Last Week on New Q&A with Christopher, dragon mythology, and film noir!

Month two on is coming to a close! A new Q&A with Christopher, a discussion of dragons and their mythology, and Angela’s guide to film noir made for an exciting week!

Here’s a summary of this past week’s content:

“Q&As with Christopher: Scrying, Telepathy, and Other Information” – In an exciting new question and answers session, Christopher pulls back the veil on spells, scrying, telepathy, and much more!

“Christopher Discusses Dragons, Their Mythology, and the Inheritance Cycle” – In this article from Christopher, the author discusses dragons, their mythology, and incorporating them as the focal point in the Inheritance Cycle.

“Angela Discusses Film Noir” – In this unique blog piece, Angela Paolini discusses film noir. “Film noir takes you into a realm of stunning black and white cinematography, rapid-fire dialogue, conspicuously grim and cynical viewpoints, and plots that don’t just step over the censoring guidelines of the Hays Code so much as play jump rope with them.”

The past few weeks have been just as exciting, with all kinds of new content hitting the site’s blog and available on the website at its launch. We don’t want you to miss any of it, so here are some of the highlights:

“Q&As with Christopher: Angela, Glaedr, and Other Burning Questions” – “Q&As with Christopher” is a new ongoing series offering the community a chance to have popular questions answered by Christopher. This week, the author addressed Angela, what the Menoa Tree took from Eragon, Eragon’s true name, Glaedr’s body, and more!

“Christopher recommends: The Worm Ouroboros, Titus Groan, and the Mabinogion Tetralogy” – In this article, the first of an ongoing series, Christopher discusses some of his favorites and what makes them special. The books are fantastic reads and can be enjoyed by anyone looking for recommendations from one of their favorite authors!

“Talita Paolini Shares How to Improve Your Writing Skills” – This is a must-read for any aspiring writer looking to improve their writing skills. Even better – it’s a great way to get some new techniques into your writing style ahead of November’s NaNoWriMo!

“Behind the Naming Process of Some of the Inheritance Cycle’s Memorable Characters and Locations” – Readers are given a behind-the-scenes look at the “secrets” and inspirations behind some of Alagaesia’s most memorable character and location names in this interesting blog post!

Christopher’s Art Desk: The Process Behind the Illustration of Aren, Brom’s Ring – Readers are given a behind-the-scenes look at the process behind illustrating Aren, Brom’s ring! The article includes never-before-seen sketches, references, and more.

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