Welcome to ‘Brewfest’, Alagaesia’s first holiday!

brewfest-headerWe’re very excited to announce a major collaborative project for the Inheritance community: Brewfest, Alagaesia’s first holiday.

What is Brewfest? Loosely based off of the popular “Oktoberfest” in Germany and elsewhere, Brewfest is a time where the races of Alagaesia come together to celebrate the change in seasons and reflect on the past year. Each race celebrates in their own way – the dwarves enjoy their barrels of beer and stout, the elves enjoy teas and other drinks, and the humans have combined the two races’ traditions, creating their own. And the dragons – well, they enjoy a good time, too!

The basic wire frame story we’ve crafted so far:

Brewfest originated as two separate holidays meant to celebrate the fall season and the year’s harvest. The elves first began to celebrate the changing of the trees as fall began to take hold, venturing into the forests to celebrate the life within. Tea is their brew of choice, as many elves work to concoct new beverages, bring back prior years’ favorites, and challenge each other in friendly games and competitions. The dwarves – well, their holiday is a bit more rowdy, loud, and entertaining. Alcohol starts and ends the day, as do games and good food. Merriment can be found echoing throughout the Beor Mountains and Tronjheim.

Over the years, the humans began to pull from and combine the two races’ traditions to form their own Brewfest celebrations. Dragon Riders would travel long and far to celebrate, and their dragons always joined in on the festivities.

It’s a time for friends and family to let loose and enjoy themselves through food, drink, and games! In times of strife, it was often looked forward to as a way to cleanse the  mind ahead of the new year. In better times, the holiday was a way to celebrate a successful and prosperous year, looking forward to the anticipated success in the months and years ahead.

Brewfest culminates with the burning of an effigy meant to represent the prior year’s bad events and demons and to ward off any undesirable omens.

This is where the community comes in! While the basic framework of the holiday is in, everything is subject to be shaped, added to, and changed by your ideas and contributions. This is a chance for the community to invent something within the world of Alagaesia, meant to be celebrated now and in the years to come.

Help us answer some questions to begin fleshing out this holiday!

  • What games are celebrated? Think about games that the elves would celebrate, games that the dwarves would celebrate, and how the humans would adapt and change games from both races to create their own.
  • What food would be enjoyed? Names, recipes – all is welcome! Find your favorite fall recipes online and share them with us. Help us craft and create unique foods with even more exciting (and amusing) names!
  • Central to the holiday: drinks! If you enjoy tea, share your special brews for us to try! Give us a recipe, invent a name. Ideas for more “adult” beverages? We’d love to see those too! Dwarves and dragons will sing your story for years to come!
  • Is there a god or idol any of the races focus on for this holiday? What shape does the effigy they burn to close the holiday take?

Call to action for fan fiction writers:

We want you to help us shape the story, adding to the world of Alagaesia! Submit your “lore” ideas. When was the holiday first invented? How do the elves celebrate? Do they sing songs, write and read poems, or more? If they do, feel free to write your own! How do the dwarves celebrate? Are the dwarven gods involved? When did the humans come into the picture?

Submit your ideas and short stories. We’ll be adding to the overall Brewfest story using the writing you submit! You’ll be credited for your work for all to see!

Call to action for artists:

We want you to help illustrate various parts of the holiday! From sketches to full illustrations, help us bring the holiday and the world of Alagaesia to life. We’ll feature your art on the website and our social media accounts with complete credit to you! If you are looking for ideas, inspiration, or have any questions to be answered, feel free to ask away in the comments.

Now it’s up to you! Join the conversation in the comments and on social media to help us begin creating Alagaesia’s first holiday! Utilize the questions from this article to help give you a starting point with your contribution.


  • Mr. TwelvePips

    A bit of a food flash fiction/oneshot:

    Black Jelly, a delicacy among the dwarves. The cavefish that live deep in the bowls of the Beor Mountains are fished out from the springs, smoked and dried, then mashed into a paste, excreting a type of yeast that would make the greatest of brews boil in jealousy. The paste is fermented in a cool cellar for a time, ranging from a few months to centuries, depending on how strong a flavor they prefer — and, by Gûntera, do they like it strong! The paste, black as ink, has the consistency of thick butter and the taste of pure salt. The dwarves spread it on thick bread, stuff it in pastries, or eat it on its own. Not for the weak of stomach. Oddly enough, it is loved by Urgals, when they can get their hands on it.

