The shocking results are in: who made the cut as the Inheritance community’s favorite villain, leader, Rider, dragon, and race?

favorites headerWe recently asked the Shur’tugal community to vote for five of their top favorites from the Inheritance Cycle – villain, leader, Rider, dragon, and race. We offered readers the opportunity to vote for one “winner” per poll, with the results hidden until today’s “big reveal”. We’re finally ready to announce who will walk away with the title of the Inheritance Cycle community’s “favorite”. Some of the winners may surprise you, while some of the losers won’t! Did your favorites stand their ground to bring home the coveted title of “The Inheritance Community’s Favorite ____”?

favorite raceWhat is the community’s favorite race?

Dragons! With an overwhelming 42.6% of the vote, dragons won as the Inheritance Cycle community’s favorite race. These stunning creatures once flew over Alagaesia as a proud and powerful race before their near-extinction at the hands of Galbatorix and the Foresworn. Thanks to the efforts of Eragon, Saphira, and all of those who opposed Galbatorix and the Empire, dragons now have a promising future on Alagaesia.

Elves trailed dragons in second place with 31.8% of the vote. Werecats were a distant third, earning 12.6%. Dwarves, humans, Urgals, and the Ra’zac/Lethrblaka rounded out the list.

favorite dragonWho is the community’s favorite dragon?

Saphira! This was almost not even a competition – Saphira destroyed her opponents with an insane 55.6% of the vote! As one of the series’ two main characters, Saphira is the face of the Inheritance Cycle and an unstopable force against Galbatorix and the Empire. Without Saphira at Eragon’s side, it is unlikely that Galbatorix would have ever been overthrown. Unsurprisingly, Glaedr trailed as a distant second with 21.1% of the vote. Thorn placed third with 12.6% of the vote, and Firnen and Shruikan rounded out the list.

favorite riderWho is the community’s favorite Dragon Rider?

Brom! In a shocking upset, Brom won out as the community’s favorite Rider, capturing 30.3% of the vote. Eragon was hot on his heels at 27.8%. As the driving force behind the downfall of the Foresworn and the creation of the Varden, Brom helped to ensure a long-deserved victory against the Empire. And let’s not forget – as father and mentor to Eragon, Brom helped groom the hero who restored freedom to Alagaesia. Murtagh placed third at 17% as Arya trailed in fourth place with 13% of the vote. Oromis captured 10.7% of fans’ hearts, while readers sent a resounding message to Galbatorix by giving him just 1% of the vote: we don’t like you!

favorite leaderWho is the community’s favorite leader?

Roran! Through this strong character’s point of view, we experienced the trials and tribulations of a farm boy turned defacto village leader as he attempted to flee oppression and find freedom for his loved ones and his neighbors. Over the course of the series’ final three books, Roran showed incredible strength, determination, and endurance, eventually leading the displaced residents of Carvahall to the Varden. Roran took 30% of the vote. Nasuada, one of the series’ powerful female characters and leader of the Varden, placed second with 20% of the vote. Despite any official leader status, Eragon placed third with 10% of the vote. Orik, king of the dwarves, placed fourth at 9%, with Arya, queen of the elves, trailing close behind at 8.6%. Islanzadi, Hrothgar, Grimrr Halfpaw, and Ajihad placed sixth through ninth. Surprisingly, Galbatorix beat out Surda’s Orrin with 1.6% and 0.3%, respectively.

favorite villainWho is the community’s favorite villain?

Murtagh! This may be a controversial one – was Murtagh really a villain? In Eragon, Murtagh was a helpful friend and companion to Eragon before his disappearance at the end of the book. Upon his reappearance, the new Rider killed King Hrothgar before battling his former friend and ally. Were Murtagh’s actions entirely the result of his enslavement at the hand of Galbatorix, or was some of the wickedness behind his actions his own doing? 36% of readers seem to feel as though Murtagh was a bad guy! Galbatorix, the series’ main antagonist, placed second at 15.3%, with Durza, the Shade and former henchman of Galbatorix, placing third at 15%. The creepy and elusive Ra’zac and Lethrblaka placed fourth, with Shruikan, Morzan, Lord Barst, and the Twins rounding out the list.

Now we ask: did your favorite win? Are there any winners you’re particularly surprised by? Do you disagree with a winner or loser? Make your case and sound off in the comments! Additionally, let us know what polls we should do next!