The Dragon Egg Hunt continues!

Many Hunters have already managed to finish the Hunt, but there’s still time left! If you find all eleven hidden eggs and the password to the giveaway page before April 8th, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a signed Inheritance Cycle books and autographed goodies! For full details, instructions, and the first clue, read our “The “Dragon Egg Hunt” begins!” post.

As an update for those who already completed the Hunt: If you encountered the [Word Here] bug, feel free to enter that as one of your “words,” or go back to the page for the proper word, as the misbehaving egg has been spoken to! (We will count your entry if you did encounter the bug.) We apologies for any confusion there – some of these eggs can be quite mischievous!

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far, and good luck to those still hunting! Remember: the clock is ticking, and once the eggs hatch, it will be too late to enter the giveaway!

  • vindir strider

    Galbatorix isnt dead his sword is gone even that sort of magic would not have destroyed it the explosion was a dramatic teleportationhe probably had an emense ammount of energy in the gem pommel of the sword to do this when he lost connection with the eldunari and his dragon where he went idk but book 5 will tell

    • Kaustubh

      that is impossible…….even with the diamond in the sword full of energy he woudnt be able to transport out of illeria…….and anyway even if he succeded in doing that, Eragon’s spell or whatever it was would drive him mad till he kills himself…….

  • vindir strider

    Ahhh iholiday brewfest but i see nothing

  • Tabatha Byrd

    I didn’t realize all ten words went into the same line and hit enter after only one word expecting another box to pop up for the second word. So I have two entries, one under my email….with only one word…..and one under my Facebook with all ten…will that disqualify me for doing it twice on accident?

    • Nolan Holley

      It sounds like your Facebook entry will probably be the one that would get counted anyway so I wouldn’t worry.

  • Sally

    There were eleven words – but the page only asked for ten in the end. I put all eleven from the clues just in case!

    • Good call! I wanted to offer fans a little wiggle room in case they forgot to write down an answer or ended up not being able to find one along the way.

  • Noah M

    UGH I’m missing two of them and somehow skipped them and can’t figure out if I got the “h**e” question right or wrong or that was the one I skipped

    • Sorry to hear that! Maybe discuss with other fans in the first post to see if they can give you some hints?

    • Michael Baldwin

      I’m having this same issue… did you figure out what went wrong? Can you offer any tips? Please help? Its driving me insane…

      • Michael Baldwin

        Nevermind… found them.