Summarizing the mind-blowing Eragon petition campaign statistics

It can be hard to believe that our community is stronger than ever five years after the release of Inheritance – and yet our petition campaign resulted in traffic that we haven’t experienced since then. That’s impressive!

Not only did we deliver your 48,000 signatures to Fox, but we also gave them a whole gambit of statistics we believe further illustrate the community’s overwhelming support of a franchise reboot. To help get the point across and bring our community up to speed, we put together a comprehensive infographic.

We owe the success of this campaign to the drive and passion of our community. Together we can do great things. Let’s hope we see some encouraging results!


You can read all of our Eragon movie articles, including the ones listed in the infographic, on our Eragon and Inheritance Cycle movies page! We answer when we’ll see the next movie, how they can get it right, and more.

Now we ask: Were you one of those who added your signature? (If not, it isn’t too late!) Are you excited by the potential of an Inheritance Cycle film franchise reboot? Let us know in the comments!

  • Drae

    year 2017, still no news,what about it ?

  • KatieCingel

    I really hope Fox takes this into consideration. Even if they have no interest in rebooting the franchise, maybe they’d consider selling the rights to another production company, or to HBO or Netflix to make a series. I think, ultimately, a series would be the best thing for it. That way, the proper development could be played out on the small screen and we’d get the adaptation we truly deserve. In any case, I’m anxious to hear what, if anything, Fox has to say about our petition. 🙂

  • Laura


  • Danny Stephens

    You might have to wait a couple more years. My friend is the one to direct Eragon and will make it fantastic. She is worthy for this remake film.

    • Lance Bagley

      She and I could co direct

  • ben

    I want micheal bay but I don’t want him to do it at the same time.
    I mean the explosions and sfx would rock but he would twist the story a bit to much

  • a french

    sorry i live in france , i am not agree to do a new eragon movie, i think the inheritance cycle must be adapted in serie as(like) Game of thrones like this we can see saphira grown, see eragon and brom in different town althrought alagaesia, in one episode eragon travel, two episode for farthen dur battle is could be great morever buffy the vampire slyer was originaly a movie (very very bad and very critice) but the serie was a succes
    that is why it could be more interesting to adapted eragon in serie tv (and can be surf on vague (word in french) of success

    Sorry for my bad english

    • a french

      if i had money do to it, i will do

  • chris

    I can imagine Peter Jackson doing a good job at this. Not that i know much about directors

  • Danielle

    I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!

  • Emily Pettingill

    I just kept on singing and telling my friends to sign…..

  • Shahina Mazumdar


  • Jonathan Dragoneti Kowalski

    Nice done guys. I signed around 3000. Graphic is great. Hope to see the result of our hard work soon as anime and movie. And got to thx chris for his great books

  • David Coleman

    I hope we’ll see Fox’s decision soon.

  • King Orik

    I signed at maybe 200 people and I kept going up every few seconds…

  • Slender61

    Age so close but still a great achievement how most of the fans have moved on or didn’t even know this was taking place. 48k in 2 months is amazing. Come on Fox the world is calling

  • Noah M

    nooooooooooooooice almost 50,000! I signed at about 5k i think. this is insane!

  • MCAlagaesia

    This is (As the title suggests!) absolutely mind-blowing! Fox can’t deny the fans a movie now 🙂

    Also, that graphic looks great, Mike!