Share your Ancient Language creations!

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You’ve mastered the Ancient Language, tested your knowledge and skills against the very best spellweavers in Alagaësia… and now it’s time to share your unique creations!

Be sure to take our Ancient Language quiz to showcase your true knowledge!

We want to see what you’ve used Christopher’s Ancient Language grammar guides and dictionaries to create. Whether it’s a simple phrase or spell, or an even longer poem or note, we want to see it!

If you haven’t had a chance to peruse and enjoy Christopher’s dictionaries and grammar guides, it’s never too late! You can check those out on, and once you’ve become a master, head back to Shur’tugal to share your knowledge and inventions!

The best submissions have a chance to win an Inheritance Cycle goodie autographed by Christopher himself! In addition, we will be featuring the very best here on the site, social media, and in other exciting places!

Leave your Ancient Language creations in the comments. Our Ancient Language Chetowä will choose the goodie winner(s) and highlight some of the unique creations soon!

When commenting, leave the title you were awarded during the Ancient Language quiz along with your comment for all to see!