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Here are some suggestions on questions not to ask (as he won’t be able to answer):

  • When will we see a new book set in Alagaësia? (Learn more about the book on our “Book V and Beyond” page.)
  • What will happen in Book 5?
  • When is the next Eragon/Inheritance Cycle movie coming out? (Read our recent article for an answer to this question.)
  • How can I contact you? (You can find information on how to contact Christopher on our “Contacting Christopher” page.)

We don’t have any specific dates for upcoming interviews, but the Paolini family releases a monthly Q&A with Christopher on their official website, Paolini.net.

  • Jaxon Reese

    Me and my friend both love inheritance and she has dry skin problems so I would like to know if nalgask (a mixture of beeswax and hazelnut oil used to moisten the skin) actually works so I can give a little inheritance themed gift.

  • Emma Stell

    What is the word for home in the Ancient Language?

  • Eleanor Piercee

    What was the original Eragon’s sword’s name?

  • Alex Tremblay

    I was wondering, could Eragon have used the name of names to clear Vroengard of the poison?

  • shur’tagul

    is book 5 going to be in english

  • Dahvd

    Why does Eragon need the Belt of Beloth The Wise can’t he just store his energy in Aren or in Brisingr since it was stated that Aren had a ton of energy from Brom and Once (or twice i can’t remember) a week a bunch of elves would come to Oromis and give him their energy to store in Naegling. I guess my question is what is the point of the belt if you can store almost unlimited energy in either the sword gem or Aren?

  • Beth Beam

    In Eldest, when Eragon attempts to woo Arya again after his transformation, he suggests that she share her knowledge and memories with him so they could become more evenly matched in wisdom and experience despite their age difference. Arya says, “It would be an abomination…” to do so. I wonder, was it really be a forbidden act to do so? Was there a law of the elves against sharing knowledge with another in that intimate manner? Or was Arya exaggerating because she felt so strongly about it?

  • Nordic_William

    Hi Mr. Paolini!
    My question is this:
    I’m re-reading Brisingr and I noticed something. On page 601, Oromis tells Eragon that Arya and Islansadi’s runners has kept him informed of the news of the land. He then goes on to tell Eragon that he knows how he punished the butcher (Sloan) from his village.
    Eragon made Arya swear in the Ancient Language that she would not reveal the fate of Sloan, without his permission. Yet, Oromis knows. I don’t recall Eragon giving Arya permission to reveal that to Oromis. Also, I think Eragon was still wearing the necklace that prevented anyone from scrying him, so Oromis couldn’t have done that.
    Also, I believe the two of them asked Nasuada to keep it secret as well when they re-told the story upon their return.
    So, how did Oromis find out about the butcher’s fate?

  • Shehraiz Khan

    one thing i want to know is that is there a system of an Uragl having Kull child/ Kull having Urgal child or is it random like Eragon thinks in Inheritance

  • Nicholas Garcia

    I really hope that their is a book about eragon rebulding the riders, and hopefully eragon and Arya getting together

  • Nicholas Garcia

    I would like to know if we have not seen the last of eragon will he possibly be in book 5?

  • Azathothian Dude

    Hi Mr. Paolini. I only got into this series last year, but I’ve already fallen in love with it,
    With your new book coming out, I was curious about a future possibility with shades. Oromis once mentioned how terrible a dragon rider shade would be. Could this be a possible future villain? If so, what effect would it have on the dragon? A shaded Dragon…Freaky

  • Phill Eon

    will the 7 words Brom tell Eragon on his deathbed ever be revealed


    for a ward, why couldn’t a mage just say “let me be protected from all harmful spells?” Also for teleporting could you say “let me be moved to (insert place), but first let a void form an instant before i alive, and let it be filled by my body ” (this gets rid of the explosion problem)

    • Shehraiz Khan

      A mage could say that he would be protected from all harmful spells but it would kill him if the mage who cast that spell is more powerful than him as it is an ablsolute in which only two outcomes are possible success or death. (Read Eldest where all this is written)

  • Classified

    Does Saphira ever lay an egg, because that would be cool.

  • Classified

    For that matter, how old are Solembum, Maud and Grimmr?

  • Classified

    How old is Angela the herbalist and how old is your sister Angela?

  • Jace Purdy

    Arya and Eragon Please! The ending felt as if you just didn’t want to continue the story and that you destroyed the characters we had come to love so dearly. Also if everything else in the prophecy has held true then shouldn’t Arya and Eragons marriage hold as well?

    • Jace Purdy

      And also I’d be most interested in a book that follows Eragons journey through the new land and him
      Rebuilding the riders

    • Shehraiz Khan

      Angela s prophecy never said there would be a marriage just an “epic romance”

    • Beth Beam

      Yah, the prophecy doesn’t speak of marriage, but the fact that it was an “epic romance” shows that Arya does, in fact, develop romantic feelings for Eragon as well…at some point. In my opinion anyway, an unrequited, one-sided affair is hardly epic. So at least we get that much!

  • Engla

    Hi Christopher!
    Three things:
    I must say I love The Ancient Language, especially since I’m from Sweden, and many words are either exacly the same, as in “fram”; pronounced the same, as in “dröttning” and “dvergar”; or similar, as in “stenr” (sten) and “hestra” (häst).

    Also, someone said that they like the Swedish book covers better. I don’t agree 😛
    1: They make the dragons look evil. 2: The dragons are way to big.

    Love your books!

  • Smaug

    in book 5, will there be more backstory on Angela and solembum: they’re my favorite characters

  • King Mathex

    Hi Christopher,
    I’m rereading the Inheritance Cycle and I was wondering, at what point in writing the Cycle did you decide to make Morzan Eragon’s father, and then at what point did you decide to make Brom Eragon’s father? Was this as a result of 2006 Eragon film which depicted Brom with a younger and more virile look than his ‘grandfatherly’ book counterpart?
    Thanks for your time, really enjoyed all the Inheritance books over the years!

  • kai etringer

    and, can my theme be red

  • kai etringer

    mother question, what prompted your system for magic, its brilliant. Theres a understandable system to it. Unlike the harry potter add on the right side of this page, its not just waving a magic stick and saying some words a long dead spell caster made up

  • kai etringer
  • kai etringer
    • kai etringer

      shees also eridesint, not dull blue/ slate

  • kai etringer

    Join the discussion…

  • kai etringer

    does he ever answer these

    • kai etringer

      im commenting my own comment

  • kai etringer

    this is probably unoriginal, but can I be in one of your books?

  • Fantaisa

    1. Who is Eragon’s biggest roll moddel ?

    2. Who would win a swordfight arya or Murtagh ?

    3. Whats happening to the ships from terrim or is this for the fifth book ?

    I just finnished the fifth book this summer and i have a question (dont we all !!!) Did you consider giving Inheritance a different ending because i was a little sad before considering to check if you were going to make a fifth book the ending wad very sad, Eragon goes away and is probly not coming back.

