Community response to the Inheritance Cycle film reboot petition blew us away!

over20000Our community spoke clearly: we want to see the Inheritance Cycle film franchise rebooted!

It’s been nearly nine years since the release of Eragon on the big screen, leaving fans less than satisfied. Fox has been radio silent on the future of the franchise since.

Last Thursday, we released an article exploring when we will possibly see the Inheritance Cycle rebooted. We also released a petition imploring Fox, the film rights holder, to reboot the franchise.

The response was overwhelming – well beyond anything we expected. Over 4,000 fans signed the petition in its first day, with the count now totaling over 20,000. In under 24 hours, we saw:

  • 720,000 fans reached reached on social media
  • 17,100+ likes on Facebook
  • 2,400+ comments on Facebook
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Since then, those numbers have increased even further and our campaign is only just getting started.

  • We hit 5,500 signatures on Friday
  • We hit 19,000 signatures on Saturday
  • We hit 20,000 signatures on Sunday
  • 1,139,000 fans reached on social media since Thursday
  • 32,077 status “likes” on Facebook since Thursday
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  • 682,000 visits to Shur’tugal since Thursday

Later this week, we’ll be exploring how Fox should go about making a reboot in a new article. We also have several additional articles planned, including:

  • At what point did the film begin to lose its heart, and how could it have recovered?
  • Which movies followed in Eragon’s footsteps, and were their mistakes similar to those of the Eragon movie?
  • What elements in movies such as Hunger Games, Twilight, Fault in Our Stars, and Maze Runner appeal to their audiences?
  • Is there a place in Hollywood for an Inheritance Cycle movie reboot?
  • What other mediums could the Inheritance Cycle work well in?

Most importantly, we need as many fans as possible to show their support for a full reboot of the franchise by signing our petition. If you haven’t already, please consider adding your signature. If you have friends who are fellow readers, ask them to join in too!

Let’s show Fox that we are passionate about the series and fully stand behind a proper reboot!

View and sign the petition!

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  • Hope Hanna

    Saphira sucked. What up with the bird wings? Arya….was she an elf or wasn’t she? it was really unclear. Eragon was dull and the only cast members who fit the part were Brom and Ajihad. Everyone else that wasn’t completely missing sucked. I was so disappointed with the movie because I really liked the book. This just seemed like M. Knight ….Can we say The Last Airbender…directed this because it had nothing to do with the book other than the names and a big blue dragon. Please reboot.

  • Murtagh

    I would love to see a reboot, on one condition. They should stick to the books. I see nothing wrong with making it a series if it’s too long. And they should really think about completely changing Eragon and Arya to more like they are in the books. In the Eragon movie, they were both just a couple of miserable wimps.

  • Johnny

    Television. Four seasons.

  • Reid Camm

    One of the biggest problems i found with the movie was, the lack of training we see Eragon go through. We got to see this nice little farm boy start to unleash massive amounts of magic with next to know training. And as others have said there was so little done with the some of the other main characters, Solebum and Katrina. it is a lot of information to try processing in a short movie but to keep the fan base that comes from the book the movies should be split up even if each book has to be done in a two part movie. there is really just to much in the movie that cant be cut or people will be lost and not understanding where or how people got to where they are.

  • Allistasia

    I enjoyed the casting for Eragon, Brom, Roran and Murtagh (mostly Brom though); however, the movie really lacked with what happened in the books. Where was Katrina? Where was Solembum? Why were most of the important characters left out? What happened with the dwarves and elves? I felt like I was experiencing something much different from the Inheritance Cycle. It seemed more like a children’s movie, and if you’ve read Eragon, you’ll know that it’s much more than that. I think it’s not only important to stick to the books, but also find an experienced director who has read the Inheritance Cycle (and appreciates/enjoys it), as well as look to bring back a few actors from the original movie. I don’t really think it’s the actors’ fault that we got such a movie in the first place, they were just following the script and such. I really do think they have a talent that could bring out the good in the Inheritance Cycle. 🙂

    • Hermione

      Not only did they leave major characters out, they also completely changed the order of some major events and made impossible timeline issues. It was awful and I remember leaving the theater severely disappointed. If they had stuck with the book a lot more, it would have been a great movie.

    • Noah M

      eeeewww WTF you liked the actor for Eragon?! He was TERRIBLE. Hell, I could do a better job than him

  • MasterTosh

    I agree with most people about the movie improvements. FOLLOW THE BOOK. The inheritance cycle has a fan base from the books… Don’t alienate it.
    In terms of other potential mediums, what of a video game? NOT a movie based game. They never last and aren’t very interesting. What of an inheritance game that does not follow eragon, but rather another dragon rider. Think open world rpg. Aspects from games like Knights of the Old Republic, Skyrim, Shadows of Mordor, etc but with a CLOSE relationship to the books. Lots of lore, a good long, adaptable storyline, etc.

  • Nosferatu

    Really glad its happening, the original movie was incredibly rushed and most importantly the Eragon actor sucked donkey sagging balls. Hopefully they´ll make it twice as long and get experienced director.

