi

          I don’t remember who said it but someone said Kristen and I almost choked. 🙂

      • Forgive the wall of text, but my point is that if people are going to pick a seasoned actress like kate beckinsale, olivia wilde, mila kunis, etc. then her acting skills should match the role for her experience; i don’t think said actresses aren’t skilled, only that their skill might not fit the role of arya. And if people are going to pick an actress who’s skill for the role is questionable, then she should be relatively fresh in the acting world or a no name to make up for the lack in skill with originality and being believable.

  • Keerthana Perumal

    Angela- Helena Bonham Carter
    Arya – Katie Mcgrath

  • Taylor Hummel

    Honestly i think most of the comments here suggest really poor choices for the cast. People are forgetting important things like age and height as well as how these actors will look together on screen. A lot of people are putting LOTR and The Hobbit actors into Eragon roles (mostly for elf roles), do we really need anymore reasons for people to call the Inheritance Cycle a LOTR knock-off?

    Here’s my list, ironically heavily based on the few great suggestions I’ve seen from the comments.

    Eragon: Somebody just starting out, relative unknown. Just make sure the casting people have read the book….

    Arya: Katie McGrath, I haven’t heard of her prior to looking her up after reading some comments suggesting her. After watching a few videos of her I think she’d do the part well.

    Saphira: Cate Blanchett. Since reading Eragon back in 2004 I’ve read Saphira’s part with her voice in mind.

    Angela: Natalia Tena. I don’t know, I just like it. I was also thinking Summer Glau, just because she can be silly but I think Natalia would look better with my other cast suggestions.

    Solembum: Robbie Kay, Thomas Sangstrom. They both have really unique facial features, I think I might prefer Thomas in the role (based on what I’ve seen in Game of Thrones)

    Twins: Ben Kingsley because he does villainy oh so well and looks great bald! I’m just concerned with age, I don’t remember if that was specified in the books or not…

    Nasuada: i have no idea. A number of commenters suggested Lupita Nyong’o, she’s too old, especially by the time they get the film started (if ever), but the pictures I see she looks great. However I don’t think she should be Nasuada. I’m sure a woman perfect for this role is out there. Admittedly, Nasuada was my favorite character so I might be a bit picky with casting.

    Jeod: Titus Welliver, but not opposed to other suggestions, this was the one I liked the most from other commenters. I didn’t know who it was and looked him up. He’s the right age and he looks close to how i imagined Jeod, I’m just a little iffy on using American actors in an Eragon reboot, also I give preference to people who’ve already had roles in a fantasy film because the more experience in that regard the better and it looks less awkward. To my knowledge, he hasn’t done fantasy, so this one’s purely based on looks for me (i know, a bit of a hypocrite here…)

    Galbatorix: Lee Pace. Someone suggested him and I know I said avoid using LOTR characters in Eragon, BUT he would not be playing an elf, and at least how I’d dress him up, he’d look quite different from his LOTR/Hobbit roles. He’s 6’5 and has a unique voice and looks great with a beard and dark long hair. Honestly I love his height for Galbatorix. Galbatorix is an imposing figure. 6’5″ is impressive to say the least….

    Can’t wait to discuss casting for characters in part 2!

    • Taylor Hummel

      Also I just realized I put Natalia Tena as Angela and Thomas Sangstrom as Solembum. My subconscious mind remembered how well they worked together in Game of Thrones haha

      • Taylor Hummel

        Also I’m worried about Katie McGrath’s height… I didn’t realize she’s only 5’5.” I think a woman 5’8″ and above would be good. Also I’ve always imagined Eragon relatively short (like about 5’10”)

    • Thank you for all of these out-of-the-box recommendations. I’m using many of them in my results article. I agree that we need to stop suggesting LotR/Hobbit actors (and I also don’t understand the obsessive “Peter Jackson HAS to direct it or it won’t do well!” comments, as if there are no other good, qualified directors out there…)

  • LadyFayrix

    I agree with Cate Blanchett as Saphira. She proved as Galadriel, and now as Valka in HTTYD. Of course she would be the perfect!
    Helena Bonham Carter would be awesome too as Angela. I mean.. She is made for this role.
    I would take Kit Harrington as Murtagh. Dunno why. 😀
    Tom Hiddleston would be awesome for the twins in my opinion, but I am thinking about him in an other role..
    Eragon is a really hard one. I am thinking on the others too. 😀

  • Blue

    Ansel Elgort is the obvious choice for Eragon.
    arya-nina dobrev (give her some green contacts or somethin) or evangeline lily
    saphira-phoebe tonkin
    angela-helena bonham carter
    solembum-robbie kay
    twins-bruce willis
    nasuada-kat graham
    jeod-liam neeson
    galbatorix-theo james

  • Martín Duarte

    I already made my list and I’m watching the names listed of everybody else, but………..

    People, you REALLY have to look carefully about the age of the actor/actress for Eragon/Arya/Nasuada/Solembum!!! You are saying people of 30 or something for teens of 15 (approx)!!!

    (and also Roran and Murtagh, in the case you mentioned them)

  • Firefist

    Personally, I think Lupita Nyong’o would make a perfect Nasuada. She has amazing talent and I really think she would make us empathize with her character and reveal the leader that we have come to love in the series. That’s my opinion though.

    • Martín Duarte

      Wrong age 🙁

  • d’agon

    Murtagh – James Mcavoy

  • d’agon

    Islanzadi – Angelina Jolie

  • any

    Daniel Roche TO PLAY SOLEMBUM

  • deagon

    Arya – Katrina Kaif

    what do you think ??

  • Eragon – Taron Egerton

    Arya – Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis, Emily VanCamp

    Saphira – Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Elizabeth, Mitchell, Michelle Pfeiffer

    Angela – Vanessa Marano, Lauren Graham, Elizabeth Lail

    Solembum – Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Dylan Kingwell, Robbie Kay

    Twins – Eddie Redmayne, Ben Kingsley, Stanley Tucci

    Nasuada – Zoe Saldana, Lupita Nyong’o, Rosario Dawson

    Jeod – Titus Welliver, John Hurt, Liam Neeson

    Galbatorix – Josh Holloway, Lee Pace

  • Jonathon

    In my opinion Jeremy Irons performed well in the role of Brom in the movie the first time. I think that I am not alone in saying that he would be a good choice the second time around also. In addition, I feel that Saphira’s voice actress, Rachel Weisz, did a good job with her role, though at times she sounded a little too old and mature for such a young character.

    • Jonathon

      (Sorry about that comment about Brom. I missed the warning not to post on characters outside the list until after I finished writing this comment.)
      Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass!

  • ejanssonbush

    Eragon – Ansel Elgort, Kit Harington or Josh Hutcherson. So long as their hair is brown.

    Arya – Olivia Wilde (those eyes and angular features are perfect!)

    Saphira – Cate Blanchett (remember Galadriel?)

    Angela – If Angela Paolini can act then that would be fitting. Otherwise Helena Bonham Carter (she’s great at weird).

    Solembum (human form) – Asa Butterfield (if he doesn’t look too old by then).

    Nasuada – Vicky Jeudy (beautiful and can play a strong character).

  • Kerri

    I was so pleased to see that you are considering redoing the movie and giving the books the platform they deserve.
    Therefore I would like to make a recommendation; that you consider me for the role of Nasuada. As a dark skinned girl who is a fan of fantasy, this is the first book that includes a dark skinned character. As a young girl, i recognized myself in her and I always dreamt that I would be able to portray her in all her glory. I know this is a long shot but I couldn’t let this opportunity go by without asking. Also, i have been told that I look like her by all the fans of the book that I meet. So i humbly request that you look through my profile but also make the casting for the reboot an open casting call. You never know what gems you might find out there.
    I have one last request, if it isnt possible to use me, or host a casting call I ask that you honour Nasuadas integrity and cast a dark skinned actress to play her, like Lupita Nyongo. There arent many dark skinned characters in Hollywood and I know it would be very much appreciated if you represented us.
    I know this message is haphazard, its just my stream of fan girl consciousness. I hope you take all I have said into consideration.
    Atra esterní ono thelduin. Mor’ranr lífa unin hjarta onr. Un du evarínya ono varda.

    • InkedintoExistance

      You have the wrong idea about this post. This isn’t a casting call nor is a movie remake in the works at this point in time.

      This is just a fun what-if post stating what a person’s ideal cast for an Eragon movie.

      • Kerri

        I understand exactly what the post is. I wanted to state my preferences for the character of Nasuada. If you read my post you will see that all I am doing is making suggestions. And by a long shot, i also suggested myself.

  • Bailey Barbour

    Ok, here we go!

    Eragon- this one was the hardest and I’m still not completely sure! I mean, this is our main character and we have to find someone who can play him well. I would suggest Skandar Keynes for the part, or perhaps Ansel Elgort. Maybe even Zachary Gordon or John Bell. Really I’m just throwing suggestions on this one. I know Eragon is only 15-16 when we meet him in the first book, but I don’t know any actors that age that look like him and could do him justice. However, I am open to any suggestions for younger actors from people who think differently. Also, maybe consider finding an actor who is not as well known or a foreign actor for the part.

    Arya- Another hard choice. I would first go for Keira Knightley, but could also see Kaya Scodelario in the role.

    Sapphira- I liked Rachel Weisz as her voice in the original movie, so I wouldn’t mind her coming back. I can also see Cate Blanchett or Vanessa Marshall as her voice.

    Angela- Helena Bonham Carter. She is the best actress in my view for a quirky and amazing character like Angela.

    Solembum- Here I don’t really know. Maybe Nolan Gross or Asa Butterfield, or some unknown actor. But while I imagine Solembum young, I also imagined him with an older and wiser voice.

    Twins- Stanley Tucci playing them or Ben Kingsley

    Nasuada- Zoe Saldana would be my top choice here

    Jeod- I imagine someone such as Jeremy Irons, Liam Neeson, or Hugh Laurie here.

    Galbatorix- Again several actors here could fit the role. I believe that Sean Bean or Richard Armitage could do it. Also, Alan Rickman could as well with that amazing voice of his!

  • Seireness

    Eragon: First pick – Jake T. Austin (The Fosters) I think he can look young enough and old enough, poor enough and strong enough to fill the ever changing and demanding role of Eragon. My alternates would be: Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson: sea of monsters) or Jeremy Sumpter (Friday Night lights)

    ARYA: First pick- Summer Glau (Firefly)because she has the right features and I think she could bring the right attitude and elegance that Arya’s character demands. My alternates would be: Olivia Wilde (Tron:Uprising), Shay Mitchell (PLL) & Troian Bellisario (PLL).

    Saphira’s voice: first pick – Cate blanchett (LOTR) All you have to do is hear her speak as Galadriel in LOTR to know why I picked her! My alternates are: Helen Mirren (The Queen) or Grey Griffon (Selina Kyle -Batman Arkham City)

    ANGELA: First Pick – Helena Bonham Carter because she’s got the look the quirkiness and the attitude! I mean come on! My alternates are: Emma Thompson and Minnie Driver

    Solembum: First Pick – Robbie Kay because he just has such a unique look that I think it would fit the mysterious character. My alternates are: Kodi Smit-McPhee or Cameron Boyce

    Twins: First pick – Billy Zane (Titanic) & Arnold Vosloo (the mummy) Please do this they look enough alike to be twins and they definately have the bad guy stuff down pat. Alternates: IDK Joel & Benji Madden? or Jeremy & Jason London if we must have actual twins.

