Have a burning question for Christopher? Ask in the comments!

twitter-interview-questionsReaders are always thinking up new questions to ask Christopher, and now’s your chance to submit a question to be included in future interviews with the Inheritance Cycle author! If your question is used, we’ll credit you (using your comment name) during the interview!

Here are some suggestions on questions not to ask (as he won’t be able to answer):

  • When will we see a new book set in Alagaësia? (Learn more about the book on our “Book V and Beyond” page.)
  • What will happen in Book 5?
  • When is the next Eragon/Inheritance Cycle movie coming out? (Read our recent article for an answer to this question.)
  • How can I contact you? (You can find information on how to contact Christopher on our “Contacting Christopher” page.)

We don’t have any specific dates for upcoming interviews, but the Paolini family releases a monthly Q&A with Christopher on their official website, Paolini.net.