Battle It Out: Vote for – and defend – your favorite dragons, Riders, villains and more!

characters-from-eragon-poster-1What’s wrong with a bit of competitive fandom fun? We thought it would be exciting to ask fans to vote on and determine their favorites – from dragons and Riders to races and bad guys – to see where the community stands on who is in and who is out.

After one week, we’ll compile all of the votes and reveal the results for each category! We will then discuss why the fandom leans the way the polls indicate and what implications it may have for the series and future books.

This week, we’re asking our community to vote on five different categories: Dragons, Dragon Riders, Race, Leader, and Villain. Cast your vote to defend your favorites! For added excitement, we’ve hidden the results, saving them for the “big reveal” post coming one week from today.

Favorite Race

While each race has its own strengths and weaknesses, each holds their own when it comes to history, culture, and capabilities.

Favorite Dragon

Choosing your favorite dragon is like picking your favorite cat: no matter who you pick, you may get your head bitten off (by those you do not chooses, of course).

Favorite Dragon Rider

We chose to limit this list to Riders encountered only in the Inheritance Cycle itself. Besides, adding more Riders to the mix would have made this nearly-impossible decision that more difficult.

Favorite Leader

From the current and former leaders of Alagaesia’s various races to the first leader of the Riders in a century (Eragon) and the de facto leader of Carvahall (Roran), there are many worthy winners here.

Favorite Villain

You don’t necessarily have to vote based on power alone. Who do you see as the most deep, complex, despicable, unique, or even just pure bad-ass villain?

Defend your choices in the comments below! We’d love to hear your predictions as to who will win each category. Winners will be revealed in one week.