    Nasuada: First Pick Deborah Ayorinde it is all in her eyes, that defiant I can hold up against kings fierceness. Alternates: Shanola Hampton or Keke Palmer or Lupita Nyong’o

    Jeod: Ian Mckellan, Donald Sutherland, Hugh Laurie or Morgan Freeman

    Galbatorix My first pick would be Gary Oldman but he may be too old he just really plays a bad guy so well. another choice I’d like is Robert Carlyle but again age and build might not work out. So based on features alone I think Eddie Velez has got the look or Todd Stashwick as an alternate.

  • Misi Naszvadi

    Durza: Tom Hiddleston
    Galbatorix: Michael Keaton or James Spader
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter
    Nasuaga: Lupita Nyong’o
    Arya: Anne Hathaway or Rooney Mara
    Brom: Russell Crowe or Jeremy Irons
    Saphira: Angelin Jolie
    Eragon.. no idea

  • Mina

    Saphira: Scarlett Johansson or Angelina Jolie
    Brom: I liked Jeremy Irons
    Galbatorix: Lee Pace without a doubt
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter omg
    Arya: Not quite sure but maybe ashley greene…
    Eragon: New actor? I haven’t seen anyone to fit him.
    Nasuada: Lupita??
    Jeod: Maybe Liam Neeson. Someone like him

  • Catherine Gardner

    Greg Sulkin as Eragon
    Evangeline Lily as Ayra
    Tyler Hoechlin as Murtagh
    Olivia Wilde as Angela
    Gene Hackman as Brom
    Tom Welling as Roran

  • Emily Pettingill

    These are just my ideas….

    Ansel Elgort as Eragon
    Carole Bouquet as Arya
    Gaia Scodellaro as Angela
    Asa Butterfield as Solembum
    Ron Howard as The Twins
    Meera Rohit Kumbhani as Nasuada
    John Mahoney as Jeod

    I don’t know about anyone else….

    • Seireness

      Ron Howard?!? No. Just No. I can’t picture it not even a little bit.

  • Cody Beer

    never acted in anything past junior high but always wanted to play Roran when I found out the original movie was coming out… I think now I could pull it off. to prove I can grow Roran’s beard. Cody Beer for Roran

  • Zachary Gabriel

    Eragon- Colton Haynes or Taron egerton
    Arya-Emilia Clark
    Sapphire-Angelina Jolie
    Solembum- David mazouz
    Angela- Emma Watson
    Twins- Ben Kingsley or mark strong
    Jeod- Ian mckellen or Michael Caine
    Nasuada- Zoe kravitz
    Galbatorix- Luke evans

    • Seireness

      Not Emma Watson for Angela, maybe Emma Thompson! But I’d prefer Helena Bonham Carter!

      • Zachary Gabriel

        I couldn’t really think of anyone else but her at the time I could just see her being witty.

  • Raphael Ebeling

    Eragon: Chris Hemsworth? Richard Madden? Unsure, kind of a hard pick.
    Arya: Kate Beckinsale hands-down. Or Evangaline Lilly.
    Saphira: unsure
    Brom: I thought Jeremy Irons did a good job, except he needs to grow his hair out. I think Iain Glen could do the role very well too. If not, maybe an older, highly-respected actor like Liam Neeson, Geoffrey Rush, Ralph Fiennes etc.
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter, or maybe Rachel McAdams if looking for a younger character
    Solembum: no one in particular, just find a young boy actor who can do the job well
    Twins: no one in particular, just someone who can fit the role as bald and can do the job well. Ben Kingsley seems to be consensus
    Nasuada: Naome Harris or Zoe Saldana both immediately first come to mind.
    Jeod: Russell Crowe? Iain Glen could also smash this.
    Galbatorix: Mark Strong? Excellent actor and villains seem to suit him. Also perhaps Stephan Dillane

  • kat

    Eragon: Grant Gustin
    Arya: India Eisely

    I actually personally liked Brom the way he was

    • Seireness

      I think India Eisely would be better suited to the role of Elva personally. Her or Chloe Grace Moretz

  • Miranda Mack

    Eragon: Some nobody. Or Freddie Highmore.
    Arya: Jamie Chung
    Roran: Chace Crawford or Dylan O’Brien
    Galbatorix: Russell Crowe
    Angela: Amy Adams
    Twins: Stanley Tucci and Stanley Tucci
    Nasuada: Tessa Thompson
    Saphira Voice: I agree. Scarlett Johansson.

  • Nicki

    Eragon: I am not sure…but for some reason I want to say Ansel Elgort?
    Saphira: Jennifer Hale
    Brom: Jeremy Irons
    Murtagh: Sebastian Stan? Is he too old?
    Arya: Eva Green
    Solembum: Thomas Brodie-Sangster
    Angela: Alex Kingston
    Katrina: Anna Kendric
    Nasuada:Nathalie Emmanuel
    Jeod: Iain Glen
    Twins:Ian Hanmore (okay I am noticing a GoT patern)
    Galbatorix: Benedict Cumberbatch (not so much for the look, but the voice and the gravitas)

  • Danielle

    I have no idea who should play Eragon, but I thought of Richard Armitage playing Roran,Ashley Greene or Evangeline Lily as Arya,Eva Green as Islanzadi,and Lupita Nyong’o as Nasuada.:)

  • BM

    consider aidan turner as murtagh
    also i am routing for lupita nyong’o as nasuada because her physiology and the dept of her skincolor matches my inner image of nasuada
    furthermore idris elba as ajihad
    and kenneth brannagh or ewan mcgregor as brom maybe
    lastly i really wish that lucy liu was taller, because i really think she would be perfect for arya

    • BF

      was eagerly awaiting part two to post that! Aidan would make a perfect Murtagh!

      • Kate/Kili

        I was thinking the same thing, though age could be an issue there.

  • Kayla Instasi

    Eragon Cast:

    This took me a long time as i was trying to match, in my opinion, who would do a good job bring the characters alive and fit the role laid out by the books.

    Eragon: Lucas Till, Alex Pettyfer, Dylan Sprayberry

    Saphira: Emilia Clarke, Scarlett Johanson

    Angela: Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham-Carter

    Solembum: Thomas Brodie-Sangster

    Twins: Ben Kingsley

    Nasuada: Lupita Nyong’o

    Jeod: Timothy Olyphant, Esai Morales, Hugh Laurie

    Galbatorix: Billy Burke

    Arya: this one was the hardest to fit in my opinion but here we go:

    Kate Beckinsale, Olivia Wilde, Evangeline Lilly, Kristin Kreuk, Keira Knightley, Jessica Alba.

    The second set of the cast:

    Murtagh- Ben Barns, (honestly Garrett hedlund was perfect and i would love to see him back in that slot)

    Roran- Taylor Kitsch, Liam Hemsworth

    Katrina- Sophie Turner (if she can step out of the role as Sansa, grow a backbone ;), i think she would be great for this)

    Brom- Jeff Bridges, Viggo Mortensen

    Ajihad- Adewale Akinnuoye

    Garrow: Sean Bean

    Horst- Gerard Butler

    Queen Islanzadi- Katheryn Winnick (perfect 🙂 )

    Oromis: Lee Pace

    • Please read my earlier comments on why Lee Pace, Evangeline Lilly, and Lupita Nyong’o aren’t the best choices for those roles
      I feel like people are just picking the most obvious actors/actresses for these characters 🙁

    • Seireness

      I spent all night coming up with my list lol I agree I put way too much thought into one comment. My bf said Sean Bean for Brom lol. I think Cate Blanchett for Saphira not Angela but def Helena Bonham Carter for Angela! Olivia Wilde is on my list for Arya too

  • Carl Månsson

    I love the Saphira voice from the last movie, so calm and wise, as well as powerful

  • Madison Makarof

    Arya: Kristen Kreuk. She isn’t tall but she has everything else. She’s a good actress and not really known. I think it’s for the best if the leading actor aren’t famous.

  • mzavell

    Matt Lanter for Eragon

  • Henry

    I have taken some inspiration for cast members from other posts so full credit to those who suggested them first.
    Eragon: William Moseley
    Arya: kaya scodelario
    Saphira: Cate Blanchett
    Solembum: Thomas sangster
    Angela: Natalia Tena
    Twins: Ben Kingsley
    Nasuada Lupita Nyong’o
    Jeod: Iain Glen
    Galbatorix: Richard Armitage / Mark strong

    • Natalia Tena would probably be a more accurate Angela

      • Seireness

        I actually like her as a choice despite my campaigning for Helena lol

  • Alice

    It would be awesome is Christopher Paolini played Eragon since the character is modeled after him. It would also be nice to have not so famous actors be casted.

    • John McClymond

      But Christopher Paolini is in 30’s, too old.

  • Marcus

    Most aren’t my ideas but this is what I’ve picked from what people have said so far!
    Nasuada : Lupita Nyong’o
    Eragon : relative unknown would be preferable
    Saphira : Cate Blanchett
    Arya : Georgie Henley
    Roran : Liam Hemsworth
    Galbatorix : John Barrowman or Alan Rickman (John’s physique and Alan’s voice!) outside vote – Matt Nable
    Murtagh : Ben Barnes (perfect casting)
    Oromis : Lee Pace (whoever thought of this is a genius)
    Jeod : Ewan McGregor
    Brom : Viggo Mortensen or Matt Nable
    Solembum : Thomas Sangster or Asa Butterfield

    • Virginia

      Liam Hemsworth is defiantly a good actor to play Roran!

      • I personally think Lee Pace would be a bad choice for Oromis because the only basis for that choice is because of his work as Thranduil which would take away from the character of Oromis because the foundation of it would be transferrence and therefore not give the character himself the chance to come alive in his own

        • Marcus

          Agreed with Evangeline Lily, but I was actually going off Lee Pace from Ronan the Accuser in GotG. Just the gravitas that he has basically.

  • Becky

    Eragon-Josh Hutcherson
    Arya-Jennifer Lawrence
    Jeod-Liam Nesson

    • Becky


  • Ig

    I would say Aneurin Barnard for Eragon. To me, he’s the perfect Eragon in every single category, but the brown eyes and brown hair. I would totally see him with a flaming sword, yelling in ancient language, losing his family, loving Arya and fighting in a big war with a big dragon. I think he would do the character development extremely well.

    Nolan Gross would do a nice Solembum. He has nice ears and eyes and a nice face for a cat character.

    Helena BC would fit with Angela’s character. But I think you already know that.

    Georgie Henley has the perfect face for Arya. She’s young and has the serious face of an elf. If only her hair were black and her already captivating blue eyes were green. She already has shown abilities with fantasy movies.

