Eragon movie deleted scenes: Meet Katrina, see Eragon and Roran wrestle, and watch Eragon milk a cow

eragon-deleted-scenes-1-headerDid you know that there’s a significant amount of content that didn’t make it into the Eragon movie? Surprisingly, a good amount of this content introduced key characters we never saw in the film, and in some cases, built on important character relationships (Eragon and Roran, Eragon and Murtagh).

We’ll never fully understand the decisions that went into creating the first Eragon movie, but it’s still interesting to look at those scenes they cut. In the first of our two part deleted scenes series, we show you scenes introducing Katrina, revealing Roran and Katrina’s relationship (before Roran departs Carvahall), Eragon and Roran playfully fighting/wrestling, and Eragon milking a cow. You won’t want to miss these!

The Butcher’s Daughter

In this scene, we see Empire soldiers unwillingly enlisting “patriotic volunteers” for Galbatorix’s army. The scene quickly changes to Eragon attempting to sell the egg (then thought to be a stone) to Sloan in his butchers’ shop. Katrina enters the shop as Sloan is turning Eragon away and sneaks meat to Eragon while her father is distracted. Eragon and Katrina then have a conversation outside of the shop.

Farm Fight or “We Don’t take Charity”

This scene begins with Garrow and Roran greeting Eragon after his return from his hunt in the Spine. This scene demonstrates the relationship between Eragon and Roran through a playful fight in Garrow’s farm. Eragon shows his uncle the bit of meat Katrina sneaked away for Eragon, and as in the books, Garrow reacts poorly stating, “Eragon, we don’t take charity.”

Roran and Katrina say Goodbye or The Butcher Changes His Mind

Back in town, we see Eragon accompany Roran as he leaves Carvahall. Roran and Katrina reveal to Eragon that they’re secretly leaving together, concealing the secret from Sloan and other villagers. After their departure, Sloan catches up with Eragon to say that he’s changed his mind, having “spoken to a few people” and will trade with Eragon for the stone, which Eragon says he returned to the Spine. Disappointed, Sloan tries to bribe Eragon into revealing where he left the stone.

Milking the Cow

In one of the most baffling things to come out of the Eragon movie (and that’s quite an accomplishment), the DVD contains a 30 second long scene of Eragon milking a cow. You read that right – half a minute of cow milking. The scene starts off with a sarcastic Garrow scolding Eragon for not doing his daily chore, and the rest of the scene is as eventful as you’d expect from the title. (We understand why this one got cut, but really, what were they thinking?)

Our second deleted scenes article will show clips featuring the Twins, Elva, and more! (Seriously, why was this stuff cut?)

Now we ask: What do you think of the deleted scenes? While they still differ from the book, do you think the content in them could have helped further the plot? Do you think the “Milking the Cow” scene would have been the film’s best?

  • sara

    I watched the film and then discovered the books and haven’t been able to watch the film since, it differs too much in a bad way. But if there’s ever a remake (hopefully) then those scenes should be in it for sure!

  • AmDrag

    If I ever get the chance to meet the producer and director of this film, I would bitchslap them the moment I see them for ruining such a good story.

  • Meher Shrishti

    What were they thinking??

  • anon

    this movie was a missed opportunity for an awsome trilogy

  • hanna

    is it just me or has Eragon a little crush on Katrina? The funny thing is that Katrina is prettier than Arya in the movie. And Katrina i suppose to be an human, and Arya an elf.. BAD MOVIE!

    • Zachary

      I thought the same! When he was surprise by Roran kissing her I was surprised! Also, Katrina was way prettier than Arya in the movie….

  • bobby

    i really want to scold this films producer,scriptwriter,and director and everyothers who let them make a crappy movie like this. the movie has nothing to do with books at all. every time i think about it i get mad. they made the movie in a way that movie makes impossible to make a second movie itself. eragon blonde, no dwarves, no katrina,raz’ac dies in the chase, riders and elves can feel when a Gedwëy ignasia appears? seriously? then every elves and riders would woke up or have goosebumps when a baby dragon choose its rider in the past.

  • Kirilu

    Adds so much to the movie. I agree with some of the point in the comments here but these scenes just remind me of how much potential this Movie has/had/will have(hoping). Oh, and I don’t find the obvious affection between Eragon and Katrina bad. It works, considering his age and would develop well towards Roran & Katrina as a couple later in the story.

    • Karoline Grindvold

      It would make an awsome tv show! ????

      • Kirilu

        My god, it would! =D

  • Noah M

    Isn’t this a repost? I like the actress for katrina though, but alas just another thing they messed up. I mean seriously katrina leaving with roran? major plot change

    • Karoline Grindvold

      Isn’t evrything a major plot change? In the movie wasn’t they going to the varden from the start instead of chasing the raz’ac? Just reread the book, but been a good while since i saw the movie.
      Yeah i kind of liked the actress for Katrina too ????

      • Noah M

        No in the book they were chasing after the Ra’zac insead of going to thevarden, it was only when brom died that they headed to the varden

        • Karoline Grindvold

          Yeah in the book they chased the ra’zac. And later went to the varden when brom died. Arya gave eragon direction to save her life.
          But in the movie wasn’t varden the destination all along?

  • Alex

    Oh the painful memories of watching this movie…

  • John Wahl

    I read the books long before seeing the movie, the movie was an insult to the books.

    • Danielle

      I agree.

  • rachel

    They made Eragon look like he had feelings for Katrina, which is dumb. Also the acting is awkward and the background of the movie is too quiet, they need some music or something. BTW where is Katrina’s red hair? And I don’t like Eragon as a blond.

  • Karoline Grindvold

    It kind of looks like they wanted to get a love triangle, between roran, Katarina and Eragon, did not like that. But they should have introduced Katarina! But not have her and Roran leave! Whats with that?!
    I watched the film long before I read the books, and liked it! but when I later read the books I do not think the film is a good adaption!
    The whole plot is different!

    • Noah M

      Pssst its katrina not katarina

      • James

        Someone plays too much league wouldn’t you say Noah?

      • Karoline Grindvold

        Stupid autocorrect on my phone 🙂

  • Laura

    They absolutely should have kept in the “Roran & Katrina/Sloan” scene. The “milking cow” scene actually does make sense but since they left out the whole process of Saphira growing up it became unnecessary.

  • Noah M

    pretty cool, I’ve never seen these