    • kai etringer

      I agree, the Eragon sieris is THE best books i ever read, but it has the worst ending ever. It couldn’t have been worse if galbatorix turned into a pink gremlin, then turned into an evil gremlin. No offense, everything else is awesome, Like trillions of times better than most books

    • kai etringer

      is there a fith book? that is so cool, but where is it????D wewg 0=nplsdfkdj veibwddfmkvc wjefdfxjkm

    • Shehraiz Khan

      Arya would win probably she usually wins from Eragon and later ties and Eragon beats Murtagh. However if we are talking about Murtagh without eldunari then any elf could easily best

  • Me

    What was the Elve’s terrible mistake that caused them to flee Alalea and arrive in Alagaesia? I really, really wanna know. Do you actually know? Or haven’t you created what it is yet?

  • Morgoth of Thardszvul

    Hey, my favorite author all I want to know is when you publish your 5th book.
    May God grant you long life to write more awesome books.

    • Shehraiz Khan

      After he finishes his other projects as said many many times

  • Drottning

    Why did Glaedr not take advantage to mate with Saphira? Despite the clearly inappropriate position (with the mentor-pupil relationship) it seems that it would have been their duty to produce an egg if at all possible. They had no certainty that there would ever be another chance to save the dragon race.

    • kai etringer

      true, but old riders(and other people in eragon) can be odd. Like how there obsest with honor. I mean, if your hanna kill someone, kill them however possible, usually as humanly as possible.

  • Drottning

    Mr Paolini!

    Are you aware that it is popular to name horses after your characters? Eragon and Saphira are both common names for horses! And personally, I named my mare Arya 🙂

    • kai etringer

      should be cole fire

  • Anton Nguyen

    If a rider fully made their consciousness into their dragon or their dragon’s eldunari, could they live after their bodies do? And what would it be like if Eragon and Saphira switched bodies for a temporary period?

  • me

    i really wanna know

  • me

    what was the elves mitsake in alalea

  • Helena H

    Will we meet new riders and dragons and follow their trainig with eragon and saphira?

  • Helena H

    Will we meet eny gay/lesbian charecters in future alagaesia stories? Please…

  • Cassandra M

    I really want to hear your thoughts on eargon the movie. To me it was a horrible and tarrible that barely ressembles the book.

    • Kevin Titus

      LMAO yeah. That movie was a travesty. Just chalk it up as further proof that Fox *NEVER* respects the source material for anything.

      Hopefully those directors, producers, and screenplay writers never work again in Hollywood, but, alas, it is not meant to be. 😢😔 😭

  • Saphirasrider

    What happened to the first saphiras eldunari? Could it be with the other ones from Vroengard? Will Elva be important in book V?

  • WannabeAuthor

    Was it hard to share your first draft with people? How did you keep your family from questioning your sanity (especially when there are some pretty dark/gruesome parts)? Basically any advice for a young writer. Thank you so much. You’ve been a big inspiration in my decision to write.

  • shade

    Is Angela the herbalist actually the Soothsayer? Because I’ve noticed that the Soothsayer and Angela share many similarities such as:
    1. Both are women
    2.both are very strong spell casters
    3.they age at a slower rate than other humans (Angela even says to Eragon in the 1st book that she is older than she appears.)
    4. Both can see into the future (Angela says that she likes to be WHERE interesting events will occur, but how could she know where they will occur unless she could see into the future?)

    • Shehraiz Khan

      i noticed that angela could be soothsayer but however point number 4 is wrong angela could wait for things to happen then goes there she doesnt necassarily have to look into the future

  • shade

    In book 4 Umaroth warned Murtagh and Thorn that they should not “tread where the ground grows black and brittle and the air smells of brimstone, for in those places evil lurks.”. What is the “evil” that Umaroth mentioned?

    • Kevin Titus

      Sounds like Mordor lol. 😎😁😀😊😃

      • kai etringer

        If you are implying this book is a copy of lotr (lord of the rings), you should rethink your thoughts

  • Shrrg

    can eragon free Rhunon of her oath using the Name?

    • Kevin Titus

      Yes. But will she want him too? And does he want anyone, aside from Arya, Saphira, Murtagh, Thorn, Firnen, and Nasuada, to know that he, Eragon, knows the Name of All Names? Furthermore, did he even think of it? 😎

    • kai etringer

      yep, just has to say runin

  • Shrrg

    Whts the name of the ancient language?

    • Kevin Titus

      Nothing would be epic enough. We will most likely never find out. Christopher Paolini probably doesn’t even know.

    • kai etringer

      shrrg try some shrrgrs
      like burgers

  • Shrrg

    Can you write a prequel? (ie; b4 Galbatorix took over)
    And a (recent) history of Alegasia?

    (in short, of course)

    • Kevin Titus

      Ahem. Episode 1: The Shade’s Menace. 😇😆😛😝😜

    • kai etringer

      is your ing the two binary stars in the next book

  • Shrrg

    and aryas

  • Shrrg

    What are Eragon and Saphira’s true names???????!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

  • Shrrg

    oh and does Saphira lay an egg?
    and whats with the urgals and the dwarves?
    and who will run the magic patrol?

  • Shrrg

    Will there be more about angela, solembum, and the werecats (as a race)?

  • Yannic

    Which programm do you use to write down your texts on the computer?

  • Glaedr

    Does eragon ever find back the beloth the wises belt?

    • kai etringer

      did he find it with the name, i forgot

  • Rikki Kimball

    Is there any “official” artwork of Eragon’s new sword? Wanting to create a replica, but would prefer to make something of the likeness of how you view his sword

  • Oromis the wise one

    Has anybody ever thought about how much the Inheritance lokks like the Star Wars 4 5 and 6?
    Sorry for my English, i am not from England or Usa.

  • Ebrithil

    Will black hand controll that human magician group?

  • George Rogers

    Do Saphira and Firnen actually conceive a child? and if so, when does saphira lay the egg, and what colour is it?

    • George Rogers

      And, I forgot to add, do Eragon and Arya ever meet again? PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE Tell me they have a child i ship them too hard

      • kai etringer

        what is ship them too hard

    • kai etringer

      blue green

  • Anton Nguyen

    If a rider links their mind with their dragon’s and doesn’t control their own body (they are fully inside the mind of their dragon), if their body dies, will their consciousness die?

    • Shehraiz Khan

      of their conscience dies if a magician takes over someones mind then kills him then would that someone still be able to think? Same concept

      • Anton Nguyen

        Oh, okay thanks. But I meant the rider’s mind is tethered to the dragon’s brain.

  • E’lecobua

    I have decided to write a book with dragons and how they interact with humans. Can you help me with a few suggestions?

  • micah

    What happens to Orik after your last book

  • Thanos

    Will Book 5 be released after the sci-fi novel?

    • kai etringer

      do you still have that giant feather in your hat

  • Skyler

    If those were spirits comming out of Galby’s body as Murtagh ended his wards, he was possibly a shade himself. I know his whole body burst into countless peices, but technically he didn’t take a direct wound to the heart. Is it POSSIBLE that he’s still alive?

