While Halloween day may be over and the trick or treating finished, the staff at Shur’tugal wants to keep the spooky atmosphere around just a little bit longer. Continuing with some of the fun Inheritance-related Halloween content that we’ve highlighted over the past few days, we decided to scour Alagaësia lore for some of our favorite eerie personas and mysterious creations.

Below you’ll find the first half of another two part series where we’ll count down the top ten most creepy creatures and characters from the Inheritance Cycle. Starting with numbers ten through six, the remaining top five will be revealed in tomorrow’s post! (Note: This list is meant for fun and is only the Shur’tugal staff’s opinion, so we’d love to hear what your top ten list is in the comments!)

Without further ado:

10. Eldunarí (and spirits) – while at first glance the Eldunarí might seem like an odd choice to include in this particular list, we’d like to use some creative thinking when it comes to the “heart of hearts”.  Seated deep within the body of a dragon, the Eldunarí are the organ built like a gem in which a dragon’s ultimate energy is stored.

Why it’s spooky:  When the body of a dragon dies, if the dragon had stored its consciousness within the Eldunarí, it is able to continue living and communicating with the outside world.  This spiritual embodiment is very unique, making the dragon into something like…a ghost! Can you imagine the rumbling voice of a dragon haunting your home?


9. Werecats – when you think of cats, you might be reminded of cute kittens and lazily napping felines.  The werecats of Inheritance are a far cry from our housecat friends.  Shapeshifters who may take the form of a small human or a large cat, these warriors are known to be a dangerous foe.

Why they’re creepy:  It’s a full moon, and the night is dark…but who needs werewolves when you have werecats?  Very little is known about these mysterious beings, and their fighting prowess and continuously altering appearance can make even the most battle-hardened warrior uncomfortable in a dark alley.

blagden_by_subsoulreaper-d4k0bty8. Blagden – the white raven Blagden is most known for saving the life of elven king Evandar while he battling an Urgal.  In return, the raven was given a blessing and continued to aid various leaders of the Varden alliance in the war against Galbatorix.

What makes him creepy: Have you ever seen the classic film, The Birds?  Birds in general can often come off as creepy.  After Blagden was blessed by Evandar, he turned from black to a ghostly white, which is highly uncommon for a raven.  He also received the ability of foresight and intelligence, making him no ordinary bird.  And who can forget Blagden’s mysterious squawking of “Wydra!” in Eldest, which translates to “fate” in the Ancient Language.


7. The Twins – the two identical magicians were once the leaders of the Varden’s magic syndicate Du Vrangr Gata.  Powerful magic wielders, the Twins turned out to be spies for Galbatorix during the Battle of Farthen Dûr when they betrayed Eragon.

Why they’re creepy:  The Twins’ appearance alone is enough to make them a scary sight.  Tall, thin and bald with malicious personas, the pair easily evoke the image of a slippery and untrustworthy menace.  In addition to their looks, the Twins used their magic powers in a very unsettling way, by invading the minds of those around them to glean information and even inflict pain.


6. Lethrblaka – The matured form of the frightening Ra’zac, Lethrblaka are giant winged creatures similar in size and shape of dragons.  Only two of the beasts remained during the course of the Inheritance Cycle, both of which were killed by Saphira in Brisingr.

What makes them scary: Lethrblaka translates to “leather flapper” in the Ancient Language, which almost sounds like the nickname for a villain from a horror movie.  Their physical appearance is the stuff of nightmares: grand leathery wings, a huge beak, a muscular yet gaunt frame, pitless eyes, and blood of a metallic blue-green color.  You wouldn’t want to battle a Lethrblaka without the aid of a dragon, as one of their favorite foods to eat is human flesh.

Now we ask: What is your favorite creature or character(s) from our list so far?  Would you change the order of our list in any way? Which characters do you think will make our top five?