    Hugh Jackman would do an awesome and terrifying Galbatorix.

    • Jamila

      Georgie Henley could easily just dye her hair like in Perfect Sisters, and for her eyes?Contacts, but even without contacts blue eyes wouldn’t be the worst thing

      • Seireness

        I just think she’s too cute to be Arya, I picture Arya as a graceful elegant but fierce warrior type

        • Jamila

          Kinda like Jaimie Alexander if only she was a little younger

    • I see Fire

      Great Ideas. But I think Georgie Henleys Face isnt small enough for arya.

    • Georgie Henley lacks the experience/maturity to pull off a complex character like Arya, plus she’s too short and Arya is a WOMAN not a GIRL, and i don’t think any amount of makeup would fix that for Georgie

  • Tandlöse

    Arya – Laura Vandervoort or Phoebe Tonkin
    Eragon – Mason Cook or Caleb Barwick
    Galbatorix – Alan Rickman
    Oromis – Hugo Weaving
    Murtagh – Ben Barnes
    Angela – Cariba Heine
    Saphira – Cate Blanchett
    Brom – Ian McKellen
    Jeod – Viggo Mortensen
    Islanzadi – Cate Blanchett
    Solembum – Jared Gilmore
    Twins – James and Oliver Phelps
    Nasuada – Keke Palmer

    • d’agon

      wouldn’t say i agree on all choices…but what a great list !

  • Hubbleday

    Eragon – Kit Harrington/Michiel Huisman
    Arya – Indira Varma.
    Saphira (voice) – Colleen ClinkenBeard
    Angela – Cate Blanchett
    Solembum (human form) – And Serkis
    Twins – Jerry Lobozzo
    Nasuada – Lesley-ann Brandt
    Jeod –John Rhys-Davies
    Galbatorix –Manu Bennett
    Brom- Iain Glen
    Roran- Orlando Bloom
    Murtagh- Pana Hema-Taylor/Michiel Huisman
    Orik- Jerome Flynn/Sean Bean
    Ajihad- Peter Mensah
    Jörmundur- Antonio Te Maioha
    Morzan- Viggo Mortensen
    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
    Garrow- Charles Dance
    Sloan- John Hannah
    Katrina- Rose Leslie
    Horst- Nick E. Tarabay
    Selena- Liv Tyler
    Birgit- Alice Krige
    Oromis- Max von Sydow
    Hrothgar- Kristofer Hivju
    Eragon the 1st- James Purefoy

  • Aries

    Saphira – I’m thinking Cate Blanchett for her clear voice that can carry a lot of power.

    Arya – Olivia Wilde
    Angela – Evangeline Lilly
    Nasuada – Kerry Washington
    Galbatorix – Richard Armitage

    • Danielle

      Richard Armitage is more of a Roran to me.

  • HaDr

    OH! Come on! Eragon is 15-16!!

  • Holly Rose

    Nasuada : Lupita Nyong’o
    Eragon : Dylan O’Brien, Thomas Sangster
    Saphira : Cate Blanchett
    Arya : Phoebe Tonkin
    Roran : Liam Hemsworth maybe Sam Claflin? He isn’t tall enough though
    Galbatorix : Tom Hiddleston (although he’d need contacts)
    Murtagh : Ben Barnes
    Oromis : Lee Pace
    Jeod : Iain Glen
    Brom : Viggo Mortensen
    Solembum : Thomas Sangster (I just feel like he needs to be in it somehow)
    Queen Islanzadi : Eva Green

    It all depends whether or not they decide to cast a very young actor for Eragon or age him up. Dylan O’Brien is such a good actor and I really feel like he could do it! I can’t think of any other actresses who could play Nasuada because she’s so young in the books too.

    • Seireness

      Yes! Cate Blanchette couldn’t agree more!

  • Luana Mejia

    Eragon:Josh Hucherson
    Roran: Chis/Liam Hemsworth
    Nasuada: Kiki Palmer
    Solembum: Thomas Brodie-Sanster
    Saphira: Rihanna/Beyonce
    Galbatorix: Alan Rickman
    Angela: Elena Boham-Carter
    Arya: Kaya Scodelario
    Brom: Jeff Bridges
    Murtagh: Ben Barnes

    I’ve been wating this moment all my life!

  • Ninaaa

    Nasuada – Lupita Nyong’o
    Eragon – Ansel Elgort – or Dylan O’Brien
    Saphira – Cate Blancett or Scarlett Johansson
    Arya – Evangeline Lilly
    Solembum – Asa Butterfield
    Durza – Cilian Murphy
    Brom – Harrison Ford? (Is Ian Mckellen too old?)
    Murtagh – Ben Barnes
    Roran – Taylor Kitsch
    Galbatorix – Ewan McGregor Or John Barrowman
    (However for some reason I can’t get Alan Rickman’s voice out of my head – he has such a deep and unique voice it would be brilliant for Galbatorix! not the right look though)
    Angela – Helena Bonham Carter
    Joed – Hugh Lorrie
    Oromis – Lee Pace (made older?)
    Islanzadi – Cate Blanchett ?
    Katrina – Lily James
    King Orrin – Stephen Moyer

    • Ninaaa

      Also Sapphire needs to be a lot brighter and more shiny!!

  • kacey

    Logan lerman 4 Eragon

  • Jonathan Hargreaves

    Eragon – Jonathan Hargreaves

    • HaDr

      WHAT?? Eragon is 15-16!! Sorry but you must be kidding me! :O

      • Jonathan Hargreaves

        I’m 18 but I usually get confused for a lot younger! Thanks, though. I’ll take it as a compliment.

  • Dulce Nunez-Good

    Eragon – Andrew Garfield
    Arya – Mila Kunis
    Saphira (voice) – Beyonce
    Angela – Helena Bonham-carter
    Solembum (human form) – Thomas Brodie-Sangster
    Twins – Shawn & Aaron Ashmore
    Nasuada – Rihanna
    Jeod – James Cromwell
    Galbatorix – The Rock

    • Rihanna would be great for Nasuada

    • Aries

      Helena Bonham-Carter’s acting style would be excellently-suited to Angela’s character.

      • “Ambrose”

        Her acting skill would most likely be perfect, but I can’t say in good conscience that her looks match up with Angela’s.

      • Seireness

        Yes I agree! My first choice for Angela was Helena Bonham Carter before even looking in the comments so glad I wasn’t the only one!

  • Eragon- Should be unknown
    Arya- Jennifer Lawrence (tall and strong not short and skinny)
    Jeod- HUGH JACKMAN!!!!
    Solembum- Voice- Alan Rickman (human form- Kodi Smit-Mcphee or Asa Butterfield idk.)

    • BF

      Jennifer Lawrence and keke palmer? are you kidding me? they would be terrible!

      • You’re right, i honestly don’t know squat when it comes to actresses that could play nasuada; the reason i picked her was because she was probably the only suggestion that was close to the age range (AND WASN’T LUPITA NYONG’O!) But what makes jennifer lawrence a bad choice for arya?

  • I don’t understand why fans seem to keep forgetting that eragon is supposed to be 15 almost 16! so the actor should reflect his age and the time it will take to film the series should age accordingly

    • Aries

      I had trouble thinking of an appropriate actor that could look 15, so I think if the movie were really going to be cast it would have to be someone relatively unknown at this point.

      • yes a newblood would definitely make the character more believable and original

      • Jamila

        Dylan Sprayberry has been mentioned a few times, he is 16. But other than him I can’t really remember anyone that age that fits Eragons description

        • Jamila

          Colin Ford maybe but he is 18

  • Most of these actors/actresses are too old for their respective roles

  • Andrew Shoniker

    Alright this is what i got.

    Ansel Elgort

    Scarlett Johansson

    Helena bonham-carter

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster

    Anna Kendrick

    Lupita Nyong’o

    Evangeline Lilly

    Alex Pettyfer

    Tom Hiddleston

    Gary Oldman

    ben Barnes

    Graham McTavish

    Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

    peter capaldi
    Billy Connolly

  • Austin Ganje

    Nasuada – Lupita Nyong’o or Gugu Mbatha-Raw
    Eragon – Ansel Elgort ?
    Arya – Kristen Stewart or Evangeline Lilly
    Solembum – Asa Butterfield
    Durza – Cilian Murphy
    Brom – Harrison Ford
    Murtagh – Ben Barnes
    Roran – Taylor Kitsch

  • Paigë Lahman

    100% Liam Nesson for Omiris (can’t spell sorry)

  • Paigë Lahman

    Helena Bonham Carter as Angela ????????

  • Paigë Lahman

    All I can think of right now is those creepy bad twins from the house of the undying in game of thrones for the twins, like they 100% fit
    His name is Ian Hanmore!!

  • Michael Cave

    Eragon – Unknown, Josh Hutcherson or Asa Butterfield
    Arya – Needs to be very dismissive but still desirable. Natalie
    Dormer or Evangeline Lilly.
    Saphira (voice) – Make it growly like in the audio books.
    That was perfect. It still needs to be childish at times. Mila Kunis?
    Angela – Helena Bonham Carter
    Solembum (human form) – Unknown or Asa Butterfield
    Twins – Ben Kingsley or Tom Hiddleston
    Nasuada – Zoe Kravitz.
    Jeod – James Cromwell
    Galbatorix – Jason Momoa (age him slightly)

    Ajihad: Idris Elba or David Harewood
    Murtagh: Stephen Amell, Taylor Kitsch or Ben Barnes.
    Roran: Has to believably kill over 200 soldiers in a blood
    rage. Similar actor to Murtagh. Stephen Amell, Taylor Kitsch or Ben Barnes
    Brom: Gary Oldman
    Oromis: Charles Dance
    Gladr: Deep growl. Michael Clarke Duncan would have been
    perfect 🙁 Patrick Warburton maybe?

    Also Morgan Freeman, because all films need Morgan Freeman.

  • Cameron Sunshine-Longway

    Jeff Bridges for Brom, Alan Rickman for Galbatorix, Robert Carlyle for Durza

    keep Jeremy Irons for Oromis
    Idris Elba (heimdall from Thor) for Jeod
    Jared Gilmore for Solembum?
    Bernadette Peters for voice of Saphira

  • Kilojoules Candy

    Viggo Mortensen as Brom.

  • This Alexandra

    Put Ben Barnes somewhere in there- either Murtagh or Eragon and I’m happy XD

  • Freya Williams

    Eragon- Taron Egerton
    Arya- Katie McGrath
    Saphira (voice)- Natalie Portman
    Angela- Whoopi Goldberg
    Solebum-Raymond Ochoa?? (Maybe)
    Twins- Aaron & Robert Ashmore?? (Maybe)
    Nasuada- Zoe Saldana
    Jeod- Christopher Lee
    Galbbatorix- Tom Hiddleston

  • DeafeningMeat62

    Ben Barns is Eragon. (Ben Barns aka Prince Caspian) That is all.

