What is your favorite Angela the Herbalist quote?

angela-page-headerAngela the Herbalist: Greyfolk? Time Lord? Werecat Rider? Carmen Sandiego?

Angela’s endless source of power, mystery, and hilarity has won over the hearts of thousands of Inheritance Cycle readers. She has a knack for appearing at the most random of times throughout the series, seemingly always aware of Alagaësia’s most important events. Who could have predicted during our first encounter with the herbalist in Eragon that the character would grow to be one of our favorites? (If you say “I did,” we might accuse you of fibbing!)

To celebrate one of our favorite characters (and not just us – you guys voted her as one of your favorites in our recent “favorite main characters” poll!), we’ve compiled some of her best quotes from the Inheritance Cycle and want you to choose your favorite! Despite her quirky ways, Angela’s advice is often poignant, even if disguised by riddles and jokes. Which quote made you laugh or left a lasting impact as you read through the series?


We’ll share the results as soon as the poll closes!

  • du kuldr hafr

    Cheep Cheep

  • dj

    pretty sure she is a undead dragon rider…
    AS a dragon rider, she knew the ancient language, and loved her dragon, Tenga was a superviser of magic learning, and Angela was his favorite student. After she was murdered, he was able to bring her back to life, but not her dragon.
    – she is super old
    – goes by many names
    -she is super powerful, so Tenga must be even more so (riders>elves, riders mentors(Tenga)>riders, Tenga>>>>>>>>elves(so he can bring people to life)) – shes mad at Tenga because life without her dragon is miserable
    -her dragon knucklebones are her dragon’s
    – tinkledeath is a riders sword
    -knows so much about plants since riders are vegitarions

    • dj

      or the simple explanation…
      Gandalf’s sister!

  • Lillianna

    “Nothing escapes you, does it?” “Let it escape”

  • Natalie Ellis

    She’s a TIME LORD! All the evidence points towards it. Raxacorifalpatoris- Doctor Who material. She’s always changing her name- meaning she never reveals her real one- which is a time lord rule. She always turns up at the right time to wherever the interesting things are happening-she must have some form of tardis. Time Lord, I tell you, TIME LORD!

  • Älfa Fricai

    Raxacori- meaning Raxacoricofalipatorius perhaps? Yep, she’s definitely a Timelord. Could the Grey Folk become the Timelords?

  • UnRandomEst

    I think Angela is the Soothsayer mentioned in the 4th book. It would explain why she is always at the important events, at least.

  • Wyatt Marcum

    RAXACORIFALAPATORIS!!!!!!!! Another doctor who reference!!! I read the books before I watched Doctor Who, so I never noticed it.

  • Martín Duarte

    How come “I own no pidgeon” isn’t one of the quotes!?

    It’s SO difficult to pick JUST ONE!!!!!!!!!!
    That’s not fair!!!!

    • Dave Krawn

      I truly adore Angela, she’s number one.

  • MasterBrom

    Miike; If Christopher has time, you should ask him what is his favorite Angela quote and maybe how he came up with it and the winner.

    • seebassman

      I believe in one of the books he explaind who inspired Angela.

      • MasterBrom

        I know his sister Angela is the inspiration for Angela and she herself has a lot of witty tweets but I was curious to know his favorite Angela quote and how he thought of it (or maybe his sister came up with them!!)

        • seebassman

          Oh, well yeah. For sure. Id almost guess that she is the life of the family. Haha. And im sure just an interview with the 2 togather on how they csme up with her would be just Fantastic!!!
          Hey… guys…. Tell Christopher we want that next!!! Hahaha