Become an expert in the Ancient Language and Dwarvish with this week’s “Language Week” on!

al guide advert copyTo kick off 2015, Christopher Paolini is releasing a whole host of new Inheritance Cycle content as part of’s “Language Week”! Up first: he has released the entirety of the Ancient Language dictionary and Dwarf Language dictionary, both featuring everything you’ll need to read, learn, and master these two Alagaesia-based languages, including grammar rules, language to English translations, and English to language translations.

As big Inheritance Cycle fans ourselves, we’ve decided to take this massive amount of exciting content and turn this month into “Language Month”! On week three, the true fun will begin:

  • Week Three (Jan. 18 – 24): We’ll test your knowledge of the Dwarf Language with a tough quiz! Plus, we’ll ask fans to share their self-invented phrases to win cool prizes!
  • Week Four (Jan. 25 – 31): You thought the Dwarf Language was tough? Our new Ancient Language quiz will test just how well you know the powerful magic language! Plus, like week three, you’ll have a chance to share your phrases, spells, and more to win cool prizes!

Be sure to head over to to begin navigating your way through these two languages, their guides, and their dictionaries to prepare for the quizzes and competitions ahead!

  • King Orik

    Whoa, I like this!!!

  • MaxMax

    Whatever happened to the Week Three and Week Four stuff?

  • Nikhil

    I just finished the series as well. Everytime I finish reading the series I feel sad at the series ending. I feel the sadness in the final scene as if I was Eragon. I’m really looking forward to any news about a potential sequel. I just loved the entire series.

    • Durza

      i cried at the end for two reasons, because i was sad it was over, and because it was a sad scene

  • coveredyetie916

    I (sadly) just read and finished the series for the first time. But i loved every minute of it and want more. But i would also like to write a letter to Christopher paolini. Is the mailing address in the older article from like 4 years ago still his

  • Ze End

    It’s great that Chris worked and is working on his languages in his world’s languages. My one beef with almost ALL fantasy authors is that, they arn’t REALLY true languages.

    A few exceptions like Na’vi and Klingonese can literally be translate into the entire works of Shakespeare. Both of these languages took YEARS of development with Masters and Ph’D linguists working on them.

  • Carl “the Carl”

    the only reason I come to this website is for new about future interviews

  • UT

    is it?

  • Skolir Ramr

    It’s finally come! 😀 Yaaaay!