Fan favorite characters brought to life: View Eragon, Murtagh, Arya, Elva, Solembum, and more like you’ve never seen before!

fan art series headerIt’s rare for one artist to bring all of the Inheritance Cycle’s main characters to life in a stunning and unique way. Hundreds of talented fan artists choose to focus on one or several characters to capture a moment, mood, or idea in an illustration. The series’ official illustrators, including John Jude Palencar, have focused more on the Cycle’s dragons and less on the other characters who made the fight against Galbatorix a reality.

One talented artist, known as Eumenidi on DeviantArt, brought many of our favorite characters to life in an incredible series of illustrations. Showcasing her unique character design and illustration style, Eumenidi brought to life four of the series’ Riders with their respective book cover as a backdrop. Other illustrations include Nasuada during the Trial of the Long Knives, Elva watching over her, Roran protecting a pregnant Katrina, Angela pondering some of life’s more interesting questions, and Solembum in both human and werecat form.

The illustrations also raise another interesting question: how would the Inheritance Cycle or future books fare as graphic novels? We recently showcased the same artist’s short graphic novel-style illustration series depicting the moment in which Eragon and Saphira visit Vroengard for the first time. Do you feel as though a graphic novel book set in the world of Alagaesia would bring new life to the series? Do you think an illustrator could truly capture the look and feel of the series?

Now we ask: Which of the character illustrations is your favorite? Which do you feel best captures the true essence of the character depicted? Which character would you like to see illustrated?

  • Isaac Lucero

    Solebum looks great!

  • walter

    Único shur’tugal Brasileiro ;-;

  • Murtagh

    Inheritance was created for those who didn’t understand who the true hero was. Murtagh.

    • Ajay

      He and Eragon were the true heroes… not solely Murtagh…

  • Zaszu_the_Gryph

    In answer to the question at the bottom, I believe that if the artist knew and understood the story and could truly capture the essence of the characters, it might work.
    On a more personal level, I don’t really like when a regular, typed novel, is re-done into a graphic novel, because it takes away some of the fun of imagining what the characters look like. In my opinion the most fun of reading a book is visualizing what the characters look like, what you see them as, and if it were to be made into a graphic novel, it woud take that away.
    In no way am I saying this is a bad idea, it’s just that there are so many different ways, different visages, if you will, that the characters can have and it would be difficult to please everyone.

  • Zaszu_the_Gryph

    Am I the only one who noticed that the scabbard for Brisingr has a stark similarity to the scabbard for The Master Sword? Just saying.

  • Jelly

    Am I the only one who thinks that illustration of Nasuada looks like Tiana from Princess and the Frog? :3

  • Balgrof Cadocsson

    it think human solembum is a little too goofy and Elva is too young, i mean if we are taking in that these are how they look at the end of inheritance and elva’s aging increased at the same rate due to eragons counterspell only blocking the pain perception part of her powers, wouldnt she look about 13-17 at the end of the books?

  • Seda

    Arya reminds me of Shego from Kim Possible.

    • Jelly


  • Saphira

    i have a friend that LOVES Angela
    she making a acount i think it should be the user of Angela

  • Jodie Cobham

    Brom would be a great fitting to the team of a wonderful ranged of fanart then I think it can be a real Eragon family.

  • Viktor Kozlov

    I dont like how Arya looks. But others are awesome

  • Gisele

    I love the illustration of Solembum.

  • Infinitely better than the movie.

    But really though, these all look really good. And is it just me or was the scabbard for Brisingr inspired by the Master Sword’s scabbard?

  • Saphira

    why they have to show the leader of the Varden (I cant spell her name) pic doing the long nives thing

    • daddy0

      *Nasuada… she is shown depicting a knife as in Book 3..Brisinger…she won the trial of long knives against one Fadhwar…a tribal….thus winning leadership over their tribe

  • Saphira

    idk about anyone elas but I call this the Eargon Serise case it dont have a name i think

    • Callum Mckay

      Inheritance Cycle

  • Saphira

    I know Brom is dead but I think they should make a pic of him I mean in like his honer

  • RiderInTraining13

    I think Solembum’s essence is best captured. I would actually like to see Galbatorix illustrated.

  • juan

    Roran and Katrina, because he felt like it was his duty to protect her for better or for worse. I’d like to Galbatorix or maybe the Eldunari

  • Nick Sommers

    Where’s Brom?

    • Thorn Flametooth

      He’s dead

      • Sydney Carreon

        Too soon! That is not okay!

        • Saphira

          u did not know that?!

          • Sydney Carreon

            I did, but I’m still not over it

    • eagelman

      in the background of Angela’s picture if you look closely

  • red1995j

    If a graphic novel of the Inheritance Cycle was to be made, what would you think about an animated series of the Cycle? It’d be similar to manga turning into anime and it would keep it’s own unique visual style and bringing the characters to life for the fans and future generations

    • Nick Sommers

      I have always envisioned a really good video game that could take place before the wars amongst the riders. Players could build their own riders, dragons, and then quest all through Alagaesia

  • Quốc Huy Trương

    i love Arya ^^ she’s my favorite character in the whole series, n i love her illustration here, though i visualized her as a bit slimmer with not too edgy a face. n anyone thinks Oromis has a bit of the LOTR’s style? but i just love these anyway. i would definitely root for a graphic novel with this style of illustration :>

    • Saphira


  • Nicole

    I honestly believe that Inheritance really needs a graphic novel, and would be my most favored choice for an adaption. Most people say a movie would be better but: for it to work on the big screen, it would have to create a unique vibe and differentiate in style and tone from Lord of the Rings or even Game of Thrones, in order to shine in its own respectful right without being constantly compared. That is very difficult to do though, and would require a true visionary director who would be interested on the project; however the movie industry seems to have given Inheritance the finger, since the first film was an insult and a reboot to do things properly would require a HUGE budget. When it comes to illustration though, the possibilities are ENDLESS, the size of things, the look of the location…In illustration there are no limitations, the style, the look can be unique! And graphic novels are a medium that can have great emotional impact on fans, sometimes much more than any Hollywood movie could. An Inheritance Cycle graphic novel would be a dream come true.