    • Shrrg

      He wasnt a shade, he didnt have glowing red eyes and pale white skin, like varaug and durza did

      • kai etringer


    • kai etringer

      well, he hold have controlled them

      • kai etringer

        i mean would

  • Vroengaurdian

    What kind of baddie will try to take over/ destroy Alagaesia in Book 5? I mean, is it the next generation of Ra’zacs? (hope I spelled that right)? Is it some rogue magician who learned the name of names? Is it the figures Eragon saw on Vroengard?

    • kai etringer

      I think king of urgals, what if his son becomes a rider?. then a shade?

  • Tom

    Have you ever thought what Eragons true name is?
    If so what is it?

  • Dragoon

    will angela lead a great role in the next book, if she will even be in it

  • adam Daugherty

    Spirits brush aside eragons defenses in brisingr but durza and other shades can’t. This is a pretty bad contradiction since they are both spirits especially since Durza is made of multiple spirits and only one effortlessly overtakes eragon.

    • kai etringer

      the flesh and remnants of the binding spells on them could stop that from happening, after all there not in there pure form. like a dragon in an eldunary can’t crush you unless it’s huge and fals on you.

  • Affan Khadir

    Where are the remaining Raz’ac eggs

  • Affan Khadir

    Why fid Durza even teach Galbatorix all of those dark spells? He is a Shade why didn’t he just kill Galbatirix. And one more question, how did Angela win Solembum’s loyalty?

  • Ddemoff

    When Eragon, Saphira, and Glaedr visit the The Vault of Souls in Inheritance and we see all the different dragon eggs, could you explain why the eggs all vary in sizes? How large could one be?
    Thank you, ebrithil.
    Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass!

    • George Rogers

      the eggs’ size depends on the size and age of the mother, as i’m pretty sure it says

  • Lols

    What are the names of some new riders

  • binga

    Will we ever learn what happened ro rhe first eragon

    • Shehraiz Khan

      he died(Probably)

  • donidd

    When Brom and Eragon left Carvahal, what happened to all of Broms books and scrolls? Were they destroyed when Carvahal was?

  • Casey Buckley

    Will we ever see Eragon again

  • harriet

    Can you please write a scene where Arya is jealous…like boiling jealous?

  • bcookie

    Christopher Paolini how did Angela stop Elva from seeing into her soul in Eldest??? It’s been bothering me for MONTHS.

    • Casey Buckley

      Early in the stages when Elva was sick Angela cast a spell on herself to make her immune to Elva

  • twister

    will any of our characters that we know and love become riders in book 5?

  • Phillip

    How long after inheritance will book v take place?

    Also cab the name of the Ancient language change?

  • Ddemoff

    Since your venturing from Fantasy and into Sci-fi…. There is only one question I need answered. Star Wars or Star Trek?
    Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass!

  • Cole P.

    Because we know that there can be “twin dragons”, would it be possible for a “conjoined dragon”? Basically a dragon with 2 separate heads each with there own peronality. If so could both heads breath fire?

    • #1 fan

      how do u know there can be twin dragons?where did you get that from?

      • Shehraiz Khan

        he got it from inheritance when glaedr told the story of oromis and the forsworn

    • Shehraiz Khan

      if so both would most likely breath fire

  • #1 Fan

    Will you consider making a short story of a new character adventuring the ocean since we did not get see much of sea travel in the cycle?
    If so new idea’s for help:
    new islands,
    maps,treasures,new ships,mysterious hooded
    people we saw in Inheritance(on Vroengarg)
    and also the islands we saw on the map,

    • #1 fan

      I also forgot to add colonial forces,privateers,bounty hunters
      mayan ruins(in this case grey folk ruins),underwater environments,
      harpooning,naval combat.

      • Shrrg

        and nidwhal

  • Zelda Dragon

    Will Eragon and Arya have kids?

    • Shehraiz Khan


  • David Feldman

    Can we have a series of shorts or a TV series of some of Angela’s adventures? How she met Solembum and Maud, her experience with Tenga (who could also be another/ the soothsayer), an adventure with the doctor (BBC permitting), etc.

    • Shrrg

      YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ben

    can eragon use the true name to release rhunon from her oath and allow her to forge more riders swords by melting the ore in the ones she found.
    will saphiras childs rider be related to eragon? and a cyan dragon, really?

    • Shehraiz Khan

      yes in everything, who says saphira has a child

  • Macau Tay

    Can the true name of the ancient language change, if some drastic event occurred? If so, then how drastic should the event be?

  • personwholoveseragon

    also would you ever think about an eragon tv show?

  • personwholoveseragon

    would you ever come to Burlington Vermont to sign books? I live there and I think people would like to see you there. I personally love your books all essays and stuff I have had to do for books I have used one of your four. 🙂

  • Drawn

    If Elva can grow up faster than any normal human, does that mean she has control over her age ? And that she can live as long as she wants to ?

    • Shehraiz Khan

      she cant grow up faster than any human the spell eragon put on her made grow up so she could be able t help people now that she isnt forced to help anybody she will age properly

  • Barzûl

    In Brisingr, we see Brom adressing himself to Eragon as a Saphira memory. He his descrived has having the Aren ring in his hand in that memory, but that scene happens after Brom had already sent the ring to Ajihad… Is there more then one AREN?

    • =shrugs-

      No, there is not more than one ring. This is a mistake on Paolini’s part.

      • Barzûl


      • Shehraiz Khan

        True this is a mistake but there may be more than one elf friend ring however there is only one Aren(My opinion)

  • Winston0301

    Can they use the name of names to change the name of alagaesia so that dragon can return?

    • Winston0301

      Eragon can return, stupid autocorrect

    • Irkullas

      Nothing magical is preventing Eragon and Saphira from returning to Alagaesia. I don’t even know how you got the idea in the first place.

  • Coby Parrish

    Could Eragon swing his sword fast enough to break the sound barrier?

  • BlondeWookie

    unrelated, but I reread eragon, and he had a premonition around when garrow died, and it was the end of inheritance, SO COOL

  • BlondeWookie

    i’m pretty sure she has to cast a spell on the eggs or something

  • happyhippy

    Does Saphira lay eggs in the next book? If so are they rider eggs, or wild dragon ones?

    • ben

      sigh re read the last few chapters of inheritance and tell me what you think happened. the correct question is how the colour choice works for the baby dragons is it completely different, after the mother, after the father or maybe a mixture of both

    • Shehraiz Khan

      If she does they are going to be rider eggs as it depends whether the mother was a wild dragon or not(I think)

  • BlondeWookie

    Are you going to do something right after the sci fi book, or will u return straight to alagasia, PLEASE RETURN TO ALAGASIA

  • Erin

    WHEN WILL BOOK 5 COME OUT! (and will we learn more about Angela)

  • Thatguybehindyou

    Will the Dragon Riders return to Alagaesia?
    As a matter of fact, wherever Eragon was headed, how far away was it?
    And, if they don’t, will any familiar characters visit?

  • the HAMMER

    There’s no question about it! The answer is, “yes!”

  • Naadiya

    Will Eragon and Arya be together?
    Will there be a little romance between them?
    I hope so!

  • Naadiya

    When does Book V come out?
    I’m dying to know when it will because I’m so sad of how the series ended im deciding to write a book called Shur’tugalar or Dragon Riders so I am not so BORED and SAD.