  • Torr

    Honestly the movie never seemed to have heart from the very beginning. The fact that the majority of the storyline from the book was abandon, and the rest mis-portrayed says that Fox was just trying to make a quick buck. They knew the mass majority of fans would tower the movie in hopes that it wasn’t as bad as it looked, and they were right.
    The actors and actresses (brom’s actor excluded) showed very little expression, and there was very little emotion when delivering there lines. It wasn’t believable; I would be ashamed to have the world see such poor acting if I had taken part in any of the scenes. Even the characters that were considered “decent” we’re a far-cry from being as they were depicted to the readers. The lack of attention concerning character descriptions really hurt the movie; I was outraged and practically yelling at the screen the whole movie. Most of the settings were poorly done as well and mis-portrayed.
    Skipping large portions of the book from important events, characters, cities, towns, lines, ext that are later vital to the storyline made the movie dis-jointed, confusing, and hard to follow. The movie moved far to quickly to even familiarize yourself with any of the characters let alone draw you in and make viewers feel like they were getting to know the characters.
    I fully believe that the inheritance cycle, if done properly, will be bigger than any movie franchise out there today. Nothing will even come close to scratching the surface of this franchise as long as they: slow down, follow main story points, depict characters accurately, and depict settings accuratly.

  • Cole

    All I can say is please follow the story line and don’t add bits and pieces while taking out some of the book. It makes the movie worse. For example, Brom killing the Razac, Solumbum not being in Angela’s shop, and the completely skipped Teirm and Joed. Crucial parts of the story you can’t leave out.

  • YitaJant

    They should let the producers of LOTR film this saga too! They did an amazing job, so I kind of feel like they have the right experience to process these books into movies as well 🙂

  • James

    The part that bothered me the most was that to meet the characters of hrothgar nassuada orik jeod was read the book they were never introduced properly likr ever and eragons use of magic was wrong

    • NoGround

      I didn’t like how elves had human ears. -___-

  • dawson berdan

    The actor for eragon was terible bleck he makes eragon look like an drooling idiot

  • pixeljam

    Agreeing with most people below. Jeremy Irons was a great Brom, and I think he’d be a good asset if he was brought back in. A lot of stuff happens in the books, so much so that if the films weren’t made into an epic cycle, then maybe the best idea would be to go with a TV show style, where a lot more information could be put in.

    I think where the movie started to go wrong with definitely with Sapphira’s “super aging”. Like…magic lightning…I remember when I first watched it and that was when I started to get worried. I though Murtagh was handled badly, as was Nasuada and many of the other characters. There are so many great characters and places that were completely overlooked.

    Also, Angela. Seriously, it took me until after the movie was over to realize the creepy, random lady in the silks was Angela. Please try to do better with her.

  • All I’m saying is Jerremy Irons was an amazing Brom and if anything needs to be kept from the first attempt, it would be him.

    • Nolan Holley

      The acting talent that was cast in the movie is astounding, which makes it even more frustrating that the movie wasn’t good 🙁

  • Alagasia2.0

    I just want developed characters. Lord of the rings did their book to movie transition almost perfectly. Yea there was stuff added and taken away but the bond between the readers of the book and characters is still there I was so disguisted with how they handled the maturation of Saphiras size and eragons character. Even with how brom dying in the movie completely screwed up the story line. Don’t try to fix a story that has already been successful

  • April

    They shouldn’t have tried to (poorly) cram two books into one movie. It’s like somebody read the first half of Eragon and just decided that’s not the way this movie is going to go and just made things up as they went. If it weren’t for names and places in the movie matching with names and places in the books, you wouldn’t even know they were (supposed to be) the same thing. The only decent idea they had was casting Jeremy Irons as Brom.

  • Alexandrea

    They should of followed the book more closely and not cut out important storyline plots or charaters

  • Alex

    I was so excited to see the original movie, because these were my absolute favourite books. The movie was absolutely abysmal, it was only about a minute in that I gave up hope of it turning out well. I was thoroughly disappointed with it. I would like to see it done better, but I’m not sure that Movie format is the best way to convey the story…unless its done in epic LOTR style. It would make an excellent TV show though.

  • Nick

    I went and watched eragon in theaters and not 3 min into it got up and walked out. If it wasnt for my mom wanting me to pick it apart i would never have seen it completely through……..i didnt shut up the whole movie and the other people around me thanked me after for pointing out the faults of the tragedy that was their favorite book made real

  • Kail

    I’ve been waiting a decade for them to make a movie about Eragon. Because the last movie that came out with the title “Eragon”, had scarcely anything to do with the book

  • ZaszuTheBarkeep

    Personally I haven’t seen the original movie, however I’ve been told it wasn’t worth it; that it would ruin the series for me. So based on what I was told, I most definitely agree that a new movie, or even a remake of the old one in which events of the book are more closely followed. I think a new movie is well overdue. I stand by this wholeheartedly!