“Be careful, Eragon” — A stunning look at a pivotal moment in the relationship between Eragon and Arya (art)

Artists and fan artists alike are renowned for their ability to bring the heart and emotion conveyed in text to life through illustrations, as is the case with the following piece of story-driven fan art we’re introducing today.

In this piece based on a scene from Brisingr, Arya comforts Eragon before he rides off to battle atop Saphira. Many fans consider this a pivotal moment in the Inheritance Cycle, as they feel that it’s one of the first times Arya truly shows affection toward Eragon:stay safe eragonChristopher knew what he was doing: he showed that there is more to the bond between Eragon and Arya than debt and friendship. Instead, Arya shows that she truly cares for Eragon, Saphira, and their well being. DeviantArt artist Elizalento managed to capture the emotion of this moment in a touching illustration:

Here is the scene from Brisingr‘s “Fire in the Sky”:

Walking over to Saphira, Arya placed a hand on Eragon’s left leg and looked up at him with her slanted green eyes. “Accept this from me, Shur’tugal,” she said. And he felt a surge of energy flow into him.

“Eka elrun ono,” he murmured to her.

Also in the ancient language, she said, “Be careful, Eragon. I would not want to see you broken by Murtagh. I . . .” It seemed as if she were going to say more, but she hesitated, then removed her hand from his leg and retreated to stand by Blödhgarm.

“Fly well, Bjartskular!” the elves sang out as Saphira launched herself off the embankment.

Now we ask you: Do you think this truly was one of the first moments in the Inheritance Cycle where Arya showed affection toward Eragon? Do you think Christopher will continue their relationship in Book 5 and beyond?

  • Callum Mckay

    Are we going to see a book 4 podcast?

  • Chris Aitken

    Need to re-read these books, way to good

  • Jelly

    I’ve shipped Arygon right from the beginning, so maybe I’m a little bit biased. :3 But I do think that this scene was more than just her “seeing him off.” The fact that she couldn’t finish her sentence means she was so overwhelmed by emotion that she was at a loss for words.
    However, my favourite Arygon moment was definitely in Inheritance, in a similar scene, where she kisses him on the forehead. #AllTheFeels. ^_^
    So yeah, in book 5 and beyond, I’d better see more of Arygon. xD

    • mazariamonti

      lol there basically is no other pairing for those two characters. Even in the realm of fanfiction it’s almost impossible to find those two characters with anyone else.

      • Ajay

        There are some fanfiction writers who put them with others and fair credit to them: why not see how writing them romantically with another character ends up? (I’m still a firm Eragon and Arya supporter though, just saying).

        • Jelly

          Yeah, I’ve heard of some Arya and Murtagh fanfics….personally, I can’t see that lol 😛

          • Ajay

            Agreed. Very angsty and just… no. xD

  • Sucks!

    I find Eragon and Arya ugly.

    • Ajay

      I have to agree, they do seem a bit… unexpected in this drawing i.e. not what you’d imagine they look like…

      • Winson Ling

        I prefer this look.

        • Ajay

          Now that’s a quality sketch of Arya.

          • Winson Ling

            Hi five.

          • Ajay


        • Jelly

          Yes <3

        • Zaszu the Gryph

          I like this one, however, the art above is done in a way that I love. It adds a more…dark feel. Not sure if that’s the right term to use, but hopefully you know what I mean.
          Eragon+Arya=ohmygod yes.

  • Cosmic Drifter

    nice. brings back warm memories.

  • Shrew-kin


  • Madha Christian Wibowo

    This is the best drawing of Arya I’ve ever seen. Good job.

    • Chosen Undead

      It looks good, she’s supposed to have short hair though.

  • Jessica Fahey

    One of my worst Eragons. Why this. You make me want to re-draw this.

    And didn’t you guys already post this article a year ago or something…..?

    • Ajay

      I think they did actually… I had that niggling feeling as well when I saw this.

      • Jessica Fahey

        No, I know for a fact that they did. And only because my friends linked me to the article back then saying my art was posted. Would have had no clue otherwise.

  • Archman

    Good drawing, but Eragon looks like a chick.

  • Dorcas B.

    My biggest moment for Arya and Eragon was the beginning of Brisingr, when she runs to meet him in the empire. Their time around the campfire always seemed like the pivotal moment for them.

  • Aerann

    Every time you guys post something from Eliza, who I’ve followed on DeviantArt for quite a while now, I can’t help but smile a little. Lovely art, and exposition is always great for artists!