  • Nikolas Milligan

    This is a question for the general public, unless noone has an answer.
    In Brisingr, when Eragon was hiding from the soldiers, they suggest that they may be looking for Murtagh because of what he said. What did he say? It didn’t specify. I’m re-reading the series, and I don’t remember if it mentions it.

  • Gavin Bentley

    Will you be coming out with a collectors editing eldest?

    • WoodenDesk

      I think he answered somewhere on Twitter. The answer was no, due to the cost of printing such another thing would be too high or something along those effects.

  • BlondeWookie

    I know that the moxie rights are at 20th century fox, (I think) but couldn’t u have sold it to Disney? they do Marvel, and they did Hobbit, I think That Eragon would be better off w/ disney or at least Universal Studios

  • BlondeWookie

    What the heck was the high priest of Helgrind, you said that he was not human, and why was he so afraid of Angela when she told him her name?

  • BlondeWookie

    When will Your Sci-fi book be published, and have you started writing book 5 yet, or is it just a synopsis?

  • Katelyn

    how soon can we expect the fifth book and do you have a name for it.

  • Kelsey

    I’m trying to write something but keep getting stuck on names and language. How did you find the name for Alagaësia and how did you come up with the language?

    • Shehraiz Khan

      Ancient language was from old Norse eragon from putting the letter e in dragon instead of d. Saphira from sapphire. Rest of language came from scratch. That’s what I know

  • ✧Saphira

    I was inspired to write my own book by this series! I was wondering, how did you come up with the ancient language and all those names! I am stuck on what to name some of these characters in my book, and you have found many great names for yours! Do you have any suggestions for how to come up with names?

    • Thatguybehindyou

      In case this isn’t in an interview….
      I figured I’d pitch in.
      I just find the Latin meanings of things that suit my characters. Maybe some tweaking here and there, and then I have a pretty nice name.
      Other times I just mash some nice sounding syllables together.

    • Shehraiz Khan

      Ancient language was from old Norse eragon from putting the letter e in dragon instead of d. Saphira from sapphire. Rest of language came from scratch. as I said before to Kelsey

  • Murtagh

    In the fifth book you’re planning, do you plan to have anything on Angela?

  • Procrastimancer

    Will you explore them in greater details about the Grey Folk? For example, what they looked like, what kind of culture they had, etc.

    Will you ever delve deeper into the reason why the Grey Folk are no longer around?

  • PearceTomCurran

    Also could you lend your support to the movie reboot?!

  • PearceTomCurran

    Why can’t you make a new book where Eragon returns to Alagaesia ( he can leave forever another time). He could do this because an army of razac are invading Alagaesia from some far away island

    • #1 fan

      the part where an army of ra zac is a good idea but it would be dumb for him to return after he left to raise the dragons and ignore angelas prophecy.

  • Sethkamppila

    But eragon still has to return to Algesia because ayra is queen and she has to take care of things

  • Sethkamppila

    U should also make it were ayra and eragon get married have a elf kid because. When they were in ellsmerilla it said the elf kids are very rare and very powerful that way when eragon is old he can teach his son the ways and his sons dragon should be purple and ill let u decide the names

    • #1 fan

      no offense but that would be a real dumb idea for lots of reasons:
      1, eragon leaves so that he can raise the dragons(why would he abandon them?)
      2,He also leaves to protect the eludinari so no one can abuse them like galbatorix did.
      3,it stated that elf kids are powerful when they are younger.even if eragon married arya,eragon is still human so they wouldn’t be elf kids
      but half elves.
      4,it would make the author and everyone who helped him look very dumb if they decided to go back on what they wrote and bring him back.
      5,even though eragon loves arya,i dont think arya loves him back and even if they were to marry,arya would sort of do it for diplomacy not out of love.

  • Sethkamppila

    Y don’t u return to inheritance cycle and make it a inheritance cycle part 2 were Eragon comes back to find dragon riders to rebuild the dragon riders and u can make it were Angelina was rong about eragon never returning to his home lands

    • Thatguybehindyou

      Well, Angela never exactly said that he would never return the first time he left…. Who knows, maybe he just dies somewhere else.

      • Thatguybehindyou

        Besides, it would be just like Angela to do something like that.

    • #1 fan

      if u actually read the last book it specifically said eragon would wait for one of the dwarf or urgal rider to fly to him and bring back eggs to algaisia,seconed Angela cant be wrong because its impossible to lie
      in ancient language and she casted a spell using dragon bones

  • Ddemoff

    Was there a reason you chose to make Saphira female? 🙂 And also, will any main characters in your future Cycle books travel to lands beyond Alägaesia such as Alalea or wherever Humans and the Ra’zac came from?

  • sam_qu

    Is there an explanation to how Eragon can scry in his dreams? That too of people he has never seen before?
    Also we saw the last scene of Inheritance in Book One itself!

    • Dave

      In Eldest, Arya suggested that Eragon’s visions may have been premonitions and provides a brief explanation. As for his visions of Arya when she was held captive in Gil’ead, it was later revealed that the eldunari in the vault of souls showed Eragon those visions.

    • Night Sahde

      Eragon was able to scry/dream Arya because of the Eldrian who were at The Rock of Kuthian.

    • Guest

      I think the scrying in his dreams was because of the eldunari’s influence

    • David Feldman

      SPOILER :
      The dragon Eldunarí hiding under Doru Araeba stated that they gave Eragon the dream of Arya, but not the rest of them. Perhaps they were just residue of the original action, explaining why he could never ascertain what he was looking at.

  • *Ŧтℓ*乇яzα*$¢αяℓєт*

    Why do u have such a weird beard? 😀

  • Guest123

    1. Any Inspiration taken from Mass Effect for your knew sci-fi book?

    2. Did Arya and Faolin have a sexual relationship?

    3. Why did Arya give Eragon her tru name? When Eragon asked she told him shes never given It to anyone before, so why Eragon? what promted such an act? She dident give it to Faolin who was ger Boyfirendmatelover(?) Was it just to placate us fans who dident get the relationship we wanted?

    4. Would you ever consider writing for a computer game firm ala Bioware?

    5. Favorite Doctor Who companion?

    • Ajay

      Not sure if Paolini will answer your 2nd question… but he did confirm in a Q&A a while ago that Arya and Faolin were girlfriend/boyfriend, not mates. So I’m guessing they didn’t have a sexual relationship.

      As far as the true name malarkey goes… it was more of a beginning of their long term relationship, you might say i.e. this is just the start and, as time goes on (centuries or less, who knows), their relationship will deepen (Paolini’s already said their relationship is far from over, it’s just beginning, etc).

  • Diana

    What happened to the little boat Arya made? Where did it go? Is it possible that we see it again in the 5th book?

  • Dovahkiin2000_

    What actor would you pick to play Eragon if there was a new movie?

    • Braidon

      Andrew Garfield if he bulked up

    • kai etringer

      jacky chang

    • kai etringer

      he has a youtube chanal on origami

    • kai etringer

      I’m just kidding. not a comedy, though he’d be good with aragons speed.

