Discuss the new deleted scene from ‘Inheritance:’ The Swordsman!

swordsman-headerChristopher Paolini released a new deleted scene from Inheritance, “The Swordsman,” in a new Paolini family newsletter on Saturday morning. Today, Christopher has made the scene available to all readers (but as a reminder, Paolini.net newsletter subscribers are given 48 hour exclusive access to major announcements and content before they hit the website) on the Paolini family’s official website.

The scene introduces us to a new character: Daras Guildward, second son of Thelmund Guildsward, Lord of Fellworth Manor. Thanks to the Paolini.net description, we know where the scene was intended to belong:

It was cut from the Battle of Belatona, just after Eragon rushes to find Roran still alive after a portion of the main keep collapsed. Eragon, Roran, Arya, and Blödhgarm set out to capture Lord Bradburn, searching each successive floor of the building. On the way, they encounter numerous foes, who are dealt with swiftly. Eragon offers to heal the cuts on Roran’s face and knee, but Roran feels he can wait until after they capture Bradburn. As the adventurers resume their climb, they encounter Daras, second son of Thelmund Guildsward, Lord of Fellworth Manor.

Inheritance picks back up following Daras’ demise, as Eragon, Roran, Arya, and Blödhgarm continue to the seventh floor of the keep, where they find Lord Bradburn barricaded in his private chambers.

Excited to share this new scene, Christopher provided readers with a brief commentary on his vision while writing the scene and the reason for it being cut from the book:

“I’m delighted to share this deleted scene with you. When I wrote it, I was thinking of some of the great duels in the Princess Bride (as well as Scaramouche and other such classics) and how I could both pay homage to and subvert that tradition. I envisioned Eragon facing this dandy on the stairs and having this absurd conversation in the midst of the battle. But my editor thought it slowed the pacing and broke the tension of the race to the keep, so she cut it. I put it back in. She cut it again. We had several, ah—spirited—debates. In hindsight I think she was right, but I’m happy you can read this now. So . . . en garde!”

This new piece of content is the first addition to the Inheritance universe we have received in over two years! We want to encourage readers to discuss this exciting addition to the story, including the adventure and a new character, so…

Now we ask: Do you think this scene should have been included in Inheritance? How do you feel about the new character, Daras Guildward? If you could have any scene added to Inheritance, what would it be and why?

  • Murtagh

    I think I kind of liked it, but it makes eragon seem more like Murtagh, when, no one can be like Murtagh. (He’s too cool for that.)

  • Quentil

    Paolini should be thanking his editors for cutting this shit out. Eragon’s murder-happy attitude, Roran’s stupid comment – our heroes, everyone! Even the description is unnecessarily bloodthirsty.

    Oh yeah, and more plagiarism. Shocking, I know.

    Chris, do yourself and everyone else a favor – stop writing. You suck ass at it. Or perhaps get your smug head out of your ass, and learn how to actually fucking write.

    • Ajay

      ‘Quentil’… if you don’t like Paolini’s work, why are you even on this site/browsing this site? There’s no place here for flamers and irrational critique.

      • Mira

        I was under the impression that you Americans had an extreme crush on ‘free speech’ therefore you can’t go around telling other people to not speak if they want to. Even if the words are not very flattering.

        • Ajay

          First of all, I’m not American. Thanks for stereotyping/blatantly assuming so…

          And I didn’t say ‘shut up’ or ‘you have no right to be here’, I merely asked: why are you here? And added my strong opinion that ‘there’s no place for flamers here’. It wasn’t an order or me being bossy, just my opinion.

          • M


          • Ajay

            Got nothing better to say, eh? Thought so.

  • 1654968445

    I’m not sure why people are enjoying it. It shows Eragon killing a man for no good reason when he could easily spare his life.

    • I agree with that sort. I feel that Eragon could have easily batted his sword away and scare Daras into fleeing. But honestly, I found the scene to be very hilarious.

      I give Daras a “You Tried” gold star.

    • Mira

      Same. I also don’t see why this scene is funny to Roran. A man just died. Imho Eragon could’ve knocked the guy out and stored him somewhere safe instead of killing him. He doesn’t have anything to fear from him anyway since he’s a honourable fellow who wouldn’t try to kill him in his sleep.

    • E

      the man could have killed eragon somehow so he dod not take any chances

  • Jasmine Miriama Willis

    I loved it (; I was kinda hoping for Eragon to battle him a bit with the same outcome. Although, I will have to agree that the scene cut the tension a bit. Everything in that battle happened so fast. If Daras was mentioned elsewhere more dramatically in a conversation with Nasuada or any of the soldiers in the army then maybe. All in all, its absolutely brilliant.

  • Aaron

    Reminds me more of the first Pirates of the Caribbean where Jack initially duels William

  • Nolan Holley

    It reminds me of the scene in Indiana Jones where Indy comes across a swordsman doing a bunch of fancy sword twirling as they’re about to fight and Indy just pulls out his gun and shoots the guy and walks away.

  • Elycia the writer-in-training

    I really like this, though his editor was right, it took away from the energy. A scene I would like to see is baby firnen and arya interacting together. I would not like it in the book, as it would not fit, but I would like to see it now, if Mr. Paolini has it lying around somewhere :D.

  • jorgethebeast

    I’m looking forward to more deleted scenes and make a new book or series. 🙂

  • AH

    The scene was delightful! While it certainly needed to be cut, I’m glad we have access to in now.

  • Ruben Amador

    I’m happy that this scene was not included in Inherithance, its unnecesary and kills the tension :/

  • AmDrag

    I’d expected Arya to interfere in this “duel”, seeing as it took quite a while for him to explain himself, then put on his gauntlets and explain himself some more.
    I can see why it was cut, though, doesn’t really fit in. Maybe if it had a little more backstory, or it Eragon had mentioned it later in the book, but just like this it feels sorta copy/pasted from somewhere else.

  • Dorcas B.

    What’s not to love about more Inheritance to read? I’m surprised Arya didn’t deal with him first!
    I love the scene and the concept! I can however see how it didn’t quite fit, and it was a little off note. I really love it though!

  • Felipe Urban

    It didn’t have a good place to be in the book. But, seriously, this is such an awesome scene… HAHAHAHAH

  • Martin Nikolov

    Love it! This is easily the most hilarious scene in the whole cycle. So sad it didn’t make it in.

    • Maybe a bit sad that it didn’t make it in… but if it did make it in, we wouldn’t have a piece of Inheritance Cycle content to enjoy three years later!

      • Martin Nikolov

        Always thinking positively, huh?

      • John McClymond

        Indeed! I agree with you!