What is your favorite Angela the Herbalist quote?

angela-page-headerAngela the Herbalist: Greyfolk? Time Lord? Werecat Rider? Carmen Sandiego?

Angela’s endless source of power, mystery, and hilarity has won over the hearts of thousands of Inheritance Cycle readers. She has a knack for appearing at the most random of times throughout the series, seemingly always aware of Alagaësia’s most important events. Who could have predicted during our first encounter with the herbalist in Eragon that the character would grow to be one of our favorites? (If you say “I did,” we might accuse you of fibbing!)

To celebrate one of our favorite characters (and not just us – you guys voted her as one of your favorites in our recent “favorite main characters” poll!), we’ve compiled some of her best quotes from the Inheritance Cycle and want you to choose your favorite! Despite her quirky ways, Angela’s advice is often poignant, even if disguised by riddles and jokes. Which quote made you laugh or left a lasting impact as you read through the series?


We’ll share the results as soon as the poll closes!