If you lived in Alagaësia, what race would you be? (Poll)

favorite-raceIt isn’t difficult to let your mind wander as you read the Inheritance Cycle books, believing, if only for a moment, that you’re living in the world of Alagaësia… trekking the Spine, wading through the desert, enjoying the fresh air of Palancar Valley, or peddling wares in Teirm.

But what race would you be? It’s a tough choice; Alagaësia features many unique races, each with their own histories and cultures. From the rough and hearty dwarves to the returning race of dragons, there’s a lot to pick from… and we want to know what race you would be if you lived in the world!

Vote in our poll to let us know which race you’d choose, and let us know in the comments why!

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  • kayli_the_werecat44

    Kvetha Fricai, I chose myself *pauses to lick paw* Se onr sverdar hvass!

  • Carter

    Maybe since the spirits are not included and grey folk are, maybe gray folk are spirits.

  • Mirassine Dragon Of Aliiese

    DRAGONS ARE THE BEST. Then again I am already one…

  • Maxwell Nguyen

    I chose Werecat because it makes assassination easier in the land of Alagaesia and beyond. Mwu-Ha-Ha-Ha *Thunder Cracks*

    • kayli_the_werecat44

      kvetha fricai, i like you! esterní wiol ono!

  • Jack

    But where did all the spirits go?

  • Jack

    I’m picking grey folk. Very little is known about them, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Angela is one, and she’s pretty great.

  • Crowell

    I’m surprised more people aren’t choosing dwarves! I mean, rocks, politics, rocks, the star sapphire (Isidar Mithrim), rocks, Farthen Dûr, being able to shout barzûl with good purpose, being knurla, Tronjheim, and did I mention rocks?

  • Erin

    gosh i can not see why people are picking elves. greyfolk are exactly like elves exept like 10 times more powerful! what about dragons? im not even going to get started about that

    • Peter

      No one knows what they are looked like, beside they are gone already… So it means you are no longer in alagaesia, or if it’s really Angela, she is described as a shorter than Eragon…

  • Someone?

    Razak because they change into a leatherblaka so they can fly. (Dragons… too NORMAL.)

    • kayli_the_werecat44

      All I will say to you is…*licks paw* hlaupa…

  • affan

    i chose elf cause they r epic. Strong , fast , good at wars and most importantly magic.(if i was an elf i would want to be Blödhgarm

    • #BookWorm

      I chose elf cause they r the best!! Fast, strong, powerful, magic, “peaceful” tottally I would be an elf

  • Nathan Raj

    I chose elf cause they have a totally badass culture but my favourite one which unfortunately wasn’t on the list would be a spirit like the ones that met Eragon and Arya. They have a mystique and awe that surround them. Despite the fact they get crazy angry if you use them incorrectly. :0

  • christos855

    my favourite race is anglea xd eternal life plus overpowered skills and magic the best!!!!1

  • Bárbara Maria

    I’m tall, and since ever wanted to be an elf ????

  • Metto Ara

    Guess we’re just gonna pretend that spirits aren’t a thing, huh?

    • Ajay

      I agree, that’s… um… spiritism? They have rights too ya know! :O

  • Barzûl

    Barzûl… I’m short, and i like beer, but not dump.

  • Mina

    I surprised dragons isn’t coming first. I mean, even the ELVES admire the dragons. They’re considered the most beautiful and most terrifying thing that exists. They fly, that’s a plus. And they breathe fire. Oh, and they live for ages too. And wouldn’t it be cool to be bonded to an elf/human/dwarf/urgal and fight tooth and claw alongside them? What about being a wild dragon? More unpredictable and terrifying than bonded dragons. I like the sound of that! OH AND I WILL HAVE AN ELDUNARI!

    • Lawlzer

      Yes sir Galbatrox, you shall have all the Eldunari.

      • Mina


    • kayli_the_werecat44

      Kvetha Fricai, I see your point however*bares fangg* you forget us! fool! all races can now ride dragons!! EXEPT US!!! how is that fair!

  • JCT


  • Marianne Steffenrem

    Stood between were-cat and dragon, but were-cats can’t fly so… I want to fly!

    • kayli_the_werecat44

      hisssss… hlaupa!

  • Josh Gooding

    Was stuck between elf and werecat but overall, I love elves. Yeah they’re technically like, immortal. But if you get bored with life, you could end it (seriously, suicide isn’t the best option, find help)
    But I feel like being an elf leads to fun possibilities.

    I could study to be as good a craftsman as any dwarf
    Use magic to alter my body as a werecat or any other shape
    Elves are usually great swordsmen and fighters anyway

    It just seems like there’s enough to do that elves would be the best, to me

    **yes this is an opinion, no you don’t have to agree**

    • Justin

      I think it would be great to be a elf, but honestly, I can’t even think what life would be like if I never had meat, no offence if your a vegetarian or vegan, theres nothing wrong with that.

      • Josh Gooding

        Im not vegan or vegetarian, and meat is amazing lol, but if i were raised as an elf, i wouldnt know that.

  • Michael McFakus

    Human, as boring as it may sound, Dwarves and Elves simply live too long, I don’t fancy not having oppose-able thumbs so thats Dragons out the window. A magical Human with high combat prowess and an expert of some craft would really be the most satisfying.

  • Justin Martin

    no urgal love here im dissapointed guys dissapointed

    • bigpowkill

      It was a hard choice between being 3-4 feet tall and 6-8 feet tall. I like being fast and sneaky though so I chose dwarf.

  • Jake Harvey

    I would love to be an elf, magic, long life, athletic, skilled in combat

    • bigpowkill

      You’d be bored in under 16 years. Then you’d spend the rest of your time studying and singing trees into random shapes.