    • Saphira

      whoa to long of a comment

  • Leigh

    These are beautiful and that is truly what Arya is supposed to look like; not that blonde bimbo “oh look at me I’m so pretty and helpless” insult to Arya that was in the movie. Christopher Paolini wrote a beautifully engaging, complex, admirable female hero to fight alongside Eragon and her abysmal depiction in the film was an insult to Arya’s character. The entire film was an insult to the whole series and to Paolini’s writing. We need a reboot with Paolini as the lead screenwriter to ensure that the films are true to the essence of the books they were based on. Unless the author has direct, hands-on involvement in the making of the films based on their books, the film will never succeed in doing the books justice.

    • Noone

      They are not going to reboot the movie for a variety of reasons.

  • Scott

    I have been waiting for AGES for this guy to get recognized! Such a talented artist

  • Zach Layng

    I think the Murtagh and the Oromis illustrations work the best. Arya might be second, but the illustration makes her look a little too cocky.

  • Andrew Gorham

    Honestly what I think the series needs more is a movie reboot. We need to forget the past and come back with a much better written film that is actually capable of spreading to the sequels.

    • Scott


  • Dorcas B.

    I always love seeing good inheritance fan-art! These are great!
    I always wish that the series could get a little more art love.
    A graphic novel could be interesting, but as was stated, we imagine so much of the story that we may end up arguing with a graphic novel through the whole thing!

  • Randy Hale

    It might work, it might not. Who knows?

  • zerio29

    if find that a graphic novel would ruin so much of the books. so much of it is left to the reader’s imagination, and it is meant to be that way. it makes the books more realistic. for example the elves are supposed to be extraordinarily beautiful, and from what I understand out of the books, no one can represent that in a drawing without ruining any description that Christopher gave during the series. not to mention that when you were to draw shruiken, all the human sized objects would practically disappear in comparison to his size

    however i admire the artist’s work on this. they did a good job representing who and what the characters are.

  • Aaron D.

    So I’ve recently reread the books and I have a theory. Everyone thinks that the riddle the Blagden says to Eragon in “Eldest” was telling about the truth of his father. However I think it’s Blagden telling us that Eragon and Murtagh have another sibling… Consider the riddle:

    While two may share two
    And one of two is certainly one,
    One might be two.

    Two may share two? What two are sharing two? Eragon and Murtagh don’t share two parents. Selena, Brom, and Morzan in any combination don’t share two children. So where are the two that are sharing two?

    Here is what I think that the riddle means.
    “Two May Share Two” is saying that there are two parents that share two kids. “One of two is certainly One” Referring to Eragon. He is one of the children that both parents share
    “One Might Be Two” is referring to Eragon being a TWIN. We think that he was the only kid Selena had. But as we have seen, secrets have been kept about his parentage and birth. People were sworn to secrecy in the ancient language and couldn’t say anything. So it could definitely have happened and people just haven’t been able to tell anyone. It’s possible that Brom might not have even known since she had them at Carvahal.

    So what do you guys think? Bad theory or Good theory? I think we should ask that in the next Q&A.

    • zerio29

      love it, makes so much sense and it makes more sense than what is implied in the book. it could also explain that when paolini was asked what happened to murtagh, he said it would spoil book 5. it could have something to do with that. but then again, it could just simply be a riddle that actually means nothing long-term

      good theory though 🙂

      • Shinopa

        Book 5? O.O Could have sworn Christopher had decided that Inheritance would be the last and he was to write a book on Brom’s life.

    • Dave

      I find your interpretation of Blagden’s riddle interesting to think about. However, with regard to your showing that it doesn’t make sense when referring to Eragon’s and Murtagh’s shared parent, I think your approach might have been too literal. This is a riddle, after all, so there is room for some ambiguity to work with. Looking back, we know that Eragon and Murtagh share Selena as a parent, but if we ignore that we already know this, it can work.

      Two may share two. If we let Eragon and Murtagh be the two that are sharing, we can look at this as them sharing Eragon’s mother and Murtagh’s mother (pretending we don’t already know that the two are one person).

      One of two is certainly one. Of Eragon’s mother and Murtagh’s mother, Eragon’s mother is definitely Eragon’s mother and Murtagh’s mother is definitely Murtagh’s mother.

      One might be two. This may refer to Eragon’s mother also being Murtagh’s mother, or Murtagh’s mother also being Eragon’s mother. Leading to the conclusion that Eragon and Murtagh have the same mother (Selena).

      Following this line of reasoning, Blagden’s riddle could be looked at as referring to Selena being both Eragon’s and Murtagh’s mother. This isn’t the only way to interpret the riddle, but it falls in line with what the riddle is suggested to mean in the books (Selena being the only shared parent between Eragon and Murtagh).

  • Elycia the writer-in-training

    I think Angela’s is the best, though I imagined her with shorter hair :D. I would like to see more of her. I don’t think any illustrator could really capture the essence of the books. Although, I would like to see them try :D.