Summarizing the mind-blowing Eragon petition campaign statistics

It can be hard to believe that our community is stronger than ever five years after the release of Inheritance – and yet our petition campaign resulted in traffic that we haven’t experienced since then. That’s impressive!

Not only did we deliver your 48,000 signatures to Fox, but we also gave them a whole gambit of statistics we believe further illustrate the community’s overwhelming support of a franchise reboot. To help get the point across and bring our community up to speed, we put together a comprehensive infographic.

We owe the success of this campaign to the drive and passion of our community. Together we can do great things. Let’s hope we see some encouraging results!


You can read all of our Eragon movie articles, including the ones listed in the infographic, on our Eragon and Inheritance Cycle movies page! We answer when we’ll see the next movie, how they can get it right, and more.

Now we ask: Were you one of those who added your signature? (If not, it isn’t too late!) Are you excited by the potential of an Inheritance Cycle film franchise reboot? Let us know in the comments!

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