  • AngelaRocks

    Did Murtagh and Nasuada have some kind of relationship?

    • Angela

      Yes, and I don’t tell you what kind, too; complicated.

      • Angela


  • Grimhood

    Was relationship between Eragon and Arya just other fictional part of the book or was behind it some real-life backstory from your life or life of someone you know? (bit personal i will be ok with any answer really)

  • William

    Was the direction the series took what you intended? Or were you forced by time constraints to force an ending you didn’t want to write. Because the ending for the series was lackluster and honestly a lot of the things were very unsatisfactory compared to the rest of the series. (revealing of what the true name of magic is, what Eragon’s fate is, etc.)

  • Skulblaka

    Wat happens to Eragon and Aria?
    Also what was the root language you used in your books? I detect German…..

    • Grimhood

      I am pretty sure there is page about root of languages in each book at least there is in mine books

      • Thatguybehindyou

        Yeah, there’s a brief page in them all, and a longer section in the deluxe editions.

    • Bonnee

      Actually the base language is ancient Norse- he answers that in his FAQ at Paolini.com

    • the HAMMER


  • Erik

    Can you get the producers/directors of the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Trilogies, Harry Potter, or Star Wars to get the new movies going? ….Please? =)

  • Ionut Horia

    by the why, he inspired me to make my one book

  • Ionut Horia

    i made a book of my own. and i need some one to see it and tell me if is good or not. because i want to publish it. can mister Paolini help me with it?

  • AGarbo

    Why the hell would you okay that abomination of a movie?

    • ShadowofSelf

      Paolini wasn’t part of the production of the movie in any respect.

      • Grimhood

        Yeah but i read some article (long time ago) with Paoliny saying that he liked the movie….

        • WoodenDesk

          He’s expressed he is gratitude for Eragon being made into the film. Now some people have speculated he doesn’t really mean that and is just being polite. Whether or not he is, I don’t care.

        • He’s never said he liked the movie.

  • Dimensionsatire

    When you published Eragon I looked up to you as an idol, and it is with deepest respect that I don’t want to be “That Guy”, but looking back at the Eragon movie, how involved were you in its creation and how satisfied with the final product are you?

    • ShadowofSelf

      He wasn’t apart of the process in the creation of the film. Even if he was, I don’t think Paolini is an expert in anything related to the movie business such as directing, producing, editing, etc.

      • Shehraiz Khan

        I think he somewhere said he’s written movie scripts or maybe it was wanted to(I’m not sure)

  • CuriousReader

    How did the Ra’zac’s knife penetrate Brom’s wards when he died?

    How did Murtagh’s arrow pierce Durza’s wards in the prison when they attempt to break Eragon out?

    Could you go into detail about how enchanted weapons, weapons that can bypass wards, are made? Are they easy or hard to make? Does it take a lot of skill to make a weapon that can do that?

    Why is there so much secrecy around the tittle of your next Science-Fiction book?

    • TheJardilakUltimum

      1. The knife had been enchanted by Galbatorix,while Brom had hardly ever used magic due to his age and the loss of his dragon.
      2. Not sure about those but Durza was pretty vain and probably didn’t think he needed wards since he was, after all, a shade and was possessed by several different entities
      3. They have spells of sharpness, strength, and other similar spells cast on them while they are being crafted to make them not need to have a source of strength to keep from breaking
      4. I’ll leave that to Mr. Paolini, since I can’t answer it

      • CuriousReader

        Could you source your information please. Otherwise, I’ll assume your just making it up.

        • CuriousReader

          Which I think you’re doing for three of your answers.

          • WoodenDesk

            Actually, he’s right on the first one. It was answered on Twitter: https://twitter.com/paolini/status/173089277968789504. The Ra’zac had enchanted knives. I still think it should have been answered in the books and not outside of them.

            Regarding the other two answers, I haven’t heard anything. Jardilak’s reasoning on them isn’t great. The reader didn’t know Durza as a character so assuming he was vain is a rather futile effort. It doesn’t make for a compelling story if the reason for Murtagh succeeding was because the villain was dumb. That is a dumb reason to assume that. I’d like to think Durza was a cunning enemy who wouldn’t take anything lightly. Thus, Durza would have placed wards around himself.

            Nobody knows how Shades think, being possessed by several spirits. Do the spirits argue in the one vessel over what course of action is the best? Or are they a blend of all the spirits personalities when the Shade is created ? Do spirits even think as what perceive thinking to be? There’s not enough information to make any assumptions

            Maybe Paolini didn’t think of wards when writing Eragon and this is just an accident that he didn’t think to retcon.

            His third response for how enchanted weapons are made makes no sense.

  • mariogarcia

    I don’t really have a question. Just wanted to thank Christopher for the awesome series.

    • kai etringer

      i aprove
      and i like yours, so now its top of the best

  • Falcon H

    With enough time would the elves develop space travel?

  • Eric Gigliotti

    After the Battle of the Burning Plains, what happened to Galbatorix’s army? If I recall correctly, the Imperial army was still much larger than that of the Varden. However, in Brisingr and Inheritance, the army completely vanished and each city was defended with city guard and very few soldiers.

  • Wyntir

    Page 814 of the hardcover copy of Inheritance. Was Angela really going to say Raxacoricofallipatorious?

    • Dimensionsatire

      As a fellow Doctor Who fan, I salute you

    • It’s a confirmed Doctor Who reference.

  • Sam144

    Will you ever write a book on Murtagh?

  • Alek Georgiev

    My cousin is a big fan of yours; he was adamant I had to ask you if you’ve tried EnChroma lenses, which I’m researching for a science project (they help make colors distinguishable in most cases of color blindness). I sincerely apologize if the question is inappropriate.

  • Rose

    Will you ever write a prequel centred on Brom (or just a prequel at least)? 🙂

  • Lydie Novotná

    What you keep as a purpose of being on this earth? What’s the purpose in life? I am kina struggling in mine and an advice would come in handy 🙂

    • Braden

      The purpose of life is simple.

      It is there to be lived. It sounds a bit cliche, but you just have to think of all the cooler stuff in it. Like how Oromis and the elves lived simply, and taught Eragon about how all stuff has a purpose, even the smaller stuff.

  • Timothy

    Will you be a character in the new movie? Even if it is a small roll or cameo?

  • Chata

    If you ever decide to create a new book, would you consider making Nasuada and Murtagh reunite? After all, Inheritance does suggest that the characters are romantically inclined towards each other.

  • Danjor

    Would you be willing to support a reboot of the Inheritance Cycle if 20th Century Fox was willing to create a reboot?

    • Cory Lane Ashley

      ^ Upvote this as Well

  • Cory Lane Ashley

    What is the Word that Murtagh Tells Eragon at the End of Inheritance? What is the Name of the Ancient language!!!?!??! I MUST KNOW PLEASE!

    • kai etringer

      it is: Kai_Is_The_Most_Awesome_Entity_From_Here_To_Infinity

  • Evanescent-Killjoy

    If book 5 had a Sound Track what would it sound like?
    e.g. Style Instruments Structure, Dynamic and Tone. 😀

    P.S. Im a Composer/Musician and I would love to create some music to accompany book 5.