    • charmara

      fuck yes

  • quelqu’un

    Brom : Jeremy irons,

    Nasuada : Kat graham (bonnie in the vampire diairies),

    Angela : Helena bonham-carter
    Roran : Liam Hemsworth ou Taylor Kitsch

  • Joe Holmes

    i did not think about this but with how the first movie bombed getting ppl to sign on to do this new one is gonna be really hard i want it to be made but there is NO WAY IN HELL JEREMY IRONS WILL BE BROM AGAIN and he is really good casting which is sad and getting and big names to sign on is also is gonna be hard

  • Jemima Atok

    I’ve read all your suggestions and here’s what I think.

    Eragon: Nick Robinson or Aneurin Barnard
    Arya: Jaimie Alexander or Kristin Kreuk
    Saphira: Scarlett Johansson (voice)
    Angela: Helena Bonham-Carter
    Solembum: Asa Butterfield
    Nasuada: Gugu Mbatha-Raw or Rihanna
    Galbatorix: Benedict Cumberbatch

    I have no suggestion for Joed and the Twins. 🙂

  • Jamila

    Eragon – Thomas Sangster
    Saphira voice – Scarlett Johansson
    Angela – Helena Bonham Carter (not even a question)
    Solembum – Asa Butterfield
    Nasuada – Zoe Saldana
    Jeod – Sean Bean
    Roran – Liam Hemsworth (Chris would be fine too)

    • Summer Read

      I love this!! Thomas Sangster needs to be in it somehow. Either as Eragon or as an elf. He has the perfect features, and a great presence and voice!

  • Michal Pato Pešek

    Arya – Emily Blunt

    Eragon – Liam Hemsworth, Andrew Garfield

    Roran – Thomas McDonell

    • Cameron Sunshine-Longway

      Liam hemsworth is too old, Eragon was 15, coming onto 16 when he found the egg

  • !riss

    Lucy Liu for Arya – although Rihanna seems to fit the description more closely, she doesn’t really act much.

    • !riss

      Or Shay Mitchell for Arya!

      Lupita Nyong’o would make a great Nasuada.

      • Jamila

        I was actually just thinking about Shay for Arya only thing is she doesn’t really have that Arya-ness but then again i’ve only seen her on pll

        • Jamila

          A mix of Shay and Jaimie Alexander would be PERFECT

  • Justyna Arya Mirocha

    Taylor Kitsch – Roran

  • Justyna Arya Mirocha

    Jason Isaacs -Galbatorix.

  • DiPace

    Arya- Emma Watson

  • Kim Ashaari

    Hello, Asian fan here..^_^, just a recommendation. I am still hoping for a reboot eragon movie T_T…

    Eragon-Lucas Till (eragon is 15, he looks young, perfect innocent boy )
    Arya- Keira Knightley (just make sure her hair is black,pointed ears, she is slender and her acting is awesome)
    Saphira- Cate Blanchett/ Rachel Weisz (wisdom is a must )
    Angela- Helena Bonham Carter (PERFECT, she is the best .no one else can compared to her as angela.i like her)
    Solembum- Asa Butterfield (nice eye)
    Twins- Bens Kingsley (they should look cunning)
    Nasuada-Zoe Saldana
    Jeod-Scott Cohen (should not be too old or young, look just like a normal guy in a city, just old is enough)
    Galbatorix-Charles Dance (I know he can be as cunning as the author described)

    Brom: Gary oldman (no other character more suitable, should not be too old and must look wise, I can see brom and jeod make a pair of best friends ever)
    Roran:Chris Hemsworth (roran used hammer as a weapon ^_^)
    Murtagh:Liam Hemsworth (just change the hair black, roran and murtagh about the same age??)
    Ajihad: Djimon hounsou (perfect cast)

  • Pratheep Ramanathan

    alex pettyfer!!!!perfect guy for the role

  • Abigail

    McGrath I mean.

  • sara

    Arya: Jessica De Gouw
    Solembum: Asa Butterfield
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter

  • Abigail

    Katie Macbeth for Arya and Helena bonham carter for Angela. Julia Roberts for saphira maybe?

  • Madison Makarof

    Arya: Kristin Kreuk
    Eragon: unkown actor, someone new
    Murtagh: Ben Barnes
    Durza: Robert Carlyle was perfect
    Brom: Sean Bean
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter

  • Katy

    Steven Brand should be somewhere

  • Ed Ward

    Ian McElhinney as Jeod

  • Annamária Dám

    Arya : Liv Tyler!!!

  • Sedjwick

    I don’t really know a whole lot of actors/actresses, but I definitely agree with a lot of people saying Helena Bonham Carter for Angela. I’ve also noticed a lot of good suggestions for Saphira. Benedict Cumberbatch would probably be a good choice for the Twins. I also like the idea of Hugh Laurie as Joed. I think he could pull it off. I’ve also seen some good suggestions for Galbatorix. I think James Spader could definitely do the voice of Galbatorix, but at the moment he’s probably too busy with The Blacklist to play a major role in a movie. I also think Johnny Depp could do a good job as Galbatorix (but then again he could pull off just about any role he plays). Other than that, I really don’t have any original ideas for who could play whom.

  • Katy

    JEREMY IRONS MUST BE BROM AGAIN. Dc about the others.

  • Katy


  • maikki

    Eragon – Jamie Campbell-Bower
    Arya – Adriana Vanderberg
    Saphira – Cate Blanchett
    Angela – Helena Bonham-Carter
    Roran – Chris Hemsworth
    Murtagh – Jason Momoa
    Katrina – Diane Kruger or Olivia Wilde
    Brom – ? The very hardest. Someone elderlyish, but at the same time gentle and with attitude.. and a long beard! Not Jeremy Irons.
    Oromis – Lee Pace masked a bit older!

  • Matthew McKane

    Eragon- Dylan Sprayberry
    Arya- Katie McGrath
    Angela- Cate Blanchett
    The Twins- Manu Bennett or Russell Crowe
    Jeod- Jed Brophy
    Orik- John Rhys-Davies
    Keep he following the same. Jeremy Irons (Brom), Garrett Headlund (Murtagh) ,John Malkavich (Galbatorix) and Durza (Robert Carlyle)

  • Monique

    I think thomas sangster should do the role of either Eragon or Rohan

  • Derk Hietala

    Eragon – Thomas Sangster
    Arya – Emma Stone
    Saphira – Cate Blanchett
    Brom – Jeremy Irons
    Roran – Andrew Garfield
    Garrow – Peter Capaldi
    Jeod – Hugh Lawry
    Katrina – Emma Watson
    Glaedr – Christopher Lee
    Sloan – Brian Cranston
    Galbatorix – Iwan McGreggor
    Oromis – Liam Neeson

  • Kacper

    Eragon – Taylor Lautner
    Arya – Liv Tyler
    Saphira – Scarlett Johansson
    Angela – Helena Bonham Carter
    Nasuada – Zoe Saldana
    Jeod – Hugh Laurie
    Galbatorix – Hugh Jackman

  • JT

    Eragon – Jeremy Irvine or Lucas Till
    Arya – Jamie Alexander or Kate Beckinsale
    Saphira – Cate Blanchett
    Angela – Helena Bonham Carter
    Solembum – Shia LaBeouf
    Twins – Aiden Gillen (as mentioned, can play a cunning, intelligent character)
    Nasuada – Amber Stevens or Zoe Saldana
    Jeod – Paul Bettany or Matthew McConaughey
    Galbatorix – James Spader. Galbatorix voice is important, it can be both demanding and enticing, persuasive and powerful. That something Spader does very well.

  • Matt

    Jeod -Sean Bean
    Roran – Liam Hemsworth
    Angela – Emma Stone
    Saphira – Scarlett Johansson
    Nasuada – Zoe Kravitz

  • Keith Andre

    Arya- Naya Rivera. tawny means tan. A naturally tan person with angulation features would seem like the rational choice.

    Galbatorix- find a deep scary voice. Or an old raspy sounding voice. The person to go along with it should be large and imposing as well because that’s what the description says.

  • Kirilu

    I can’t say much for a whole cast but as an actor myself (19yrs, male) I believe I could play Eragon. I consider this to be more a dream than a potential reality. I have an average build, height, brown hair, blue eyes, come from a poor lifestyle and still retain much of my innocents. I live in a cold, wet country town. Hey if your reading this you may even guess as to why I love the Eragon books so much 🙂 haha. Samuel Fairburn.

  • Dr. Livingston

    Arya – Olivia Wilde
    Saphira (voice) – Scarlett Johansson

  • Ash

    Eragon – Thomas Brodie-Sangster or Dylan O’Brien
    Arya – Rhona Mitra

    Saphira (voice) – Maggie Q

    Angela – Helena Bonham Carter
    Ajihad- Hisham Tawfiq
    Brom – Christopher Lee

    Solembum (voice ) Diego Klattenhoff
    Twins – Ian Hanmore (they can make copies)

    Nasuada – Zoe Kravitz

    Jeod – Charles Dance
    Galbatorix – Rory McCann

    • ROWAN


      • Josiah Solira Lambert

        His name is Taylor Kitsch

    • Matthew

      Aye, Beautiful! But perhaps…
      The Twins (Bloody buggers) could be played by that one English Bloke from the first Sherlock film, and the John Carter film. You know. The evil bloke. Good actor. And Christopher Lee? sadly, I think he has finally hit his limit. 94 is a solid age to act to, indeed…but now…?
      Fuck I’d happily let Mr. Irons resume the role…with some book-related tweaks…

      The rest I agree with. Apart from Rory… He’s a little…

      For Galby.

      • Josiah Solira Lambert

        Taylor Kitsch, and Benedict Cumberbatch? They who you mean?

  • Richard890

    Durza- Richard William Todd

  • Guest

    Saphira (voice) – Scarlett Johansson. She has a deeper register that’s perfect for a dragon, yet still sounds acutely feminine. She’s also the perfect in-between age to capture both Saphira’s youth and her wisdom beyond her years. Saphira has to sound more mature than Eragon despite being much younger. Also, she proved in “Her” that she is an amazing voice actress.

    Angela – Helena Bonham Carter. This doesn’t need an explanation. You know she’s perfect.

    Solumbum (voice) – Gerard Doyle. He nailed Solumbum in the audio books. Let him voice the character in the movie. It will be a nice piece of fanservice.

    Nasuada – Zoe Saldana. Youthful, beautiful, strong, and spirited. I can’t even think of another actress to play this role.

    Galbatorix – Sean Bean. He’s the right age to play the ancient yet somewhat ageless king, he already commands enormous respect within the fantasy genre thanks to his roles in Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, and this role would allow us to see him as a villain, a new angle on fantasy for him.

    • Guest

      As an afterthought:

      Eragon – Liam Hemsworth.

      Roran – Chris Hemsworth.

      Now THAT would be an interesting dynamic!

