Shur’tugal Fan Fiction launches with over twenty fan-written Alagaësia-based stories!

shurtugal fan fiction promo imageWe are excited to announce the launch of Shur’tugal Fan Fiction, the ultimate archive of Inheritance Cycle fan fiction stories! Aspiring writers and Inheritance fans now have an outlet to read, write, and enjoy stories by fans, set within Eragon’s universe. Itching for Book 5? You can enjoy fan-written stories set within Alagaësia while you wait!

It is important to remember that fan fiction is not endorsed by Christopher or his publisher. Christopher has not and will not read these stories, which are creative works of non-canon fiction, written and released by fans.

“Fan fiction” is a term used to describe stories written by fans set within the world of a particular book, movie, or television series. Hundreds of fans have written their own stories set within Alagaësia, varying from alternate series endings, fan takes on Book 5, prequels, dream pairings between favorite characters, and more.

Over twenty stories are now available on Shur’tugal Fan Fiction, totaling 205 chapters and over 550,000 words! We encourage aspiring writers and Inheritance enthusiasts to contribute their own stories. If you don’t fancy yourself a writer, there are many stories for you to read, rate, and enjoy!

Our first featured story is Wyrda by Galinor:

This fan story, aptly named “fate” in the Ancient Language, deals with the post-Inheritance fate of Eragon and the new crop of Riders as they find and establish a new home.  The story shows us a fan’s interpretation of Eragon and Saphira’s training for new dragons and Riders, and the journey of new dwarf and Urgal Riders as they adjust to their new roles as the first Riders from their respective races.

Wyrda takes the reader back to familiar places, like Carvahall, and to unknown places like Du Skulblaka Ramr (Stronghold of Dragons).  Wyrda is a rich, detailed fan fiction that takes readers on an adventure through the Inheritance Cycle’s already vast world and even expands on it.

Fan fiction stories are not endorsed by Christopher Paolini or his publishers. Christopher has not and will not read them. These stories are fan-written, separate from the Inheritance Cycle, and will have no impact on future stories written by Christopher. Enjoy them, but please keep this disclaimer in mind as you do so!

  • Otto Callixtus Zeeberg Møller

    Where can you read wyrda?

  • Katanarae

    Not gonna lie I got to the part about Redbeard being on the ship and stopped reading as the only people who could go with Eragon were the elves because of the madness the eldunari acquired while under Galbatorix’s control and they were the only ones who could help try and make them sane again.

  • Metto Ara

    People keep mentioning Empire. I’ll have to look it up sometime.

    I can’t help but notice that, unless you’re coming from this article, there’s no way to navigate to the fan fiction portion of the site. There’s no real way to come back to the home site (here) from the fan fiction portion, either. It makes it feel disjointed, y’know? Like they aren’t a part of each other.

    Maybe there should be a button for it in the Fans menu, or a link to it from the Fan Art galleries? Unless I’m mistaken/overlooking something, and it’s already available.

  • Erosaf

    So happy this has come back! I’ve gotten mine posted once more on there!

  • BlondeWookie

    can we see the stories?

    • Nolan Holley

      There’s a link in the article where the text is bold, and it’ll take you to the stories, or you can just use this link:


  • Spartan

    Someone should upload all the old fan fictions from Inheritance Forums!! Like Eldunarya, Breoal, Du Fryn Skulblaka and Empire!!

    • We hope that the authors upload their fan fiction on the new site as well!

  • Noah M

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees finally ze fanfiction iz heeerez

  • Memorex16

    Hey everyone! I’m a fan fiction writer currently writing my own Inheritance Cycle spin-off. It’s a crossover between the Inheritance Cycle and Star Wars, two stories that shall very similar characteristics. My fan fiction will cover most of the books and I’ve tried to keep the story pretty close to the actual Inheritance books rather than something completely outrageous. So if anyone is interested, please click the URL below and go take a look at my fan fiction, favorite, review it, and share it with your friends!

    • Why not post the story on Shur’tugal Fan Fiction? 🙂