  • Bonnee Rae Rummler

    If elves and dragons are immortal, then how/when did the original Eragon and his white dragon die? Were they still alive during The Fall?

    • AngelaRocks

      They aren’t inmortal, they can be injured and die. Maybe someone killed them.

      • Bonnee

        Oh, I know that, which is why I asked for the story of how they died. I was simply clarifying that the cause of death could not have been old age.

        • kai etringer

          and shure, originals are usually the most powerful in fantasy, then suddenly a mouse challenges him to a duel. He draws his sword, but it’s to late! the mouse morphs into a rabbit and bites his throat out in front of baby angalas eyes

    • We’ve asked and he won’t reveal the answer. I’m sure it’ll be explored in future books.

    • kai etringer

      they can get deceases still, like orimises don’t know what to call it

  • Elzo101

    In Brisingr, according to the Empire’s soldiers that Eragon is hiding from, what did Murtagh reportedly say?! I was waiting for the answer in Inheritance and I still don’t know!

  • Brightsteel

    What did the Menoa tree take from Eragon in exchange for the brightsteel?

    • ShadowofSelf

      We don’t know, and he’s not going to tell.

    • Shehraiz Khan

      The answer to that would apparently spoil book 5

  • Marcin Drzewiecki

    Would you send an autograph to your fan if he asked you to?

    • If you write to Christopher using the information I provided in the article, he’ll return your letter, likely with a signed goodie or two.

  • michael

    Could ia 12-year old have joined the reistance if they were strong enough? (Not Elva mind-reading weak stuff)

  • Bryan Bernardez

    As an author, what makes you different or what separates you from other Fantasy authors like Tolkien or George R.R. Martin? And why is it that in fantasy, Dwarves always have long beards?

    • CynicalFan

      There’s a lot of different ways to answer your first question. He has a different name than those two authors. He has written “different” books than those two authors. Tolkien and Martin have obtained a popularity that Paolini never has, despite his forty million plus sales in books. Both Tolkien and Martin have outsold him. Both Tolkien and Martin have had successful adaptations of their works. And so on and so forth.

      • If books sold was the true definition of a good author, E.L. James (50 Shades of Grey) and Stephanie Meyer (Twilight) are two of the best authors in the world.

        Yeah. Going to go ahead and disagree with that logic.

  • HelenaB:)

    If there was anything you could change about the Inheritance Cycle, what would it be and why?

  • Zacra

    If there was one detail about the Inheritance Cycle you might want to alter in retrospect (whether it be story-related, character-related, etc.), what would it be and why?

  • soaringfalcon07

    Kvetha, a few friends and I are attempting to write a book series and I would like to know what kind of advice you could give.

  • Sara

    What’s your writing process like? Any strange writing habits/rituals?

    • There are some great articles he’s writing on writing that can be found on Paolini.net.

  • Louise

    Are we ever going or get a back story to Angela? Maybe a spin off series focusing on her life before and after the inheritance cycle?

  • Claudette

    I would love to know the price Eragon payed to Linnea for the brightsteel? The “slight twinge” Eragon felt in his lower belly when the Menoa Tree gave him the brightsteel.

    • We’ve asked and he won’t answer. We’ll know in future books.

  • Leslie

    Being a writer seems to require a fair bit of self-discipline. Being an ‘architect’ rather than a ‘gardener’ type of writer probably helps, but how do you (or do you) structure your days to keep yourself moving forward in the process?

    • He’s answered similar questions in a few great articles release on Paolini.net. I highly recommend you check those out. You can find them under Stuff and Writers Corner.

  • will you or will you not fight for the remake of the movie???

  • Night Sahde

    If you could enter Alagaesia as a new character who would you be, what time period would you go, and what would you do? (question directed to everyone)

    • Shehraiz Khan

      Now I would be the only Grey Folk to survive the big disaster. I would go to the time period of galbatorix and act as a double agent helping the Varden and Galbatorix so whoever won the war would be on my side

  • Brian

    What was your reaction to seeing the Eragon mvie?

  • Rachael Stark

    I have three questions.
    1) How do you, personally, get rid of Writer’s Block?
    2) How did you come up with the idea for the Inheritance Cycle?
    3) What advice do you have for your fans who also write?

    • Lots of great answers to these questions in various articles Christopher has written on Paolini.net.

  • Kristen

    What gave you the inspiration to write Inheritance?

  • Patryk Akers

    Did you know from the beginning what Solumbum’s advice meant or did you plan it more and more as you go? The more I think about it the more it seems as if you had the whole world and all of the plot already complete with the release of Eragon. Is this accurate?

  • Rodolfo Menegari

    I know this is a more personal question, but I would like to ask this for you, dear Christopher. Do you always want to be a writer? Is this a “recent” interest? And how do you feel, when you are writing your favorite project? I would love if you answer this. I am a big fan of your work. Keep it that way!

  • Cody Peterson

    A friend of mine thinks that Star Wars was a big influence to the Inheritance Cycle. He began by explaining how both series started with the protagonist being raised by his aunt and uncle and then received a mysterious weapon from someone close to them. I stopped him there, but I am curious. Did Star Wars have any influence on your books?

    • Shehraiz Khan

      Sure it was clear he had to protect the eldunari keep the dragons away from only one races influence and keep himself from becoming galbatorix

  • Ethan

    Is Eragon ever going to come back to Alagaesia? It was never quite clear why he “had” to leave in the first place. Plus Alagaesia needs him with Nasuada turning into a Tyrant, and his entire family and everyone he loves is there…

    • Shehraiz Khan

      Sure it was clear he had to protect the eldunari keep the dragons away from only one races influence and keep himself from becoming galbatorix(since when is nasuada becoming a tyrant she’s more of an overprotective mother)

  • loran rolf

    What’s their story and What happened to the woman and girl Angela read the bones for?

    • They’re characters that will appear in future books.

  • Sarah Rose

    What ever happened to the crystal flowers?

  • Ria!

    I do have a question…..what did YOU think of the Eragon film???


  • Krystal1248

    Mr. Paolini, you found yourself with an incredible amount of success at an incredibly young age. I was wondering what advice do you have for others to follow in your footsteps. How did/do you stay motivated? Was there conflict with trying to succeed in school and write (even though Eragon wasn’t until later)? My final question is about language, do you plot devices that you use throughout the story or is it ideas the come naturally to you?

    • Lots of great answers to these questions in various articles Christopher has written on Paolini.net.

  • Murtag

    Is there any possibility that we would ever learn anything more about Angela and her teacher?

  • A.C.Jackson

    3 Q’s
    1. If there ever was a democratic revolution in the far future of Alagaësia, which side would the new rider order take, or would they leave it to them?
    (*could this a loophole in Solumbum’s foresight, that a massive political/name change of Alagaësia would allow Eragon/Saphira to come back?)

    2. In the FAR, FAR future of Alagaësia, when the technology is close to ours, what would be the role of the riders? Would the go the way of the Dodo, sarimonial (like horses are now in the military) or would they have a vital role?