      • Lawlzer

        The sad truth 🙁

  • Naads


  • Night Sahde

    This one is super hard! I’d love to be a dragon, but a human with super epic fighting skills would be awesome as well!

    • CarolVR

      I´m in the same dilema…..jejej

  • Josiah Solira Lambert

    Dwarf all the way. Master smith’s, master miners, master jewelers, jewel cutters, hardy, and some of the best warriors ever to live. Me to a tee haha

  • Ze End

    -who occupies the most land in Alagaësia..humans
    -who overthrew the riders and ruled (like a dictator) for more then 100 years..human
    -who was the biggest factor in ending Galby (and our main charecter)…human

    I may be beating a dead horse here, but for better or for worse, humans kick ass.

    • Robin Sebastian Rigbolt

      Actually the biggest factor would be the dragons, since they gave Eragon power, from the Vault of Souls and just from Saphira.

    • bigpowkill

      Yeah but implying you’d be a dragon rider. Humans also suffered the most casualties in the war. And the ones who were fighting in the power struggle were highly powerful magicians with dragons at their backs. And who cares who occupies the most land. Any other race could come by and claim said land.

      • Maxwell Nguyen

        You can just be a were-cat and morph into an elf or human!!

        • kayli_the_werecat44


    • Lawlzer

      Yes sir Galbatrox.

  • Noah M

    Grey folk. Because not even I would know wtf I’d be

  • bigpowkill

    I’m noticing a favoring of elven blood. Therefore, I feel inclined to inform you of some basic characteristics of elves. They can do whatever they want, yes, for they are the 2nd most magical creatures in alagaesia, beaten only by dragons and i guess the grey folk but since they don’t canonically exist atm(until new details rise), only dragons are more magical.

    Sure you can do everything you want. But you live forever. Eventually you’ll get bored. Elves rarely mate. You’d be bored. You’d resort to studying or just sitting in the forest growing trees in every possible way you can.

    Now a dwarf on the other height(see what i did there). A dwarf lives a long life as well but with a goal to achieve. An elf may look at a slab of stone and start singing shape into it, making something in about a week or two. A dwarf looks at a mountain and challenges himself to build a city. And he’ll do it. And at that, make it huge to make himself feel smaller. He’ll put every detail into that mountain city and make it glorious. Then when he finishes, he’ll go back through and start bejeweling the place until you have one lantern in one spot and the reflections light everything.

    Dwarves live life to the ultimate fullest. Elves live life in about 16 years then live an eternity studying.

    • Josiah Solira Lambert

      Not to mention Dwarves are masters with anything that involves metals and stone. As well as being warriors second only to the Elves (not including Riders, who are trained by Human, Elf and dwarf).

      • bigpowkill

        Exactly, they take pride in their work knowing that the things they make are done without magic and over a period of time where they worked hard upon it.

    • #BookWorm

      That’s true, I guess, but elves could do whatever they want, they could change there shape, do whatever they want….Ya I suck at arguements, but I still like elves.

  • Mohummed Shahroze Kazmi

    Who voted for Razaac??? Elfs ftw!!

  • Randall Buckheit

    I got stuck between dragon, werecat, and grey folk. Dragons are epic with unique abilities, werecats are mysterious and have unknown power, while the grey folk were probably the strongest of all races- weilding the power of the ancient language like no others.

  • Justin Baker

    Werecat for the win!

  • mygame34

    what about shades? (not that i want to be one)

    • Thatguybehindyou

      Well,being a Shade wouldn’t be so bad from the spirits’ point of view.

  • Max

    I’d be a werecat Fuck being a dragon rider and saving people I got my own agenda

  • Skolir Ramr

    Elves are always on top. One way or another. Like humans, just better.

    • Ze End

      Then why did elves also put humans apart of the blood-oath (and not dwarfs or urgals*), many years after it was initiated between the evles and dragons. They knew humans have potential and could be a great threat. Humans FTW!!!

      *we all know Eragon (2) added them in the end. But that was Eragon (2), not the elves; who did not add dwarfs for 1,000’s of years.

      • Mina

        actually, the elves offered the dwarves to be a part of the bond, but they declined because they found the idea of being bonded to a dragon ‘repulsive’.

  • bigpowkill

    Size doesn’t matter when in the first 3 seconds I’ve broken your knees.
    Go dwarves. Also, build big and procrastinate the meeting until next wednesday. No, not that wednesday, the next wednesday.

  • Kayannush Pillai

    Why would anyone be anything other than a Dragon?!

  • Balka

    I would be werecat because they are uniq, and i like it

  • Ze End

    Human. Because as JRR Tolkin (indirectly) said, Humans are “get stuff done” people. May take another 1,000 years, but humans always get on top, one way or another.

    • Night Sahde

      That is very true! Elves have so much magic they have no need of inventing stuff!

      • Ze End

        But there is not enough magic to stop a nuke from detonating above your head. Or stopping your self from eating so many delicious brownies.

      • Jack

        No, I think that if they saw humans getting ahead (as in like, making sewing machines), they would easily go into sci-fi-futuristic technology. They just are focused more on discovery than technology.

    • Justin

      And burgurs, don’t forget the burgurs! (Again, no offence to u vegetarians and vegans)

  • WolfyShinigami

    I’d be a Half breed. Part Elf, Part something else.

  • FilFar

    Human because Eragon 😛

  • Steve

    Urgal would be my pick. It would be amazing to be an 8 Foot tall kull dragon rider, you’d be unstoppable.

    • Promethean_Legacy

      Thank you for having the same opinion as me. You would make a good friend.

    • #BookWorm

      Too true!! I think elves are better. Also, don’t ya think the dragons would “stop” the urgal from destroying everything?