If you lived in Alagaësia, what race would you be? (Poll)

favorite-raceIt isn’t difficult to let your mind wander as you read the Inheritance Cycle books, believing, if only for a moment, that you’re living in the world of Alagaësia… trekking the Spine, wading through the desert, enjoying the fresh air of Palancar Valley, or peddling wares in Teirm.

But what race would you be? It’s a tough choice; Alagaësia features many unique races, each with their own histories and cultures. From the rough and hearty dwarves to the returning race of dragons, there’s a lot to pick from… and we want to know what race you would be if you lived in the world!

Vote in our poll to let us know which race you’d choose, and let us know in the comments why!

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