  • Hailey

    I would need to read the books again for casting. But I feel that Tom Hiddleston would be perfect in this movie somewhere. 🙂

  • Steve Mcfakename

    Eragon- Someone new and generally not famous
    Arya – Anne Hathaway
    Brom – Gary Oldman
    Joed – Bill Nighy
    Angela – Helena Bonham-Carter (lets be honest we all want her as Angela)
    Solembum – I don’t really care here, maybe just some new person (some suggestions of Asa Butterfield and I think he could do well but I always pictured Solembum having quite a deep voice despite his young appearance)
    Nasauda- Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei on GoT)
    Twins – Eggs Benedict Cucumberpatch
    Durza – Hugo Weaving
    Orik – Ian Glenn
    Ajihad – Samuel L Jackson
    Roran – Jeremy Renner or Liam Hemsworth for slightly different reasons. I’d love to see Renner as the Stronghammer though so he’s got my first preference
    Katrina – Ellen Page
    Oromis – Charles Dance

  • tolol

    What about Brom?

  • Evan Robertson

    Eragon- Dylan O’Brien or Lucas Till
    Arya- Liv Tyler
    Saphira Rachel Weisz
    Galbatorix- John Malkovich
    Angela- Helena Bonham-Carter
    Solembum- Asa Butterfield
    Twins- Jake Gyllenhaal and Wes Bentley
    Jeod- Judd Hirsch
    Nasuada- Keke Palmer or Rihanna
    Yes, No Maybe so
    We need this reboot bad the world needs this reboot

    • rin

      gooooooooood choice for Eragon !! Dylan would be good,with the right length hair !

  • Martín Duarte

    Uffff, almost 3 hours of thinking……..
    This was really hard, and I’m still trying to figuring out some characters, but I really can’t pick some actors/actresses for some papers.

    As for Eragon and Arya, I always thinked of them with a teen/young look, so I can’t really think of an actual actor/actress duo to fit the characters.
    Probably some new people could be the best choice.
    The same happens to me with Nasuada and Solembum.

    Saphira (voice) – The toughest choice ever…
    I don’t know why, but I always thought her voice as the one of an older woman, wise, cunning and with some kind of great presence, with some kind of royalty feeling, even when she’s young in body but not in mind.
    Maggie Smith is and excellent choice, but some great actresses as Julie Walters, Helen Mirren, Judi Dench and Kathy Bates have awesome voices and can also be great choices.

    Angela – As some people say, I think that Helena Bonham Carter could make an AWESOME Angela, putting some weird/sharp sense of humor, with a straight face, but she also can look wise, misterious, and dangerous.

    Twins – Mark Strong or Ralph Fiennes, definitely.
    Awesome badass actors that can easily make his characters as respected and admired as hated and feared by the audience and the characters.

    Jeod – I always thought of Jeod as a mix of the incredible David Thewlis, Bill Nighy and Gary Oldman.
    Any of them could look as a scholar as a traveler swordsman.

    Galbatorix – Hard to fit to the book description, ’cause some of my favourite and greatest actors to make this character have light colored eyes or aren’t “strong” looking that they should be, but I like the idea of somebody like Sean Bean, Christian Bale or Mads Mikkelsen.
    They could be a cool mix between evil, cruel and mean but also good looking, persuasive and the wise/cynical bad guy.
    Russell Crowe, Gerard Butler or Viggo Mortensen could be other type of “evil boss”, but I prefer one of the my first choices.

  • Michael Yates

    Eragon- Eddie Redmayne (definitely agree with this idea, big fan of his since Les Mis)
    Arya- Olivia Wilde (fits the slender build, for sure)
    Sapphira- Kiera Knightley (though Rachel Weisz didn’t exactly do a bad job the first time)
    Brom- Liam Neeson/Hugh Jackman (it has to be believable that Brom can still fight like a badass, so these are two good choices I think)
    Angela- Helena Bonham Carter (the epitome of a quirky female actress), or maybe Aubrey Plaza (same reason as Carter)
    Solembum- Daniel Huttlestone (unless he has a contract clause that only allows him to do musicals, which would be kinda limiting)
    Twins- Ben Kingsley (he’s already bald, sp why not? Plus, he’s definitely got the acting chops to play two different people at once)
    Nasuada- Zoe Saldana (she’s really become a great fantasy/sci fi action star, and I feel like she fits the description really well)
    Jeod- Billy Connolly (this is just who I pictured every time I read the books, he fits the part in my mind at least)
    Galbatorix- Russell Crowe (whoever said this first is a genius, because he’s one of my favorite actors, he just has that kind of presence, and its not all that often we get to see him as the villain)

  • Emma Inez

    I immediately thought Katie McGrath as Arya, but have been reading some of the comments on here and see the merits in all the suggestions presented.
    A few people have said Helena Bonham Carter for Angela and I am inclined to agree, since I love her as an actress and think she can fit the role quite well. Also think Angel Coulby would make a great Nasuada. Any woman with a deep strong voice would make an incredible Saphira, and so long as they get the CGI right for her this time she’ll be perfect. As for Eragon, the jury is still out on that one for me, but I will have to think some more. Some of the other characters I am not sure of, but again, I will think… Or just leave it to the experts who have probably read the books a hundred and fifty times 😉

  • Sam Burnett

    Eragon:Taron Egerton
    Arya: Jamie Chung
    Saphira and Brom: Same as the movie as they were both perfectly cast
    Angela: Helena Bonham-Carter
    Solembum: Don’t know
    Twins: ‎Conleth Hill
    Nasdua: Dana Davis
    Jeod: Rory Kinnear
    Gallbatorix: Timothy Dalton (he has the right voice for it)

  • Ashlee Suydam

    Eragon: Sam Claflin
    Arya: Angelina Jolie or Anne Hathaway
    Saphira: Maryl Streep
    Angela: Helena Bonham-Carter
    Solembum: Asa Butterfield
    Twins: Steve Buscemi
    Nasuada: Natalie Emmanuel
    Jeod: John Hurt
    Galbatorix: Jason Momoa

  • Jelly

    I see Kiera Knightly as Arya. She’s got fairly angular features and she can be badass and vulnerable at the same time, just like Arya. As for her physical features, they could give her a wig and alter her eye colour with colour contacts or Photoshop.

  • George Townsend

    Also Liam Neeson needs to be Brom.

  • George Townsend

    Evangeline Lilly as Arya would work well.

  • Nikfun

    Eragon: Richard Cypher (please anyting but Logan Lerman)
    Arya; Olivia Wilde or Anna Torv
    Saphira: Ellen Mclain
    Angela:Tessa Thompson or Helena Carter
    Solembum: Asa Butterfield
    Twins: Yul Brynner
    Nasuda: Angel Coulby
    Jeod: Alan Rickman
    Galbatorix: J. K. Simmons

    • Jelly

      I would LOVE seeing Alan Rickman in a new version of Eragon, regardless of who he’s playing xD
      And I think HBC would be an amazing fit for Angela.
      Olivia Wilde looks a bit like Arya, so that works. Hopefully she can pull of Arya’s personality too 🙂

  • Amy

    I think most people are forgetting that Eragon is 15 at the beginning of the series…

  • Jayson Schneider

    I’m a firm believer that none of eragon cast should have already been a major role in any other saga. Harry Potter, hunger games.etc.
    Here it is
    Eragon. Keeping in mind he is 15. a well known actor is unreasonable. However we would prefer someone with acting ability and I think
    Eddie Redmayne would be perfect. An Oscar winner for the theory of everything and still young looking enough to be believed.
    Arya. Easy choice. Astrid Berges-Frisbey (on stranger tides )
    sapphira :Marion Cotillard (dark knight rises)
    Angela: really is a tough one. But I’m gonna go with Evanna lynch (Luna lovegood ) remember I said no big role people from HP.
    Solumbum . Doesn’t matter. Any little kid with the traits described.
    Twins. I agree with Benadict Cumberbacht being perfect. Seeing him bald would be much creepier.
    Nasuada: Cynthia Addai Robinson (Navea in Spartacus )
    Jeod.John hurt. The perfect merchant scribe.
    Galbatorix : a personal favorite character actor who can play any role. Russell Crowe (see winters tale for his performance as demon commander of the five Burroughs

    • Jayson Schneider

      Yes Evanna lynch is young and Angela age is old. But Angela was described in my perceptions to still appear very young .

    • Jelly

      Eddie Redmayne. Ohmygoodness. I would be able to die happy. xD

  • Shannon Male

    Eragon: Aneurin Barnard (Just look at his face! Everything is perfect, he’s the right build and has dark hair. As Theatrically trained actor his role in the The White Queen was mesmerising, he suits a fantastical environment)

    Arya: Clemence Poesy (Striking green eyes, elf-like angular features, great skin tone for dark hair)

    Saphira: Rebecca Ferguson (A deep, husky and powerful voice, she also has the looks to make a wonderful Arya)

    Angela: Natalia Tena (Sharp eyes, wild hair and a smooth but intimidating voice)

    Solembum: Asa Butterfield (Unusual cat like face and piercing eyes)

    Twins: Doug Jones (Tall, thin and menacing in an strange way. Would make a twisted looking character)

    Nasuada: Angel Coulby (I believe she would make a very strong figure as Nasuada in every way)

    Jeod: Rhys Ifans (Wispy hair, very natural solemn facial features)

    Galbatorix: Vincent Cassel (an underrated actor who would play a villain extremely well)

  • Bárbara Maria

    Eragon – Jake T. Austin or Skandar Keynes
    Arya – Katie McGrath or Angelica Celaya
    Saphira’s voice – Adele
    Galbatorix – Christian Bale
    Trianna – scarlett johansson
    Angela – Halle Berry

    • Bárbara Maria

      And, please, make a worthy Zar’roc. And don’t forget Eragon’s scar, and the Isidar Mithrim

  • Jescica Rivituso-Poulin

    Eragon: Logan Lerman
    Arya: Blake Lively
    Saphira: Helen Mirren
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter
    Solembum: An unknown up and comer probably
    Twins: James Marsters
    Nasuada: Raven Symone
    Jeod: Scott Cohen
    Galbatorix: John Barrowman (he’d be a dark horse candidate but I think he’d pull it off)

  • Daniel Wilson

    Okay…here we go….

    Eragon: Sam Claffin. Watch Snow White in the huntsman. Claffin is a badass, and has the ability to be an amazing Eragon.

    Arya: Natalie Dormer. She’s spunky, independent, and fierce. She’s the clear choice.

    Saphira: Emilia Clarke. The mother of dragons playing the dragon. Saphira needs to have some youth to her voice and Clarke brings that, along with a nice sense of humor to perfectly top of Saphira.

    Brom: Ian McKellen. I know, I know. He’s already played the wise old mentor. But his voice and attitude would transfer perfectly to Brom. Plus he could go down as playing to of the coolest fantasy characters ever!

    Roran: Chris Hemsworth. He is strong and hardy. He has a gruff voice and can look really scruffy. He can portray the type of guy who won’t take no for an answer and will fight to the bone.

    Nasuada: Zoe Salanda. A lot of people would want Lupita Nyong’o to be in this role, but Salanda brings a natural confidence to all of her acting roles. Her portrayal of Uhura was a strong and confident leader who doesn’t second guess her actions and is confident in her skills.

    Murtagh: Robert Pattinson. Possibly a chance for him to do a decent movie…ya know one that doesn’t involve Kristin Stewart.