    • Loving this! Look for it to be included in our next Brewfest update.

  • Orik

    Just a Fan Fiction:

    Winter raged on as it had for the past few months, it was now spring and their was no sign of it halting. Eventually the humans and urgals would run out of firewood, the dwarves their Feldunost and the elves their trees.
    It came to the month which is called Disting (a norse month that celebrates ‘The Festival of Idisis’) when the races decided to come together after thorough thought. They conversed over scrying together (respectively their magicians) and met at Ilirea where they decided to bring the best of their magicians to use many spells over the sky to force the storm back. As of this the winter storm came to an end and the peoples of Alagaesia celebrated the month as ‘Brewfest’, together drinking and celevrating under one city . To this day the seas in the west remain cold and stormy.

    This idea of a winter storm came from Eragon’s adventure to Vroengard where the sea’s were rough and cold. Shortly after this would come the treachery of Galbatorix.

  • Orik

    Hey Thanks Mike!
    Just bringing up more ideas!
    Every year the leaders of the could be heralded with a gift of peace during this celebration. With this a great banquet should occur at the gifting bringing the races together (perhaps under the roof of Ilirea’s Halls).

  • Dee O’Bray

    The elves would have a “game” involving singing to plants, for sure! It would be an event that lasted 3-4 days. There would be no winner (in the same way there is no winner when every elf must make a bit of art for the blood-oath) It would just be a way to celebrate the changing of the trees. (so many unique plants could be created with a bit of imagination, like tress who’s branches look like a Dragon when the leaves fall from it in the fall)

    The Dwarfs would create stone and gem structures, in the shapes of plants and trees, some would just carve out trees from the forest of stone. Of course the dwarfs would turn this into a contest, as is there nature! They would prepare their structures for years, some would even spend decades creating one masterpiece for the brewfest. Most would enter the contest only once, as they had spent a lifetime making it.

    The Humans would take these, (as the humans would only join the brewfest a few hundred years after it had started, out of not wanting to join the other races, Humans are an ignorant and stubborn race after all) and created their own way to celebrate, with growing plants and baking fruit pies. In the same way we do now with county fairs and such. The humans however would not spend years perfecting their plants, the would just grow fancy flowers and the like. With judges, who award ribbons. (Humans are so boring in comparison to the other races)

    This is what the brewfest made me think of, it just seems fitting to each race.

    p.s, I’m just about to start a short story on the origin of brewfest (never written fan-fiction before, will be a fantastic challenge to keep everyone as close to their personalities as I can, and try to stick to Christopher style of writing) How would I send it to you as It will be too long to just add as a comment and I am new to the Shurtugal site?

  • The13Inquisitor

    Okay, looks like that collab piece I mentioned isn’t producing the sort of relevant material I thought it would.

    Still, I feel as though I should contribute something:

    So, the Dwarves.
    They’re highly religious and Brewfest is a Harvest Festival(1).
    This sounds as though the Dwarves would devote it to Sindri, their Earth Goddess in thanks for a bountiful harvest and in the hope of the next year being just as good if not better.

    Humans, specifically, those under the Empire:
    I can see Galbatorix using it as a way to soften the blow of taxes, at least, in the heart of the Empire.
    Sort of, hold a celebration to celebrate the good times and enjoy the last of the good weather before winter hits and collect taxes while everyone is drunk and cheery.
    And frankly, I can see the tactic being preserved by the Monarchs Post-War.

    Dagshelgr is their spring festival where they sing to help the forest renew itself. I inferred it that a lot of Eldest took place in Spring and Summer from that time line, at least, a lot of Eragon’s part of the story.

    So, Dagshelgr is a time to sing, dance and quite possibly *ahem* ask someone you fancy out.

    Brewfest (2) for the Elves is probably a time of sober reflection and subdued remembrance, possibly a memorial for fallen warriors and to lament mistakes like the Dragon War.

    Urgals: Why not take some inspiration from the Vikings? Clan leaders meet for a Thing and young Urgals have one last hurrah before going out to prove their prowess to win standing with their people.

    Werecats and Dragons would just do whatever the hell they wanted.

    And Riders… Eh, I’ve got a feeling everyone else can find stuff to add there.
    Maybe the Riders had their equivalent of Muck Up Day during that time of year for the younger Riders?