    3. For someone who is working on their BA, part time job, volunteers; who is only 3,000 words in on their fantasy novel and 5,000 on their social-critique novel, do you have any advice?

    Thanks for your time.

    • A.C.Jackson

      Would they instead of would the
      ceremonial instead of sarimonial

  • Taylor Vt

    As an avid reader there is only one thing I want to know. When can we expect more from you? I don’t mean from the Eragon world particularly but just over all.

  • Grace

    Okay so it’s pretty much known that Angela was the Soothsayer, but it never was confirmed. So, my question is: is Angela the famous Soothsayer?

    • ShadowofSelf

      He’s not going to answer that question. It’s been asked and all his stated is no comment. The best answer to this question is maybe. As there is nothing linking Angela to the Soothsayer that Galbatorix spoke of.

  • Ens2010

    I greatly enjoy writing, and I have a story in my mind I desperately want to put on paper. My question is how do you build such fantastic worlds? Mountains and forests; hills and valleys; cities both big and small; lakes and rivers; even creating the lore behind them. The task seems so daunting to build a world that feels alive, like someplace you could visit. I remember, when I was reading the Inheritance cycle, I would always love to follow along on the map in the front of the book keeping up with where things were happening in the story.

    What are some of the methods you used to make Alagaesia such a full and vibrant world?

    • You can find lots of great answers to these questions in various articles Christopher has written on Paolini.net.

      • Shehraiz Khan

        Please stop saying that

  • Palancar

    Is there any chance of getting a novella or something about the time when King Palancar was ruling?

  • Katie Leffler

    If be the rider of any dragon from any series, including Inheritance, who would you choose and why?

    • Shehraiz Khan

      The first eragon

  • Tomás Tgj

    Will you write about Eragon and Saphira again? Algaesia is perfect but without them it´s not the same 🙁

    • ShadowofSelf

      This has been answer. The answer is yes, but not for a long time.

      • Tomás Tgj

        not for a long time? what do you mean

        • ShadowofSelf

          It’s going to be awhile before he writes a book with those characters in it. That’s what I mean.

        • Night Sahde

          He is going to write a Sci-fi Novel first.

    • These questions are answered in my article accompanying this post.

  • Kristopher Crowley

    If they reboot the inheritance movies series, would you help direct it?

    • Night Sahde

      I hope he will!

  • Murtagh

    What did the Menoa Tree take from Eragon?

    • ShadowofSelf

      He won’t answer it and you know that.

  • Vicente Durbá

    Please dod you think to write a new book about Murtag? The life of Murtag after Inheritance Cicle timeline should be so cool and interesting!!

  • Nevik

    Will Arya and Eragon have a child?

    • Shehraiz Khan

      Who cares?

  • Carlos Laredo

    Where are the ruins of El-Harim?

  • Carlos Laredo

    Why did the Elves leave Alalea? What was that terrible mistake they were runing from?

  • Luks

    Do you ever plan on publishing anything else?

    • Doesn’tmatter

      Yes. He’s working on some unnamed science-ficiton book.

    • This is answered by the article I wrote accompanying this post.

  • Shur’tugal Mekhi

    Who was the strongest rider ever before the fall

    • Shehraiz Khan

      It was probably Vrael as he defeated Galbatorix at first and was the leader of the Riders

  • Shur’tugal Mekhi

    Who was the largest dragon ever and how big was he or she

  • anna

    Will Eragon ever give any offspring (whether with Arya or someone else) that you can predict, thus far?

  • Randall Buckheit

    Do you ever plan on revealing more answers (not more questions :P) about Angela and Solembum? Does anybody ever visit Eragon while he is training the new riders? Is Angela’s prophecy true and Eragon never returns to Alagaësia? Last one: What happened to Galbatorix, as in did he die, teleport, become something new? It was an interesting ending but it does leave you wondering what truly happened. Thanks a ton!

    • ShadowofSelf

      Yes, I imagine he will reveal more about Angela and Solembum in an eventual book. Jeod visited Eragon in the Deluxe Edition of Inheritance. As for anybody else, I don’t know.

      As far as anybody knows, Galbatroix is dead when he used magic to explode himself. There really isn’t anything to go on for speculation.

    • Dave

      Judging by the descriptions provided in the book and the phrase Galbatorix used (translated to “be not”), I would guess that what Galbatorix did to himself was similar to what Thuviel did when he sacrificed himself on Vroengard during the dragon riders’ war. I think the explanation had to do with converting the matter of the spellcaster’s body into pure energy, which results in the massive explosion. Even if this isn’t exactly what happened, it seems unlikely that Galbatorix would be still be alive in any form.

      • Randall Buckheit

        Pay attention to the wording. It is very specific for those two questions. If you get the same thing search different phrases.

      • Shehraiz Khan

        Not just unlikely, impossible

    • He’s answered many of these with “No comment”, and just about every one falls under “too important to reveal, you’ll find it in future books”.

      • Randall Buckheit

        Ok thank you though. I will be ever waiting faithfully for the books. All of them.

    • Shehraiz Khan

      He erased himself from existence(This is for the last question)

  • Shinopa

    Do you plan on writing about the other continents/worlds around Alagaesia?

  • Aaron G.

    In Eldest, Eragon is told the story of King Palancar. At the end it is said by the elf telling it that “the blood of kings is still in Carvahall and Therinsford…” Are any of the characters we know a descendent of King Palancar?

  • John McClymond

    I am wondering how deaf dragon rider can write Ancient language since it based on sound? Do some kind of sign language for all kind language ( ancient, Urgal, dwarf, and human) in that world exist?

    • Shehraiz Khan

      if there was a dragon rider who was deaf than the elves could fix him

  • Sayyaf Waseem

    Will you ever write on the implementation of the new Dragon Rider order?

  • Philip Alcorn

    Will there ever be an expanded map of Alagaesia?

  • Emily Pettingill

    Will Eragon ever come back to Alagaesia? Will he ever get to see Ismira when she grows up? Who are the next riders to be trained by Eragon. What’s the probability of a Kull becoming a rider and NOT destroying everything?

    • Shehraiz Khan


  • Shane

    Will we ever see the rest of the continent of Alagaesia? Will we discover more about the land Eragon set off for at the end of Inheritance?

  • Silver Eternity

    Did anything ever happen between Nasuada and Murtagh after the end of book 4?

  • ScarletDragon

    What happened to Murtagh and Thorn after the end of book 4?

    • Shehraiz Khan

      They went to live in the wild

  • Phillip

    Are you working on a book right now. I’m just curious as to what you’ve been doing since the end of Brisingr. Will there be another book in Alagaesia, or are you working on something new and original, or nothing at all?

    • Shane

      I think he already announced he is currently working on a Si Fi project that is scheduled for release before any other Eragon book.

    • na

      Inheritance was the last book in the cycle.

    • There are links at the top of the site answering all of these questions.