    Galbatorix: Benedict Cumberbatch/Tom Hiddleston. No Galbatorix till movie four please! But when that time comes, Cumberbatch or Hiddleston would make the perfect Galbatorix. Dark haired and mysterious both actors make the best film villians in modern cinema.

    Jeod: Aiden Gillen. Jeod is a scholar. Jeod is a buisnessman. Jeod is a plodding mastermind. Who else has all those traits? One name comes to mind: Littlefinger. Who plays Littlefinger? Aiden Gillen.

    Orik: Andy Serkis. ‘Nough Said…

    Durza: A CGI version of Charles Dance

    • sunny

      I agree with u there’s only a few I’d have problem Patterson doesn’t have the build or look for murtagh he’s to fall and blonde for the role and personally I thought. Brom and murtagh where the only 2 cast right the first time around. But that’s just me

      • Daniel Wilson

        Maybe Pattinson’s out. But I honestly don’t see any actor who could do it.

    • Dany

      I don’t think Robert Pattinson it’s a good choice for Murtagh. I love to see Benedict.

    • Daniel Wilson

      I’d like to add:

      Angela: Meryl Streep. This woman would make that character even better than she already is.

      Solembum: Ewan McGregor…CGI obviously but Ewan’s voice would knock this out of the park

      The Twins: Patrick Stewart

      Hrothgar: Billy Connelly

    • rin

      Emilia Clarke as Saph is perfect !

  • Liz Rogers

    Eragon: Leo Howard
    Arya: Jennifer Lawerence
    Saphira: Julie Andrews
    Angela: Angela Paolini (Who else better to play her than the person who inspired the character.)
    Solembum: Moises Arias
    Nasuada: Zendaya
    Brom: Hugh Laurie

    • Jayson Schneider

      Good choice for sapphira. ..Jen Lawrence not Arya material.

    • Martín Duarte

      Angela Paolini as Angela the Herbalist should be AWESOME :3

  • Lyra

    I’d be interested in seeing Tom Hiddleston playing Murtagh, Galbatorix, or even Eragon. He’s a very versatile actor, and could probably pull off any of them. I’d say he’s most well known for playing villains, but with a person like him as the protagonist I’m sure it would be very popular (I know that I’D watch the movie over and over again :D)

  • Jamie Philip

    Eragon – Logan Lerman
    Angela – Helena Carter
    I do love to see Tom Hiddleson as Galbatorix

  • Breana

    Lupita Nyong’o would probably be perfect for Nasuada. She’s beautiful, seems capable of delivering inspirational speeches, the kind of person who could lead troops out to battle on a white horse, and she has a kind of bright, innocent look which is how I’ve always imagined Nasuada.

  • callum jones

    Eragon – Grant Gustin
    Arya – Katrina Law
    Saphira – Lena Heady
    Angela – Hayley Atwell
    Solembum – Thomas Brodie-Sangster
    Twins – Mark Strong x2
    Nasuda – Naomie Harris
    Jeod – Bill Nighy
    Galbatorix – Mannu Bennet

  • Simão Pereira

    Eragon: Logan Lerman
    Aria: Olga Kurylenko
    Saphira: Julianne Moore
    Angela: Susan Sarandon
    Solembum: Dane DeHaan
    Twins: Benedict Cumberbatch
    Nasuada: Naomi Harris
    Jeod: Vigo Mortensen
    Galbatorix: Madds Mikkelsen

  • Faith Meyer

    I think Robert Carlyle should be Durza again, he did so well the first time!
    I don’t know anyone specific for the rest, but I think they should remember age! Arya looks young, and Eragon is just a teen! If an adult played Eragon I would be sad.

    • Faith Meyer

      Oh and I’d be sad to see anyone from the Hobbit or Lord of the rings, hunger games, and game of thrones to play in this, it would just be like, look Katniss is Arya! It’s just not right!

    • Faith Meyer

      And don’t forget Roran! He was slaughtered in the movie!

  • Marie Miller

    Eragon- Logan Lerman or maybe Alex Pettyfer <-(hair would need to be dyed)
    Arya – Ashley Greene or Evangeline Lilly
    Brom- Jason Isaacs
    Saphira's voice – Cate Blanchett
    Angela – Helena Bonham Carter
    Solembum's human form -Thomas Brodie-Sangster
    Twins – Paul Bettany
    Nasuada – Angel Coulby
    Jeod – Jonathan Pryce
    Galbatorix- Russell Crowe
    Durza- Robert Carlyle

    • Faith Meyer

      Robert Carlyle has to be Durza!

      • Marie

        I completely agree, he did an awesome job!

  • Delena

    Angela – Zoe deschanel
    Arya – Evangeline Lilly
    Saphira – Amy Lee
    Eragon – Paul Wesley
    Solembum – Seth Green (with died hair)

  • Sci-fi fan

    Eragon: Luke Bilyk (lost girl) should be a young actor who is unknown. The best book-to-movie casts have been of unknown actors/actresses with a few big names.
    Arya, Murtagh, Nasuada and the other main characters should be cast similarly.
    Arya: Emilia Clarke or. Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones)
    Saphira: Anyone, save money on a faceless actress
    Angela: Kristen Kreuk (Smallville)
    Solembum: Isaac White (bran Stark)
    Twins: Jon and Dan Heder (napolen dynamite, call me crazy, but I think they’d be perfect)
    Nasuada: Zoe Saldana (avatar)
    Jeod: Patrick St.Esprit (Sons of Anarchy)
    Brom: this is a tough cast. Jeremy Irons did a good job. Someone famous like Harrison Ford, Eric Bana, or Sean Bean would be a great fit too
    Galbatorix: Tom Hardy (bane, dark knight)
    Murtagh: Kit Harington (Jon Snow)

    • Sci-Fi fan

      I chose many actors from Game Of thrones for obvious reasons.
      In a realistic viewpoint, inexpensive actors are needed for the low budget this film would receive.

      • no neg

        no dude, we went positive vibes. this film could be like G.o.T ….or bigger!

        • no neg


  • Eva

    Eragon: Ben Barnes
    Arya: Jennifer Lawrence with black hair
    Saphira: Cate Blanchett
    Angela: Katie McGrath, she would have to be made a lil bit smaller but I think otherwise she would be great.
    Solembum: ?
    Twins: Michael Cerveris
    Nasuada: Zoe Saldana
    Jeod: Anthony Stuart Head
    Galbatorix: Nathaniel Parker

    • Katre

      I can’t even look at Jennifer Lawrence, she’s almost everywhere.

  • WolfyShinigami

    Colleen Clinkenbeard as Saphira. She has a lot of experience in voice acting, and I truly think she can pull it off.

  • Sara R. Gold

    I d like to see David Tennant as Brom though the original Brom was also awesome, Catherine Tate as Angela, Freema Agyeman as Nasuada and I really liked Saphira’s voice form the movie just like the original Durza so don’t change that the rest should be choosen Christopher

  • Kassidy

    Eragon- Torrance Coombs

    Arya- Olivia Wilde

    Saphira- Sigourney Weaver

    Angela- Selma Blair

    Solumbum- Zach Mills

    Twins- Sid Haig

    Nasuada- Kerry Washington

    Jeod- Michael Caine

    Galbatorix- Alan Van Sprang

    Durza- Robert Carlyle (He was excellent the first time)

  • Code_2008

    I choose… myself (as a background filler character :D)

  • Amber

    I only have one off the bat: Jake Gyllenhaal. Although he’s probably a bit too old, I think he would work well as Eragon. Could also work for a different role too.

  • Elyse

    I’ve had this discussion with people before, and have had a list for a long time!

    Eragon: Logan Lerman, hands down. He’s proven he can play the lead in a fantasy setting more than once before, plus he already looks like Eragon.
    Arya: Felicity Jones, she would need a wig, but she has the fair face and piercing eyes. My other choice would be Natalie Dormer, that smirk could conquer.
    Saphira (voice): Emilia Clarke, she’s already the mother of dragons on Game Of Thrones, why not make her a literal future mother of dragons? She has the perfect gentle, yet firm voice of reason for Saphira.
    Angela: Natalia Tena, who is known for playing hot-headed Tonks in Harry Potter, would be perfect for hot-headed Angela, with her already curvy figure, and her “take no crap” resting bitch-face, I can’t think of anyone else for the role.
    Solembum: Nolan Gross, who has only done a few movies, but if you look up his picture on IMDb, you can just see the werecat in him!
    Twins: Aiden Gillen, I know, another GoT casting choice, but the picking is good from that show! The cunning of Littlefinger would translate very well into the Twins!
    Nasuada: Lupita Nyong’o, she’s already a Queen, do I need to say any more?
    Jeod: Anthony Hopkins, I mean, c’mon. It’s Anthony Hopkins.
    Galbatorix: Benedict Cumberbatch, for obvious reasons, he can play the villain exceptionally well, and we’ve seen him play a lord of evil once before, who’s to say he can’t do it again?

    • Sara R. Gold

      that last one my god yessssssssssss or Tom Hiddlestone would be nice

    • Jacqueline Chuck Taylor Anders

      This is my favorite so far!! I’m not sure about Benedict Cumberbatch though. I always saw Galbatorix as short and broad (not fat, just bulked out big time).

    • Breana

      I looked up Nolan Gross and lol, you’re so right.

  • Jordan

    Eragon – Josh Hutcherson
    Arya – Olivia Wilde or Alexandra Deddario
    Saphira’s voice – Cate Blanchette
    Angela – Ashley Greene
    Solembum – Chandler Riggs
    Twins: Ben Kingsley & or Stanley Tucci
    Nasuada – Kylie bunbury
    Jeod – Gary Oldman
    Galbatorix – Robert Knepper or Mark Strong
    I understand we’re not recommending him yet but I thought I’d say I loved Jeremy Irons as Brom

    • Sara R. Gold

      we all did love Jeremy Irons 😀 he was the only good part of the original movie

    • Jacqueline Chuck Taylor Anders

      And Gary Oldman needs to be in every movie, i’m totally down for him as Brom.

  • BF

    If this does happen, hopefully it will be well cast-ed like LotR and the Hobbit, instead of going with big name A-listers. An international cast instead of all American would help bring the fantasy element too.
    Eragon-Tim Pocock
    Arya-while tempted to say Evangeline Lilly because Tauriel is so similar to Arya, i think she’s a little too old and role would be repetitive (same with Liv Tyler). She’s probably one of the hardest to cast. Perhaps Kiera Knightly (one can always die their hair) or Odette Yustman
    Saphira-Nicole Kidman or Cate Blanchett
    Galbatorix-Lee Pace

  • Zoe

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Eragon, that’s exactly who I imagine him to look like

  • Rayne

    I actually liked Arya as Sienna Guillory. She played Jill Valentine in Resident Evil with black hair so I still think she is a good fit. Not sure on the rest just yet.

  • Ármin Kadlecsik

    So, for part one:

    Eragon: This is a hard one. He needs to be recast of course. I’d go for…Eddie Redmayne for now, but I’m not sure.

