Show the community how big of an ERAGON buff you are by sharing your favorite trivia!

10-13favoritemomentsHave you read Eragon multiple times? Love talking obscure details and things you picked up on with your friends and in the community? Consider yourself one of the biggest Eragon buffs out there?

If you answered yes to any of those questions (and we imagine many of you did!), we’d love to have you contribute to our latest project: we are looking for the biggest Eragon fans out there to contribute their best pieces of trivia based on Eragon (we’ll be doing Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance at a later date).

Whether an obscure moment from the books, a “who said this quote?”, or anything else you can dream up, we’d love to hear what you have to offer! Don’t be afraid to submit more than one piece of trivia, but please try to do so all in the same comment. You can further help us by providing alternative answers for multiple choice questions. True false, multiple choice, etc. are all okay with us! Be sure to include the answers in your comment so that the full question can be used for the quiz!

Why are we asking for trivia? We’re going to put together the ultimate “How well do you know Eragon?” quiz and want to make sure our trivia is as good as it gets! Any reader who submits trivia that is used in the quiz will be credited on the website, offering you the bragging rights of being known of one of the biggest Eragon buffs out there!

Please leave your trivia in the comments of this post.

  • Aabha

    Well, how about
    1.Where did Saphira, Eragon and Glaedr see the Nidhwal?
    2.At least how many chapters did Domia Abr Wyrda have?

    3.Who was Brom’s father and what did he do for a profession?
    4.What was the lily Eragon grew for Arya called in the ancient language?
    5.Which color Eldunari did Cuaroc have in his breastplate?

  • Amy Harris

    Trivia, huh? Nasuada’s mother was only named once or twice, that might be a good bit of trivia.

  • Fawn Kiramoto

    Btw, i wanna add a few more questions-
    What ‘ate through the Urgal ranks’?
    How many Urgals ambushed Arya, Faowlin and Glenwing?
    Who were the ‘other worldly watchers’ that looked at Durza?
    Where did Orik take Eragon to eat their lunch?
    Where did Eragon put the dirt he was going to transform into water?
    I think their too easy :-/

  • Mn999230

    Correct answers are in all caps!
    What does Eragon (probably) regret touching in Angela’s shop?
    Solembum’s chew toy
    Angela’s poisonous plant
    Angela’s enchanted tea cup
    True or FALSE?Tronjheim lies in Farthen Dur, the tallest mountain in the Beors.
    TRUE or False?Angela wore a red cape and black and green armor while fighting the Urgalgra in Farthen Dur.

  • zerio29

    here are some random bits of stuff – they’re probably easy but oh well (answers are in bold)
    what did brom leave under the mattress for Eragon in Drahs Leona?
    the image of what animal was above every door in horst’s house?
    lion, bear, serpent, dragon
    in brom’s house, what did the rings of smoke from his pipe do?
    light on fire, change colour and dart around, hover in place while turning red, vanish from sight
    what words did Eragon use to stop the gate from closing when he and brom were fleeing drahs Leona?
    du grindr huildr, du grindr letta, du grindr veoht, du grindr ladrin

  • Javier Adragna

    What was the name of Brom’s sword?
    Brom Where were you born?
    How is called the dry land sacred ball preparing the dwarves?
    What color was the sword of Galbatorix?
    How often proposed Elva Eragon to remove the spell?
    How lost a leg Gladr ses?
    How Saphira’s mother called?
    What Angela told the priest Helgrin before killing him?
    Was the name of the mother of Katrina?

    • Fawn Kiramoto

      actually, we’re just supposed to just write trivia of Eragon…though i wish that all the books could be done at the same time :'(

      • zerio29

        I think that if they did a trivia quiz of all the books in one… well let’s just say that it would be a massive trivia quiz. not to mention really hard 🙂 would be fun though
        ps they will make trivia quizzes on the other books individually later

        • Fawn Kiramoto

          yeah,guess you’re right… I mean if all the books were done at the same time, the trivia would be miles of pages long! Can’t wait for the trivia on Eldest. I got some really great questions! 😀

  • Fawn Kiramoto

    Whose eyes ‘crinkled at the corners’ as she/he looked at something?
    Who said ” All I wish is to leave.” ?
    What ‘coruscated piercing gold beams’ ?
    Who ‘bore the same taunt expression’?
    I hope these are enough 😀