    (1) A calendar for Alagaesia after the fashion of the Elder Scrolls one would be really, really cool, not to mention useful for fanfiction authors.
    (2) Their needs to be an Ancient Language name for this. (‘Time of Hangovers’, maybe?)

  • Orik

    A lunar or space event could occur, like a sort of blood moon or comet travelling past Alagaesia per anum. Perhaps the elves, humans or dwarves invent fireworks or a spell that creates beautiful colours in the sky. Since elves can change their appearance perhaps they can all do this on a particular night. Also the dwarves could put their Ascudgamln on for tradition.

    • I LOVE the spell idea! We will be incorporating that for sure! Your other ideas are fantastic as well. Thanks for contributing!

  • Javier Adragna

    Quería comentar que en mi provincia Córdoba, de Argentina, tenemos una celebreación Oktober Fest, ya que en mi provincia hay una ciudad (Villa General Belgrano), en donde viven muchísimos descendientes de inmigrantes alemanes y todos los años la organizan. En una ciudad muy distina a las demás, porque desde que se entra, las casas son diferentes, las tiendas, la gente, etc. A la fiesta de acá, se la celebra con mucha cerveza, ropa típica, bailes, canciones y mucha felicidad!
    Yo creo que la fiesta de Alagaësia sería como una mezcla entre la Fiesta del Juramento de Sangre de los elfos (adaptada a hombres y enanos), y la fiesta que realizan los enanos al coronarse un nuevo rey.
    Una comida típica de argentina que quiciera compartir con ustedes es el asado, (O parrillada) que para nosotros es una especie de ceremonia en la que se juntan la familia o los amigos a compartir un buen momento. Lo acompañanos con ensaladas de verduras y hortalizas. Les dejo la página de Wikipedia para que sepan mejor sobre cómo lo hacemos acá. http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asado#Argentina

    I wanted to comment that in my province Córdoba, of Argentina, we have a celebreación Fest, because in my province is a city (Villa General Belgrano), where live many descendants of German immigrants and organized every year. In a different article to the other city, because since you enter the houses are different, stores, people, etc. A party here, it’s celebrated with much beer, traditional clothing, dancing, singing and much happiness!
    I think the party Alagaësia would like a mix between the Party Oath Blood elves (adapted to men and dwarves), and the party that made ​​the dwarves to crown a new king.
    A typical meal in Argentina it liked to share with you is the roast (or grill) which for us is a kind of ceremony where family and friends gather to share a good time. He join us with salads and vegetables. I leave the Wikipedia page to know more about how we do it here. http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asado#Argentina

    • Javier Adragna

      Traducido por Google Traductor. Si tiene algún error, por favor no lo mal interpreten
      In Google Translator. If you encounter any error, please do not misunderstand..

  • Blanca Rodriguez Magem

    Perhaps humans could burn efifigies that could evoke the image of a Ra’zac. Black, with big eyes, a nasty mouth… Not the most friendly-looking creatures out there. Besides, weren’t Ra’zac suposed to represent human fear or something like that? The perfect candidates!

  • Joe Sealey

    How about the urgals joining in ? Although it may get a bit roudy with both dwarves and kull aroung haha

    • Nolan Holley

      Maybe an arm wrestling competition? 😉

  • Orik

    Maybe an archery competition for the elves or a ceremony featuring all the race’s coming together and celebrating their nation Alagaesia.

    • Nolan Holley

      Excellent ideas!

  • Chris

    Isn’t the Agaetí Blödhren a holiday?

  • Jessica Crack

    I know Inheritance is inspired by a lot of Norse/german mythology, but what if one of the games the elves played was lacrosse? Just an idea. :p

    • Nolan Holley

      I could definitely see that! Lacrosse is such an old sport with many ties to other sports in cultures (field hockey, soccer, hurling in Ireland) I think it could be adapted into Brewfest 🙂

  • Ze End

    not to nitpick, but Oktoberfest is more of a Bavarian Holiday then actual German.

    • Thanks for the clarification. I’ll be sure to work this into future posts (and research better next time!).

  • The13Inquisitor

    Currently working with some friends on some stuff related.
    We’ll post our efforts later when we’re satisfied.

    • Nolan Holley

      Great, looking forward to it!

    • Very excited to see this!