  • -Lara Hariri

    Hello.My name is Lara and i am a fan of your books.They are amazing – good work , really!
    I read them in Bulgarian and there is a little texts in our editions that says ,you actually not only know about us ,but we inspired you for many things – is that true ? And do you consider coming here?
    Thank you 🙂

  • Scifi10

    In the days before the fall of the riders, how did anyone know that the dragon within the egg had chosen a rider? I seem to recall that after Eragon had his first contact with Saphiria’s egg, at least a month passed before it hatched. If tons of people were just touching the egg, how would anyone know who the dragon picked when the egg hatched?

    • Shane

      Hmmm. Some kind of mental communication most likely. Like how Arya could sort of communicate with Saphira when she was still an egg.

      • Shehraiz Khan

        Dude who said arya could communicate with saphira in any way

    • Shehraiz Khan

      Those dragons didn’t take as much time saphira was making sure eragon wasn’t glabatorix s tricks as paolini said somewhere

  • Meg

    What were the seven words that Brom told Eragon when he was dying?

  • Slovakia

    what was Eragon´s true name?

  • Sherry Flannagan

    When you came to speak in Auckland, New Zealand a few years back I asked if you’d consider writing from Murtagh’s perspective from the moment he “died” to the Burning Plains battle. Have you thought any more about whether you might do that? 😀 Thanks!

    • Night Sahde

      Thats a really good idea! I hope he does.

    • kai etringer

      he didn’t die, did he?

  • Matt

    Are you gonna make a sequel or prequel

    • ShadowofSelf

      Yes, he will, eventually.

  • Rana

    Which character did you most enjoy writing about?

  • Slovakia

    which other fantasy books did you read? which inspired your Eragon story?

    • Doesn’tmatter

      Gormenghast,The Worm Ouroboros The W , A lot of things by David Eddings, The Magician by Raymond E. Feist, Redwall books, His Dark Material, etc. Something something Dragon Hatcher, etc

      You can find this information easily on the web.

  • Night Sahde

    Compared to something in this world (like a truck or house) how big was Shurikan, Glaedr, Saphira, Thorn and Firnen?

    • Shane

      http://shurtugal.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/dragons-to-scale1.png You see that blip next to Saphira (the blue one :P). That’s a rider/Eragon.

      • A.C.Jackson

        I forgot, has Chris confirmed this size scale?

        • Shane

          Good question. I actually am not sure! Sorry. Would like to know also… lol. I just remember seeing this a while back

          • A.C.Jackson

            Just FYI: Magic would have to be involved, because physics does not allow Dragons to fly. And just for size, shruikan is bigger then A 747 (probably as big a blue whale), the calories needed to sustain his RMR would be enormous.

        • He’s said it’s very close to what he imagined.

  • John Romero

    Was there any plot line that got cut from any of the four books you could tell us a little about? A character, artifact, or town that got glossed over or was left unmentioned?

  • Mathew Lyons Hirsch

    Will eragon have a role in book 5?

  • Leo Cheshire

    What inspired you to create the character of Murtagh and his role in the Inheritance Cycle?

  • Ilsa

    Eragon *could* come back and forth from the dragonlands to Aeglesia many times before he actually leaves for good and dies, right? The prophecy doesn’t need to apply immediately, right?

  • Ayrda

    Can you tell us anything about Valdr and his rider?

    Just finished the Inheritance Cycle a few days ago, LOVED IT. Also, it was so hard to say goodbye (atleast for now). Thank you for writing such an incredible story.

  • Lawton

    My question is in regards to your new sci-fi project. Can we expect it to be fantastical like Eragon, or will it be more speculative and grounded in reality?

  • Matt

    What made you decide to make the ending of the inheritance cycle so sad, instead of a happy ending?

    • Shehraiz Khan

      The ending was a little sad but it was necessary

  • Rafael

    just who is Angela? it’s obvious that she is much more than just an herbalist… I mean, was she an apprentice of a powerful magican? or maybe she’s not even human (elva could not feel her pain)!!

    • Zubora

      It’s actually hinted that she’s a time lord from the Dr. Who universe, hahah. If you want to know more about that, you’ll have to look that up.
      Though I suspect she’s a goddess from the way the high priest reacts to her telling him her name during the siege of Dras-Leona.

      • ShadowofSelf

        Nobody knows who or what Angela. Her being a Time Lord is just a pet theory which probably isn’t true.

    • Shehraiz Khan

      She definitely not human but Elba could probably not feel her pain because of a spell

  • Dovie

    Are you ever gonna push a reboot of Eragon the Movie?

  • Lucy

    If you were lucky and found an egg and a dragon hatched from it, what color would it be and what would you name him/her?

  • Jacqui

    Other than the dragons we know of (Saphira, Firnen, and Thorn), are there any other dragons out there that are still potentially alive, or any other Riders?

  • Aeterna Mortis

    If the Inheritance Cycle is rebooted by Fox for a four movie deal (hypothetically), who would you cast in the films for each of the main characters, assuming that casting was 100% your decision?

  • Arya

    Will you ever tell us the story of Angela?

    • ShadowofSelf

      The answer is yes, but not for a long time.

  • Joseph Walton

    How come we, as the reader, never learn any true names?

  • How long were thinking of the world of Alagaesia before you had the idea to put it on paper? Did it just unfold as you were writing with a specific theme in mind or had you been imagining it for a while before?

  • SaraCN

    What did the Menoa tree take from Eragon?

    • Shane

      His humanity

      • SaraCN

        What makes you say that? I’m not disagreeing, I just want to hear your reasoning.

        • Shehraiz Khan

          He was kidding (70% sure)

  • Will

    In future books centered in alagaësia, will there be books centered around eragon? Like in the cycle? or well he only play a supporting role.

  • Guest

    What did the Menoa tree take from Eragon???

  • Will

    When eragon and arya were practicing swordsmanship under gleadrs tutelage. What was arya “testing him” on, and what did the spark in her eyes mean when eragon said “I see you”.

  • Taylor

    Which book did you enjoy writing the most, in respect to plots, characters, etc.?

  • Tobias

    Which moment in the series are ou most proud of? Mike can you do the interview in audio format?

  • Arnau

    What I’ve always wanted to ask is, it was absolutely necessary for Eragon yo leave? I love all the books but I have to say the final disappointed me a little bit: knowing the Original Name of the Ancient Language he is the most powerful man in the country, i think if he has already killed Galbatorix no one can beat him. From my point of view he could have stayed, for this reason I would like him to explain, if its possible, why he had to leave.

    • Shehraiz Khan

      It was necessary and he wasn’t able to kill galbatorix technically he just made him understand

  • Noah M

    The question that’s been burning away at me is this In carvahall, was was it that everyone was so deathly afraid of the Spine? Was it simply superstition or was it because of the stories people told about it such as how Galbatorix lost half his army in the Spine once? Their fear seems a bit unreasonable to me.”

    • Shehraiz Khan

      It was the same kind of fear a person gets going into a dark alley

  • enumag

    Why Eragon wanted to know how to summon spirits until Oromis convinced him otherwise? (Brisingr – chapter Hands of a warrior)

    • Diana

      I think that he wanted to bring Brom back from the deaths

      • Shehraiz Khan

        No way after dying u don’t become a spirit they are a different species all together.