Discuss the new deleted scene from ‘Inheritance:’ The Swordsman!

swordsman-headerChristopher Paolini released a new deleted scene from Inheritance, “The Swordsman,” in a new Paolini family newsletter on Saturday morning. Today, Christopher has made the scene available to all readers (but as a reminder, Paolini.net newsletter subscribers are given 48 hour exclusive access to major announcements and content before they hit the website) on the Paolini family’s official website.

The scene introduces us to a new character: Daras Guildward, second son of Thelmund Guildsward, Lord of Fellworth Manor. Thanks to the Paolini.net description, we know where the scene was intended to belong:

It was cut from the Battle of Belatona, just after Eragon rushes to find Roran still alive after a portion of the main keep collapsed. Eragon, Roran, Arya, and Blödhgarm set out to capture Lord Bradburn, searching each successive floor of the building. On the way, they encounter numerous foes, who are dealt with swiftly. Eragon offers to heal the cuts on Roran’s face and knee, but Roran feels he can wait until after they capture Bradburn. As the adventurers resume their climb, they encounter Daras, second son of Thelmund Guildsward, Lord of Fellworth Manor.

Inheritance picks back up following Daras’ demise, as Eragon, Roran, Arya, and Blödhgarm continue to the seventh floor of the keep, where they find Lord Bradburn barricaded in his private chambers.

Excited to share this new scene, Christopher provided readers with a brief commentary on his vision while writing the scene and the reason for it being cut from the book:

“I’m delighted to share this deleted scene with you. When I wrote it, I was thinking of some of the great duels in the Princess Bride (as well as Scaramouche and other such classics) and how I could both pay homage to and subvert that tradition. I envisioned Eragon facing this dandy on the stairs and having this absurd conversation in the midst of the battle. But my editor thought it slowed the pacing and broke the tension of the race to the keep, so she cut it. I put it back in. She cut it again. We had several, ah—spirited—debates. In hindsight I think she was right, but I’m happy you can read this now. So . . . en garde!”

This new piece of content is the first addition to the Inheritance universe we have received in over two years! We want to encourage readers to discuss this exciting addition to the story, including the adventure and a new character, so…

Now we ask: Do you think this scene should have been included in Inheritance? How do you feel about the new character, Daras Guildward? If you could have any scene added to Inheritance, what would it be and why?