    Arya: Roxanne McKee, with the same hairstyle as in Game of Thrones, where she plays Doreah.

    Saphira: Cate Blanchett, a.k.a. Galadriel from Lord of the Rings. Her voice is thick, and vast with knowledge, it’d befit Saphira well. Her animation in the film was good, though the wings were a bit odd. It was OK.

    Angela: Natalia Wörner, with a brown wig.

    Solembum: Any black haired kid would do. Maybe Lino Facioli.

    Twins: Gérard Darmon, who played the evil guy in Asterix and Cleopatra. With all his ancient jewelry and snakes and stuff, he’d portray the magi twist very well.

    Nasuada: The actor who played her in the original film was OK. Don’t know her name. Keep her.

    Jeod: Donald Sutherland for sure. Jeod was a funny, but serious guy, Sutherland would bring that character to life. My second vote (if this is allowed…) would be Christopher Lee 🙂 He has to get a role somewhere!

    Galbatorix: John Malkovich was fine, but the evil guy should be Ian McShane, and I think many would agree. He proved in many good films, that his deep tone is excellent for evil characters. He’d be the ideal Galbatorix, that’s for sure.

  • Edi

    Eragon: Dylan O’Brien
    Roran: Liam Hemsworth
    Arya: Olivia Wilde, Katie McGrath, Evangeline Lilly, Emma Stone
    Brom: Jeremy Irons
    Twins: Stanley Tucci? Not sure
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter
    Ajihad: Djimon Hounsou
    Durza: Robert Carlyle, just make the costume better
    Murtagh: Tyler Posey or Colton Haynes
    Nasuada: Lupita Nyong’o
    Saphira: Adele? Rachel Weisz?

  • Adam Špiroch

    Nasuada – Rihanna

  • Vilde Pettersen

    How about Asian actors in the Elf roles? I mean; Pointed features and eyes, atlethic figures, dark shiny hair… and excellent in sword combats!
    Li Gong, Tom Wu, Olivia Cheng, Michelle Yeoh and so on

    • Sara R. Gold

      yeah but they come in blond 2

      • Jacqueline Chuck Taylor Anders

        They can be given white hair.

      • rin

        no silver

        • Sara R. Gold

          I thought they also did blond and silver 🙂

  • John Richardson

    Brom – Jeremy Irons

    Galbatorix – Ben Kingsley

    Orik – Sam Worthington

    King Orrin – Pierce Brosnan

    Oromis – Ian Mckellen

  • Kimble Kerin

    Eragon- Thomas Brodie-Sangster
    Arya – Olivia Wilde
    Saphira’s voice – Cate Blanchett
    Angela – Ashley Greene
    Solembum’s human form – Lino Facioli
    Twins – Paul Bettany
    Nasuada – Candice Patton
    Jeod – Jonathan Pryce
    Galbatorix – James Spader

  • kathryn

    Eragon: Tom Hiddleston or Bradley James
    Arya: Natalie Dormer
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter
    Roran: Liam Hemsworth
    Katrina: Emma Watson
    Brom: I liked Jeremy Irons in that role…
    Durza: Andy Serkiss
    Galbatorix: Anthony Head
    Saphira: Zoe Saldana

    • Cassie

      Much as I LOVE Emma Watson, I think Emma Roberts would be a better Katrina

      • Jacqueline Chuck Taylor Anders


    • Jacqueline Chuck Taylor Anders

      BRADLEY JAMES. He’s a little old but he would be sooooooo cute as Eragon!

  • Cassie

    Eragon: josh hutcherson
    Roran: Alex petyfer
    Brom: Jeremy irons
    Angela: Helena bonham carter
    Arya: Ashley Greene
    Nasuada: Kat graham
    Saphira: Cate Blanchetter
    Murtagh: Tom Hiddleston
    Glaedr: John Hurt
    Ajihad: Morgan Freeman
    Orik: guy who plays bilbo in hobbit

    • Danielle

      How do you not know who plays bilbo omg! It’s Martin Freeman.

  • Kimberly Ann Morningstar

    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter

    Arya: Willa Holland

    Nasuada: Candice Patton

  • rina

    Please, please, please let Garrett Hedlund play Murtagh again!!!!

  • Mac

    Eragon – David Tennent
    Arya – Kate Beckinsale

    Brom-Jeremy Irons/Sean Conery
    Saphira (voice) – Susanne Blakeslee
    Angela – Helen Bonam Carter
    Solembum (human form) – andy serkis
    Twins – idk
    Nasuada – Halle Berry
    Jeod – John Hurt
    Galbatorix – Alan Rickman/Hugh Jackman

    • Katre

      Halle Berry is too much old for playing young woman

  • Jessica Lynn Brady

    Natalie Dormer as Arya

  • Παύλος Γιοβανέρης

    Eragon: Sebastian Stam
    Arya: Anne Hathaway
    Saphira: Cate Blanchett
    Angela: Genevieve Padalecki
    Solembum: Thomas Brodie-Sangster
    Nasuada: Chanel Iman
    Brom: James Remar
    Galbatorix: Linus Roache
    Murtagh: Hayden Christensen
    Oromis: Lee Pace
    Ajihad: Samuel L. Jackson
    Roran: Clive Standen

    • Luisa Fernández

      Agree totaly, but would propose Alex Kingston as Angela

      • Jacqueline Chuck Taylor Anders

        I like Alex Kingston as Angela a LOT.

      • Παύλος Γιοβανέρης

        Angela is still a bit of a mystery so i was really confused picking an actress

  • Jeremy

    James Spader for Galbatorix
    That is all.

    • Bry Wood


    • Παύλος Γιοβανέρης

      Linus Roache all the way

  • Ethiwen

    Eragon: Beau Mirchoff maybe, hard to find the right one!
    Arya: Gal Gadot or Jaimie Alexander. Many of the earlier mentioned are great.
    Saphira: Rachel Weiz or someone with a similair voice.
    Angela: Alex Kingston or Helena Bonham Carter.
    Solembum: Asa Butterfield.
    Nasuada: Kinda like the idea of Angel Coulby though it doesn’t really fit how I saw her while reading. Maybe Lupita Nyong’o?

    Have to think about the others.

  • There is no need to cast Galbatorix, so I won’t bother with him…

    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter. Duh.

    Eragon: Dylan O’Brian

    Arya: Liv Tyler, or a look a like. She was the perfect elf

    Roran: N/A

    Brom: N/A

    Nasuada: Lupita Nyong’o

    Rachel Weiss was a great Saphira voice, if you want to change it, fine…

    Andy Serkis needs to be in here, somewhere. The Shade. That would be awesome.

    That’s it. For now.

  • Alexandre Matos

    Eragon: Isaac Hempstead Wright
    Arya: Lucy Liu/Marion Cotillard/Olivia Wilde/
    Saphira: Cate Blanchett
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter
    Thomas Brodie-Sangster
    Twins:Ralph Fiennes
    Nasuada: Aja Naomi King
    Jeod: Gary Oldman/Jeremy Irons
    Galbatorix: Sean Bean (If you think well, it’s a perfect match! 😀 )
    Durza: Jerome Flynn
    Roran: Liam Hemsworth
    Murtagh: Jake Abel/Alex Pettyfer
    Horst: Rory McCann/Luke Evans
    Sloan: Stephen Fry
    Ajihad: Djimon Hounsou
    Katrina: Molly C. Quinn/Mackenzie Mauzy
    Uncle Garrow: Jim Broadbent

    • Ethan Hansen

      Rory McCann would be perfect as Horst. Can’t see Jim Broadbent as Garrow, though.

  • Ethan Hansen

    These are my thoughts.

  • Asher Knowles-Carter

    Arya- Natalie Dormer

    Saphira- Beyonce
    Angela- Helena Bonam Carter
    Nasuada- Zoe Saldana
    Durza- Robert Pattinson

  • Danny Devito as both twins please

  • Joshua Smith

    Twins; James and Oliver Phelps
    Angela; Julie Walters
    Glaedr; John hurt
    Oromis; Alan Rickman/Jeff Bridges/George Clooney/Jonathan Pryce
    Arya; Amanda Seyfried
    Saphira; Adele/Hayley Williams/Jennifer Garner
    Eragon; Nick Robinson
    Roran; Lucas Till
    Katrina; Bonnie Wright

  • NotBrandonSanderson

    Benedict Cumberbatch as Oromis. And while you’re at it, cast Matt Smith and Tom Hiddleston as elves. I’ll be fine with either of them playing Durza as well. Or better yet, get Tom Cavanagh.

    Jeremy Irons should stay as Brom.
    Idris Elba as Ajihad.
    Charlie Cox as Roran.
    Colin Firth as Galbatorix? Anyone? No? Okay. 🙁
    Er, no idea who should play Arya. Rosamund Pike?
    Get a new actor for Eragon. 😐

    • BoJangles

      Idris Elba is confirmed as an amazing choice. Congrats!

  • Patrick Turner

    Ray Mckinnon for Galbatorix.

  • Vilde Pettersen

    Those I can come up with at the moment;
    Nasuada: Gugu Mbatha-Raw
    Angela: Emily Watson

  • GB

    Eragon – Bradley James [He would have to dye his hair so it would be the proper brown coloring.]
    Arya – Liv Tyler [I’m sorry, but she is my “go to” for a pretty Elven maiden.]
    Saphira (voice) – Zoe Saldana
    Angela – Alex Kingston
    Solembum (human form) – Asa Butterfield
    Twins – [I got no one, sorry.]
    Nasuada – Lupita Nyong’o
    Jeod – Sean Bean
    Galbatorix – Lee Pace

    • BF

      Lee Pace would be awesome as Galbatorix!!

  • Dimitri Psarianos

    Nasuada-Kelly McCreary
    Eragon- Dimitri Leonidas
    The Twins-Anthony Carrigan
    Arya- Phoebe Tonkin
    Angela- Emily Hampshire
    Solembum-Craig Roberts
    Saphira- America Ferrera
    Galbatorix-Ben Kingsley
    Jeod- Owen Teale

  • Wyatt Marcum

    Galbatorix should be played by Hugh Jackman
    Arya should be Angelina Jolie
    Joed could be Ian McKellan
    Angela should be Alex Kingston

  • kristina

    I’ve always imagined Kate Beckinsale as Arya and Eragon as young Jake Gyllenhaal. They both have ”elvish” faces.

  • James Eastwood

    Kevin McNally-Brom
    Top 5000
    Emma Thompson-Angela Katie McGrath-Arya
    Sean Bean- Uncle Garrow (he dies)
    Ron Perlman-Galbatorix 1st
    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau-Galbatorix Idris Elba-Ajihad

    The problem with casting the big 3 guys (Eragon, Roran, and Murtagh) is that you need males with brunette hair. Semi to very muscular bodies and they need to have the ability to play very strong and commanding men. Unfortunately the only actors like this are 30 year old men, and when you cast a grown ass man to play a teenager you end up with something that looks like this.

