The “Dragon Egg Hunt” begins! Celebrate Alagaësia’s Easter by winning cool prizes!

hunt-bannerWe often celebrate Easter with exciting egg hunts through our homes, forests, and fields. Candy, money, and small toys can be found in the eggs, making the hunt even more exciting! In Alagaësia, we imagine children and families celebrate by hunting replica dragon eggs! The children who find the most dragon eggs would win fun knickknacks and gorge on sweets and treats!

We wouldn’t be true Alagaësians if we didn’t celebrate the holiday, so…

We’ve set up a Dragon Egg Hunt throughout Shur’tugal, with eleven hidden eggs to be found across the website! Each egg will reward you with a word, which you must keep (so write it down!), and the dragon inside will point you toward the next clue! You’ll want to pay close attention to each clue’s wording and make use of the site’s search engine (located below the top banner) to hunt down the pages hiding the eggs! The hidden egg will ALWAYS be at the bottom of the page it is hidden on!

To prevent cheating, we’ve passworded the final page! You’ll need to find the password, given by the final egg, to unlock the giveaway page, where you’ll submit all ten words you’ve collected to be entered into the giveaway! Only hunters providing all ten words will be eligible to win!

What are the prizes? One ultimate book and autograph set, including a signed 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of Eragon, a signed copy of Inheritance, and a set of autographed goodies! Ten runner ups will win an autograph pack, containing signed Inheritance goodies! You’ll also earn the epic title of “Master Dragon Egg Hunter”!

The official rules:

  • Using the hint below, start your hunt by tracking down the first egg hidden on one of the site’s pages!
  • The hidden egg will always be at the bottom of the page you find it on!
  • Each dragon egg will reward hunters with a word, which you must write down! Once you finish the hunt, you’ll be prompted to enter all ten words to qualify for the giveaway!
  • Each dragon egg will offer a new clue, pointing you in the direction of the next egg! Read the clue carefully and use the site’s search engine to find the page.
  • The final dragon egg will give you a password to the giveaway page. Entering the password will grant you access, and allow you to enter the ten words to qualify for the giveaway!
  • Winners will be chosen at random on April 9th, so the speed at which you enter is not a factor! Winners will be contacted via email, and if we do not hear back within five days, we will have to choose another winner.

 Here’s your first clue!

starter clue

Update: The secret, final passworded giveaway page is now properly linked on the final egg/clue page! We are very sorry for the inconvenience to all of the awesome Hunters who finished the Hunt so quickly!

Update #2: We’ve spoken with the two mischeievious eggs causing trouble yesterday! If you encountered the [Word Here] or double clue bugs, they’ve now been addressed. You’ll be able to complete the Hunt without issues. If you already participated and entered your words in the giveaway, your entry will still count! Learn more on our update post.