  • Zach Riley

    Dylan O’Brien as Eragon. Zoe Zaldana as Nasuada, Idris Elba as Ajihad, Liam Neeson for Brom, Liam Hemsworth for Roran, Tom Hiddleston as Murtagh, Don’t care about Angela, Charlize Theron as Sapphira.

    • GB

      Remember, some of the characters are younger than 20. They should be cast with actors/actresses of a similar age range.

  • לינדזי גאווין

    Eragon – Dylan O’Brien (Maze Runner)
    Galbotorix – Benedict Cumberpatch (Hobbit)
    Galbotorix [Alternate] – Manu Bennett (If you really need some shoulders)
    Arya – Evangeline Lilly (Hobbit)
    Saphira – Kate Blanchett (Hobbit)
    Angela – Famke Janssen (Xmen)
    Nasuada – Ruth Negga
    Jeod – John Malkovitch (3 Musketeers)
    Twins – Peter Dinklage (Cast him twice, like Orphan Black sort of)
    Solembum – Jackson Rathbone

  • Laura Burns

    Ashley Greene as Angela

  • Danielle

    I honestly think Peter Jackson would do amazing at directing this!

  • Brisingr67

    Miles Teller for eragon, Alex Kingston or Helena Bonham carter for Angela, Jeremy irons stays brom, Gerard butler for galbatorix, cate blanchett for saphiras voice, the twins could be Fred and George Wesley, Ian mckellan for Jeod,

    • Kristof Schetz

      Miles Teller…. OMG NO! He’s so annoying on screen. You’re just waiting for him to screw something up.

      • The Hole Who Is Crippled

        Have you seen Whiplash?

  • myr

    Solembum: Asa Butterfield

  • Kristof Schetz

    Arya: Jamie Alexander
    Brom: Liam Neeson
    Jeod:Timothy Webber
    Roran: Liam Hemsworth
    Eragon: Colin Morgan
    Murthagh: Ben Barnes
    Nasuada: Kat Graham
    Katrina: Karen Gillan
    Angela: Helena Bonham Carter
    Spahira: Cate Blanchett
    Twins: Ian Hanmore
    Solembum: Thomas Brodie-Sangster
    Galbatorix: Robert Downey JR.
    Glaedr: Morgan Freeman
    Dursa: benedict cumberbatch

  • Ramin Azimi

    Hire Joss Weldon to direct and let him pick fresh bodies for the roles.

    • GB

      No. He’s most likely caught up with other projects.

  • Sara G Kennison

    not sure about the rest but honestly i think Sean Connery should be the role of Brom. every time i read the parts where he’s talking i can just picture Sean saying those line. He just seem to fit the charature more then the others

  • Dominick Quinn

    Jeremy Irons was absolutely perfect for Brom. I’m thinking Helena Bonham Carter for Angela and Halle Berry for Nasuade and maybe Angelina Jolie for Saphira. Apart from that I have nothing…

  • Muri

    Jeremy Irons was perfect Brom!

    • Josh Gardner

      Very much agreed. Only a better director and script would make Brom better

  • Andrew Lidster

    Galbatorix played by Christopher Lee or Charles Dance

    • Danielle

      Christopher Lee. YES!!

      • -Cat_Mage-

        Christopher Lee is too old.

  • Angela Bartholomay

    Brom should stay Jeremy Irons.

  • mzavell

    Eragon – Dave Franco
    Arya – Nina Dobrev
    Nasuada – Candice Patton

  • Mike

    -Eragon: Alex Petyfer
    -Arya: Ashley Greene
    -Saphira: Mila Kunis
    -Angela: Nathalie Dormer
    -Solembum: Bradley Steven Perry
    -Twins: Willem Defoe
    -Nasuada: Candice Patton
    -Jeod: Christoph Waltz
    -Galbatorix: Mark Strong
    -Brom: Mel Gibson

  • Nicholas Taylor

    Asha Butterfeild for Eragon or maybe Solembum. Maybe Hayle Berry for Nasuada. Helen Mirren/ Judy Dench for Saphrina’s voice or maybe Angela. Ian or Liam Nesson for Brom and/or Jeod.

  • Michael A. Emond

    I personally think Eragon himself should be some fresh blood. Pick an up and coming actor who can grow up in the role as the movies progress.

  • Saddie

    Skandar Keynes for Eragon

  • Ellie Pratt

    I feel like Alycia Debnam Carey would work for Arya. she was great in The 100.

  • Alex

    I only have one recommedation, and it’s for Brom. I think Liam Neeson would be great for him.

  • Saddie

    Arya-Astrid Berges-Frisbey

    I think she is perfect for the role,she’s got green eyes and everything!

  • Nasuada: lupita nyongo
    Arya: lucy liu
    Angela: alex Kingston
    And oromis isnt on this list, but I have an actor for him anyway: harry lloyd.

    • Wyatt Marcum

      I didnt think of Alex Kingston…… but she is perfect…

  • L. Jordan

    Brom: Jeremy Irons was perfect for the role – Murtagh: I liked Garret Hedlund in the role – Angela: Helena Bonham Carter – Arya: Scarlett Johansson – Eragon: Hayden Christensen? (already has sword fighting skills thanks to Star Wars) or Matt Damon – Roran: Chris Hemsworth – Saphira: Angelina Jolie – Galbatorix: Benedict Cumberbatch (just watch him as Khan and you know he would be awesome) or Robert Downey Jr (he’s got used thinking he’s the most powerful man in the world) or even maybe Leonardo Dicaprio – Ajihad: I liked Djimon Hounsou, but Samuel L Jackson could be amazing in the role – Nasuada: Halle Berry – Jeod: Gary Oldman – Katrina: Natalie Portman – Solembum: CJ Adams? (don’t have a lot of ideas for this one…) – Glaedr: Morgan Freeman – Oromis: wow I just can’t find one…

    • Nicki

      You know that Eragon is supposed to be like 15…Both Matt Damon and Hayden Christensen wouldn’t fit….

      • L. Jordan

        You’re right but I think it’d be better to get a bit older actor as Eragon has to behave really quick as a grown man, he’s 15 but doesn’t really look like it imo.

        • abc


    • Danielle

      OMG YES!!! Helena Bonham Carter is perfect for Angela!!

  • Wuzzie Cat

    Arya – Evangeline Lilly

    • Ellie Pratt

      Absolutely agree with this. she was great as Tauriel

    • Danielle


  • Arya: Meghan Ory or Jamie Alexander,
    Brom: Jeremy Irons,
    Jeod: Sean Connery,
    Roran: Liam Hemsworth
    Eragon: Matthew Lewis (he’s probs too old now tho)
    Murthagh: Garrett Hedlund or (maybe) Ben Barnes
    Nasuada: Kat Graham or Angel Coulby,
    Katrina: Karen Gillan.
    Angela: Alex Kingston
    Spahira: Cate Blanchett
    Twins: Ian Hanmore
    Solembum: Andy Serkis

    Galbatorix shouldn’t even make an appearance.

    • Emma

      both meghan and jamie would be perfect for arya

    • Batman

      Alex Kingston would be perfect.

    • Nicki

      Matthew Lewis is great but your right he’s too old

    • Sista

      omg jeod should tots be sean connery

    • Danielle

      I love Cate Blanchett!!! She would make a perfect Saphira!!

  • Sara Smedberg

    Guys, as much as I adore Garrett Hedlund he’s 30 years old and can’t look younger than 26 with make-up.
    For Galbatorix however I’d cast Colin Farrell, he has proven himself to be able to pull the villain card a few times and fits the profile of Gallyman.

  • Paul Mäderer

    Arya – Emma Watson
    Murtagh – The same as before
    Brom – the same as before
    Sry, don’t know many…
    But emma would be suitable I think…

    • Laura Burns

      I agree with Emma Watson as Arya

      • tyler

        I also see Emma Watson as Arya

  • pixeljam

    Nasuada: definitely Lupita Nyong’o
    Eragon: maybe Skandar Keynes, or Andrew Garfield
    Angela: Olivia Wilde…maybe?
    Arya: Anna Popplewell
    Solembum: I think Thomas Brodie-Sangster, but just dye his hair for the role

    Brom: Jeremy Irons was a great Brom in a bad movie. I think he’d be good to bring back.

  • Christina G.

    Eragon – Dylan O’Brien, or maybe a new face in Hollywood?
    Arya – Willa Holland
    Saphira – Jennifer Lawrence, because Saphira may be wise and awesome and stuff, but she’s also young and playful and sarcastic
    Angela – Alex Kingston, Mila Kunis
    Solembum – Joel Courtney, Thomas Brodie Sangster
    Twins – Stanley Tucci
    Nasuada – someone with really dark, not just light brown skin (I always imagined her almost literally black)
    Jeod – Gary Oldman
    Galbatorix – Robert Downey Jr, Willem Defoe

  • Katre

    And maybe Jennifer Freeman as Nasuada?

  • RedRider

    No criteria for Murtagh? I’m disappointed! Although I honestly think Garret Hedlund as Murtagh was the one casting choice they got right!

    • Danielle

      i agree.

  • Summer Read

    Eragon: I’ve always thought Dylan O’Brien? Although he may be too old for the part now . Arya: Pheobe Tonkin . Angela: Carrie Fletcher. Roran: Liam Hemsworth or Sam Claflin . Queen Islanzadi: Eva Green . Jeod: Iain Glen

    • L. Jordan

      Great idea for Islanzadi

    • Danielle

      Eva Green. YES!!!!!!!!!

  • Katre

    Arya – Katie McGrath, Brom – the only one Jeremy Irons, Eragon – Andrew Garfield, Saphira – Angelina Jolie, Solembum – can be Elijah Wood, Angela – Helena Bonham Carter 😉

    • Melissa

      I totally agree with Helena Bonham Carter for Angela, I love her!

      • Katre

        She’s perfect! 😀

  • Shahina Mazumdar

    Eragon: No idea. Someone very sweet. Saphira: Rachel Weisz. Arya: Ashley Greene. Brom: Jeremy Irons. Roran: Rupert Grint. Nasuada: Kat Graham. Murtagh: Garett Hedlund. Galbatorix: Robert Downey Jr (Why not?)

  • Jeanne Wright Perkin

    Brom was the only perfectly cast member of the original crew….other than that please follow the book with regards to the characters…the correct hair color etc…

  • Steve Clay

    Eragon: Logan Lerman Arya: Gal Gadot, Saphira: Tilda Swinton Angela: Eliza Dushku Somlembum: Elijah Wood Twins: Ian Hanmore Nasuada: Kat Graham Jeod: Galbatorix: Ray Stevenson

    • Noah M

      My god Gal Gadot is perfect

      • Jon Odishaw

        yea maybe like a cate blanchett

        • Annie Honiahaka Gulvik

          Oh YES! I can’t say how much I love that idea!

    • Katre

      Lerman? Never! He was so bad as Percy -.-

  • John McClymond

    for Eragon character, I will cast myself because I look like Eragon himself in many ways. I have dark brown hair, and brown eyes. I am poor man. I know how he feeling from begin to end.

    • Noah M

      But can you act?

      • John McClymond

        yes, I can acting.